Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Letter to (Five Year Old) Graves


     You’re not as carefree of a little guy as you were last year. Don’t think this is a bad thing either. But it seems you’ve begun to have a great deal in common with your Uncle Andrew. You care for people rather selflessly, you’re rather humble, and also a bit cautious. You’ve begun to ask me over the past month (it’s July 2016, not April) if I locked all the doors as you fall into the lull of sleep. You ask some great questions about why we do things a certain way and are quite good at making connections within stories (pulling out themes, etc). 

What I love most about you is that loving spirit you have. You care some kind of fierce about those you love (most of all, you tell us, is Baby Sallie and Ann Peyton). You get offended for them and defensive over things that you think could hurt those you care about. Snuggling up with someone closely is something you love to do- whether the other person likes it or not! Often you like to come to our bed at night and climb in for a good warm cuddle. Your mom isn’t too fond of a sweaty little toaster over sleeping next to her, but you and I seem to compete for who can spread out his hands and legs furthest during the night. And when the morning comes you wake up ready to go! There’s no slow start for you little guy, you wake up with a plan for the day that you want to begin upon- even if your raspy voice can hardly vocalize your plans. 

This past year you’ve really begun to mature and you seem more of a boy than before. You’re a bit daring- in a cautious sort of way, you like to get into small bits of trouble, and you love a silly time! Your favorite things to play are either imaginary adventures with some sort of weapon or imaginary play using your action figures (that were previously mine). You seem to take most of your marching orders from your older sister, but you’ll interject when you disagree from time to time. You’ve kept with your love of cooking and I hope you continue to stick with it. 

When I think about your future I hope you keep to some of the character traits you’ve begun to develop today. Your mother and I love your selflessness, the way you care for others, your silliness, and your confidence. I hope you keep close to those you care about, but realize that you need boundaries to protect yourself. I hope you care for others, but know they should also care about you. I hope you keep your confidence even when you’re confronted with uncomfortable and new situations or persons. I hope you continue to stand up for those you care about, but also realize they must stand without your help at times. I look forward to learning so many lessons with you, and certainly leading you in some as well. I look for great things from you my son, even if those things may seem small in the eyes of some. Life is a great gift and I hope that you won’t squander it wondering about what others think about you. You’re a special little guy and I love watching you grow!

Papa (and mama)

P.S. Your shorts and button up are both a 4T, I believe.

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Mallory Pickering said...

Oh my gosh- SOB! These are so sweet.