Monday, July 11, 2016

Letter to (Seven Year Old) Ann Peyton


     You picked your name this year! As we were discussing all the names we call you in the car one afternoon, you piped up and said that you’d like to be called Annie (we may have prompted you, but still you had a strong preference). You’ve always been a determined little thing, but you’ve begun to develop preferences and opinions about all sorts of things! You still enjoy reading, but you’ve slowed down a bit- which is probably a positive thing. And today you made certain Graves knew that girls like action figures every bit as much as boys. 

     Which brings up the first thing about this past year- YOU LOVE PLAYING. I’m really glad we’ve decided to homeschool for a variety of reasons, but the first has to be the freetime it gives you to enjoy! I don’t know that you’ll have the most impressive academic record when you’re older, or have multiple polished talents to impress friends, or necessarily press for excellence in every area- those aren’t bad things. But I hope you do learn to enjoy the life you have here while leaving a positive impact upon others and this place where you’ve lived. I’d love to have a child that is compelled to pursue excellence for the sake of the pursuit and the enjoyment of breaking barriers for us all. However, I love to see the thrill of someone who is enjoying his or her time on this Earth and using all the time that person has to it’s fullest- and I really think you’ve begun to learn how to do that. The joy Graves and you show while playing and creating in this little corner of the world helps us (mama and me) realize that we’re using our time wisely.

     Oh how you do love to explore outside of play as well. You’ve not let up on enjoying documentaries and non-fiction books. Thankfully you’ve begun to enjoy some fictional books and computer games as well! I’ve enjoyed seeing you expand your world with books and media- and I’ve enjoyed fielding some of the questions that come along with this. This year you enjoyed a pretty solid year of soccer, you mastered your homeschool curricula, and learned to swim. Learning to ride a bike is a work in progress, and you’re rather cautious around it (I’m sure me breaking a bone on one this week won’t help that too much). 

     You also still wait up for me at night when I come in late. You enjoy your mother, but it’s clear that you still seek special attention from me when I’m home. It’s special to feel the love and companionship between the two of us and I do hope that never fades too strongly. I probably give you a harder time than anyone, but I also think that you’re well aware of the strong love I have for you. In fact it’s probably been a year since you last let me snuggle up with you at night and just last week we fell asleep together on the couch after a long day. It was special to sneak out to work the next morning and see that you were still there. I love you and look forward to seeing you grow into the person you’ll become!
With Love,
Papa (and Momma)

P.S. Your dress is a 5/6  =)

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