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Weekly Happenings Post #370 (May 2-8)-- It's a Jungle Out There


It's so strange reading back over these from when I was pregnant. It seems like a lifetime ago. And it makes me more anxious about wanting to catch up a bit. That and the fact that pretty soon I will be a full lifetime behind on these things =) But I have other posts I want to work on in the meantime and I'm not just going to post WH posts for two weeks straight. So it is what it is. And it is actually kind of fun looking backwards two months ;)

Anyway, this was the week we had the kids' joint jungle themed birthday party. It was a lot of fun and not too much work! We had a blast having so many friends all in one place.

Monday was Peyton's birthday. He got up around nine and I was on the couch because I had another restless night. I laid around for about half an hour while he got going and Graves played Legos. Minnie called and I got up and talked to her. After that, I ate some fresh fruit and got on the computer. I went through my reader and sent a couple of emails. I took something to the mailbox, wrapped Peyton's present, looked over my list for the day, got a box of t-shirts ready to send to the attic, and made the bed.

 I did pretty good with presents this year, if I do say so myself. 

I hopped in the tub. Peyton and I talked some and we all had lunch and then we loaded up to do some errands. We dropped off some recycling and were planning to do some other stuff but it was pouring down raining. We wanted to stop by Peyton's parents' house and visit a bit so we went ahead over there. We stayed about an hour and it cleared up. We went to a yard and garden place and bought some plants and then headed to the library for some new books. I felt pretty rough and when we got home the kids played Legos (they had played with them all morning, too) and I sent a FB message and did a few other things on the computer. I packed up some cushions to go to the attic and started some laundry. Peyton and the kids and I started a movie. We all watched and I folded some laundry and worked on my closet change over. I also fell asleep a bit. Whoops.

After the movie, Peyton fed the kids and got them to bed and I finished with my closet and then did a ton of dishes. We ate supper and watched a show. I got on the computer briefly and texted with a friend and went to bed. I woke up a few times but I slept better than I had been.

I made myself wait until May because I knew it would make waiting for the baby even harder (and also until then I'd been so tired and it overwhelmed me but it was mostly the former). Anyway, I couldn't take it any longer!

I actually overslept on Tuesday and I had an OB appointment at eight thirty. I got up around seven forty five and hurried to get ready. I ended up being there until almost eleven (fortunately, this is pretty unusual for my doctor). I had brought a few things and I did my morning computer stuff (went through my email and reader) on my phone and then I planned out my cleaning schedule and meals and blogging for the week. I texted a couple of people and I even had time to look over some upcoming math and Bible lessons. I texted a few more friends about the kids' party. I finally saw Dr. Shiflett and came home and visited a bit with Peyton and the kids before he left to meet a friend for lunch. I ate my lunch and got on the computer and looked at some of the educational blogs Peyton had sent me for the kids. I finalized and published a post and made our bed and then played Legos with the kids. I brainstormed a little bit more for the party and looked for a few things I'd need for it around the house.

Annie: "We are SO lucky to have found such an easy catch lizard."

"ANNIE! This lizard could have DIED. He was left alone in the treehouse." (About five minutes later) "Annie, I have a plan. You have to stay up all night and watch him. I have to get some sleep."

The kids and I worked on their room and Annie even went through and sorted stuff in her nightstand and got rid of some junk. Peyton got home and they started a movie and had a snack and I put their new bedding on! It took me awhile to get it set up how I wanted it but I really love how it turned out.

 I drank a glass of water and took a nap. When I got up, Graves had gotten a bunch of sand in the house. I cleaned it up and Peyton fixed supper and then I started working on stuff around the house. I straitened a bunch and then did a good bit of organizing in the laundry room. After that, I dusted, swept and vacuumed in the bedrooms and the study. Peyton got the kids to bed and we ordered Newks and watched a show. I folded a load of laundry after I ate and then read some blogs and worked on my May header and went to bed.

We all got up pretty late on Wednesday. Peyton and Graves headed to the grocery store and I ate breakfast, made the bed, went through my reader, and replied to an email. I fixed Annie some breakfast and took a shower and got dressed and then we did two math lessons. The guys got home and Annie finished up her worksheets while I put up groceries. I put up some dishes and folded dish towels and hung up some laundry and then checked Annie's math. I ate lunch, read some blogs, and worked on a post. Peyton and Graves put some stuff in the attic and I washed a bunch of dishes and then Graves and I started working on putting together some bags for the Book Buddies party. We took all the highlighters out of their packages to get them ready to pack. Peyton and I talked about what else we needed to do and then I prepped some stuff for supper. Peyton got the kids ready and we all left and I dropped everyone off at soccer and ran by Hobby Lobby for some party things and then to Target to make a return. Peyton called and soccer was longer than we had planned so I browsed a bit and then came home and worked some more on my Book Buddies bags. I got a bunch of book vouchers cut out and then left to go get everyone from soccer. We came home and I cooked supper and the kids cleaned up their room. We all ate and then Peyton bathed the kids and I cleaned up the kitchen. Annie had this hour(s) long melt down and ended up loosing a bunch of privileges. I worked on stuffing the Book Buddies bags (there were about one hundred seventy five) and then did a few things on the computer and finished a post. I worked on a sign for the party and went to bed.

Thursday was a good day. I didn't get much sleep and I woke up pretty tired. I got my bath and got ready and Minnie got here. It was the end of the year party for Book Buddies and initially Peyton was going to go but then he decided to get some other things done instead. He dropped some stuff off at Goodwill and then got his bike from my parents' where it had been for weeks. He ran by Walmart and then picked me up. The party was really fun. The kids got ice cream from Bops and we handed out backpacks with pencils and stuff in them. When we got home, I texted with a friend some and Minnie and Peyton talked about the yard. I came in and made the kids beds up and made the swing up where Annie had slept in the sunroom. Peyton left to go to Sam's with his mom and I visited with Minnie. When she left, I collected laundry and started a load and fixed the kids lunch. I hadn't planned to but I ended up going through the kids' dress up clothes and doing a purge. I worked on my header a bit and then Peyton got home. I finished up my header and talked to him some and then he headed out to a yard place to buy more plants. I got frustrated with my computer and changed over laundry and ate lunch and started unpacking the Sam's stuff and finding places for all of it.

Peyton got home and I headed out to do a few errands. I ran by the bank and deposited a couple of checks, made another return to Target, and then went to the grocery store for stuff for the party. I started feeling pretty rough at Kroger. I made it home and got everything put up and then laid down. I had a terrible dream and the kids came in and told me they were hungry and I just got so upset. I finally got myself together and did a few things around the house. I finished putting up the stuff from Sam's and then I went through a bag from of craft stuff from when the kids had stayed with my parents' and a bag of stuff my mother in law had sent over.

 ginger ale under a blueberry bush- a perfect Summer treat! 

I got that all put up and then I ended up organizing a bunch of paper and junk in the bottom of our filing cabinet (again, not on the agenda, but I was getting kind of compulsive with the nesting). I put up a ton of books in Annie's room and then got on the computer a bit and ate some supper. Peyton fed the kids and got them to bed. After that, I got to work on some more crafting for the party. I spent several hours doing that. Annie did a little bit of math and fell asleep on the couch and Peyton took a bath and went to sleep himself. I put Graves duvet and cover in the dryer because he spilled water on it and did a few things in the attic and then finished a post and looked at my reader really quickly. I did a ton of dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. It was alot of dishes plus Peyton meant to wash out a big pickle jar but hadn't left, he had left chicken broth on the stove, and there was a bunch of Tupperware we had been using to store Legos that needed washing after we decided to change up our system. I went to bed right before two again.

Friday morning, Peyton got up early and went to work and the kids and I slept until around nine. They came in our room and played with some animal beach balls Peyton had blown up for the party and for about half an hour and then I got up and started laundry, fed the cats, and took the trash to the street. I straightened some in the study and emptied the trash in there, swept and dusted a bit in there, and made a list for the day. I made up our bed and put the duvet back on Graves's. I looked over my reader and email, sent a friend a FB message about the party, and realized something was off about my header and I ended up redoing the whole thing. Since I had designed it already it only took about fifteen minutes. I had breakfast and took my bath. The kids finished up their shows and played some and I got our room as neat as it was going to get and swept it and then swept the bathroom floors and emptied that trash. I texted a friend about the party and dusted in the den.

I called Minnie to ask her to pick up the pizza and then I put up allllll the dishes from the night before and washed the rest of the dishes. I scrubbed all the counters and went through some piles and even scrubbed the kitchen walls a bit. I also organized the candy in our cabinet a bit. SO random. I talked to Peyton on the phone and got down most of the decorative stuff and serveware I needed for the party. I hadn't planned to do it until later but I started decorating some and I ended up doing a lot of it.

I also set up a little table with some activities for the kids. I put the favor bags together and the kids played in the hose. Peyton got home and he worked on some stuff outside and I made the cookie cake and sliced some peppers and a cucumber and made a lion's face with olives and hummus. At that point, I realized I didn't have time to do all the cleaning I wanted to do. I folded some towels and threw some laundry back into the dryer. Haha. I cleaned the bathrooms and decided to skip vacuuming and mopping in the den and kitchen. So I got to work on some more of the food. I put out all the candy and pretzels and easy stuff and then I put together a little lion face with the hummus and peppers and a snack with the cucumber.

I changed clothes and put on my make up right as my parents' and Peyton's sister arrived.

I set out some napkins and utensils and that kind of thing and then took a few pictures as more people arrived. I still hadn't iced the cake, but that was the only thing I needed to do. Everyone started eating right away since my parents' had gotten some pizzas on the way.

It was such a fun party and Annie and Graves had a great time playing with their friends. And we had a great time seeing our friends!
Annie said her favorite thing was the food ("like gorilla grapes and that kind of thing"- she lives for themed stuff like that and she helped me plan the whole thing) and playing with her friends. "Whiiiiiich was pretty much the whole party" she told me. I'm glad they're both so easily satisfied. I was telling Peyton that I hope they don't outgrow these backyard family parties (as in not drop offs because their friends parents are our friends anyway so it's a good excuse to all get together). And I hope their friends don't get bored with them. It works so well since they're not in school and their friends spread a pretty wide range of ages. I really like uncomplicated things. Oh and Annie kept her friends entertained by reading aloud to them! First a new book about the weather from her cousins and then a book about the jungle (always on theme)!

This guy was so thrilled about his red gumball. I asked him and Annie what their favorite part of the party was and he said "hugging that baby". I asked him which baby he was talking about and he patted my tummy. I think she was his real present! 

 I've never had activities before and we kept it SUPER low key- chalk, bubbles, a sticker craft I ordered for less than $5 for twelve, some fresh sand for the box, and these fun elephant stilts. I think it was plenty and SO easy! (Also, isn't my niece precious in piggies? And Hulk and Beanie Boo fox had to make an appearance, natch.)

I did get the cake iced and decorated super quickly and it actually turned out really well.
The cake! I decided a cookie cake would be super easy. I ran out of time to ice/decorate it but I managed to do it on about ten minutes during the party and Annie arranged the animals. It was certainly nothing amazing but I kinda love how it turned out!

We sang to the kids and then they opened presents.
One of my favorite pictures of the evening. Twelve candles total- I'm telling y'all, these joint parties are so nice.

I think the last person left around 8:45. We brought everything inside and I got the kids settled and their teeth brushed. I sat down and ate some cake and then sort of consolidated things. I washed all the dishes (there were quite a few since we didn't use paper plates) and then took a nice bath to relax.
 Peyton was actually really gracious and suggested we just use paper products this year. Because, you know, thirty five weeks pregnant and he had to work two twelve hour shifts over the next two days. But I insisted. Mainly because when you have all this cute melamine that coordinates AND coordinates with your party theme, it's hard not to want to use it (I also told Minnie I wasn't worried about my cute "real" napkins getting stained anymore; I'm at a point in my life where I want to USE things or chunk them- regardless of the energy or the potential for ruin). Anyway, Brooklyn did a lot of things for me but one thing it did was made me a lot more efficient- I think I got through these faster than the years we had a dishwasher!

I went to bed around midnight. It was a weird night of fragmented sleep, which was early after the previous couple of days.

Graves got up when Peyton left- around seven thirty- on Saturday. We sort of visited and I dozed a bit and then Annie got up and they played awhile and I slept a little more. I had a headache but I finally got up and got in the bath. I texted with a few friends who had been at the party and then got on the computer and did a few things and made a list. I made our bed and collected laundry and the kids watched their shows. I got the sunroom straightened and their presents organized and the bags and tissue paper stacked up neatly. The kids painted some birdhouses they got at the party and I laid down on the swing and talked to Peyton and texted Minnie and another friend. I went through some lists and made a basic plan for the week to add onto later. I fixed the kids lunch and they ate and then came in for rest time. I did some dishes and took a nap myself for most of their rest time. They got up and I visited with Graves some and Annie read and then Graves and I picked up dress up clothes. They played with some stuff from the top of their closet and I folded laundry and marked some pages in their Bible curriculum that I needed to get copied.

We cleaned up their toys and I put up clothes in their room and then read and did their Bible story and then played action figures. Both the kids took quick baths and I fixed them supper and finished folding some laundry. Peyton got home just after I got them settled. He made a salad and we watched a documentary. I put up laundry and then went through a box of heirloom clothes my mom had sent over for the baby. I got it all organized and put up! Peyton washed some dishes and I got our church stuff ready. I went to bed and ended up moving to the couch at some point.

We got up and got ready on Sunday morning and I even made Graves's bed in addition to ours (Annie had slept on top of her covers). Annie was tired and cranky and it was a rough morning with her. We dropped off Peyton on time, though, and had breakfast in the car and things got better. Sunday school and church were great and I loved the sermon and even cried in the closing hymn. The kids did AMAZING and I talked to Stan and some friends a bit at the end. And Mother's Day wasn't a big overdone production, which I always actually like.

We came home and the kids played in the carport for a bit and then I took their monthly pictures and they had a snack.

Still enjoying the party aftermath.  

Bubbles first, then fishing.  It was too pretty to spend much of the day inside!

There are still a couple of jonjons in the attic that fit him and it took everything in me to resist. But here we are. That Canada Dry might as well be a Budweiser. 

I mean. So big.

I worked on getting some of the serveware from the party put up and collected laundry and started a load. I went ahead and got a dry load out of the dryer and unpacked our bags from church. The kids settled down and watched their shows and I ate my lunch, called Peyton, and got on the computer briefly. I folded some laundry and fixed the kids lunch and washed dishes. They had rest time and I took a nap myself and then we cleaned up their room and headed to Mickey and Minnie's. We stayed for a couple of hours and had so much fun.
 Mickey and Minnie gave them their own fishing rods for their birthday and they both so excited, but especially Graves. Along with riding his bike, this is the activity he loves the most.

We left to pick up Peyton and there was a wreck on the Trace but we made it. The kids visited with him and Graves fell asleep.
 Guys. He told me  "I still can't believe I have my own tackle box". Mickey and Minnie did so goodAnd our Sundays are sort of stressful between having to drop off and pick Peyton up so I've streamlined them about to death and ask VERY few things of myself and now I actually enjoy them a lot and it feels like a real Sabbath. But it was so worth it to cut rest time short and hustle them though dinner and teeth brushing so we could fish and spend time with the best momma (and daddy!) ever. Two folks at Northside asked me  if I had family in town- they were starting to get concerned for me- and it was just another reminder how glad I am to be close again. 

He got Newks (I had eaten at my parents' house) and we came home. I got on the computer for a bit and went to sleep before eleven!

In addition to the million other posts I need to write, I realized I wanted to write a real post about the kids' birthday party. Maybe I'll do that before the Summer's over ;)

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