Monday, August 22, 2016

Feeding a Baby the Third Time

Annie asked me the other day about nursing in public and how she thought breasts were a "private area".

We had a really good talk- that I wish I had been more prepared for and ended up following up on later- about how yes, generally in our culture beasts are considered private, and how feeding a baby is important work and not something to be embarrassed by, and how I do my best to make sure our friends and family and strangers and our Sister Baby are as comfortable as they all relatively can be at the same time- while giving a bit of preference to Sallie's comfort- and sometimes that means putting something over her and sometimes that means using discretion.

And how I'm never, ever going to hide in a bathroom and feed Sarah Lamar on a toilet like I did with her and her brother again. 

I can't put into words how, like a million other things, I'm so very grateful to get to do this one more time, so very grateful to have become more comfortable in my choices, and most of all so very grateful for this little girl whose life it is one of my great privileges to sustain.

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