Saturday, August 27, 2016

Letter to (Five Year and Two Month Old) Graves

 Dear Graves,

I am so behind on y'alls letters but by the time you read this (if you ever do) it won't matter. This was the last month it was just you and Annie before the baby came! Anyway, looking back a couple of months...

 We had a great start to Summer. We got you and Annie signed up for swim team and it took you a bit to warm up, but you ended up loving it. You were quite smitten with Coach Josaline, who you refereed to as either "Coach Vasaline" or "Coach Duckling".  At the first meet, you full on sobbed the length of the pool and then told me it was "very fun" and that you were disappointed that you only got to swim in one event. For Crazy Hair Day you decided that the best kind of crazy hair would be BODY HAIR and drew it on your chest with magic marker. Papa added a beard to your face, too!

We also went camping at Granny's (well, you and Annie and Papa did; I slept inside on her couch). And one night my friend Ashby came over and cooked us all dinner and even got you and Annie super involved in the process.

We had dinner one night at the Howie's and you had the best time playing with Jude. You two are as sweet as y'all are cute. Y'all now havee a combined total of five sisters and no brothers and I think that makes your special little bond all the more sweet!

What else? Papa replanted a tree and he broke the roots on accident and said it'd probably die. So you and Annie took it upon yourselves to take the doctor's kit outside and take its temperature, deliver it three cups of water, and wrap some toilet paper around it.

You and Annie have also been super helpful with watering the yard. Really, I just sit on the porch and watch. I've loved the newborn snuggles, but Seven and Five are so amazing.

You're are very trusting, haha. Annie had some blueberries and she told you to "open your mouth and close your eyes" and popped one in. You said "Oh! I thought it was going to be a pregnant bird". OMG, what?!?

The funniest moment in awhile was when you and Peyton got back from being out of the house for a few hours and I told Papa "I was so productive and got so much done! Come look in the kids' room!" and you got so excited and asked "Is she in there???", referring to the baby. I wasn't *that* productive, Buddy.

You were so ready for her, though!

You told us that when she got here we better not let her play in the gravel pile at Minnie's because there are some tiny rocks in there and she could swallow them and it could "break her windpipe". Of course, then that night you took the top off your flashlight and put it in a bath tub full of water.

Upon reinstalling all the car seats, the following conversation ensued:
Graves: "How are you going to HANDLE three humans?"
Momma: "Umm..."
Graves: "I don't know if y'all can HANDLE three friends with only two grown if Papa was handling Annie and Momma was handling the baby"
Papa: "What would happen? You might cause some trouble?"
Graves: "Yep. Like might make a new lock for my room and lock just me and the baby in it."

Amazingly, Papa got them all to fit in the Mazda!

So, I washed and set up this great playmat thing I loved when Annie and you were babies. You put Bathtime Baby (your Ava) in it and also crawled in and demonstrated how he thought your sister would laugh and bat the toys. You also told me that you couldn't wait to tickle her a bunch but promised not to touch her booty. 
One thing I love is your vocabulary. You've started calling the cubby holes in your nightstand "chambers" after you saw a WildKratts about groundhogs. You love to take out the bins and set up your action figures in the "chambers". You are much more brave about using vocabulary you're unsure of than AP. Even though we've worked hard to fight it, she still I occasionally shows some fear of being wrong. You have no such fear. Which is funny because when we were worried about you talking late one thing that was mentioned by a friend is a delay where a child doens't say words until they're sure they can pronounce them correctly (yeah, you are not like that; it turned out you had the delay where it's easy to let your older sibling speak for you anytime you need something). The first of my favorite words that you used sometimes in context sometimes not is "random". It actually started one night back in Brooklyn when you told me he didn't want "just random stuff" for supper which is hilarious because Papa is ALWAYS feeding y'all "random stuff". Another time you told me that you wanted to use your cutting book to practice cutting, not just "random paper" (again with Papa, the novelty of typing paper finally wore off). You still use the term a good bit. It's also sort of just absolutely hysterical to me when you have opinions like this because you're ordinarily the most easy going, laid back child and never takes issue with that sort of thing. Another favorite was when you were asking me to get you some bath toys to play with and you listed a few and then said "and such". I also love it when you say "basically". One of the most recent and my most favorite was one evening when you said "I like keep yawning multiple times".

You ask great questions. You asked awhile back  "Why doesn't Mallory make us call her "Miss Mallory?" and we had a good conversation about just that.

Another favorite conversation recently after you guys caught a lizard:
Annie: "let's name her Lizzie"
Graves: "let's name her Bagel Bite"
Annie: "that's a horrible name, let's name her Lizzie"
Graves: "THAT'S a horrible name"
Annie: "let's name her Liz"
Graves: "you got it, Dude!"

One really sweet thing was that recently Annie was reading to you about cuddle fish and you wanted to pretend to be one!

Another day, Annie asked me what day it was because she was using her calendar to figure put how many days until the baby's due date and she realized that it was my birthday. You told me to please stay out of the kitchen for a little while and then said you had a surprise for me. It was a "cake"- a tortilla (with a bite missing), oranges, pretzels, and d plastic bead for a candle. Such a sweet little guy.

You loved to try to find the baby's head and put your head right on it. It's my absolute favorite thing and it really reminded me to to just savor those last weeks, as hard as that was.

You cried one night because Green Blankie was in the laundry. The next day I got it out and you said "Is he warm??" HE. I just love you so much it hurts. 

Even though you aren't the baby anymore, I'm so grateful you'll always be my baby.

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. You are wearing 3T jeans and a size 5 Darth Vader hoodie. Ha!

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