Friday, August 5, 2016

Weekly Happenings Post #372 (May 16-22)-- Camping and Company


This was a fun, but tiring, week. We went to Granny's and had a friend over for dinner (but she cooked) as well as other stuff.

Peyton got up and headed to work on Monday at eight. The kids got up around nine and both of them wanted to watch their shows. I threw up and got back in bed for a bit and then got on the computer and went through my reader, Facebook messaged two friends, and looked into some more curriculum for the next school year. I uploaded some pictures from the camera and fixed the kids' breakfast and hopped in the tub. I had felt better since I threw up, but I started feeling awful again. I had a headache and just felt so tired and like my body was sore. I did get the bed made, my hair dry, some laundry in the wash, and some dishes put up while the kids were eating breakfast and playing in the kitchen.

I laid down for a bit and then we all cleaned up their room quickly and started getting their stuff packed for Granny's because we were heading down later. I read a few blogs and got the pictures I had uploaded named, edited, and organized. All I had left when the kids finished packing was getting the words on their monthly pictures and our family pictures so I took a break and fixed them lunch, changed over laundry, dusted in the den, and scrubbed the kitchen counters. We were having company the next day and the house was actually pretty clean but there were a few things I wanted to do to freshen it up a bit. I finished up working on the pictures while the kids ate and then did dishes. Instead of making them have rest time, I just let them have "free time", which is basically the same thing but a special treat because they don't have to stay in their room. I read a few more blogs and laid down until Peyton got home. We finished tidying up the house a bit, packed the car, and got ready to head to Granny's. Then I realized the stuff in the dryer wasn't completely dry. I dried it for fifteen more minutes and Peyton watered and we got on the road.

We stopped at McCallister's to eat supper around seven and got to Granny's about seven thirty. We visited with her and picked a campsite and then I came inside. Andrew stopped by and hung out a bit with Peyton and the kids and Peyton made them a scavenger hunt for some wild animals (Beanie Boos that were marked down at Walgreens). They went to be around eleven and woke up around six thirty. Peyton said he woke up a ton, thinking about an episode of FBI Files where a little girl got abducted from a campsite.

While the kids and Peyton camped on Granny's land, I slept inside the house. I slept a five hour stretch, which is, I'm not even kidding, the longest consecutive stretch I'd gotten in MONTHS. And I also took a two hour nap the next morning. I felt more rested than I have since probably the previous August. Granny lives in the middle of nowhere and the only thing I can "accomplish" are enjoying nature, visiting with Granny, eating good food, reading, and watching a tiny house House Hunters marathon. Maybe it's just being away from my to-do list that had me so relaxed. Also, she makes me laugh harder than just about anyone else.

I had a great night. I visited with Granny a bit and we both read for over an hour. Then she went to bed and I watched several episodes of House Hunters about tiny houses. I fell asleep on the couch and then moved to a spare bedroom. I slept GREAT.

Also, I knocked out a good number of pages in this thing and we did discuss Sister Baby's name on the way home from Granny's but made approximately no progress. What WAS making progress was Sister Baby herself. I was about 3 cm (which of course doesn't mean much) and she was super low; Doctor Shiflett said like SUPER super low and she thought it was highly unlikely I'd make it to my due date and would probably end up with a pretty quick labor. I was so excited!

On Tuesday, we got up and had breakfast and I had a headache but felt MUCH better than the day before. We talked to Granny and I actually fell asleep and took a little nap mid morning. Peyton's parents were coming down for the day and they got there.

 Graves loved to try to find the baby's head and put his head right on it. It was my absolute favorite thing and and such a good reminder to me to really savor those last weeks, as hard as that was. I could see and feel her little parts thorough my skin in a way I NEVER felt the other two. It was sweet and beautiful and honestly a little creepy to me. She seemed to be such a wild little creature and I could already tell she was going to fit in perfectly with our weird crew!

 It was raining pretty hard (it had sprinkled all night) and we wanted to get on the road. Since we had a late breakfast, we just stopped and got a snack. We also stopped at the meat outlet. We got home and unloaded the car and unpacked our stuff and I started a load of wash with the sleeping bags and straightened some piles in the study and kitchen. I made a list and glanced at my reader and then got ready and ran to the grocery store really quickly for a few things.

I got back and we put up groceries, I changed over the wash, wiped down the guest bathroom since we were having company, had a snack, and then headed to my OB appointment. It went really well but they were running behind and there was a pretty long wait. I got home in plenty of time, though, and was able to straighten a bit, freshen up my make up, and relax for a few minutes. My friend Ashby got here and we had the best time!

What an incredibly sweet and generous friend to come over for a visit and to cook is dinner. She even got Annie and Graves in on the cooking. Such a fun night!

love, love, love Annie hugging my tummy
Annie has  turned into my favorite version of a tomboy- a phrase I don't love and Peyton hates- not the truly sporty kind, but the blue jean shorts/little boy muscle tee kind that reminds me of Joey Potter and Vada Sultenfuss and Roberta from Now and Then and is a bit of a throw back. I LOVE it. (But I'm glad she still loves sweet, fun dresses for Sundays and special occasions, too.) That hair, tho. 

Ashby left and we got the kids to bed. They fell asleep pretty quickly. We cleaned up a bit and I folded some towels and then sat down to blog. A friend FB messaged me so we talked for awhile and then I wrote a post and started one for the next day. I read a few blogs, had a snack, and went to bed late.

Thankfully, the kids slept really late on Wednesday and then played some. I got up and fixed myself and the kids breakfast and responded to some FB comments, went through my email and reader, mostly finished my post for the day, and emailed a friend. The kids played action figures some more and I got my bath and made up the bed and folded some laundry. I did dishes and they watched their show and then we did math. Peyton got home a bit earlier than I was expecting to and we got ready for a funeral and ate lunch. His parents go here and we headed out.

My parents have a handful of couple friends and one of the men in this group died after a hard fought battle with cancer. He was one of my dad's very closest friends and his wife is one of my mom's. Anyway, the funeral was beautiful- the songs we sang were wonderful and the priest said such wonderful things that described Vernon perfectly. We went to the visitation beforehand and it was good to see the family and hug on them.

We came home and Peyton had a snack and the kids cleaned up their toys and then he took them for a walk and I took a nap. I was honestly wiped out from the funeral (it was an Episcopal service so lots of standing). Peyton and the kids got home and he was pretty tired but he wanted to take them swimming to get into practice for swim team. I got up and sent a couple of emails, published a post, and Facebook messaged a friend. Peyton and the kids got home and I fixed them supper and Peyton fixed us a big salad to share and we all talked and then got the kids to bed. I cleaned up the kitchen and helped Annie as she melted down about something. I folded some kitchen towels and then got on the computer and finished messaging the friend I was talking to about homeschool curriculum. I called Minnie and read some blogs and had a snack. I tried to renew my driver's license online but couldn't and went to bed.

I couldn't sleep and Peyton woke up and we chatted and went back to sleep. The kids woke up around nine on Thursday and Peyton got ready for a Board of Pharmacy meeting. I got on the computer and did a few things and went through my reader and then I made up the bed and straightened the couch in the den where Annie had slept. I collected laundry and ate breakfast. I looked over Annie's math, got some things together to take pictures for a blog post and another project, and got out some bags to pack for the hospital for later. I fixed the kids' breakfast and took my bath.

The kids watched their shows and the TV kept freezing up. I folded laundry and started a load of stained baby clothes. I put up most of the laundry and put up dishes while the kids worked on a craft that went with the Bible lesson we had been working on that week. I made a list for Peyton and texted him and then I fixed the kids lunch. I did dishes while they ate and texted with two different friends.

The kids had rest time after that and I talked on the phone to Minnie and to Peyton, ordered both kids' math curriculum and some critical thinking curriculum for next year, FB messaged a friend, read some blogs, and emailed another friend. I had lunch and then the kids had a snack and I took the pictures I had gotten the stuff out for. They went outside and tried to catch a lizard and I read aloud a bit to them and then did math with Annie. They picked up their toys in the den and I let them finish their shows from the morning. I hung up a bunch of their clothes and worked on a post. I fixed the kids supper and they took a long time to eat. I got a big load of baby clothes I had washed out of the dryer and sorted it into piles: stuff to go to the attic for Sister Baby later, boy stuff Cookie might want, stuff to sell, stuff I really cared about that was stained and needed rewashing, and stuff to donate. I got it all organized and put up and then helped the kids brush their teeth. They cleaned up their room and I did dishes and swept in the kitchen. We read, did their Bible story, and played pretend and then I got them settled.

I finished my post and also finished taking some pictures. I read a few blogs and straightened and put up stuff around the house and then Peyton got home and we put up groceries together. We talked and ate supper and I got back on the computer a for a bit and then went to bed.

I had a sort of rough night and felt really sick when I got up several times.

I woke up a bit before nine on Friday and made our bed and straightened a bit in the study and guest bathroom. I painted my toenails, got on the computer and did a few things, picked out the kids' clothes, sent a text to the girl who cuts our hair, and hopped in the bath. I got dressed and ready and then helped the kids in their room a bit. They finished cleaning it up from the night before and I vacuumed the rug and washed a few dishes and did the recycling.

Carrie and her crew were coming over and I ate a Pop Tart really quickly and then they got here. We had SUCH a fun visit. After they left, I picked up a bit and the kids had rest time. I got on the computer and had my lunch and talked to Peyton on the phone and then laid down for a bit. I texted with Carrie some and the kids watched their shows and I packed our bags for the hospital. I did some dishes and we got ready. Peyton got home and we all jumped in the car and headed to Mickey and Minnie's. We stayed less than two hours- Peyton was really exhausted- but we had a great time. We got home and I helped both kids get baths (they had played in a big rock pile and gotten so dirty) and brushed their teeth. I got on the computer and then fell asleep on the couch. I got up and felt terrible. I think I was a bit dehydrated. Annie wanted to do math and so she worked on a worksheet and I snuggled with Graves. Peyton talked to them some and I had a snack, and started some laundry, and read some blogs. I straightened a bit and changed over laundry and went to bed.

We all got up super late on Saturday and had breakfast and the kids played a bit while I straightened some and made the beds. They watched their shows and I looked over my reader, sent a couple of FB messages, and worked on Annie's monthly letter a bit. I took my bath and the kids played. I had planned to start morning school but they found some BrainQuest tracing cards so I caught up on some stuff around the house. I collected laundry, started a load, and folded bath towels and then I took out the trash and went over the sunroom swing with one of those lent remover things because apparently a cat had gotten on it. I scrubbed both bathroom floors (gosh, five year old boys have terrible aim) and the baseboards in the bathroom. I had also noticed earlier that the kids had used Tinker Toy sticks to draw on their wall (the paint on the sticks comes off) and I scrubbed that down. After that I played action figures with the kids a bit and then we finally got to school. We did some read aloud, finger plays, and power cards and Graves actually did a lot in his critical thinking book. I cut up a watermelon and fixed the kids lunch and while they ate, I folded some towels, did dishes, and got the laundry changed over. The kids had rest time and I folded a load of laundry and got most of it put up. I had lunch, read a few blogs, and worked some more on Annie's letter.

When rest time was over, we picked up toys in the kids' room. Graves finished his part and Annie and I worked on some math. We went outside after that and attempted to water the plants. I got so frustrated because the hose wasn't hooked up and I needed to do the back and the front. I had trouble hooking it up and it was a pain to drag around. I was frustrated because Peyton's been unusually careful about making sure I'm not carrying around heavy stuff and that hose was pretty heavy. I was just so annoyed. He called and I let out all my frustration. Ha. I wasn't even mad at him and I don't think I was mean about it. Anyway, I finally hooked it up and we watered in the front and then in the back and then I let the kids play in their kiddie pool.

 Yard work bathing suit. The bottom is as thin as tissue paper. Entirely inappropriate for anything else.

 I came in and swept in their room and put up the rest of the laundry I had folded and then started on supper. I got our fish and asparagus cooking and then got our breakfast and activity bag pack for church the next day. I got Annie and Graves to come in and finished up supper and Peyton got home. We all ate and visited and then Peyton and I cleaned up the kitchen. Well, I cleaned. He cut up a bunch of veggies. I had a mild meltdown over about a million things and then I ironed some clothes for the next day and got on the computer.

Sunday was such a full, fun day but to be honest it was also a tough one. I got up earlier than usual because I wanted to take our family picture and Peyton wanted to leave a little early because there was some construction on the interstate. I also wanted to take a picture outside with the kids and that didn't happen. I started out the morning good but by the time we got to the car I was already tired and frustrated. Graves fell back asleep on the way and it did make for a relaxing morning in the Walgreens parking lot. Annie ate breakfast and I read some. We woke him up to go in to the bathroom and so he'd have time to eat breakfast and then headed to church.  

Last Sunday at Northside (and the Walgreens) for a bit because I really didn't want to go into labor in Flowood while Peyton's in Clinton with no car.

Sunday school and church were both great but I was SO uncomfortable.

 Singing at church. Love that tiny girl in the front (I heard her practicing with some action figures the other day and then serving them communion).

We made it and headed home and both kids fell asleep in the car.

 When your night party rages on past midnight on a church night...

They both woke up when we got home, though. I unloaded the car, unpacked our bags, changed my clothes, and fixed myself a grilled cheese (okay two). The kids ate some candy a friend gave them and watched their shows and I ate my lunch and put some pictures up on Instagram and it was almost time to leave again. I called Peyton and finished getting ready.

We headed to the swim team kick off. We had popsicles, meet the coaches, and the kids got to play a bit on the playground behind the pool. The actual pool wasn't open yet but we had a great time. 

 A couple of Briarwood Dolphins ready for swim team this Summer! I don't think I've ever seen Graves look as grown as he does in this picture.

After that, we headed to Mickey and Minnies. We stayed several hours and had a lot of fun. The kids did great when I told them it was time to eat and shower and we picked up Peyton. They were both wide awake and talked to us on the way home and then Peyton let them stay up and visit a bit. We got them settled and I laid down and fell asleep super early. At one point I woke up and Peyton and I started talking for awhile. I couldn't go back to sleep so I worked on a post and read a few blogs.

Whew. What a week. I remember just being glad we were one step closer to Babykins. 

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