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Weekly Happenings Post #373 (May 23-29)-- Packing and Preparing for Sister Baby

This was a fun week because I was really checking things off- finishing up all the baby laundry, getting the final gear out of the attic and cleaning and sprucing it up, installing the carseat, and finishing packing my hospital bags. I was SO tired, but I look back on that time really fondly.

I got up late on Monday and felt pretty rested but I had a headache. The kids started their shows and Peyton went to run some errands. I straightened, made our bed, collected laundry and had breakfast. The kids were settled and so after I made their beds I decided to work on a stuffed animal purge. I was planning to just put them in the attic or take them to Minnie's and it's SO much easier and quicker to just do myself. I finished my list for the day and got on the computer and went through my reader and email, messaged a friend and then hopped in the tub. I got ready and started a grocery list and and a "to discuss with Peyton" list and then Peyton got home.

My bag- check✔️
Baby's bag- check
Birth bag- check✔️
Also, I never actually realized how well the luggage Cookie and I got the Christmas we were like eleven and thirteen matches the Vera Bradley from high school. Oh, and I got that big bottom drawer of my dresser that looks like two drawers cleared out and put New Girl's jams and onsies in there. Since Brooklyn, it's become quite the hobby for me to figure out how to best maximize our space.

He talked to the kids some and fixed them some "brunch" and watered the yard. We visited while he watered and then I changed over some laundry and folded a load. I got some things stamped and in the mailbox and brought some mail over to our neighbor's house that had somehow been delivered to us. The kids came in and were playing nicely so I decided we'd just start naptime even though that hadn't been my original plan. Annie got SO upset because apparently it wasn't her plan, either.

Monday and the day before I had two stand offs with Annie. Her stubbornness is really probably the part of parenting that exhausts me the most. The day to day (and minute to minute) correcting and disciplining Graves over and over about the same thing doesn't cause me to become near as weary. Peyton feels exactly opposite, which is so nice, and in my opinion, God's grace to us. On Sunday, it was this gravel mound in my parents' driveway. It has red clay in it and she did not want to change out of the nicer play dress she had on into an inexpensive mildly tacky Walmart outfit that had actually already had the bottoms stained by the aforementioned clay at a visit approximately forty eight hours earlier. She fussed and told me basically that it was too much effort to change and would "take too long", ironically for about forty five minutes. I FINALLY got it out of her that she didn't want to get the top stained and I allowed her to wear her pajama top I had also packed and wear the beloved shirt post shower in lieu of pajamas. It was a hard won victory (for the both of us). Then on Monday afternoon afternoon she got so upset because I deviated from the usual order of our day and decided rest time should be earlier. After a lot of no's from me and a lot of tears from her over the unmet requests she was making she finally settled herself enough to ask if I'd just play animals for ten minutes. I did and she was completely content for the next two hours.
I hope she can channel this intensity for good. ("Thank you momma for letting us be play in the den.")
After a long conversation and playing animals for ten minutes, so was completely settled and fine the rest of rest time. Of course, I was a bit frazzled. We did knock out a conversation about something sort of peripheral (stranger danger) I had been meaning to (re)have. Anyway, I finally got to eating my lunch. I read a few blogs and then rested a bit and when rest time was over they got a snack and went outside and I straightened in the den and kitchen, and even organized a bit in the homeschool cabinet. I worked on planning the week and then the kids were hungry so I went ahead and fixed quesadillas and some broccoli and fruit for their dinner and washed a ton of dishes. I went outside and played with them a bit and then we cleaned up and came in and brushed their teeth. I read to them and we did a Bible story and then I sent Graves to bed and did two math lessons for Annie. He stayed in his room for the most part and I let him join us at the very end (which unfortunately when Annie was getting kind of tired). He went back to his room and she read in the den a bit. I read my devotion and then got on the computer. I read some blogs and worked on Graves's monthly letter.

Peyton got home and we talked and put up groceries. We visited with Annie and went over some lists and then I finished Graves's letter and went to bed.

I got up around 7:30 on my own (with no alarm!) on Tuesday. And I didn't even go to bed that early. I have no idea, but I actually felt pretty good. Anyway, I got on the computer and did a few things and then Peyton and I went in the attic and got the last of the baby stuff down. I wiped down and the swing and the carseat and everything, made our bed, put up some dishes, and started a load of laundry. I got in the tub and got ready for my OB appointment. Peyton had fixed waffles so I hate mine quickly and left. My appointment went super quick but the wait was LONG. Like two hours. And Peyton had to be at work so I couldn't even enjoy it like I usually do. He called and told them he'd be late and I spent most of my time waiting texting. I hadn't even brought a book in, but a lot of times I do like to use it as time to touch base with people. Anyway, I finally got in and out and ran by the store to get some yogurt. Peyton and I talked a bit as he was rushing out the door.

The house wasn't the disaster I was worried it might be but there were quite a few small messes all over the place. The kids and I straightened up toys and I straightened the stuff we had gotten down from the attic and just got it out of the middle of the floor. I tidied up the kitchen and got all the dishes in the sink, changed over laundry and started a new load, and made up the kids' beds. I took a little break for a few minutes and then played pretend with the kids. The kids had lunch and I did dishes and then they had rest time. I ate my lunch, read some blogs, started a post, and rested myself. They finished rest time and I organized in the study some and then started working on supper. I made some fish tacos and it took about an hour. I got everything cleaned up while the kids ate (Peyton and I were eating later) and then started math with Annie.

Peyton got home around seven and we were planning on going to the pool but it was so crowded and we both didn't really feel like it so we went to Chik Fil A instead. Ha! We ate and the kids played and we talked and then we came home and Peyton played with them and put them to bed. I got on the computer and read some blogs and then visited with Peyton some more and finished math with Annie.

 I was pretty pleased. On Monday, I planned the week and discussed quite a few other things I had on my "to discuss with Peyton" list and after I sent Graves to bed with a stack of library books as tall as himself, Annie and I knocked out two math lessons, as I mentioned. Then on Tuesday we got down the rest of the baby stuff. I did another load of baby stuff that needed to be treated for stains (this was one of my very favorite things of Annie's her first few months). AND we narrowed down our name list significantly. I was so excited thinking that I might actually get most of the things I want to accomplish done before Sister Baby arrives.

I finished a post, did She Reads Truth and my devotion, and sent an email and then I went to bed.

He cried the other night because Green Blankie was in the laundry. The next day I got it out and he said "Is he warm??" HE, y'all. I just love him so much it hurts. Also: Bathtime Baby. Also: the calculator.

I got up about an hour before the kids on Wednesday. Peyton had gone into work for a few hours and I got up at eight. I got a good bit done. I got on the computer and went through my email and reader, typed up a draft email, started a blog post and edited a previous one, and researched and ordered the kids' English curriculum. I woke the kids up and made their beds and straightened a bit in their closet. They had some media time and I looked at the day in my planner and read over Annie's math for the day and did my morning devotion.

The kids had breakfast and I folded a couple of loads of laundry and got most of it sorted and put up (a good bit of it was stained baby clothes I had treated and washed and that needed to be sorted into sell, donate, back to the attic, and possibly keep for Cookie piles). I put up a bunch of clean dishes and washed some dirty ones and also scrubbed the counters and dusted in the den. Peyton called to say he was on his way home and I called Minnie to ask about coming over that night instead of Friday.

Peyton got home and we visited. He had something to eat and I put the covers that I had washed on the bouncy seat, baby swing, and infant carseat.

 In a decidedly out of character occurrence, I was getting to the point where I wasn't just ready for her, II was *ready* for her. Didn't think it was going to happen that way.

We all loaded up and headed to the Y. We got there and it turns out they have new Summer hours. So we turned around and came home. Peyton worked on vacuuming the car out and installing all three seats and I got a playmate we had forgotten about down from the attic and read a few blogs. I helped Peyton finish up with the car and we headed back to the pool and got in about an hour of swimming. We came home and all ate something and I got on the computer again for a tiny bit and then I did some dishes and straightened and vacuumed in the den and kitchen and mopped the kitchen.

 I was thinking maybe (hopefully!) the last time to do this for a bit- it wasn't :)

Peyton mowed the yard and the kids played and then we got ready to go to Mickey and Minnie's. When we got there my mom's friend Julia was there and we visited with her a bit and then she ended up staying for supper, too! We had such a great time catching up and the kids really behaved so well. We stayed late. We got home around ten and Graves was fast asleep. I read some blogs and Annie did some math worksheets and then we went to bed.

We got up a bit later than we meant to on Thursday and I didn't feel great. I got on the computer and then got my bath and collected laundry and got out the kids clothes and Peyton fed them breakfast and made the bed. He did some dishes and I started writing a letter to a friend.

We all got ready and headed to the DMV. It's amazing now because they have kiosks where you can renew your license yourself in about two minutes. My picture was horrible (I even did a retake) but I was thrilled to get it done. We ran by Walmart for a garden hose and a few groceries and came home. Peyton fixed lunch for all of us and Annie and I knocked out two math lessons. He grilled corn and hotdogs and heated up some tater tots and it was SO good. Annie and I got ready and headed out to get our hair cut. Peyton and Graves worked in the yard.

We got home and the kids watched their shows and I got on the computer and worked on a couple of posts. Peyton bathed both the kids and took a bath himself and then took them on a quick trip to the library. I stayed home and just lazed around a bit and then got ready to go have dinner with the Howies. We had such a wonderful time visiting and dinner was delicious.

These two are as sweet as they are cute. They (are about to) have a combined total of five sisters and no brothers and I think that makes their special little bond all the more sweet!

We left around nine thirty or so and got the kids settled down and then Peyton helped me with setting up the Pack N Play, changing out batteries in things, straightening up our room, and moving furniture around. We watched a couple of shows and Ellis called as I was going to sleep. I was feeling rough but I finally fell asleep. I woke up around three in the morning and had a snack and went through my reader a bit. Haha.

The kids slept pretty late on Friday morning and we had a nice, relaxing start. Peyton was working a twelve hour shift and then meeting a friend so that was especially nice. They got up and had their media time and I texted a friend and got on the computer and responded to some stuff on FB, went through my reader, and even wrote a quick post. We all had breakfast and then they played and I made our bed, collected laundry, straightened a bit, and organized a bit more baby gear. I took the thing for dirty diapers to the laundry room and found a place for it and cleaned off the plastic bag the Boppy pillow was in and put it with my hospital stuff. I took a bath and then played with the kids and read to them. They had lunch and I did dishes and started some wash. After lunch, they had rest time and I rested a bunch too and then had lunch and changed over my wash. I read a few blog posts and worked on a post myself and then the kids had a snack and played Don't Spill the Beans and Jacks. I changed over the laundry and did a few things but I felt so terrible. I ended up falling back asleep on the couch. The kids were so good and sweet and mainly just played with their Beanie Boos until supper. We straightened up and I fixed them supper and treated another load of clothes (the last load of baby clothes to treat and wash!) and they ate. I got them ready for bed and worked on a post a bit and finished another one.

Peyton got home and we talked and I ate something and folded some clothes. Annie was still awake and she did a little math and then I read a few blogs, browsed some curriculum for her, and made a list for the next day.

Peyton worked on Saturday and the kids and I slept pretty late. We got up and they had media time and I sent an email, finished ordering our homeschool curriculum for the next year, put swim meet dates on the calendar, and finished my Weekly Smorgasbord post. I talked to the kids a bit and folded some laundry and then fixed the kids breakfast, had my breakfast, straightened some, and made our bed. I put up dishes and collected laundry and talked to Peyton and Minnie on the phone and then I took my bath while the kids played.

We straightened their room and it took a good bit longer than usual. It was a big mess but sometimes they knock it out fast. That day everyone was just dragging their feet. I did put up some laundry, dust everything and sweep the floors in their room, and strip their beds. I got a load of sheets started and put up everything that didn't belong in their room in the first place and then I fixed them lunch. While they ate, I mostly just laid on the couch. I was so wiped out again and Annie had told me she would prefer to do some school before rest time. After the kids finished eating, Graves went to his room for a while (because I had told him that would be a consequence of not picking up in his room) and Annie and I did math. After a bit, I did let him join us. I let them play with the math manipulatives while I folded some dish towels. We finished up and the kids wanted to have some free time before rest time (the only difference between free time and rest time is that most days Graves has to stay in his room during test time) and I got on the computer and did a few things. They started rest time and I started a blog post and read a few blogs and then ate lunch and laid down. I kept falling asleep and waking up and I just felt so uncomfortable. I finally got up and folded bath towels and beach towels and read my devotion.

 typical rest time attire

 More rest time wardrobe changes. I'm grateful they occupy themselves so easily.
After rest time, I put the fresh sheets on the kids' bed and then I played pretend with them a bit. I fixed their supper and did dishes. I helped them brush and floss and then read to them. I got on the computer and read some blogs and uploaded pictures from my phone and backed them up. Peyton got home and we talked. I read my devotion and worked on my kitchen quote and then ate some dinner. I went to bed around 12:30 and Graves joined us.

I didn't sleep great at all that night, or at least the first half of it. I was so uncomfortable. I woke up and had some ice cream at one point and slept better for the next few hours. I actually woke up when Peyton did to get ready for work even though we weren't going to church. We got to visit some and I had sort of meant to go back to sleep but I ended up staying up and working on a post that usually takes a good chunk of time. Graves got up a little earlier than he had been and we woke Annie up. They had their media time and I made Annie's bed, took my bath, straightened, made our bed, and ate breakfast.

I fixed the kids' breakfast and put up a bunch of dishes and then they played for a bit and I laid down for about twenty minutes. I attempted math with Annie and both of us got so frustrated. Then Graves refused to clean up two messes that would have taken maybe five minutes each. I was so frustrated and I explained the consequences and he just didn't care. I went through and sorted the last load of baby laundry I had done and then I fixed the kids lunch. Graves didn't get to eat his until he cleaned up, which he finally did. I was ready to pull my hair out. I washed dishes and took out the study trash and called Minnie and Peyton. The kids had rest time and I listened to a sermon and read my devotion. I worked on a blog post and ate my lunch and read some blogs. I felt a lot better after that.

Because I was feeling like I might give birth ANY MINUTE, this was church
Favorite sermon quote:
"If you can figure out God, you do not want to worship Him."

I dusted and swept in our room and the study and then I went outside with the kids.While they played, I read a good bit in my childbirth book and then I came in and made yogurt pops and fixed their supper. They started out eating outside and then came in because they were hot. I was tired and hot myself and it seemed like they took even longer than normal to eat. I finally got them ready for bed and read to them and did their Bible story. I read a few blogs and Peyton picked up food on his way home and we ate and watched a show and then I worked on a post and Annie did a little math.

 Our resident nature chick had an anole lizard in her bed. The set up she made is taking up about a quarter of her space. Also, this conversation:
Annie: "let's name her Lizzie"
Graves: "let's name her Bagel Bite"
Annie: "that's a horrible name, let's name her Lizzie"
Graves: "THAT'S a horrible name"
Annie: "let's name her Liz"
Graves: "you got it, Dude!"

They are absolutely rediculous.

I uploaded pictures and finished the post and went to bed.

It was a good week overall and we were getting so close to Sister Baby. One more week and I'll be at least caught up to her birth =)

Oh, I keep forgetting to include this video from a recent night party:

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