Sunday, August 28, 2016

Weekly Happenings Post #374 (May 3- June 5) -- Swim Team Starts!!!

 (Funny Hair Day at swim team!!!)

This was the last full week before Sister came! 

Monday was Memorial Day. The kids and I got up and Peyton had been up for awhile.

What a nice surprise! Peyton was finally done with all his extra shifts and he made my favorite blueberry muffins and fixed a backyard picnic!

 Do you know the muffin man?

We all ate and enjoyed it so much. I brought everything in and Peyton did dishes and the kids played outside. I came in and took my bath. I collected laundry and striped our bed and started a load and then I made up the kids' beds and straightened some and got some things together to take to my parents' that afternoon. Peyton left to go swim laps and the kids had some media time. I got on the computer and when Peyton got back we played pretend a bit and I put up dishes and folded laundry. We got ready and headed over to my parents' house.

We got there around two and left about seven. My dad grilled and I took a nice nap. We fed the kids supper and bathed Graves before we left. Annie took her bath when we got home.

 Amazingly, Peyton got all the seats to fit in the Mazda!

 Graves told us that when the baby gets here we better not let her play in the gravel pile at Minnie's because there are some tiny rocks in there and she could swallow them and it could "break her windpipe". Of course, then tonight he took the top of his flashlight and put it in a bath tub full of water.

I was feeling pretty rough and just laid on the couch and watched TV for a while. I finally got up and did math with Annie and did a few other things. I straightened some and scrubbed the tub (it needed it!) and went to bed.

We all got up early on Tuesday and got ready for swim team. I actually felt pretty put together. We had such a fun first day and I had a great time visiting with some other mommas. We came home and the kids got a little "first day" happy and then they had some media time. I rested and then worked on a post, went through my reader, and had lunch while Peyton watched a movie. 

  It's hysterical to me that Peyton found this because he's notorious for unintentionally offending people online.

I put the sheets on our bed (Peyton had slept in his sleeping bag and I'd slept on the sofa the night before) and then got ready and headed to my OB appointment. It wasn't as long as the time before, but I felt pretty rough. I finished up and ran by Sonic for a drink. When I got home, Peyton and I talked and then we headed over to his parents' house to visit. We got home and Peyton fed the kids supper and made something for me. I fell asleep super early and then woke back up and did math with Annie. Peyton and I talked and then I got on the computer for a bit and looked at blog backgrounds for June.

We all got up early again on Wednesday and headed to the pool. I got up early enough to have time to go through my reader and make ours and the kids' beds.

 June!!! I was so excited for it to be baby month!

Peyton cooked more muffins and we hit the road. The kids had a great practice and we came home and played some.

 These two had their second day of "swimming team" as Graves says and they loved it! 

 It's rare she's the one initiating the hugs!
They watched their shows and I had a snack and Peyton and I started working on a labor playlist. I folded some laundry and started a load. Peyton fed the kids lunch and then took them to the grocery store. I scrubbed the counters and swept and then ate my lunch. I started having some strong but irregular contractions. I laid down on the couch and the kids and Peyton got home. We talked and I took a little nap. I took a bath and Peyton had supper ready so we ate around five thirty.

 As I told a friend, he's rude and dense (re:offending people online), but he makes damn good muffins so I think I'll keep him! He also grilled this great spread and had been SO sweet about telling me to take it easy and not worry about getting anything done (which if you know him, is really out of character- he likes us ALL to work hard)

Peyton was going to swim laps at the Y and the kids wanted to go too but then we decided it would be easier (because of weird family swim hours) to just go to Briarwood. We got ready and headed there and had SO much fun. They were playing music and we ran into some friends and visited the whole time.

We got home and the kids played a bit and Peyton cooked kale and cleaned up the kitchen. I wrote a letter and put it in the mailbox, wrapped a little happy for Peyton, emailed him some pictures off my phone, and then worked on my header. I finished it just as Peyton finished up and we got our stuff together and headed to Minnie's to camp out. When we got there, Peyton got the tent set up and he and Graves got settled. Annie stayed in the house with me a bit and did math. We finished the LAST lesson!
 This might have been the biggest undertaking I wanted to accomplish before the baby got here. It was a bit of a labor of love lately. We've switched curriculums and it's a much better fit. This was a grit your teeth thing for both of us. And her favorite time to do it was late at night after Graves fell asleep. Which, I really don't blame her. And it IS easier. But I had gotten to where I  was either ready to go straight to sleep or just so touched out and in need of a break. BUT, we did it! She told Minnie how she had finished this curriculum and helped us pick (from among predetermined choices) the one for the coming year. Peyton asked me at the beginning of the pregnancy when I was having a really hard time what I'd do if I had a full time job outside the home. It really hurt my feelings but it also made me think. And now I have my answer. I'd show up in exactly the same way I showed up for her at ten and eleven at night, sometimes pushing ourselves to fit in two lessons, not putting it off except on the very hardest days. And I'd try to have the same patience with my students that I've struggled to find for her this year in this area. Praise God another year of math is in the books! 

Cookie and Conrad were staying over night (part of the reason for our visit) on the way to Baton Rouge for a wedding and they got there as we were finishing up. I let Annie visit with them a bit and then Mickey took her down to the tent with the boys. Cookie and I stayed up late talking and I had some more contractions.

We got up pretty early (6:30!) on Thursday because Graves woke up with the sunshine. I laid around for awhile and then got ready for the day. We visited a little more and I took a bath and we headed to swim team at eight. They timed the kids and Graves had a hard time because he was freezing cold and Annie had a hard time because she got scared of the deep water. But they did great! We came home and they played Legos and had media time. Peyton mowed the yard and I went through my reader and read some blogs and started two posts. I messaged with a friend on Facebook and then folded some laundry, straightened a bit, and got ready for lunch.

Peyton's parents got here to keep the kids and we headed to Walker's for lunch. SO, so amazing. We stopped in our friend Patrick's store on the way back. When we got home, we visited some with Peyton's parents and then they left and the kids played. I rested and worked on my labor playlist. Our neighbor came over and Peyton visited with him awhile. Annie got out stuff to fix their own super and I helped her heat up what she needed. After that, Peyton ran to the library and I straightened some around the house. Peyton got home and played with the kids and read to them and got them to bed. I had a snack and got on the computer. I worked on two posts and finished both of them and started some laundry.

I finished making the birth playlist, completed the sections I wanted to in the Bradley book, and in forty eight hours we'd been to Briarwood four times (would've been five but there were thunderstorms last night!). I also designed my June header and churned out two blog posts- including that month's goals- that I really wanted to get finished. We were MORE than ready for that baby!

Peyton and Annie went for a walk and I finished up on the computer. They got home and I read a bunch and straightened some and went to bed.

 My rings took a lot longer to stop fitting this time (shocking because I gained the weight a ton faster). Anyway, I absolutely LOVED wearing this simple gold band that belonged to some relative of Minnie's (maybe to my great grandmother Vada, whose name is back on the list!) and that she gave me when I was pregnant with Graves. Also: Captain America and Spider-Man.

We got up super late for swim team on Friday and I decided not to go. Peyton hustled and got the kids ready and they left. I went back to sleep and that was a nice treat. I got up before they got home and had a muffin and got on the computer. They got home and I straightened a bit, collected laundry, and took a bath. The kids had media time and Peyton and I chatted. I started a load of wash and backed up some pictures from the big camera to the hard drive. I folded and put up a good bit of laundry and Peyton did dishes while the kids played outside. I was having a ROUGH time just walking around so I laid down and took a nap for an hour. I got back on the computer and Pocketed some things to read later and uploaded and backed up some pictures from my phone. We got ready to go to my parents' house early so Peyton could give my dad and grandmother a TDAP vaccination. We picked it up at a Walgreens on the way and headed over. Annie fell asleep in the car. We made it there and Peyton gave Mickey and Grandee the shots and Minnie and I talked a bunch. We all ate and I rested some more and then I bathed Graves and we came home. The kids played some and I unloaded the car and unpacked some stuff. I got on the computer and then I went through some boxes in the study. One had a bunch of baby clothes in it and I sorted what I wanted to keep for this Winter, sell, or send to my parents' storage unit for later. The other had some stuff Minnie had sent home with us and I went through it and consolidated it into a pile and took a basket I had put some baby toys/lovies in to the kids' room. I made a list for the next day and went to bed.

 Sister Baby wasn't ready to join the night parties!

I got up feeling relatively normal on Saturday. I was a little disappointed, but mostly glad. I just didn't want to be in pain and miserable when I had the kids all day for twelve hours by myself.  We all got up pretty late and Graves and I had breakfast and then Annie got up and she and Graves had media time. I got on the computer and went through my email and reader and started a post and then I made up our bed and straightened some in our room, the bathrooms, and in the study. I texted with Cookie and Carrie a bit and then hopped in the tub. Annie finally had breakfast around lunch time and I fed the cats and started some laundry. I put up a few dishes (Peyton had been really helpful with keeping up with washing them) and scrubbed down the counters and cleaned off the kitchen table. I also needed to put up some stuff my mom had given me in our "party cabinet" (where we keep sprinkles, candles, paper products, balloons and such) and so I did that and actually organized it a bit.

The kids had a snack and then had rest time and I read a few blogs and had my lunch. Then I got to work organizing our homeschool stuff for the upcoming year.

 Sister Baby ws still wanting to hang out on the inside a bit longer but I finally felt much better after a challenging week and a really difficult day the day before. Soooo....I'm got to work getting another thing checked off! I got the kindergarten and second grade curriculum that had been being delivered over the last few weeks organized and put up in our school area and boxed up the stuff we don't need from last year to send to the attic.

When rest time was over Annie read to me and Graves some from a magazine and then they wanted an early supper since we had ended up having brunch and a big snack. I fixed their supper and folded some bath towels and beach towels. I washed a bunch of dishes and then scrubbed the counters that weren't clear earlier. I folded more laundry and then swept the kitchen and took out the recycling. The kids played and I folded some dish towels. I got them ready for bed and they played in their room and I got on the computer for a bit. Peyton called and told me our friend Rob was stopping by. Peyton got home and we visited a bit and the kids talked to him and then Rob got here. We had a great visit and he left around ten thirty. Peyton and I talked a bit and then he went to bed. Annie wanted to do English and I did a tiny bit with her and then read some more blogs. I worked on finishing organizing the school stuff and went to bed way too late.

 Finished! 2016-2017 homeschool organization!

Peyton got up and headed to work and Graves got up around nine (we had decided not to go to church this close to my due date because I didn't want Peyton stuck in Clinton without the car). I was going to turn on his movie and go back to sleep but Annie woke up too and tripped on a clothes hanger and got hurt. I got her a cold pack and she got in bed with me for a few minutes. She and Graves had their media time and Graves took a break for breakfast. I got on the computer and made the bed and then took my bath. Annie had her breakfast and then the kids played Legos. I collected laundry and started a load and then laid down for a bit while they played. When I got up, I ate my lunch and worked on setting up this playmat thing from the attic and realized I didn't have all the parts. I ended up going up to the attic and looking for the little toy attachments, which I couldn't find anywhere. I got down a couple of other toys, though, and decided maybe we'd keep another playmat I'd been meaning to sell and sort of got everything organized. I also realized that the playmat needed washing so I did that. The kids had lunch and I cut up a cantaloupe and visited with them a bit and changed over my laundry. I did dishes and then they played some more and I searched for a bathing suit of Annie's that was missing, talked to Peyton on the phone, and texted with a neighbor. I got the last thing in the kids' room I wanted to sort through- a frog hanger that we throw tons of random toys in- organized and then played with them a bit.

The kids had rest time and I got on the computer a bit but mostly rested myself. I felt pretty rough. After that, I put together the playmat thing and put the aquarium soother on the crib and we cleaned up their room a bit. I had a snack and fixed their supper and then we finished cleaning up their room. I got them settled and then Peyton got home with Newks. We watched a show and I fell asleep. I woke back up and got on the computer and did a few things and had a snack. I went to bed late again but I had taken about three naps.

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