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What I'm Into: July

Whew! It was a good month but it was a little crazier than I expected. And this post made it very evident we are still adjusting to life with three kids.

On the Nightstand:
Grrr. I had big plans to read an actual book this month. Didn't happen (as usual). To be fair, I have gone through a bunch of magazines I've been hording for years, so that counts for something, I think.

On Their Nightstand: 
We're about to get into our school flow and hopefully I'll have more to report there too next month. We've been enjoying library books, though, and the kids are still loving their Click and Ask subscriptions. I keep the old ones in a big basket in the den and they love to reread them!

On the Shelf:

Modern Romance- Aziz Ansari and Eric Klinenberg

Our Q&A a Day: A 3 Year Journal for 2 People- Potter Style

Um, yeah, didn't get to these so they're on a shelf. Ugh.

At the Theater (or from the couch):

"If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to abuse one".
This was one of the most thought provoking quotes from the movie that I still can't get out of my head. Let's not allow ourselves to be that village.

This was such a wonderfully done film. The soundtrack and the camera work were beautiful surrounding this heartbreaking and haunting true story. I don't think the trailer does any of that justice. It follows the Boston Globe's "Spotlight" investigative team as they uncover and expose the sexual abuse that has happened at the hands of numerous Roman Catholic priests and the cover up that followed.

On the Small Screen:

The Office
Okay, it is funny but it's nothing compared to Parks and Rec, in my opinion. We watched a few episodes and I just haven't gotten into it like we did with Parks.

Law and Order: SVU
Old favorite. You know. 

Last Chance U
 This is one of those made for Netflix things (which wow, Netflix keeps getting more and more impressive in all that it offers) and it's pretty interesting. It's about the football team at a small community college (in Mississippi!). The players are all trying to move onto bigger and better things, mostly without putting in any real work off the field.

In My Ears:
Okay, so a friend captioned a photo on FB with some beautiful song lyrics and I Googled them and it led me to guess who? Paul Simon and his Graceland album. I'm a big Simon and Garfunkel fan and I fell in love with a bunch of these songs. Here's the one that started me down the rabbit hole:
"This is the story of how we begin to remember..."
Around the House: 

Usually this is the category for fun decorating or slightly less fun, though still fun, organizational stuff I've done around the house. Usually not cleaning. But I was INTO it this month. One of my favorite things to do that I hate to do is scrub the pavers with sudsy water on my hands and knees. I've tried quite a few cool looking gadgets and fancy easy-to-use mops but Minnie told me along time ago this was the best way to clean your floors. She was right. I've only done it one other time since we moved home- it was the hottest week of last Summer and I swore I wouldn't do it again until it cooled off. And then I got pregnant and I was so sick and throwing up all day and by the time today was over I was to the point where I got out of breath just mopping normally. I've been mostly just mopping them with an old fashioned mop every other week and sweeping them whenever Graves looks in that direction (good grief, five year old boys are messy!). But I did it again today and it makes such a huge difference.
In the Kitchen: 

last month I had like ten food pictures and was actually making stuff even at forty plus weeks pregnant. Here's the deal, people have been bringing us delicious stuff. It was pretty spaced out and that worked out so nicely. Annie's Sunday school teacher made spaghetti, a friend brought rice and chicken, another friend did a taco bar, and another friend cooked soup. We've also thawed out some freezer stuff and eaten veggie dinners and sandwiches. I need to get back in the game in August, though!

In My Closet: 

I love me some polka dots and this button up has been a favorite for years!

Cookie got me this shirt from the Anthro years ago and it's a medium so it's been the perfect post partum staple!
In Their Closets:

festive folks on the Fourth! 

Annie and her best friend Aubrey twinning int heir black swimsuits and as babies on the left

On Fridays, when we know we'll be seeing our Minnie, we like to wear our vintage day gowns circa 1985.

And on Saturdays, we TRULY go casual. We own very, very few "word onsies" but these little Life is Good onsies with the banded sleeves (I love t-shirts with "trim") that a friend gave Annie are still some of my favorite things. My little Love Bug.

 "Daisy" in her rosebuds. It was (and is) one of my favorites. I don't know that she has much longer in it. We've started wearing a good many 3 mo. things. I've been mostly surprisingly okay with it.

 two peas in a pod! 

Annie learned the word "nautical" the other day. She just happened to coordinate with Sallie today in their outfits and I had to take a picture. Also, apparently, not only does Sis look huge compared to Annie at one month she looks huge compared to her at seven years

Sallie's wearing a bubble Minnie embroidered (or cross stitched- who knows? I have no idea about hand sewing?? I wish I had her skills!) for Annie and then pulled out and did for her. SLH, I hope your bottom lip never changes. 

Another Friday, another piece of vintage apparel. I'm glad the first pair of shoes she's ever wore had eyelet on them and were mine.

 Library at the eleventh hour with Batman and Robin because Robin keeps pressuring me to start homeschooling her again and the book I put on hold to help me do so has already gotten put back once. And Batman got offended when someone driving by complimented his "costume". Because these are clearly just his clothes. Otherwise why would he be wearing them on walking errands when it's four billion degrees on a cloudy day this Summer?  

trying on bonnets while the baby doll sleeps. She looks a little Prairie a woman to me with the granny print gown!

 Outfit on point. And the panther made herself some claws using ponytail holders and toothpicks. Very resourceful little creature.

 We had our last night in the sweetest "storybook" jams. Fortunately, even Annie's bedtime collection was extensive and well curated so it'll be exciting to move on to new pieces. It was something I took very seriously as a new mother. 

 In My Mailbox:
 You might live at the Schoolhouse in the Suburbs if math manipulatives come in the mail and you rip open the box and start making things right by the front door.

In My Cart:

I really like to mix things up but when I saw my planner I loved so much that ended in June had a very similar sister at Target I had to snatch it up. Plus, favorite pens had "tropical Summer edition" at Kroger. It's the little things, y'all.

Also, I thought I'd share an example of how I can TEAR UP a planner page. I used to really want to be one of those washi tape ladies but that's so not my life and I've made my peace with it. Making peace with a lot these days

Around the Town (and At Home):

Peyton broke his collar bone in a cycling accident. I'm so grateful it wasn't any worse!
Babes (plural) on a pier-- Cookie and Conrad were here not once, but twice, in July!
Whenever I move the chairs out of the kitchen to mop, the big kids like to make a train. They usually stop at the Amazon Rainforest first because it's so close and the head on to other (usually imaginary) planets. Today, they let Lil Sal be the conductor.
Bud getting some love from Minnie and giving some to Sarah Lamar
family Walmart trip exuberance! 

A little evening read aloud. It seems like just yesterday Annie was Sarah Lamar's age and I was reading to her. I don't think I missed a day her entire infancy. It was probably the one thing I did consistently and with zeal that first year.

One of the most fun things this month was welcoming our Cousin Baby. Evan and Sallie are three weeks apart! 

When you don't have much self control and your sister is a tiny legalist and has anxiety about RULES, you play games with a bathroom door between you. And with a giant catnip rat in your arm.

Peyton picked up a shift in Oxford and we all went along for the ride! We had fun doing a little campus tour for these little Rebels. And sleepy little Sallie was such a trooper and was the most laid back traveler!

It was a fun, whirlwind trip and I'm proud of myself because this kind of think is not always my favorite. It was a a great time, though! We dropped Peyton off for work before eight. Graves and Sallie were both up really late during the night in the hotel room so after I fed and changed Sallie, I managed to hop in the tub AND get a quick nap in before we had to check out of the hotel at noon. She slept pretty much all morning and Graves only climbed in the crib with her once. Haha. We had about four hours to kill until Peyton's shift ended so we ate lunch at Newk's, visited Petsmart, and had dessert and enjoyed the play place at CFA. We picked up P and walked around the square and spent about an hour in Square Books, Jr. while it poured. Sarah Lamar woke up for a good bit (perfect!) and we shared an early supper at Ajax and headed home. There were a few pull my hair out moments and I do HATE driving in unfamiliar places, but overall it was pretty easy. My people are, gratefully, pretty flexible. (I, typically, am not.) Both big kids fell asleep on the way home and Annie said "oh no, we'll probably be on that bad schedule again". By which she means they go to sleep at two in the morning. Win some, lose some. Oh, and I put Sallie in her Colonel Rebel dress since we don't make it to many (any) games these days.  
This weekend I did about twelve hours of training for my Junior League placement this year. I'm going to be serving at Mississippi's only grief center. Apparently, families come from as far as Senatobia to help their children heal as they work through the grief that comes with the death of a loved one. I was so nervous about if I'd have the emotional reserves for this (and that was BEFORE I realized what an intense post partum experience this would be), but I ranked it first. And I'm so glad I did! Peyton kept the kids all day on Saturday and my parents kept them Sunday afternoon.
You might be a lame, old dude if the first time you've been to a bar in a year is for something called "Libertarians and Libations".

At the Schoolhouse:

We didn't have enough going on with our newborn and our broken collar bone, so we decided this would be a great day for his first ever math lesson. Nobody be expecting a First Day of Kindergarten pic now that it's August.  This is it, folks.

while we were on campus, Peyton did a little mini-lesson on civil rights


On the Blog:
Not a whole lot and it's stressing me out, to be honest.
As Magic as the Smell of Baby Shampoo- I wrote about how different motherhood is this time around and the perspective I have. 
Sarah Lamar: Naming Our Sister Baby- This post took me almost as long as Sallie's birth story and it was just about as important. Names are so meaningful to me and hers is super special.

On My Heart and Mind:
-A LOT. I really need to flesh it out in a full post. I've just been struggling with a ton of big emotions. More on that soon. 
- But, as you can see if you read the shampoo post, I'm also really grateful. These are good, good days with some scary times mixed in.
- I'm a little anxious about school this year. Moreso than usual. I know it's possible and I'm SO excited about it, but it's also a different thing schooling two kids instead of one and second grade seems like a big jump, time wise. But Peyton's planning to help me a lot and I know it'll be great once we get into our routine.
In My Prayers:
- I haven't been, but I need to commit to pray for our country and its leaders.
- I know several friends who are expecting and I'm praying for those growing families. 
- I'm praying for patience and guidance as we begin our school year!
On the Calendar: 

Our main thing on the agenda is starting school. We'll probably plan some other fun stuff, but that's at the top of the list!

What I'm Into

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