Saturday, September 17, 2016

Letter to (Three Month Old) Sarah Lamar

Dear Sarah Lamar,

It's been a full, fun month with some sadness mixed in. We've done some fun end of Summer things like taking you guys to a book festival. We also made quite a few trips down to see Granny and a few weeks ago she finished up this part of the journey. We miss her so much but her impact on us was so strong and I am confident she is with Jesus and with her true love, Papa's grandfather that you are named for.

As a side note, we all wore lit tees to the book festival and you ended up in the 3T Charlotte's Web shirt (a little big but the 6 mo. bubble you had on under it fit perfectly). I distinctly remember ordering it.  It was before we figured out our strategy of racking up at the twice a year sales and it was also back when I didn't value quality over quantity and bought Annie way too many things I didn't truly love. Anyway, at twenty dollars for a kid T-SHIRT, it felt like a big indulgence. But I had just finished reading the book aloud to Annie- it was our first chapter book. I had gotten a big read aloud edition from the library and it was such a sweet part of our day every afternoon while Graves napped. It was truly one of my favorite experiences as a mother and it continues to be such a special memory. And the shirt has been one of our most well used and well loved items of clothing to date! I hope you are a reader, too, Sallie Girl!

As far as how YOU are doing, let's see...

With the exception of one night last week, your nights are the same as they've been since you were about a month old. You sleep for six hours, nurse, and sleep another three. I know some people have like eight and twelve hour STTN goals, but I can't complain and it'd be fine if you do that until you stop nursing. You are, however, going longer stretches between eating during the day and then having longer nursing sessions (as opposed having hourly "sips" as Bud calls it). But you're not predictable at all. I'm not really bothered by that either and I think things may actually be harder once you get on a regular nap schedule. Oh and sleeping with your head twisted at a huge angle is legit your favorite. Following in your brother and sisters footsteps and sleeping in the weirdest way possible.

You do keep me on my toes, though. Thinking about starting back up with church, I had totally planned to just haul Sallie around with me and nurse you whenever. The first week was so nice, though, leaving you in the nursery. So the second week I packed a bottle I had pumped and wore something decidedly not nursing friendly- that I could finally fit into! I forgot about that hour in the car and that I have a baby who loves to comfort nurse when she's fussy. Whoever happened to be at the Clinton Walgreens that morning saw a girl in a tiny car with two wild hooligans in the back and her dress over her head, ha!

You did sleep longer than you ever have that one night- like TEN hours. I had to be somewhere that night and and Papa fed you a bottle. He said he thought you over ate because he kinda pushed you on the last ounce and I also think you swallowed a lot of air. You were SO fussy and wanted to nurse a ton when I got home. I think the night just wore her out. I know it did me and Papa! It was nice to get that extra rest!

Sometimes I see a picture of you and I laugh so hard thinking about the receptionist at the OB who predicted you would be a linebacker the week before my due date. You do feel huge compared to your brother and sister! 

Minnie says the reason you got over your skinny awkward phase so much faster is because you baked for "a month" longer. Um, y'all were all full term and I was THREE days past my due date. The difference is that that you eat like it's your JOB. It basically is mine and on days when I feel totally unproductive I remind myself what a chunk you are and I think "I did that".

Speaking of Mick and Minnie...while they're surely each other's biggest fans, Mick and Bud are polar opposites in a lot of ways. One commonality they do have is a near obsession with you. Mickey texted me a "Sallie selfie" after we had left one night. He whisks you away and gets you to sleep nearly every time we're there. A few weeks ago we took you away from him and he heard you fuss after a bit and he swooped in and questioned us "What are y'all doing to my girl??". I just love watching him love my babies. 
You startle so easily. Loud sounds just seem to really unnerve you. Graves is sensitive to noise but I don't remember it this early. Funny because when he puts his hands and his face all in your space, you barely wake up. And the constant noise doesn't really bother you too much, it's just when something alarms you.

  In the last week, you rolled over for the first time and grabbed a toy for the first time! And you've gotten to where you love to "talk"- you babble like crazy and I love it so much. 

You are such a momma's girl. You prefer me to Papa (though he's really growing on you and you on him!) and even Mickey, the baby whisperer. I not so secretly love that. We are very attached! That said, you're also just really social, at least right now. Most of the time if I'm not holding you, you'd like for someone to be but you're also pretty content to sit in  your swing or bouncy seat for a bit as long as we're in the room. If you're awake, though, you do NOT want to be by yourself.

It's funny seeing how different we are about certain things. With Annie I was SO strict about TV the first couple of years. With Graves, I had a toddler and was understandably less so. One day a few weeks ago I let you watch The Empire Strikes Back during some brother snuggles. Third child much?

And that brother- whew! There's just something about a sweet, soft colored pair of pjs. You were wearing some paticularly sweet ones and Graves told me that you looked "so pretty" (he usually says cute) and that you looked just like a baby doll. I agreed on both counts.

He often makes his way to our bed in the early morning hours before dawn has broken. And you like to cuddle after you eat breakfast around seven or eight. That spot between y'all is all mine. This soft, still hour is one of my favorites and one where you both feel like babies to me.

Annie is a different story. But you don't care who it is holding her, even if they aren't impressed with you. So sometimes she takes one for the team ;) No really, she's a sweet big sister but she's not at all baby obsessed like Bud.

We love you, Little Sallie Sunshine!

Momma (and Papa)

 P.S. Your outfit is actually a newborn- which is ridiculous. I can't stand it and it's too little. And also, I'm all for white shoes year around for babies and you'll probably even wear your white Feltman dress to church because I feel like it's season-less as well as timeless but this outfit in September makes me twitchy. But I want to put you in the same thing Annie wore for her monthly pictures unless for some reason it's just not possible. Compulsive momma. I guess it's a fun way to see how my style has changed as well.

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