Thursday, September 15, 2016

September Goals and Happenings

I'll be honest, it's not my favorite design as of late. I like everything better in the Summer- my clothes, the kids' clothes, the actual season, and apparently my blog backgrounds. And the pattern just isn't one I love as much as some others. But I do like how the header turned out. The colors are some of my favorites and I like the font and I LOVE the cute pictures and the quote just spoke to me so much.

I feel like August was a really great month. I ended up deciding to get on medicine and I do still have some bad days, but I feel a lot more healthy and more myself. And we did ALOT of fun things:
- We enjoyed the pool a bit before it closed.
- We started back homeschooling with both the big kids.
- We celebrated my oldest nephew's birthday.
- We went to a book festival downtown.
- We took several trips down to Granny's before she died. (I'll forever be thankful for those last visits.)

September started out being a weird month- Cookie and Conrad visited (which we LOVE, but it's tiring!), Peyton's beloved grandmother died, and Graves and I had a (thankfully very mild) virus. But it all had me feeling overwhelmed and sort of like I had taken two steps back (hence posting this mid month, ha!). The rest of the month should be more low key:
- We've started having weekly park dates with Peyton's sister and her kids
- Next week I'm seeing Carrie three days in a row =)
- League meetings have started back
- I also started my Junior League placement at the McClean Fletcher Grief Center and I'm loving it so much
- I'm hoping to be subbing some this Fall

My "theme" for August was trying to get in a routine and find our new normal and I feel like we were pretty successful. Like I said, this month has been weird and kind of stressful. But, I do feel like August helped me realize that it was possible to fit in most of what we want to do and still retain a shred of my sanity =) Anyway, here were my August Goals:

 1. Establish times (at least two) of daily silence, stillness, and prayer. I did pretty rotten with this to be honest. It's a hard discipline for me. I'm going to add it again. (Faith)

2. Make Annie and Graves the first of several checklists to help them take ownership of their responsibilities. One of my goals on my yearly list was to set specific goals for them and this is a tangible way to help them see these goals. I did this- I made them a room cleaning checklist. It has helped Annie SO much with cleaning up independently. She's a list girl like her momma =) Not so much with Graves, but he'll get there. (Family)

3. Be intentional about staying connected with friends. I feel like I did much better and I think September will be even better than August. (Relationships)

4. Daily practice some form of self-care and note it. Again, I didn't do well with this. (Health)

5. Explore the idea of pursuing a writing opportunity I recently heard about. I did think about this some more and I decided against this particular thing but I'm hoping to try to find some outlets over the next few months as well as being more consistent in this space. (Creativity/Passion)

6. Ease back into school, adding subjects each week, until by the end of the month, we have established a good schedule for our full school routine. We did this and I felt VERY good about it. I feel like we have a good routine in place when we make it happen! (Education/Edification)

7. Make time each week to plan activities for the coming week, plan school for the coming week, and plan meals for the coming week. I have been doing better about planning and it's made a world of difference!

8. Plan a trip to the Smokies for September. Well, we're actually going in October and we're camping in Arkansas, but we're working on it! (Travel)

9. Catch up on online budgeting. Oops. So terrible. (Finances)

10. Surround myself with music that brings joy. Yes! And I've loved it. (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)

11. Finish thank you notes. Ummm....I'm mortified. I don't even have than many left. I just need to get it done. (Additional Goal)

12.  Get a sno-cone. Nope. But the place is still open =) (Fun Goal)

13. Read The Well-Trained Mind. I started reading it ages ago and read up through the age that Annie was at the time (kindergarten). I picked it back up and am reading more about the elementary years now. (Bonus Goal)

14. Make and go to various appointments. I had a dentist appointment and my yearly OB visit. Sarah Lamar had a well baby check and we all got haircuts! Clearly some of those things (haircuts and baby check ups) happen like every couple of months and some are much more infrequent but it felt GREAT to knock them all out for a bit. (Bonus Goal)

 And here are my September Goals. Since the month is half over and started off kinda kicking my tail, I decided to try to keep them really manageable:

1. Establish times (at least two) of daily silence, stillness, and prayer. As I said, back on the list (Faith)

2. Cook dinner with Annie and Graves once weekly. We already started this too and it's been surprisingly fun given I don't really even like to cook myself. It feels really great to teach them some skills. (Family).

3. Go to lunch with some girlfriends. I'm doing this next week and I know it will be good soul-care. (Relationships)

4. Drink three glasses of water a day. I know this is WAY lower than what's recommended, but you have to start somewhere. I actually did pretty good with this when I was pregnant and now I've reverted back to my old habits. (Health)

5. Attempt to get back in a better blogging routine. This is clearly one of my biggest hobbies but I've just lost the motivation for it recently and it wears me out. It's important to me even though it's work and for a long time I felt embarrassed by saying that but I'm trying to embrace it as a worthwhile use of my time while still keeping a balance and realizing other things are going to need to come first. (Creativity/Passion)

6. Continue reading The Well-Trained Mind. I've really enjoyed it. It's just making the time to do it. (Education/Edification)

7. Go through and purge baby clothes and get ready to consign some. It's daunting and it's also bittersweet, but it NEEDS to be done. (Organization)

8. Work more on planning our camping trip in October. We just need to figure out where we're stopping and that kind of thing. (Travel)

9. Catch up on online budgeting. For like the fourteenth month in a row. Actually, from her on out the list is a repeat. (Finances)

10. Surround myself with music that brings joy. Leaving it because it's a good practice and the month is half over. I'll start something new next month. (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)

11. Finish thank you notes. If I don't get them done, I'm going to give myself a consequence. Ha! (Additional Goal)

12.  Get a sno-cone. If it's still in the nineties, it's still appropriate =) (Fun Goal)

Here's to September, in the South a bonus month of Summer in many ways. May we savor it as we sweat and may be not rush the chill and charm of Fall.

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