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Weekly Happenings Post #376 (June 13-19)-- First Week with Three

Our first week with Sarah Lamar! Peyton was so sweet and helpful and I was really tired at first but it proved (and has continued to prove) to be a relatively easy adjustment. Monday and Monday night we were still in the hospital but we got to go home on Tuesday morning!

Monday was an exhausting day but a great one. Sarah Lamar and I got up around seven when a nurse came in and I feed her and ate my breakfast around eight. I got her settled and took my shower.

 sweet Sallie Girl

Before I could get my hair dry, a nurse and lactation consultant came in. We discussed how she was having a hard time latching and decided it might have been the paci I had given her that night when a nurse offered it. UGH. Apparently now they don't even call it "nipple confusion" they call it "nipple preference" because babies start to prefer the paci, which is easier to suck than the breast. I was so frustrated with myself. I tried to show the lactation consultant how she nursed but she wasn't really into it. They all left and Peyton got to the hospital and I finally got my hair dry. He had dropped the car keys off at the car shop (remember the car had broken on the way to the hospital while I was in labor?) and the big kids off with my parents. We visited and the baby fussed a good bit and I had lunch. I was SO emotional.

The day before had been so effortless and nice. I was so happy. Honestly, it was a rare day for me emotionally- I was so lighthearted and everything just seemed pleasant and easy without me working for it. It was maybe the most carefree I'd ever been in my life. But already by the second full day, the post partum hormones and exhaustion hit. I got so upset thinking about this being the last time. It was like the moment she was born the clock started ticking. I just love it so much and even though I KNOW the joy just multiplies as they get bigger, I wished this stage would last forever. I talked to a friend and wondered if I'd be envious every time someone had a new baby. I felt guilty about that. I told myself I needed to be sure to enjoy this. I felt so much pressure to do that. I had such a sense of closure with pregnancy and childbirth and I think I will with nursing when the time comes. All the reasons I really wanted another biological child. (We really thought for a while that Graves would be our last newborn and honestly until I saw her face I kept thinking this was a dream I'd wake up from.) Peyton reminded that Cookie will have babies and by then he'll be pretty much totally early retired and I can just go move to Nashville for a bit. And that one day Graves will attempt to convince his wife to go along with his plan of having "a hundred thousand babies" and they'll probably need some help. I started sobbing and said "What if his wife hates me?". It's so comical in retrospect. P said "you are not going to hate your mother in law if she's offering to move in and help with your hundred thousand babies". We were getting way ahead of ourselves. But HORMONES. Baby Sallie had some harder moments, too. I told Peyton it was so hot in the hospital room and he said "Probably the way you two cry it is." 

Peyton held Sallie a lot and then went and bought me some snacks and then he got ready to leave.

I heard some horror stories about delivering at UMC. And it was NOT as posh as the Baby Suites (see: styrofoam pitcher). But nothing gross has happened and we were been extremely well cared for. And also, honestly, maybe it's just my experience but people aren't as anal and let you do yo thing (see: I didn't have to wear a janky hospital gown  and birthed a baby in a t-shirt). For some reason, we  also found the view of the water tower and Murrah High School kinda cool. Low maintenance, except that gown, ha!

I nursed her and was going to take a nap but Susan, our sweet pastor from Northside, arrived. We had a lovely visit and Mallory got there just as she was about to pray and leave. The prayer she prayed was so beautiful-  she thanked God for the life we are making together. And thanked God for the beautiful world. And said something about Sallie experiencing all its delights. I got teary.

Mal and I had so much fun visiting and then she left and we rested a bit and I changed the baby's clothes because she had spit up and Carrie got to the hospital. We had so much fun and while she was there Peyton and the kids arrived for a visit. Carrie left and then Peyton and the big kids headed home.

 Graves wanted to know please could he take the baby home with him  and Mickey asked the same thing. Between Bud and Mick, I already knew Sister Baby was going to be ROTTEN. Haha!

The visitors helped me feel so much better, but we needed a break.

The afternoon was so good for me. Seeing Susan and two of my dearest friends in the world was pretty good balm. And then this text from my longtime BFF that made me laugh so hard. Grateful for this "beautiful world" as Susan said as she prayed over Sarah Lamar.

I nursed Sallie and she took a little nap and I did a few things.

 I went through the boy boxes picked out some of Graves's stuff since I dressed him in such "sweet" things. I sort of love her in blue and yellow. Also: THOSE CHEEKS.

 I was doing some things on the computer and she woke up. It was kind of a hard night from about ten to two. She was okay as long as I was holding her but she wouldn't let me put her down. Finally, she had a huge diaper and settled down. I had a snack and slept from about two to six. I fed her and we went back to sleep for a couple of hours.

Tuesday was going home day.

I thought on Sunday how much I love the hospital experience and how I'd be sad to leave but NOPE. I definitely had a sense of closure by Monday night. And it felt pretty darn nice that I think I'm a little "needed". On Sunday night, Annie told Peyton (who was already asleep) that she couldn't sleep and he told her to go get a bowl from the kitchen and stare at it?!? And she did it. I'm grateful he'd never tell her to do anything dangerous, even in his sleep, because she trusts every word he says.I was quite ready to blow this popsicle stand!

I had breakfast around eight and Sarah Lamar slept in her little bed some so I was able to do some stuff on the computer. I started typing up the birth story. Peyton got up to the hospital and lots of different nurses and people came by to work on the discharge. We actually could've left around eleven but I needed a shower. I took one and Peyton helped me pack everything up and dress the baby. We checked out and picked up CFA and then headed to Peyton's parents' house.

 Time to get on with the work of finding our new normal. Oh wait, the Herringtons don't know the meaning of that word. Buckle up, Sallie Girl!

On the way, they called and said the car was ready! We weren't expecting it until Wednesday at the earliest. Peyton dropped me and Sarah Lamar off with his mom so we could visit and he and his dad went to get the car. We talked a bit more when they got home and then headed to my parents' house to pick up Annie and Graves. We dropped off some prescriptions at Walgreens and came home and they played some and then we got ready and Peyton's sister and her family came over. They had offered to take our kids out for pizza, but I knew everyone would have more fun playing at our house. We had a great visit and Minnie stopped by in the middle of it.

 Told y'all the Herringtons don't know what normal is. Peyton did such a great job cleaning up the house and having things ready for me and Sallie to come home so we had an impromptu play date with the cousins. And took the baby to visit the in-laws. And picked up the car with the new clutch (did I mention the movie like experience where our ONE CAR literally stopped working on the way to the hospital in the middle of labor?). I finally got Sarah Lamar's birth story mostly typed up and finished another post in drafts. I knew I was living some of the best days of my life.

Everyone left around seven something and we got Annie and Graves settled for the night. I nursed the baby and snuggled with her a bunch and texted a few friends. Peyton ran back to the pharmacy and to Kroger. He got home and I passed off the baby and worked on the post some more. After a bit, I came and got her and nursed her and she fell asleep.

She slept a good stretch and I fed her once at six and then at nine and then Peyton let me sleep in until eleven on Wednesday. He made me breakfast and I took my shower and we had a low key morning.

 Good morning, sunshine! Sarah Lamar was still having a big fussy stretch from about eleven to two in the morning that typically ended with a dirty diaper. But otherwise she was sleeping (and eating!) great for a tiny baby. And Peyton was sweetly making sure her momma wass, too.

The kids cleaned up their room and Peyton cleaned up the kitchen. Annie and Peyton went to the library to see a magician but Graves couldn't go because he told me he knew he was supposed to clean up his room but he wasn't going to obey. He had rest time and I talked to Morgan on the phone and ate my lunch and then Sarah Lamar got fussy again. Peyton and Annie got home and he fixed the kids lunch and we talked and then I worked on a post some.

 As Peyton said "Annie comforting an upset baby the way she knew best- by reading to her" (she picked a potty book because she had just had a "potty accident", aka a dirty diaper).

Peyton helped a friend with a pharmacy question and I fed the baby and and the big kids and I cleaned up the living room. We all got ready and headed to the pool.
 A Dolphin by day four

When we got back, Peyton fixed supper and I nursed Sallie. Peyton played with the big kids and got them settled and Sallie had her fussy time from about nine to eleven.

 "It's my fussy time. Sorry guys, you knew it was coming."
For everyone who thought Sarah Lamar took after her brother...yeppppp.
I worked a bunch on getting our bags unpacked from the hospital and straightening up in our room. I got on the computer and worked some more on the birth story. I collected laundry and made a list for the next day.

Thursday was a really nice day. Peyton got up and took the big kids to swim team. I had been up a few times in the night so I slept late and so did Sallie. I got up and fed her around nine thirty and then took a shower and had breakfast. The kids and Peyton got home and he helped me get ready and we left for Sarah Lamar's weight check at UMC.

Another Papa's girl? Peyton told me "I do love this little baby". He'd been telling everybody for months how he "doesn't get attached to babies". And he IS more of a big kid person. And there are certainly family members who are more obsessed. But I could tell New Girl was already doing a number on him and he was falling in love. I may be biased, but I don't know how anybody could resist her charm. She stirs up so much in my heart.

The weight check (well the wait) ended up taking like an hour and a half. I didn't mind too much, though, because Peyton took the kids to the Children's Museum and that was a fun outing for them. So we knocked some stuff out. Afterwards, we got sno cones and then came home.

Summer is for...sno cones to celebrate being five days old and passing your first weight check

The kids had lunch and watched a movie and Sallie and I took a nap. I had lunch and then Peyton took Annie and Graves swimming. I fed Sallie and then worked on a blog post, FB messaged a friend, and uploaded pictures from my phone. I got the pictures from the big camera uploaded and fed her again and the kids and Peyton got home. I folded a load of laundry, made our bed, and straightened some. The kids had supper and Peyton got them settled and went to the grocery store.

I am surrounded by people who love so well.

I went through my reader. I actually went to bed super early and that turned out to be really good. I fell asleep a bit after nine and Sarah Lamar woke up around eleven and had her fussy time from then until one. She did settle down and nurse alot and as long as she was nursing she did okay.

At one we fell asleep and she was up again to eat at three and then at five. At five she had a dirty diaper that got on her pjs and the Pac N Play. I took care of that and fed her again and then we went back to sleep. She woke up at six to eat and again at eight thirty when the kids and Peyton left for swim team.

I slept late on Friday. The kids and Peyton went to swim team and then he took them to the other Y and put them in Kids Gym so he could swim some laps. I woke up around ten thirty and did a few things on the computer and made a list for the day. I ate my breakfast and took a shower. I collected laundry and stripped our bed and started washing the sheets. I picked up some in the kids' room and helped Annie make her bed and then I fed the baby and folded some dish towels. I folded a bit more laundry and Annie's Sunday school teacher dropped by with spaghetti and a book for the big kids. She visited for a little bit and then I changed over the laundry, swept the kitchen, and put up some dry dishes. I texted with some friends and had my lunch. I washed dishes and Peyton took Annie and Graves to the library. I fed Sallie and when they got back we headed to my parents' house. We had a nice visit and Graves fell asleep on the way home.
Mick said "this might be the best picture I've ever taken". It just might be.

Peyton and I visited with Annie and then she went to bed and Peyton watched a movie and I worked on editing pictures and read some blogs. I started some laundry and then Sarah Lamar had her big fussy spell. It was nearly two by the time I went to sleep. Sarah Lamar didn't wake up again until six, though! And after that she slept until after nine.

Peyton worked for the first time since she was born on Saturday and I was a little nervous but it ended up being a nice day. I got up around nine and finished editing the last of the pictures and rehung a frame in the kids' room. I made our bed and then feed the baby and changed her diaper and clothes. She went back to sleep and the big kids had media time. I had breakfast, took out the trash from both bathrooms, fed the cats, and took my shower. The kids had their breakfast and I did some dishes and straightened a bit. I put up some towels and found a place to store the extra packages of baby wipes and then I snuggled with Sallie and fed her. I hung up some of the kids' clothes and I had lunch and got on the computer really briefly.

I cleaned up (and packed up) some toys in the kids' room that I was tired of asking them to put away and hung up some of their clothes and Peyton's t-shirts. I talked to Minnie on the phone, did a few dishes, and put on my make up. I nursed the baby again and Morgan and her girls got here to visit the baby and bring food. They stayed for about an hour and it was so nice to have some company.

After they left, the kids and I picked up the toys they and their friends had played with, I nursed Sarah Lamar, and then I started heating up some spaghetti for supper. The big kids and I all ate the spaghetti and then I laid down and took a nap on the sofa while they finished supper. I gave them a bath and while they played I finished organizing pictures. I nursed Sallie and then read them their Bible story and a couple of other books (while still nursing the baby).

 Peyton got home and the kids visited with him and we got them settled and talked some. I fell asleep for a bit and then had a snack and then Sarah Lamar started her fussy time. It was rough that night. She started fussing at about eleven thirty and didn't totally calm down until about three. She wasn't as upset as usual, though, and nursed through most of it and slept a few little stretches.

 I love that little hand grabbing my dress and those little crossed feet and pretty much everything about her. As I mentioned, I broke down and (against my better judgement) gave her a paci one night in the hospital. It kinda messed with her nursing. We took it away the next day and thankfully she was back to eating as much as she liked.
She was up again around seven and then eight and then nine. But I did get a good stretch between three and seven!

I got up around nine thirty on Sunday and fixed Graves breakfast and got on the computer a bit. I took my bath and made the kids' beds and our bed and Annie got up and the kids had media time. I ate breakfast and collected laundry and did a few dishes. Minnie came over and that was a really nice break. I visited with her some and then also got to talk to Peyton and feed Sallie in the quiet and have lunch by myself while she played with the big kids outside. We visited a little more and she left after a couple of hours of being at our house.

I fixed Annie a grilled cheese and she and Graves had lunch and then had rest time. I folded a big load of laundry and got some of it put up and then got on the computer and talked to Peyton. I was so emotional at that point. It was probably the tenth time I cried that day but the first time I really broke down. While I was on the phone with him, Graves called me and he had had some problems on the potty. Like problems that involve needing a bath. He needed one after the sandbox anyway, so I gave him a super quick one.

I took a nap and had a snack and fixed my face because our neighbor was coming over. I did the lunch dishes and I think all four of those things went a long way to helping me feel better. I fed the baby and our neighbor came over for a visit. She was super sweet and it was good to visit. After she left, I fed Sallie and then fixed supper for Annie and Graves.

Nearing the tail end of Peyton's second twelve hour shift. It wasn't nearly as bad as I imagined. Sarah Lamar was a pretty chill little chick (except for about two to three hours between midnight and three am- I have no idea???) and Annie and Graves were wonderful and adjusting so well. My physical recovery was happening a lot faster than I anticipated. But my emotions were still all over the map and Peyton's always so amazing with helping me navigate all that. I was so grateful that the next day our "weekend" would start and we'd have him with us until the next Friday. I'vd never been more thankful for Voluntary Simplicity =)

They took FOREVER to eat. I texted Minnie, got some spaghetti in smaller containers to freeze, put up dry dishes, washed some more dishes, folded some laundry, and started another load.

They finally finished and I read to them and got them settled. Peyton picked up Newks and a movie. We watched it and ate and snuggled with the baby.

Oh yeah, Happy Fathers Day to this one...

Annie was still awake after the movie so we gave her her bath and got Sallie to sleep.

I stayed up later than I should have but I FINALLY finished the birth story post I had been working on all week.

 It was a good first week with three babies!

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