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Weekly Happenings Post #377 (June 20-26)

 [This picture is from the following week after Peyton broke his collarbone.]

It's fun reading back over these and realizing I accomplished something (anything!) besides nursing Sallie. I know at the time I felt like that was all I did (and still feels that way sometimes). As a side note, I realized when she was born that if I tried to remember to record and document every time I fed her, it would be like trying to record every time I breathed (or more accurately something like going to the bathroom). At first it sort of bothered me because I think with Graves I made sure to include it as part of each day's happenings, but it just wasn't realistic and these things are absurd enough as it is. That said, I include it when I remember. Just thought I'd share yet another side of compulsivity.

I also think it's funny how many "bad" diapers she seemed to be having this second week of life. She did have quite a few blow outs and (we're still dealing with this) I don't really feel like she potties often enough so the dirty diapers tend to be...intense. I'm actually planning to call Dr. Denney about it this week.

Final thing: this was also the week we apparently decided to be really good about using our big camera. Wish we'd do better more often!

Sarah Lamar did really well Sunday night and slept better than she ever has. She really didn't even fuss that much and then she slept a really good stretch from about two to six. She ate again at eight on Monday when Peyton and the big kids left for swim team practice and then we both slept until they got home around nine thirty.
My two girls. Such dear, unique, amazing little bookends they are.
I got up and took my bath and ate breakfast and fed her. I hopped on the computer and then made our bed. Peyton helped me with going through a huge pile in our room and we made a lot of headway. He fixed the kids lunch and then went swimming. I worked on putting up some of the stuff we had organized from the pile and then made Sallie's first doctor's appointment and had my lunch.

Peyton got home and we talked some and he and the big kids got ready for the swim meet. I changed an awful dirty diaper and fed the baby and they left. I just snuggled with Sallie some and it rained a little bit. I changed over laundry laundry, organized some stuff I was putting in the filing cabinet, and Peyton and the kids got home. They ate supper and I did dishes. Annie made it a whole lap in the water without a coach and Graves did really well, too. Peyton got them settled and I messaged a few friends on Facebook and then read some blogs and uploaded pictures for a post. I fed the baby and Peyton and Annie had tea and I ate something and went to bed.

 Asleep in a towel. Bless her heart- girlfriend was worn out!

I was glad I went to bed earlier than usual because it seemed like Sallie was up SO much. I don't even have any idea what times or how many times. Anyway, Peyton took the big kids to swim practice on Tuesday and we slept late. Tuesdays are a free swim day after the meets and they had tons of fun. Well, Annie did. Apparently Graves said it was too cold. Anyway, they got home and Peyton made me a strawberry smoothie for breakfast and did dishes. I got up and made our bed and helped the kids clean up their room and then I took a shower when Peyton left to work an extra shift he'd picked up. Sarah Lamar was hungry so I fed her and was going to dry my hair after that.
A sweet neighbor with three girls stopped by with brownies and we visited a bit and then I dried my hair. Sallie was a bit fussy and I got her settled down and then I collected laundry from around the house and straightened a bit and made the kids beds. I also made a little bit of progress on The Big Pile.

 I fixed the big kids and myself grilled cheeses and they ate and then had rest time.

The big kids washed a bag of bing cherries and sat on a towel in their skivvies spitting the seeds. I topped off the brownies from our neighbor with the cool whip Morgan included in her picnic basket smorgasbord of chicken salad and pimento cheese (my favorite thing to take to new mommas because you can snack on it ALL THE TIME- day or night...or 3 am).Lunch was an effort two hours and eight courses (including two nursing sessions) in the making. I'm very grateful for all the physical things Annie and Graves are able to accomplish on their own and for my sweet village- encouraging and feeding us well.

I took a little nap and read some blogs. After rest time, the kids played some more in the den and I nursed Sarah Lamar and then folded a bunch of laundry. She had a big diaper incident and I had to take the cover off the bouncy seat and wash it after I got her changed and fresh. I was feeding her again and was about to get the big kids supper and Minnie dropped by unexpectedly. Graves was kind of rude and grumpy. We visited and she played with them a bit and held Sallie while I fixed Annie and Graves's supper. I think that was her longest awake stretch yet! She was pretty cranky when Minnie left and I got her settled and had a snack and the kids finished supper. I helped them get their teeth brushed and read to them and got the situated for the night and then worked on the pile a little more and headed back to the kitchen to do some dishes and such. Peyton got home and we finished in the kitchen and talked some and then I ate something, read some blogs and worked on a post, and went to bed. Sarah Lamar's fussy stretch ended up being later (or earlier?) than usual and Peyton did help me out with it some.

We had a lot going on on Wednesday. We all got up and headed to swim team. I was excited to watch the kids because they had improved a LOT since the baby was born. After that, we came home and I got on the computer a bit and then took a short nap and had lunch. Peyton went to visit his parents (his mom had knee replacement surgery) and the big kids and I worked really hard on cleaning up their room. I fed Sallie and she had a horrible diaper which I got taken care of. I collected laundry and started a load. I read a few blog posts and Peyton got home and we packed up and all headed to Sallie's first appointment with Dr. Denney and to get the big kids' weight checked. We were there a good while because they had squeezed us in before Dr. Denney's week off the next week. But it was a great visit!
Annie and Graves are doing SO good and both gained some. Sallie is up five ounces from her birth weight and in the SIXTIETH percentile for weight. And the high-tops/shorts pairing is on point.

On the way home we stopped at Sonic and got a big drink to share. We relaxed some and Peyton left to go walk with our friend Rob. I finished cleaning up some stuff in the kids' bathroom and closet and started more laundry and did dishes while the kids ate supper. I got that cleaned up and swept and took out the recycling and then read to them and played with them. Peyton got home and I fed the baby and we talked and had a snack. I got on the computer and read some blogs and ordered some necessary stuff from Amazon, placed a hold on a library book, and messaged a friend. I ate something and started going through this big pile of magazines to skim and trash and then went to bed.

Sarah Lamar had a pretty good night. She woke up and nursed several times and once was for a LONG time but she didn't have her fussy time at all.

Peyton took the big kids to swim practice on Thursday and then he swam and put them in Kids Gym at the Y.

 Swim team pics! Graves is in the front row toward the middle dangling his blue owl that used to be attached to a harness in New York. Annie is on the second row, far left.

Sallie and I slept late. I woke up and fed her and got up for the day and had breakfast around ten. I got on the computer and straightened some and made our bed and Peyton and the big kids got home. They had media time, he left to get a haircut and I took my shower. Sarah Lamar started fussing but I wanted to finish drying my hair. When I went and checked on her she was full on screaming and had a leaky poop diaper. Also, Annie was whining a bunch about being hungry. I was so frustrated. I changed the baby and cleaned up the Pack n Play and Annie fixed herself some dry cereal. Peyton got home and we sort of pressed reset. He put some fresh clothes on Sallie and held her while I made some sauce to marinate our fish for lunch with. I nursed her and then changed over laundry and did dishes. I made the slaw for the fish and we cooked it and ate. The kids had rest time and I got on the computer a bit. I picked up the house a bit more and got some stuff together and we headed to Mickey and Minnie's.

Mick grilled hamburgers and we had corn on the cob and potatoes and a strawberry pie. It was so good! The kids played and I visited with Minnie and Peyton bathed them. We headed home around nine and Graves fell asleep in the car. I nursed the baby, gave her her vitamins, and cleaned her little umbilical cord area and put fresh sheets on the Pack n Play. I got on the computer for awhile and worked on a blog post and then fed Sallie again and had a snack and went to bed.

Feels like the fog is finally staring to lift...

Sarah Lamar had an AMAZING night. We swaddled her, which I didn't think she'd be a fan of- and she wasn't at first!- and she did great. I fed her at two and then she woke up at five and nursed for literally an hour. But then she went another stretch until about nine. And no screaming uncontrollably.

I got up on Friday and didn't feel as great as the day before, despite my great night's sleep. Peyton had taken the big kids to swim team and when they got home, I got up. I got on the computer and Peyton made me a milkshake. I took a shower and made our bed and visited with him some and then he headed in to work. The kids had eaten a late breakfast and I had gotten the baby back down, so they had rest time before lunch that day.

This was one of my favorite little outfits/sleepers (I never knew which it was but they're so interchangeable in the early days) that Graves wore. As a somewhat unrelated, but hysterical aside, remember Graves's swim team coach (Josaline) that he previously referred to as "Coach Vasaline"? He startedcalling her "Coach Duckling". Names are hard. It took him about three days to get Sarah Lamar's down and sometimes he still doesn't fool with it and calls her random things like "wheat"?!?

 I ate my lunch, read some blogs, and texted with a friend. Towards the end of rest time Graves and Annie got to fighting over a feather. They were both so rude and aggressive and mean to each other (and to me). I talked to them and they got better...and then started fighting over a bottle of baby powder. I was really at my wit's end and I needed to fix them lunch before Sarah Lamar got up. We worked the problem out and I made them lunch and fed the baby. I started straightening a bit and our neighbor came over to leave some money for the yard guy since she was going to China for six weeks. The kids got super wild while she was here. Grrr...

She left, I pushed the kids out the door to pick blueberries, and I swept the kitchen and folded a bunch of laundry. I got a good bit put up, picked up the house a bit, and did a bunch of dishes. I made the kids' beds and they came in an cleaned up their room. I finished the dishes and collected trash and recycling from both bathrooms and the study and then I got ready and fixed us a picnic supper. I collected what we needed and changed Sallie and fed her and we headed to the park.

It was SUPER hot and I got a little worried about Sarah Lamar. She was sweating and then got screamy. A lady came up to us and talked to me about her grandchild that was born two weeks before and touched her feet. It's always weird when strangers touch your baby but really what I was worried about was that she was distracting me and had someone else with her who was going to abduct Annie or Graves. I know, WAY too much FBI Files/SVU. Anyway, I told her I thought the baby was getting hungry and I made sure to find Annie and Graves quickly. Sarah Lamar was so hot and I ended up nursing her most of the rest of the time. The kids took a break from playing and we all ate supper (while I kept feeding Sallie) and then we moved to a different part of the playground where it was easier to keep an eye on the big kids. We played a bit longer, swung by the bathroom, and headed home. It was a nice walk! We got home and the big kids brushed their teeth and took supper quick showers.

Lots of firsts. First shift for Peyton to work with no help/visitors. First solo outing with three kids. First time to wear this sunsuit. First time nurse at the park (or really anywhere that public). First time post partum to "exercise" by walking the half a mile in ninety five degree heat. Fryin' our faces off- but having lots of fun doing it!

Right then Sallie had an awful blow out diaper. Peyton got home just as I finished up with that. We talked and I fell asleep for a bit.

I got up and read some blogs, had something to eat, and worked on a post. I went to bed pretty late.

The good news is that Sarah Lamar slept SIX hours. I fed her at two and she didn't wake up until eight on Saturday when Peyton was leaving and then went back to sleep until maybe tenish when the big kids got up. I fixed them breakfast and fed her and was just LAZY. I finally got on the computer a bit and jumped in the tub around eleven. Sallie started fussing and so I fed her and then dried my hair while the big kids had media time. They played some and I changed Sarah Lamar, gave her some vitamins and cleaned her umbilical area, and got her in fresh clothes. I got the big kids lunch and then they had rest time. I read some blogs and a magazine, texted and FB messaged a few people, and rested a bit. Sallie slept the whole time!

After that, I fed her and then held her and helped the kids sort Legos. They had a snack that turned into supper and I straightened around the house, collected laundry and folded some, and got a lot of the kids' clothes hung up. I picked up in their room a bit and dusted in both bedrooms and the study. They finished and played some and I cleaned up supper, swept in the kitchen, and took out the trash and recycling. I vacuumed in the kids' room and then got them ready for bed and read to them. Sallie had a terrible diaper and Peyton got home and helped me with that and with settling the big kids down. He had brought me CFA and I ate and then fed Sarah Lamar, who then had ANOTHER bad diaper. I had gotten frustrated with Annie and Graves about something and was just having a hard time. Peyton and I watched a couple of SVU's and then he went to bed and I read a few more blogs and had a snack and went to bed myself.

It's took some time, thoughtfulness, and creativity but I finally figured out a system that allowed me and Sarah Lamar to be comfortable in our room at night. And thus, we also figured out the nighttime fussiness. I will say that, despite the exhaustion and weepiness, I was so chill about this and didn't let myself fret when I couldn't figure it out. I hopeful that's a third-child-seven-years-of -parenting-brings-perspective thing that continues.
It was because I turn the air down about ten degrees to go to sleep. We figured it out because Sallie loves being outside or in the car because it's like a sauna. So now sleeping here feels like sleeping on the surface of the sun. If Central Mississippi gets ANY hotter, I'm planning to use one of my favorite lightweight quilts because the actual bedding is too hot and I have to have something covering me and just a flat sheet skeeves me out. I sort of wish one of those muslin blankets was big enough for me. I also busted out all the (super not risqué) cotton gowns my friends indulged me by stretching the definition of "lingerie" at my shower eight years ago and am wearing them instead of t-shirts and shorts. I wish my hair would go in a ponytail.
Of course the obvious answer is to bundle HER up. Peyton was really gracious about the air when
I was pregnant but this was the perfect excuse to jump back on the eighty degree crazy train. I did tell him what an EXCELLENT catch I am to sleep in a sleeping bag in the Winter and do this in the Summer. So we compromised and it's on 77-78 at night.Also, I didn't think she was the type of chick who likes to be swaddled. She loves playing with her fingers and sucking them and stretching and kicking her legs. Basically, she already seemed too big for it. Peyton and I were laughing because we swaddled AP until she was like ten months old and I took Graves's little Velcro swaddlers with me EVERYWHERE. I think she might be more of a free spirit, this one. We finally tried it and she DID hate it at first- it was like a baby straight jacket- but it worked. Funny aside: I wore the Purple hearts on our WEDDING NIGHT
Sallie slept pretty well. I fed her at midnight and she was up around four for quite awhile but she nursed the whole time. Annie got up and did her media time around eight thirty on Sunday and I fed Sallie again. Then Graves got up at nine something and Sarah Lamar had a dirty diaper. I changed her diaper, her clothes, and the bed. I put the dirty stuff in the laundry room, fed the cat, and fixed Annie breakfast. I started a movie for Graves and fed Sallie and then got on the computer with her in my lap. I went through my email and reader and then put her down and took my shower. She was fussing so she hung out on the sofa with my while I dried my hair. She fell asleep and I put her in her swing and did some things around the house. I made the bed, fixed the kids something to eat, took out the trash, and collected laundry and started a load. I put up a bunch of dishes and then washed some and changed over the laundry. I got a good bit folded and put up and flipped through some more magazines.

Graves was ranking who he loved the most. He said he loved Mickey but not as much as Baby Sallie. And he said he loved her but not as much as Annie. I hope he never struggles with being the middle child or the only boy. His sisters are EVERYTHING to him and he serves them so often and so well.
I fed Sallie and got her settled and then fixed the big kids lunch. I cut up a massive watermelon which took about half an hour by the time I cleaned up the mess and composted the rind. I composted some other stuff and washed out the dishes. I started a load of laundry and the kids had rest time. Sarah Lamar slept the whole time again and I ate my lunch, worked on a post, and read some blogs and magazines. I read my devotion and then Sallie woke up and I fed her and visited with the big kids.
It's been so interesting to see their reactions to what constitutes a large part of my vocation these days. Annie mentioned to me that animal babies get milk from their mommas, too and I said "oh yes, that's true! Mammals do!" And she said "You do know thar pigeons nurse their young, right?"Well no, actually I didn't. I need to stop Goggling and just know in these cases, she's right. As far as Graves, he calls nursing "sips" (e.g. "Sallie is fussing, Momma. I think she's hungry and needs some sips.") I think it's such a sweet, innocent, and cute way to describe it. He's also very fascinated by how it's both her food and beverage. I was actually a little nervous about this with him- he notices body parts and things like that a LOT more than Annie (on the subway for example) and Peyton even asked me when I was pregnant if I would want to put a blanket over her or nurse in a different room. That is SO unlike Peyton, who is not very modest and who is quick to talk about modesty being a cultural thing and how different people have differing levels of comfort/ideas of what's appropriate. And it seemed SO dumb to me to hide it from a five year old member of our immediate family, regardless of gender or personality. I made every effort to normalize it and !shocker! he seems to find it totally normal. But I did wonder if he'd be all up in my space. Actually, he often is, but just to pat and kiss his sister like every other moment of the day. Having a seven year old academic, a five year old empath, and a precious newborn who eats ALL THE TIME is so much fun. 
I changed over laundry and started washing Graves's bedding because he had had a nosebleed the night before. I folded some more of the laundry and then started cooking some asparagus. I went ahead and read to the kids and played with them and did their Bible story while it was cooking. I got them eating supper and folded some more laundry. Peyton got home and he helped me finish getting them settled.

We talked and I fed the baby and then I ate something and got on the computer. I read blogs, worked on a post, and made a to-do list for the next day. I skimmed some more magazines, fed the baby, soaked some dishes, and went to bed.

Closing out June with the next post (hopefully tomorrow)!

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