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What I'm Into: August

I feel like we're finally starting to find a flow, but it really happened around the end of this month. Anyway, it was a great month and I'm excited for Fall but sad to see Summer go!

On the Nightstand:
So...I did some reading. Not a complete book but I did some reading.

The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer
This is like the classical educator's handbook. I wouldn't say I agree with everything in it, but it's a great starting place and I think it's full of wisdom. It's a really great approach and I've taken a lot from it. Anyway, I started reading it ages ago and read up through the age that Annie was at the time (kindergarten). I picked it back up and am reading more about the elementary years now.

On Their Nightstand: 
We've finally gotten into a good routine with school and have done some (not as much as I'd like) reading aloud. Annie's still blowing through the Magic Treehouse books and we recently did some reading all together...

They Were Strong and Good by Robert Lawson
 We have LOVED this book. It's a really neat book where a boy traces his family history. We interviewed family members, talked about different occupations and geographical places (the boy's family came from all over and did all sorts of things), and started working on a family tree poster!

Shaping Up Summer by 

 This is a fun book that talks about Summer and incorporates shapes. I had the big kids do their own pictures using as many shapes as they could!

On the Shelf:

Simply Good News: Why the Gospel is News and What Makes it Good  by N.T. Wright
I'm starting a book club with a couple of friends and this is our first pick! I'm excited!

At the Theater (or from the couch):
Um, I don't think I watched one movie this month!

On the Small Screen:

Master of None
We actually just finished this. I loved it. It's basically just about a guy living in New York and his take on life and relationships and race and other things and it's done in a really witty way. I didn't think it was as funny as Parks and Rec, but it had some interesting social commentary that Parks and Rec didn't have. Overall, I highly recommend it! 

The Newsroom
 We LOVE The West Wing so we thought we'd try out another Aaron Sorkin show. It seems really, really great but maybe a bit more forced than The West Wing. I'm definitely planning to keep watching!

Law and Order: SVU
Old favorite. You know. We've actually been watching it more lately than we have in a long time. I've just gotten really addicted. It's funny how it's changed over the years- we've noticed in recent seasons there's more music in the opening scenes, more...normalcy(?) in the opening scenes, and more of a focus on the detectives' personal lives. I like it!

Grace and Frankie
We just watched one episode and I don't think it's like the best show ever, but it was funny and interesting. I love Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen, though I told Peyton this sort of seemed like a project below their pay grade or something. Anyway, they leave their wives (who are big rivals) for each other. Like they're getting married. Anyway, clever and cute but nothing spectacular. I'll probably watch a few more episodes.

In My Ears:
Peyton fixed this old iPod he had and we've been listening to it in the car. Lots of random stuff and some of our favorites, including some fun They Might Be Giants songs. We haven't listened to them in awhile and the kids loved it. I had forgotten how fun they are, too!

Around the House: 

I heard a crash and then Graves brought me the shower curtain, rod, and liner. Grrrr.
That is a piece of our kitchen table, y'all. The funny/ironic thing is, he had the best morning he's ever had at church that day. Literally. He was relatively quiet and still during the service- not the way Annie is, but exceptional for him on his best day. And his Sunday school teacher bragged on how sweet and responsible he was helping out a new little girl. AND he left all his action figures in a bag on a hook like I instructed him to- he told me he really wanted to obey me. But when we got home I found him slinging around a jug of chocolate milk and then the shower curtain and then this. Annie said the chocolate milk would have been the worst if it had busted but he said the table was because a nail came out and if you stepped on it "it could bleed you". Honestly, we are realizing on the daily he's a lot more perceptive than her and has loads more common sense. I wouldn't trade either of them!

I'm not inherently crafty but I guess back to school has got me feeling the need to pull out my old teacher hat. This is working smashingly with Annie who is a perfectionist and gets totally overwhelmed by the night party carnage (and who was really protesting the most); Bud still gets distracted and just wants to play until you tell him that media time is starting in five minutes and he'll miss Star Wars and then be does the whole thing like the Road Runner.
In the Kitchen:

I'm finally getting back in the swing of cooking (or at least doing good by our standards!). Anyway, I've picked it back up.

The big kids made their first chicken pot pie with refrigerated pie crust and canned vegetables, frozen chicken, and condensed soup. You know, fancy. But they did pretty much everything but opening the cans and getting it in and out of the oven. We need to practice our lattice making skills, but I was pretty proud of them!

Peyton worked down in South Louisiana for a few days (I wasn't shy about my stipulations and demanded the company rent him a car so I'd have a vehicle). He supported people down there by filling in for pharmacists who couldn't come in to work because of the flooding. And this is how he supported me here- he made a midnight grocery run right before he left the other night. Cosmic Brownies, double Pringles, and Zebra Cakes. This is also why Graves asks me every few days why I still have a squishy tummy.
In My Closet: 

I got this dress (it's an XL from the girls' section at Target) when I was still pregnant. I love it and am so excited that it fits now!

Newsflash: Sallie and I both fit in our swimsuits (in the interest of full disclosure my swimsuit is a medium I bought at the Gap years ago because it was like $7 and Spurtie Little Sallie is actually about to outgrow this 3 mo.).
In Their Closets:

I love this bluebird dress from Eleanor Rose. It's been one of my (and Annie's) favorites this Summer! 

Sallie in vintage Feltman that Cookie and I wore three decades ago and that matches her beautiful eyes

I know I'm biased, but Little Sallie Sunshine looks pretty precious in her brother's sand bucket bubble. The mustache jams are also a forever favorite. 

That t-shirt is one of my favorite colors (and one of my favorite colors on him!). And I love Sallie in her little smocked bubble. 

  I bought this bubble in a moment of sheer absurdity seven years ago. It was too small for Annie but it was about $5 at a consignment store so I bought it in the hope of having another girl one day. I still love it and as much as I love the comparisons, it's special Sarah Lamar has SOMETHING Annie didn't wear. 

How have we already outgrown this diaper shirt?? Time to move on to the next box of vintage baby apparel!
This is what it looks like when she gets dressed without momma's help! (Yes, she was wearing pajama shorts for a walk around the neighborhood.)

soaking up the last days of Summer in one of my favorite suits!

bathing beauty

We all wore lit tees to a book festival and Sister Baby ended up in the 3T Charlotte's Web shirt (a little big but the 6 mo. bubble she has on under it for perfect! I distinctly remember ordering this. It was before we figured out our strategy of racking up at the twice a year sales and it was also back when I didn't value quality over quantity and bought Annie way too many things I didn't truly love. Anyway, at twenty dollars for a kid T-SHIRT it felt like a big indulgence. But I had just finished reading the book aloud to her- it was our first chapter book. I had gotten a big read aloud edition from the library and it was such a sweet part of our day every afternoon while her one year old brother napped. It was truly one of my favorite experiences as a mother and it continues to be such a special memory. And the shirt has been one of our most well used and well loved items of clothing to date! I hope our Sallie Girl is a reader, too!  
 These two crack me up. Graves is wearing a pair of 3T overalls over an entire other outfit. And Annie is wearing his shark shorts and her first ever lit tee from four years ago (both are also a 3T) because animals! (The same one Sallie was wearing above, ha!) Points for not running around my house in your undies all day, though.
Freshly bathed and in some of my favorite almost too little jams.
He said, "Rise and follow me. I'll make you worthy. Rise and follow me. I'll make you fishers of men."
I heard this song once at Calvary and loved it so much. Every time Sarah Lamar wore her fish jammies (which are now too little), I sang it to her. I hope she follows Him. And I hope I can help her understand that her worth (in His eyes and in mine) has nothing to do with her own merit. And I hope she fishes for men.
There's just something about a sweet, soft colored pair of pjs. Graves told me this morning that she looked "so pretty" (he usually says cute) and that she looked just like a baby doll. I agree on both counts.
This was another huge staple in Annie's closet this Summer- love this daisy dress from Winter Water Factory.

 In My Mailbox:
I've had a few fun things come in- I'll share more next month!

In My Cart:
Same here- I think I'll have some fun updates next month.

Around the Town (and At Home):  

We had LOTS of fun this past month!

I had so much fun swimming with my four favorites!

 Annie and Graves have been catching lizards and toads and anything else they can find in the backyard.

My oldest nephew turned seven and the kids had the best time at their cousin's Star Wars party. They are obsessed and got so into it! 

We were finally able to introduce Sarah Lamar to Granny and it was such a beautiful interaction. I'll never forget Granny not even really being able to sit up comfortably but tickling her tiny feet and visiting with her. We knew Granny was nearing the end of this part of the journey and it was a great joy that I got to introduce Sallie to one of my favorite people in this world. Sallie is named for her late husband (Lamar) and she told me today that her mother's name was Sally (we had no idea!) and when she was acting like her PopPop would tease her and call her Sally. Such a sweet connection we had no idea of. She sure was smitten with her tiniest grand girl and today was just so beautiful seeing these two together. 

After our first visit, we decided to make this a regular (weekly?) thing for just as long as we have left with Granny. It just made sense- it's too easy of a trip to make in a day, our kids are too good at traveling, and it meant too much to her (and to us!) not to. It made me appreciate homeschooling even more and how we can structure school around our life instead of our lives around a (traditional) school day. Granny ended up dying last week and we were so grateful for those trips down last month. This was the part of one of the trips where the car would not get cool and we drove through a skunk's territory or something and Peyton told me to stick my nose in the gum jar so I wouldn't vom.
As a bonus, we got to see Peyton's Aunt Beth who was in town one week and his brother who lives near Granny. Andrew got to meet Sarah Lamar for the first time and he told me no less than five times how beautiful she was, just doted on her like crazy, and was absolutely precious in the way he took care of his grandmother.
"I was glad when they said 'Let us go to the house of the Lord'"- first day back at church and it was such a good one. 
enjoying delicious Deep South Pops at a book festival downtown
We took Sarah Lamar for her two month well baby visit and she is by FAR our biggest baby =)

I made us all four haircut appointments, back to back. Knocking that out in one day was great!

I had my first session volunteering at the grief center and it was amazing and just so neat!

One of Minnie's friends got a bird recently so she took Annie over to her house for a visit. Of course, Annie was OVER THE MOON.

We've been enjoying Friday nights with Mickey...

...and Minnie!

Annie lost a tooth!

Sallie's working on making sure she keeps her weight up =)

Bud's working on making sure she never feels neglected!

And I'm working on being well.

At the Schoolhouse:

I feel MUCH better if I have a very bare bones lesson plan sketched out the night before.

This was our first official day back at it. Sarah Lamar fell asleep during Morning School in Graves's lap with him pawing all over her face.

It's been months since we've really had a good go at Saturday School. Since Peyton's had the schedule he has now I've tried to make it one of the most school intensive days of the week. It just makes sense since we're at home with no car. But I had to figure out my roll with three kids solo. Anyway, we're back in business!

Midnight math prep. So very thankful I have a one inch circle punch.

Annie began what is apparently going to be a very time consuming project involving our family tree. She did these super involved (though not necessarily "pretty" or even neat) pictures of Peyton dispensing and me serving grilled cheese sandwiches (vocation goals, yo). This is one area of homeschooling I've really started to ponder. My kids are so slowwwww. In one sense, it's concerning because the world is not going to slow down for them and the end goal (or one of them) is for them to be able to function in it. But in another sense, I really have no desire for them to adopt the pace most of our society functions at, that many in our culture claim is necessary. Like everything, I'm sure there's a balance to be found somewhere. 

We're really enjoying the weekly science lessons with the homeschool group we're a part of!

On the Blog:

Drowning- I shared about some really hard, scary emotions I was experiencing.
I Shall Be Well- and then I wrote about how I planned to deal with them (which ended up including taking medicine, which was not an easy decision)

Feeding a Baby the Third Time- I had just a few quick thoughts about nursing this third babe
The Best Laid Plans: Remix- I wrote about a job I really wanted but that I'm grateful didn't work out

On My Heart and Mind:
- I feel a lot more settled and stable than I did last month in many ways- mostly emotional. I just feel more healthy. But I'm also trying to figure out what works and doesn't work just in our day to day and it's a lot to process. Still working on figuring that out...
- Especially with Annie, I'm just thinking a lot about the person she is and is becoming. She's getting so grown up and I'm really realizing how much the decisions we make now are shaping the grown up person she'll be.
- Sallie has gotten SO expressive- more and more just in the past week. It's fun to watch her personality develop and I absolutely love this stage but it's sad to see the newborn days go. I do feel like I can say that I fully immersed myself in them this time and that's a really good feeling.
In My Prayers:
- I'm praying for all three children and for Peyton- all different things, big and small
- I'm still praying for patience with the children, with Peyton, and with myself...I'm sure I always will be =)
- I'm praising God for modern medicine, that I'm no longer pregnant, and that I feel somewhat like myself
On the Calendar: 

September shouldn't be too crazy. Peyton's trying a slight adjustment to his work schedule and we'll see how that goes. Otherwise, mostly just fun, low key things!

What I'm Into

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