Monday, October 31, 2016

What I Learned in October

 Well, I got way out of my routine and out of my comfort zone this month (see number one and five through thirteen). We stayed at my parents' house for a few days while they were out of town so we could take care of my grandmother and then we spent a week car tripping and hiking and camping and I think these two very different experiences taught me alot!

1. The caring for an elderly person and the caring for my small people in an environment that's not our home and honestly, the tending of my own mental space, was all much easier than I had imagined. 
We moved in to my parents' house for a few days so we could care for my grandmother who lives with them while they helped Cookie and Conrad move into their new house in Nashville. [To be fair, they have a nurse who is PRECIOUS and who comes twice a day to prepare her for bed and for the day so all I was really doing was fixing a few meals and refilling her ice water.] Bud cleaned the bathroom sink at least fifteen times with a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol, Sallie slept about as well as she does anywhere and she and I both probably did a bit of stress eating a couple or twelve times, and Annie set up her bed and nightstand on Minnie's leopard lounge. Both the big kids were so obedient and were really polite to Grandee (she's usually in bed by the time we get here when we come over in the evening). Annie asked me what time of day it was and then told her good afternoon and Graves asked her "how are you doing?" and repeated it about six times, more clearly each time until she could understand him, without getting frustrated. I resisted the urge to jump in and help him. I killed a roach, bathed a baby, and started a load of pooped on laundry within half an hour of getting there on Friday. I surprised myself by predicting just the right of gear to keep Sarah Lamar happy and I figured out manageable boundaries in a non baby proofed house with a lake in the backyard, which was really my biggest goal second only to keeping everyone alive which was actually sort of contingent on those boundaries. It felt good. Especially since back when I lived in that house I could hardly fix my own baked potato.

2. Graves stretches me and is constantly making me evaluate my priorities and rules and what is really worth my energy. Honestly, I think everyone needs someone in their lives like that. He wore a pink romper to the playground the other day because he has no idea colors are gendered and he wanted to be some pink person from Star Wars. 

3. I sort of loved Sallie's five outfit Fall transitional wardrobe, which surprised me a lot. 
It was just simple and easy and all five were my favorite things.
4. There's a lot of factors here (Graves has a lot more year round clothes like t-shirts, Annie wears her clothes forever (there are quite a few 4T dresses she wore this Summer), her stuff takes up more space, ect.) but also- especially once they're five and love Star Wars and you have convictions about Wardrobe Autonomy dressing a boy just isn't as much fun.  

5. This trip was full of unpredictable elements, as one would expect with things like this, but probably the biggest surprise to me was that I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would and Peyton found it more difficult than he anticipated.  
One of my best friends and I talk about how she and I are like Doomsday Preppers but for life situations. Mick says I (and he) "awfulize and catastrophize". Basically, I can be a real pessimist (and though I've gotten better) I over think and let things P sees as simple become really daunting (and then scream at him that I'm pretty damn flexible to go a long with half of what I do). Sometimes it makes life miserable but sometimes it works to my benefit. Anyway, I shouldn't be surprised; this is how it often works out. (I still contend that I fell harder and loved deeper in regards to New York than he did.) He kept telling me that if I wanted to stay at a motel, just to say so. But another element of my personality is that I really, really like to prove things to myself and to him. That said, I was pretty relieved when he suggested camping one more night for the last time and just trying to get in a bit more hiking. And even more so when he said we should just find something interesting to do on the way and stay in a motel halfway. And even more so when he woke me up and said he and Annie thought we should just drive straight home and eat out twice on the way. It was a lot of fun, but I'm ready for my own bed! And we learned ALOT. 

6. It turns out that I can actually keep my calm in a stressful situation. We made it to the Shenandoah Valley but all the campsites and motels were full. We finally ended up getting the last room in the motel an hour away for less than a hundred dollars. I was pretty proud of myself because Peyton was just a ball of stress and I stayed calm (which is typically so the opposite for us) and even insisted we not cave and pay $200 for a mediocre motel half an hour away. And I was so proud of Graves, who was calm, obedient, and a big help with his baby sister who just wanted to be held after a long drive.

7. Salt-sweeking buffalo, moccason clad warrior, dreaming pioneer, and battling Civil War soldier were all at the Cumberland Gap and so were we! 

8.  Mammoth Cave is fascinating...and a little daunting with an infant.  
I didn't get many good pictures and it was a bit nerve wracking with not much light; narrow, slippery passageways; super high, steep stairs; and you know, a four month old. Also, the guide explained that the only way out was the way we came in and if there was a medical emergency there were no secret exits (none exist for crying babies on guided tours either). 

9. Car camping isn't so bad.  
I slept in the back row of the van the first night. The second night we knew we were going to try to leave super early and didn't want to have to reinstall AP's booster so I just laid back the front seat as far as it'd go. Both were pretty comfy and I slept better than I did in the double beds with P the two nights in motels. I used to say that the "couch" in the front seat of my Buick was some of the most comfortable furniture we owned, and while I'm certainly glad to have my own bed back, the van wasn't bad at all.

10. I've come a long way in flexibility and Peyton's come a long way in graciousness.  One of the few things (probably the only big thing) I wanted for this babykins was a standard Tula. P kind of pushed back (understandably- they're an investment) but I knew from wearing Graves when he was three in Brooklyn how amazing these carriers are and that I didn't want to try anything else. Peyton agreed we could get one if I agreed to try a big hiking/camping trip. I even let him help pick the pattern (Shenandoah, so perfect for us/her!) and he came around to offering a motel if the nights were rough for Sarah Lamar.

11. It is a terrible idea to bring a loaf of bread on a trip like this, much less two loaves of bread. I wasted way too much mental energy trying to "protect" those things and keep them from getting smushed. We brought lots of Nabs and cereal bars and golfish and fresh fruit and brownies and honestly I think making sandwiches is stressful and messy anyway.

12. Rodent's teeth never stop growing and that's why they gnaw on things- they gotta keep those things from getting out of control. I learned that from a ranger at the nature center in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

13. When you're in a situation where you really don't want a blowout or a leaky diaper (like when you have one thing that's weather appropriate for your infant to wear to sleep in an ingested vehicle) just use your cloth diaper cover over your regular disposable diapers. My wonderful sister in law taught me that trick and it really saved us on the trip.

14. When I have laundry covering our bed and Peyton has to work the next day, the sunroom is a wonderful place for him to sleep.  
It's actually the perfect time of year to sleep in there (it's not climate controlled like the rest of the house). Peyton wasn't super excited about my swing idea at first, bit over the last year I think he's enjoyed it *at least* as much as I have. 

Whew! Lots of things learned and it only took two thousand mile and five state parks!  

Friday, October 28, 2016

Letter to (Four Month Old) Sarah Lamar

Dear Sarah Lamar,

I can't believe that you are four months old!

We've had lots of fun this month. We moved into Mickey and Minnie's house for a few days so we could care for my grandmother who lives with them while they helped Cookie and Conrad move into their new house in Nashville. It was much easier than I expected- the caring for an elderly person and the caring for my small people in an environment that's not our home and honestly, the tending of my own mental space. I surprised myself by predicting just the right of gear to keep you happy and I figured out manageable boundaries in a non baby proofed house with a lake in the backyard, which was really my biggest goal second only to keeping everyone alive which was actually sort of contingent on those boundaries. It felt good. Especially since back when I lived in this house I could hardly fix my own baked potato.

I did have a few anxiety filled moments because, in a supremely dumb move, Papa mentioned to me I might not want to leave you outside on the deck in her swing where I could see you out a window because a hawk might get you. A hawk. He's been hanging out too much with Mick who thinks our TWENTY ONE YEAR OLD cat, Oreo, was captured by one and drug to her death because he never found her and she's the only pet he hasn't been able to give a proper backyard burial. Rob. She was like a hundred and five in human years; I really think it was natural causes that got her. Anyway, I mentioned to Papa that you were  strapped in and he casually mentioned the hawk plunging it's talons in your face and flying away while you bled to death. Because he's been spending too much time with Annie and because he's a FAH-REAK. Gosh, I am already on medication for this kinda mess. 

We've been doing other fun things, too. You love swimming at the YMCA and it's so funny because Ann Peyton had two swimsuits her first Summer and she only ever wore them to model in our living room after the first of September. I'd have been hard pressed to have bought you one and you spent more time at the pool than most newborns/infants I know. 

And you met your little friends Hank, Gus, and Skip for the first time. Those sweet boys loved you!  

Awhile back, I subbed at one of my favorite places. Graves's Little Gym class is five minutes from the school so I met Papa and y'all there to nurse you (the class is full of moms who are also doulas and are like "don't worry about a cover!"- so nice!) So, I didn't have to haul my pump! And, because the timing was perfect and you know how to compensate later, you actually didn't even need a bottle the rest of the time.It was hysterical, though, because when I got there Papa had you in some of Graves's old pajamas.
He was like "it was in her drawer". Her PAJAMA drawer, Bro. As a back up pair, at that. Whatever. He took y'all all to the class and then swimming and later did a pointillism project with Annie and Graves. Can't complain. But you do better at getting dressed when I'm home to help =) 

As far as a few things about you specifically:

They are a little loose in the feet but you have some 6-9 mo. jammies definitely fit you length wise. You're also beginning to appear pretty big in your bouncy seat. Where did you come from?!? And also STOP. Imma put a brick on your head, Babykins. 

 You're rolling over all the time now and just love practicing your new skill. Largely because of this, I think, you've become much less fond of your swing and bouncy seat, and especially for sleeping you'd rather be in the pack n play. It's kind of hysterical watching you try to get on your tummy in the bouncy seat.You also twist your neck at like almost a ninety degree angle when you sleep. Following in your brother and sister's footsteps and sleeping in the weirdest positions possible! You've gotten to where you are much more interested in the bumbo and your playmat than your swing and bouncy seat.

I'm thankful because I know a lot of people who let their babies sleep wherever struggle with a transition to a crib or baby bed for naps and so for it's been so seamless and I was grateful it was Sallie initiated before you outgrew you gear. That said, it's bittersweet. For some reason this feels like the end of an era and it's the first milestone that's hit me really hard. It's weird what makes me sentimental. Also, I'm going to miss just having you  in something with us in whatever room we're in, visiting with us and occasionally dozing off. Or letting me know you're hungry so I can pop you out, nurse you, and pop you right back in. I sort of hate having you in a different room but one day I know I'll cherish your ability to sleep independently.

One evening I was telling you what a weird babykins you were because you literally took one nap that day and I think that's bizarre for a three month old (to be fair it was long- about 3.5 hours, it really worked better for everyone else in the family, and you were such a happy little girl the whole time you were awake). But Papa said I needed to stop nap-shaming you.

I've also started letting you sleep on your tummy because it's pointless not to. In a couple of months, I'll probably stop worrying about you having a lovey. You LOVE them but I usually sneak it away once a you're asleep, especially at night. 

One night you slept longer than she ever has- like TEN hours. I don't think I realized how tired I was because the next day I had like excessive amounts of energy.  

It's a little hard when you're awake, though. You like your playmat or a blanket but I think you'll be happier when you can sit up and visit. You are a big fan of the bumbo. And more than anything our arms. Which *I'm* a big fan of. 

Your little hands! The other day I was carrying you somewhere and I realized you were holding your own paci by the handle. And when I nurse or rock you and you relax you love to to sort of tickle me with your little long fingers!

When I was growing up, we had a cat I loved so much. He was so laid back and Cookie and I taught him "tricks" and would literally flip him in the air and catch him. He never scratched or bit us. I'm convinced that you are, in fact, the human equivalent of that cat. The other day I found Graves making a web (which he still pronounces "wib") out of your arms and legs and you were just cooing away like it was no big deal.

He also sat you up straight while you were buckled in your swing you try to "burp" you. You are by far the most grown up four month old I've had and while it saddens me I'm grateful because it's for your own safety.

Graves also wanted to sit you up in your swing and see if you could "balance". When you were successful he said "Oh Babes! You CAN balance" in the sweetest voice I've ever heard.

Then the other day he just walked in a room carrying you and brought you to me. It was alarming but he was doing a great job and really the way he had you, it would have been hard for him to drop you unless he tripped. I think he waited to do it until he felt confident. I made or clear he needed to ask first and we've been practicing a lot. After a couple of weeks, he became  increasingly competent at carrying you around. One day we were in a hurry and I seriously asked him to  pick you up and put you in your carseat.And I think you're becoming more and more smitten with him. For the longest time you stared at a picture of big kids I took in New York every time I put you on our bed and over a month ago you were crying and Papa brought you in the room with them and you stopped. He carried you in another room and you started back. And now you just coo and smile and eat up all the attention they give you. I worried because Annie and Graves are such good friends that you might be a little left out and that the novelty would quickly wear off but I don't think that's happening any time soon!

Recently, he looked at you and said "I love baby clothes, please don't sell any, Momma". And I heard him say to you "Oh, Babes. You're the softest girl in the whole world".

As far as Annie, she did play dress up with you the other day. She found this bright pink headband and thought it would go great with the thirty year old Feltman dress and the fancy panties you had on. Incidentally, all three items are c/o Minnie. I was just excited she took an interest in you! And I found out that y'all both LOVE watching They Might Be Giants music videos.

We love you, Little Sallie Sunshine!

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your onsie is a 3-6 mo. It's way smaller on you than it was on your brother and sister at this point! 


Saturday, October 15, 2016

October Goals and Happenings

 I ended up liking October's header and background more than I thought I would. The only problem is that I wish the font was more visible- it just doesn't show up as much as I'd like.

September was a good month even though it started out with Granny's funeral and a little bit of sickness. We spent a lot of time seeing some of our favorite friends and I subbed once at St. Augustine and once at MDO. I'm really, really loving my placement at the grief center and the month flew by!

And here were my September Goals:

1. Establish times (at least two) of daily silence, stillness, and prayer. I have established one- in the morning in the tub. It's become somewhat of a habit and I'm very pleased with that. I'd like to add another in the evening as well. (Faith)

2. Cook dinner with Annie and Graves once weekly. It's very basic stuff, but we've been doing pretty well with it! (Family).

3. Go to lunch with some girlfriends. Yes! So much fun. (Relationships)

4. Drink three glasses of water a day.  didn't really keep up with it but I don't think I did a terrible job (Health)

5. Attempt to get back in a better blogging routine. I think I did okay. I'm still not near as consistent as I was but I'm finding my flow a bit more. (Creativity/Passion)

6. Continue reading The Well-Trained Mind. I did this! (Education/Edification)

7. Go through and purge baby clothes and get ready to consign some. I got started with this but it is a project that's going to take some time. (Organization)

8. Work more on planning our camping trip in October. Peyton and Annie mostly took charge of this but I gave my opinion on some things =) (Travel)

9. Catch up on online budgeting. Um, nope. (Finances)

10. Surround myself with music that brings joy. Yes- although I could have done it much more! (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)

11. Finish thank you notes. I almost had them completely done and then we got a couple of more presents! Ha! It did make me feel less guilty about just now completing them. (Additional Goal)

12.  Get a sno-cone. Didn't get to this one either. (Fun Goal)

13.  Change over kids' closet. I got all three kids' closets done, y'all! (Bonus Goal)

14. Order Sallie's birth announcements (since she was three months old, haha!). (Bonus Goal)

 Again, I'm way late but October has been a pretty fun month. It's still really hot and that's kind of irksome, but overall it's been pretty relaxed and nice. We've spent more time with different friends and that's been fun and I feel like we're getting closer and closer to perfecting our schedule. Honestly, we don't have a lot more coming up this month besides our big camping trip. I'm excited about it!

Here are my October goals, which I'm also keeping really low key since we have a big trip and not much month left:

1. Continue a practice of daily prayer while we're on the trip. I just know it will be easy to fall out of the habit. (Faith)

2. Enjoy our time together camping and hiking and traveling and try not to allow stress to take hold. (Family)

3. Have a (super low key) Halloween party. Annie wants to have one so bad and it's really not on my list of things I'd love to do this month but I know she'd enjoy it and if I keep it simple I think it will be fun for all of us. (Relationships)

4. HIKE! Easy goal that's *going* to happen. (Health)

5. Resume blogging routine as soon as we get home and try to write some more word heavy posts while traveling. (Creativity/Passion)

6. Read Simply Good News and discuss at book club. (Education/Edification)

7. Pack for trip (and not at the very last minute). (Organization)

8. Take our camping/hiking trip. (Travel)

9. Buy Annie a solid shirt to wear under her church dresses and then press pause on spending for a bit. (Finances)

10. Make the most of the time in the car- fill it with music, books (if they don't make me sick), and good discussions with Peyton. (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)

11. Address and mail birth announcements. (Additional Goal) 

12. Buy kids' Halloween costumes (Additional Goal)

13. Campaign for Gary Johnson (Additional Goal)

14. Burn my new Fall candle some. (Fun Goal)

Here's to October and all the adventures it brings. May we look toward them with excitement and savor them deeply.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What I'm Into: September

I feel like we're finally starting to find a flow, but it really happened around the end of this month. Anyway, it was a great month and I'm excited for Fall but sad to see Summer go!

On the Nightstand:
I did some more reading this month!

The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer
Back at it with TWTM. I've got a bit more to read and then I'll be finished with the elementary age section!

On Their Nightstand: 

We recently ordered a couple of new (used) books to add to our personal library for the kids (I also got this paper for Annie because it has a big unlined area at the top where she can draw and I'm using it for several things)...

A World Treasury of Myths, Legends, and Folktales: Stories from Six Continents by Renanta Bini

The kids have gotten really into fables and folktales and myths and Peyton found this one that looked really fabulous. I'm excited about it!

Can a Bee Sting a Bee? And Other Big Questions from Little People by Gemma Elwin Harris
I have extremely curious small people (I know most are) and this is such a fun book of questions and answers. We're loving it!

On the Shelf:

Simply Good News: Why the Gospel is News and What Makes it Good  by N.T. Wright

I've got to get on this! Probably tomorrow!

At the Theater (or from the couch):
Again, no movies this month :-/

On the Small Screen:

Law and Order: SVU
I mentioned last month that there has been a much bigger focus on the detectives' personal lives lately and wow, that seems to be becoming more and more true. Benson got assaulted, Amaro is dealing with some crazy stuff, and Rollins gambling issues really came to the surface. It's the most interesting it's ever been and it's been one of my favorites shoes since like college.

In My Ears:
I don't even really know. If I'm not going to make monthly playlists maybe I should at least make a Fall one?

Around the House: 

Not much. I haven't even really decorated for Fall! Last year I never got to it and I hope this year won't be more of the same. I do need to go through my Fall decorations and purge more stuff because some of it just isn't my style anymore.

In the Kitchen:

Annie's started fixing her own lunch! I did cut up the apple for her and the space between the turkey and the carrots was two slices of bread and a single she had me use to make a grilled cheese, but we're on our way to big things! Oh, and she got a piece if provolone to eat for a snack while she was making her lunch and then saved the paper for a napkin. Also, my girls are definitely my eaters.

In My Closet: 

 I got this fun dress at Target back in the Summer. It certainly doesn't look very Fall-ish, but I wore it back at the beginning of September and I liked that it was still bright and cool but had a darker background. I think it will be a big staple next Summer (especially since I'm assuming Sallie won't be nursing as much and it's not super breastfeeding friendly). 

In Their Closets:
I just realized that these are all of Sallie and most of them are pajamas! But I LOVE some cute baby pjs! 

In her duckies that she recently outgrew :-/

Annie thought this headband would go great with the thirty year old Feltman dress and the fancy panties. Incidentally, all three items are c/o Minnie.

They are a little loose in the feet but these 6-9 mo. jammies definitely fit my three month old length wise. And she appears pretty big in that bouncy seat. Where did this girl come from?!? And also STOP. Imma put a brick on your head, Babykins. (Random quirk: I love when her paci happens to coordinate with her jams).
 love her in flowers! 

I subbed recently at one of my favorite places and it worked out great because I had a really nice lunch break and Graves's Little Gym class is five minutes from the school so I met them there to nurse Sarah Lamar (the class is full of moms who are also doulas and are like "don't worry about a cover!" 👍). So, I didn't have to haul my pump! And, because the timing was perfect and girlfriend knows how to compensate later, she actually didn't even need a bottle the rest of the time. But y'all. Look what Peyton put Sister Baby in. He was like "it was in her drawer". Her PAJAMA drawer, Bro. As a back up pair, at that. Whatever. He took them all to the class and then swimming and later did a pointillism project with the big ones. Can't complain. But it works better when Sallie gets dressed with her momma's help.

 In My Mailbox:

Well, Sallie's about to be four months old and I'm about to send out the birth announcements. Almost as bad as when I was pregnant with Annie and still writing wedding thank you notes. And our Christmas cards, without fail, goes out at the eleventh hour every year. I'm just bad at this stuff. In my defense, I messed the picture up on the first round of these. It was entirely my fault but the folks at Simply to Impress were beyond amazing to work with and so helpful. It will not be the last time I use this company!
In My Cart:
Guysssss. Peyton bought Granny's old van from his aunt. We were talking a few weeks ago and I was saying if he ever finally got me a minivan he should put a big bow on it and surprise me like people do with fancy cars. He couldn't hold out though- he kept mentioning things we'd do "when we got our van" (like be able to navigate Jackson potholes better and store our big stroller in it) and I was like "you're talking about this like it's a definite thing- are we for sure getting one eventually?!?" And then he told me and I keep saying things like "Really?!? Are you serious? Is this really happening??" Which is exactly what I do every time a baby has come out of me and when he proposed. Over a van y'all. Not to brag, but I'm kinda low maintenance.

Around the Town (and At Home):  

Well, the biggest thing was Granny's funeral. It could have been a very sad day and I did tear up, but honestly it felt good to celebrate her life and be around friends and family. I'm so grateful for the faithful, beautiful life she lived.

One night at eleven o'clock. Making a chocolate cake and listening to Bob Marley in this number Minnie wore when ahe was young. Peyton's idea. I feel asleep shortly after this with my face literally on a magazine(?!?). This is why we can't be anywhere where we need to have our hair brushed before ten AM.

Goofy guy headed off to Little Gym with and his Papa while the girls and I tried to get some school and laundry done.
We had a supper date with the Harkins! Sweet little Sallie and Skip. Skip's brother said "Look! He found somebody to marry!" I wouldn't hate it!
Brother and Babes on a blanket from Minnie. These two are such good buddies. 

Sal don't care who it is holding her, even if they are not impressed. Thanks for taking one for the team, Annie!
(Pre-van) church prep. Purse, activity bag, diaper bag, and breakfast for that hour in the Walgreens parking lot. For the most part, I've come a long way as far as my over packing tendencies but Sundays are REAL SERIOUS. Usually I consolidate the diaper bag and my purse but Sallie needs to be stocked for a couple of hours without me and I need my glasses, wallet, and all my make-up because I literally don't even start to apply it until I have that hour to kill. Graves needs every bit of that crap in the bag on the far right in order to be quiet and sit still for an hour. And a groovy flower power cooler thing just makes sense to pack a bunch of fruit, graham crackers, water bottle, pumpkin seeds, craisins, and Ritz crackers in. Sometimes Voluntary Simplicity means strategizing.

At the Schoolhouse:

We've been trucking right along but I don't have too much to share. We did decided to wait a bit with math for Bud. I'm very, very okay with spending two years doing kindergarten with him if he needs that so I'm not really stressed at all. As far as Annie, some days it's so smooth and I have no worries and other days it's super difficult and I get very anxious. Like most everything, I guess =)

On the Blog:
Post-Partum Check In: Three Months Out - I decided each month when I write Sallie's letter I'll share a little update about myself, too. It was fun and helpful to write out some of my thoughts and feelings. As I mentioned, it's sort of like my every five week reflective pregnancy posts were. It's just a good brain/soul dump. 
Granny: Remembering a Life of Love and Labor - Granny totally deserved her own post (and a lot more). I miss her deeply and I'm so grateful for her influence on our lives.

On My Heart and Mind:
- Peyton's been helping me get more organized and it feels like we're finally, finally finding some semblance of a routine. I feel like once we get back from camping I can really get into a stride until things get busy around Christmas.
- Peyton pointed out recently that he thought I didn't realize how much Sarah Lamar wears me out and I realized her was right. Especially when she has a tough day it's just draining and I don't think I realize the impact as much as I do with the big kids for some reason (it's exactly the opposite for Peyton).
- I've had some bad headaches again (they had seemed to have gotten better after Sallie was born) and I usually always get one big sinus infection around this time of year. I had/have one, I think, but it's been relatively mild. Hopefully this is it for sickness and we'll all stay healthy this Winter. P gave me my flu shot and the kids are getting theirs this week.
In My Prayers:
- I'm praying about our upcoming trip- just that it will be a sweet, relaxing time together and that I won't lose my mind.
- I'm thanking God that the medicine I got on awhile back really seems to be working and also that I feel relatively peaceful about our family size for right now.
- I'm thanking God for Fall. Summer is my absolute favorite but it stretches so long in Mississippi and I'm always ready for the chill in the air.
On the Calendar: 

The big thing is we're going camping this month. We have a few other fun things on the agenda, but not too much, thankfully! 

So, there's September (two weeks late).