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Weekly Happenings Post #378 (June 27-July 3)-- Extra Shifts in Other Towns

Nothing too unusual about this week besides that we had a three week old and P picked up a couple of extra shifts- one in Laurel and one in Vicksburg. It turned out to not be quite as rough as I anticipated and Sallie was sleeping more at night and we were sort of starting to find our groove.

Monday was a fun day. I had gone to bed late but Sarah Lamar slept so well. I actually set an alarm to wake her up but she wasn't really interested in nursing much then. She fell back asleep and woke up when Peyton and the big kids left. And then we snuggled and she fell back asleep again. I dozed off a bit (I made sure the "sleep environment" was safe first) and finally got up when Peyton and the kids got home. I had a message from my friend Andrea that she was bringing over muffins. Peyton and the kids left for nature journaling after he took a quick shower and I picked up the kids' room a bit (library books and such) and then got on the computer until Andrea got here. She had her kids in the car so it was super quick. I jumped in the shower and dried my hair in about twenty minutes and then another friend, Mandy, came by and dropped off lunch! I ate and Peyton and the kids got back and then I fed Sallie. Peyton and I visited and he left to go swimming. I made our bed and collected laundry. I straightened in our room, the study, and the den and fixed the kids lunch. Sallie was sort of fussy off and on and Graves kept having meltdowns.

 Thoughtful girl. Her faces are just the best. I don't remember my other two being as expressive as early.

 Photobomb of brother's teeth. He's always there, right next to her head. He told me that her hair felt  like velvet and I cried because it totally does but it won't always. I was still having some hard moments.

Peyton got home just as Graves was mid fit and Sallie was screaming. She had a terrible diaper and we all changed it and busted out the cloth diapers since the disposable liners had come that day. Peyton and I talked a bit and I read a few blogs and uploaded and backed up pictures from my phone. We all got ready and headed to the swim meet. Right after we got there it thundered. We came home and all relaxed a bit and then regrouped and walked to the library.

 Last swim meet of the season for Big Sister. First swim meet for Baby Sister. When it started thundering, we decided not to wait it out. It didn't seem to bother happy little "Daisy" much at all

 He can never be left out of things with this one. At this point, he had carried her across the house (with a spotter!) about three times and he told me very seriously "Look, I can support her neck."

 One more because the sweetest head tilt! The longest newborn toes! And the cutest flower booty!

So proud of their ribbons!

I had a snack on the way and then read some magazines while we were there. Sarah Lamar slept the whole time in the stroller. We came home and got the big kids right to bed. Peyton cleaned up a bunch of Legos and I put up dishes, took out the bathroom and kitchen trash and recycling, swept in the kitchen, washed more dishes, and took the trash to the street. I read a few blogs, ate supper, and wrote a post.

I slept super late on Tuesday but had a really emotional morning after Peyton and the kids got back from swim team. I got up and had a muffin, got on the computer, and feed and changed the baby. Peyton left to go visit his brother and I made a to-do list, straightened up our room, the study, and the den, and finally got in the shower about one. I dried my hair and fixed the big kids lunch and settled down for a few minutes while they had free time/rest time.

 Second time in her actual crib so I could  finally get a shower. Graves moved the monkey stool over so he could visit with her but it was  actually helpful because I'm really too short to get her safely in it on the lowest setting as bitty of a baby as she still was (and we have it low so the crib skirt will touch- I got it on sale from Land of Nod and LOVE it but I hate it when companies cut corners, especially when it's not cheap stuff...I mean, it was cheap for me because SALE but that's besides the point). Anyway, she was pretty content with her aquarium but really I think it was because her brother and sister were like five feet away playing Legos. I think she may be like Graves and P- people give them energy

Follow up: relationships are SO important to me but people deplete mine and Annie's energy. Awhile back, I overheard Peyton talking to Annie about self-care. She had enjoyed a visit from her grandparents and a long walk AND swim with her brother and her papa and somehow she missed "rest time", which she told us might have been why she was so cranky. I love how self-aware she is (Peyton and I were recently talking about how she's usually willing to try new foods even though she has a good idea of if she'll like it or not) now we've just got to work on helping her create her own boundaries (Go read by yourself whenever you want to!). [She did decide that she too wanteed "a hundred thousand babies". And also told me her watermelon dress would match Sallie. OMG, who are you?!?] And I  noticed they both like to flex their toes and cross their feet.

Peyton got home and we talked a bunch. I read a few blogs and got on Facebook a bit and fed the baby. Peyton and I both played Legos with the big kids and I collected and started some laundry and and put up a bunch of dishes from the night before while Graves took a bath and Annie read and Peyton grilled vegetables. Peyton heated up some frozen soup for the kids and they ate supper. I ate with them and then we got them settled. Annie took her bath and I bathed the baby and then sent an email and did a few things. Peyton and I talked again for a long time and I fed the Sallie a few times over the course of a couple of hours. I started some laundry and then read some blogs and worked on a post. I changed over laundry, cleaned up some Legos, did dishes and went to bed.

 Sarah Lamar ate at midnight and was up around five. Peyton left to go work in Vicksburg not long after that.

The big kids woke up about eight thirty on Wednesday and had media time while Sallie and I rested some more. I fed Sallie and fixed their breakfast after they finished their shows and iPad time and then they played.

 Her toes are so long! And she loves to flex them. Peyton's momma said his were exactly the same way. They're basically fingers.

I ate my breakfast, fed the baby and changed her twice, got on the computer and made the bed. I texted Minnie and hopped in the shower. I dried my hair and the kids picked up their room some and then I straightened their beds. Sallie was snoozing so I got busy doing a few things around the house. I sent a couple of Facebook messages and then I hung up a bunch of laundry in the kids room, collected more laundry and sorted it, and dusted in the den. I dusted the blinds and scrubbed the windowsills and Windexed the actual window panes. Sarah Lamar woke up and I fed her and texted a friend. I put up dishes, fixed the kids lunch, and washed some more dishes. The big kids had rest time and it was a bit rough- nothing intense but Annie's ear was hurting, Graves was super whiney, and Sarah Lamar kept waking up a bunch and I couldn't get her settled. I read some blogs, started a post and ate lunch.

It actually ended up okay because I was able to really give Annie and Graves some more attention. We organized Annie's nightstand and Graves put up Legos and then we played pretend for longer than usual (about twenty minutes instead of ten) and read some. They had supper and I started a load of laundry, straightened a bit, and worked on a post some.

 She reminds me of Baby Huggums in these. I always thought Annie looked like a baby doll in them, too. They were so soft and warm, I got them in several sizes.
She also had her first bath at home and there is no better smell on earth. I can't think of anything in the world I'd rather be doing than snuggling and sniffing her.

 We did it! Peyton picked up a twelve hour shift in Vicksburg- he left at six that morning and was getting back pretty late.  The big kids were settled for the night (or as settled as it gets at our house ) and my little baby doll was finally resting for a bit. I thought  I might shut my eyes for a few minutes, too. And I sorta think Baby Sarah Lamar looks like Baby Sarah Denley here.

I got the kids settled and changed over laundry and worked on my post and read some blogs.
 Yeah, "settled" is kind of arbitrary at this house.

 Peyton got home and we talked and then he went to bed. Sallie got super fussy and that lasted about an hour. I was at the end of my rope and I finally put her down and got something to eat. She actually fell asleep and I went to bed shortly after that.

She slept pretty well and woke up around five and I feed her and changed her. I went back to sleep and she woke up again at seven and Peyton held her and she fell back asleep. Swim team got cancelled so he got up with the big kids and I slept until about nine something when Minnie called. Peyton got ready and left. He was working in Laurel and visiting with his brother and grandmother beforehand.

Thursday was ROUGH. I fed and changed Sallie and fixed mine and and the big kids' cereal. Mallory was coming over to drop off a treat and I was going to hop in the shower but I didn't really have time so I got on the computer a bit. Mallory stopped by and we visited for a few minutes and went out to the car to see Brennan- they were on their way out of town. I collected laundry and started a load and finished up what I was doing on the computer and helped the kids clean up their room. I straightened a bit in the study and FINALLY got in the shower. I was so frustrated by how long everything was taking. I talked to Peyton and he told me his grandmother was really sick. I got so upset. I sent the kids outside, finally got our bed made, fixed myself some lunch and called Minnie. Sallie rested and I changed over laundry and folded a load. I put up dishes, fixed the big kids lunch, and washed more dishes.

 Graves said that Sarah Lamar opening her eyes the previous week was "very rare", but that it wasn't anymore. He was spot on- she was much more alert already!

The kids came in and had rest time and I read a few blogs, made several collages on my phone, and nursed Sallie a few times when she got fussy. Minnie came over towards the end of rest time and visited for about an hour. I talked to her some but she mostly visited with the big kids. Sallie was cranky again and wouldn't settle. I did order a pizza after Peyton suggested it (don't have to tell me twice!) and when it got there Minnie left. The kids and I ate and then I read to them and played with them a bit. Annie got mad over something and refused to play but she actually got over it pretty fast. I got them settled and Sallie started fussing around nine and didn't settle down until about midnight. I had an awful headache and was so stressed out that last hour. I ended up putting her down a couple of times and just walking away for a few minutes. The big kids were up SUPER late too and I was just so exhausted. I fell asleep and Peyton finally got home around one and I woke back up. I talked to Peyton and went back to sleep.

Peyton said he got home from working around one in the morning and saw no reason to be especially quiet since everyone should have been pretty well asleep. He put down the remains of his lunch, and heard a loud and hearty (and somewhat villainous) "HA.HA.HA!" This was followed up by a back and forth between various action figures. Both kids were waiting for him  to come home from work and went to bed within about two minutes of him tucking them in. 

Sarah Lamar woke up around six on Friday and I fed her and then we went back to sleep. She woke up again at seven and Peyton took her for a bit and then took the big kids to swim team. I still had a bad headache. When they got home, I got up and took a bath and then got on the computer for a bit and had breakfast. I straightened, folded some clean towels, put up dry dishes, and started washing our sheets. Peyton worked on doing dishes and vacuuming and mopping the kitchen. I went through more magazines and got on the computer and read a few blogs and worked on a post. Peyton cut the yard and the big kids played outside.

one of my favorite things about Summer!

I changed over the laundry and ate something. Peyton was going to swim at our Y but there was only one lane open so we decided to all go to Briarwood. It was really nice and I had a great time.

I had one of those very ordinary moments I hope I never forget. We were at one of my favorite places in the whole world and Free Fallin' came on (why didn't we think to play awesome music over the speakers in the evening?!?). I sang it to Sarah Lamar and she fell asleep in my arms. It was such a simple thing, but everything felt perfect for a minute. She was so happy surrounded by things I love so much. She's a good girl, crazy bout Tom Petty. Loves her momma and Briarwood, too. 

After that, we headed straight to my parents's house and ate supper and visited.

On Fridays, when we know we'll be seeing our Minnie, we like to wear our vintage day gowns circa 1985. I had to share this picture Mickey took. First of all, he has a much better iPhone than I do. Secondly, I love that he changed his handle to RobPrerryDog (which is what his army buddies called him). It made me laugh so hard. If you're going to curate an image, go with PrerryDog. But mostly I love how much he already loves our Sallie Girl. I love how he says her name. I love how he talks to her in the same sweet voice he talks to his dogs in. I love how he told me he thought she was going to be so pretty and especially how pretty her little mouth is and then she smiled at him and he told everyone about it. I love how, while Peyton, Minnie, and Annie decidedly prefer the 18 mo. + stages, he's with me and Bud on Team Tiny Baby. A grandfather is a special thing, as evidenced by her name- one P and I had never had much affinity for but now I couldn't possible dream of anything different. I can't wait to watch her love him.

We bathed both the big kids- I did Graves and Peyton did Annie and headed home around nine thirty. Graves fell asleep in the car and Annie fell asleep shortly after. I started some cloth diapers washing and fed the baby and she rested and I did a few things on the computer and changed over the laundry and put fresh sheets on our bed. I had such a bad headache. I had a snack and went to bed.

I fed Sarah Lamar right before I went to sleep at one and then again at five and at eight. 

I was beyond grateful that the kids slept super late on Saturday. They got up around ten something and had media time and I got up around eleven something. The waking up during the night wasn't too bad (especially since Sallie had started going nice four or five hour stretches) but with this sinus stuff I was SO tired. Anyway, the kids and I had late breakfasts and I got on the computer quickly and took a shower and then fed Sallie. I was a little frustrated with myself for not waking her up sooner. Anyway, after that the big kids went outside and Sarah Lamar and I hung out.

And on Saturdays, we TRULY go casual. We own very, very few "word onsies" but these little Life is Good onsies with the banded sleeves (I love t-shirts with "trim") that a friend gave Annie are still some of my favorite things. My little Love Bug. 

 I texted a few people and did some other things I needed to do and just enjoyed watching the big kids play out the window. I got them to come in and clean up their room after a while and I collected laundry and started a load and fixed macaroni and cheese from a box for lunch.

We were obviously a few hours behind on our day and I had meant to go to the library but it closes at four on Saturdays and it was getting close to three. I asked the kids if they wanted to hustle and try to make it. I had a book on hold and I knew we could get it on Tuesday but I thought it might be fun for all of us. They did so we all hurried and finished lunch, I fed Sarah Lamar and got a diaper bag together and we got on our way. We only had about fifteen minutes until we needed to check out so I told the kids they could each get three books. Graves had a hard time deciding but overall they did great and Sallie started fussing right about then. We checked out and headed home.
Library at the eleventh hour with Batman and Robin because Robin keeps pressuring me to start homeschooling her again and the book I put on hold to help me do so has already gotten put back once. And Batman got offended when someone driving by complimented his "costume". Because these are clearly just his clothes. Otherwise why would he be wearing them on walking errands when it's four billion degrees on a cloudy day this Summer?  

When we got home the big kids had rest time and I nursed Sallie again and she slept most of the time. I read some blogs, got on Instagram, and worked on a post. I had a snack and rested a little bit.

When rest time was over I helped the kids pick up their room and then started some laundry and fixed them supper. I uploaded pictures from my phone and backed them up and I was about to start dishes but Sallie woke up and was pretty fussy. The big kids kept needing things and the cat started screeching and it was rough for a bit. Annie actually fixed her and Graves something else to eat and I got Sallie settled a bit. I held her and read to them from their library books and then we brushed teeth and read the Bible. We sort of talked instead of playing and after they were settled, I fed Sarah Lamar again and then got on the computer a bit. Peyton got home with groceries and we put those up and I did dishes and had my supper and then read some more blogs and worked on a post.

{caught some of the night party...}

 I folded a bunch of laundry and talked to Annie and Peyton and then finished up some computer stuff and went to bed.

Peyton working two out of town (but within driving distance)shifts that week was kind of tough. When Annie and Graves waited up for P on Thursday we had kind of thought they were just caught up in playing but they fell asleep minutes after they saw his face. Then he and Annie fell asleep on the couch like this. During the night he got her and snuggled with her, which she typically doesn't like (he and Graves LOVE to snuggle anytime, anyplace, and probably with anyone and I do, but very much on my own terms). I asked her if she knew he snuggled with her and she said "yes, I snuggled with his feet before I fell asleep". Annie Banani missed her papa! I was glad for the weekend and "early" nights of him getting home by 8:30.

I set an alarm to feed the baby at six on Sunday since I had fed her at one before I went to bed and she woke up right before it went off. She nursed really well but had a hard time falling back asleep. Peyton sister's texted us about seven thirty to say that she had gone into labor and their baby had come during the night! I went back to sleep after Peyton left for work and Sallie didn't wake up again until a bit before ten. The big kids woke up around then too and had media time and I snuggled with Sallie after she finished eating. I changed her diaper and got up for the day around ten thirty. I got on the computer and had my breakfast and fed the baby again and then hopped in the shower. I made our bed and collected laundry and started sending a FB message to a friend. Sallie wanted to eat and then I needed to help the kids with their room. Honestly, cleaning up their room- even with me helping- took nearly two hours; albeit I stopped to change Sallie's diaper I think three(!!!) times and feed her twice and they paused to dress up literally all their Beanie Boos. So I guess that's not terrible. I fixed their lunch and started a load of laundry and then ate mine. I was sort of tired and also upset because I had picked up Sallie from the crib without using a stool and it seemed like she could have gotten hurt and it just bothered me.

Thinking about her being three weeks old. Time will never not confound me and exponentially so since becoming a mother. On the one hand it seemed like a million years ago that I felt like I'd be the first human to be pregnant forever. On the other hand, I couldn't believe it had been almost a whole month since we figured out that Sister Baby was our beautiful Sarah Lamar.

Rest time helped. Sallie was up a good bit of it and I nursed her a couple of times but she was mostly happy and calm and I put her down some and then she finally fell asleep. Graves and Annie were a little needy but not too bad and they ended up wanting to extend rest time a bit to work on making puppets. I read some blogs and planned my blogging for the week and looked over some old emails. I changed over laundry and had a snack. I took the big kids' monthly picture (for June, ugh!) and then fixed them supper. I emptied the bathroom trash and took it and the recycling out and did dishes. I fed Sarah Lamar and got her settled and then served the big kids supper and vacuumed in the den. They ate supper and then I brushed their teeth and read to them. Peyton got home and we all played and then got the kids settled.

OMG, y'all. Is this like an Annie remix? Another Play Baby? She had been sleeping one five to six consecutive hour stretch and it was SO nice. I was still setting my alarm, though, because I really didn't  want her going more than five regularly just yet.
Anyway, I was trying on bonnets while the baby doll sleeps. She looked a little Prairie a woman to me with the granny print gown.

Peyton and I talked some and I fed Sarah Lamar and then he watched a movie and I read some blogs, uploaded and edited pictures, and finished a post.

Up next: July! (Now that' it's October...)

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