Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What I Learned in September

I always love sharing some things I learned each month. He's what I leaned in September:

1.  I feel so much better able to care for Sallie- and myself- now that she's on the outside. I had a really rough week mid month, physically and emotionally. I had literally one of the worst headaches of my life (so bad that I threw up) and it was right after Granny died and I was just tired and sad. But also really grateful to know I could just sleep it off and not have to try to make a decision about going to the hospital to make sure everything was okay pregnancy wise, that Peyton could help with the baby in a way he obviously couldn't when she was inside of me, and that a health problem with me wouldn't directly effect her in the same way. 

2. There's a reason we can't be anywhere that requires us to have our hair brushed before ten am.  
The other night at eleven o'clock I walked in the kitchen and found Peyton, Graves, and Annie kaking a chocolate cake and listening to Bob Marley with Annie wearing this number Minnie wore when she was young. Peyton's idea. 

3. I certainly still spend money on things but I've changed a lot in the way I spend it.  
Ann Peyton had two swimsuits her first Summer and she only ever wore them to model in our living room after the first of September. I'd have been hard pressed to have bought Sarah Lamar one and she spent more time at the pool than most newborns I know.

4. I can get alot accomplished when it's just me and the girls. 
One day earlier this month, Peyton took Graves to run errands and they were gone for about six hours. I had both girls and we did school literally that whole time. Annie did math with no complaining and even started a worksheet on a lesson I hadn't taught yet (and was pretty successful with it). I told her she could have a break between math and English and she begged to keep going. We even made time to do a sewing project I've been putting off and write a thankyou note. Then she asked if I could read aloud to her and then she could do her narration work while she had a snack. 

5. Also, Annie thrives on a routine. I have probably said this a couple or twelve times (maybe even in a WIL post) but I feel like the older she gets the more apparent it is. That same day that P took Graves for several hours, Annie woke up and dressed, brushed her hair, and finished cleaning her room which she and Graves had started working on before going to bed last night before even asking me for screen time. I think a LOT of her good attitude was that we started being much more consistent with her. Which, duh, structure and routine and met expectations make her momma much happier, too. And really, most people. Graves and P could care less and they can fly by the seat of their pants if they want, but I think we all benefit.

6.And goodness, girlfriend needs her space. Another day she told me, through sobs, "I thought this was supposed to be an OCCASIONAL thing and now it's gotten totally out of control", referring to her brother spending rest time in the den with her instead of their room. She had just had her BFF over to play (plus a combined five little siblings) and she had so much fun but the people hangover was BAD and we had to work on decompressing while still being gentle with Brother. Whew.

7. Peyton does a lot of things with excellency, but dressing a baby is somehow not in his skill set.  
I subbed last week at one of my favorite places and it worked out great because I had a really nice lunch break and Graves's Little Gym class is five minutes from the school so I met them there to nurse Sarah Lamar (the class is full of moms who are also doulas and are like "don't worry about a cover!"- so nice). Anyway, I didn't have to haul my pump! And, because the timing was perfect and girlfriend knows how to compensate later, she actually didn't even need a bottle the rest of the time. BUT. Look what Peyton put Sister Baby in. He was like "it was in her drawer". Her PAJAMA drawer, Bro. As a back up pair, at that. Whatever. He took them all to the class and then swimming and later did a pointillism project with the big ones. Can't complain. But it works better when she has her momma's help with getting dressed. 

8. A couple of great responses to teach kids to say when they try and don't like or already know they dislike are: “I’m glad I tried it, but its not for me” and “Thanks, but I haven’t yet learned to appreciate that”. I saw this in the comments of a post on Cup of Jo and thought it was ingenious. 

9. I can actually produce a baby that leans large.  
She has some pjs that are a little loose in the feet but but they are 6-9 mo. and they definitely fit my three month old length wise. Where did this girl come from?!? And also STOP. Imma put a brick on your head, Babykins. 

10. I love when her paci happens to coordinate with her jams). That's such a random quirk, right?

I hope September was a month of learning and growth for you, too. I'd love to hear about it! 

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