Thursday, November 24, 2016

Letter to (Five Year and Five Month Old) Graves

 Dear Graves,

You are at such a fun age right now. Recently you were eating a red popsicle and you said "hey, this red thing is the color of my father'a light saber". Sometimes I think you almost truly believe you are Luke Skywalker. I remember when Annie was five and the way she lived so much of life in little imaginary world. It's such a wonderful age!

So, I ran into a little guy at the Baptist church who thinks he's an Episcopalian. Hahaha. You dropped your crayon under the seat and told me "I'll get it at the Peace...or when we go get the bread". Next month, Dude. This is as liturgical as Baptist gets.

One really neat thing happened recently. It's so hard to know what you guys are and aren't absorbing sometimes. So, you had become quite stuck on playing with weapons and killing all the bad/good/"bad and good" people. This of course, coincided with beginning to love Star Wars. We were trying to gently guide your play (like the category of "bad and good people") while also giving you freedom to explore concepts in this world that Papa and I are uncomfortable with (see: violence). So we struck a deal that if you would ditch any weapons that look somewhat convincingly like real weapons (old metal cap guns made to look real, etc), we'd go buy a nerf gun or something similar as long as it couldn't be mistaken for a real weapon.You  agreed and we headed out one night to pick it up. Ann Peyton has no interest in weapons and said as much- but we agreed that she could also pick something out.We arrived at the store with vast choices- and you had trouble deciding. We ended up checking out two stores and as AP settled on her toy, but you were still unable to decide. AP changed three times and bought something because it's what she came to do- she typically NEVER asks to buy things and is happy with what she has, but when she's going to purchase something, she'll be walking out with something it seems. You, however, are quite different. You daily- and I mean DAILY tell us whatyou'll buy with your next birthday money. So, we pushed you to choose or we'd be leaving empty handed and you said something that stunned us, as you're able to do so well. "Papa", you said "didn't you say if you saved your money you could buy more later because you would have more." After we recovered from the initial shock we told you yes. We had been hoping y'all would absorb this in the next few years at some point. You looked up and said, "I think I'll just wait to get something later." WHAT?! This is the guy who daily makes mental list of what to buy- including things you don't really care about just because you like the concept of buying things. It just goes to show that we never really know which lessons will sink in as we're trying to teach them to y'all. We were blown away you got this concept (I don't know that Ann Peyton really even has much of a grasp on it yet). You can't count to eight yet and you have trouble with concrete objects, but you can can pick up this sort of thing much easier than Annie. You guys teach us so much and we love experiencing so much of life with y'all. 

The other day, I heard a crash and then you brought me the shower curtain, rod, and liner. Hours later, I heard another loud noise and came in the kitchen and found a piece of the kitchen table on the floor. The funny/ironic thing is, you had had the best morning you'd ever had at church. Literally. You were relatively quiet and still during the service- not the way Annie is, but exceptional for you on your best day. And your Sunday school teacher bragged on how sweet and responsible you were helping out a new little girl. AND you left all your action figures in a bag on a hook like I instructed you to- you told me that you really wanted to obey me. But when we got home I found you slinging around a jug of chocolate milk and then the shower curtain and then the table. Annie said the chocolate milk would have been the worst if it had busted but you said the table was because a nail came out and if you stepped on it "it could bleed you". Honestly, we are realizing on the daily that you are a lot more perceptive than her and have loads more common sense. I wouldn't trade either of you.

I've got to share a  few recent conversations, as well...
Papa: "Graves, you already have a spoon (to eat breakfast) buddy."
Graves: "I don't work well with one spoon."

Graves: (with geniune sadness) "I wish she'd stay a baby forever"
Annie: "Ugh, GRAVES, people are fun at every age."

Graves: "How about this...every day we get two meals of cereal?"
Momma: "Um...nope."

You are so sweet and wonderful. You often make your way to our bed in the early morning hours before dawn has broken. And Sarah Lamar likes to cuddle after she eats breakfast around seven or eight. The spot between y'all is all mine. This soft, still hour is one of my favorites and one where y'all both feel like babies to me.

You are amazing and wonderful and we love you so much.

Momma (and Papa)

P.S.  Your pants and top are a 4T.


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