Monday, November 21, 2016

Letter to (Five Year and Four Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

As usual, I have some fun stuff, interesting stories, and hysterical quotes to share with you.

We've been having a lot of fun lately- you attended your cousin's Star Wars birthday party recently and we've all been cooking together.

Papa singed up for a shift in Oxford awhile back and Walgreens pays for his hotel and his driving time (and apparently the hotel will throw in the crib without charging the standard ten dollars if you ask nicely) so we decided to all go along for the ride. It was our first trip as a family of five and it was actually a lot of fun. It had been awhile since you had been so we took y'all on a little campus tour and even had a mini civil rights lesson at the James Meredith statue.

Y'all really enjoyed the hotel stay and having breakfast in the lobby after we dropped papa off was a big hit as was having cable. Then we had a few hours to kill until Papa's shift ended so we ate lunch at Newk's, visited Petsmart, and had dessert and enjoyed the play place at CFA. We picked him up and walked around the square and spent about an hour in Square Books, Jr. while it poured. Sarah Lamar woke up for a good bit (perfect!) and we shared an early supper at Ajax and headed home. There were a few pull my hair out moments and I do HATE driving in unfamiliar places, but overall it was pretty easy. You guys are, gratefully, pretty flexible. (I, typically, am not.) You and Graves fell asleep on the way home said "oh no, we'll probably be on that bad schedule again". By which you meany y'all go to sleep at two in the morning. Win some, lose some.

One of the funniest things you've said lately was one the trip. We were watching Animal Planet at night in the hotel (ain't what it used to be, guys) and it said "the male frog will attempt to mate with anything that has a heartbeat...even a toad." And then you asked "it can even mate with a human?!?" Good question, Graves, but hard nope on that one.

We lost Granny at the end of the Summer, but before she died we made several trips down to see her. I remember you were talking about the first time we went after Sarah Lamar was born. You were talking about Baby Sallie and you told us "I think she made a new friend named Granny. And she has an old friend named Graves".

Speaking of Sallie, you are just so sweet to her. You let her borrow Green Blanket and you told me one day that "It's very hard for a tiny girl not to cry" I asked you why that was and just said "Well, that's how it is with babies...don't know how to control themselves." That's actually sorta how it is with five year old boys, too, haha.

So many people have told me they see you in her. It took me awhile bun I finally saw it. It's the noses. It is so the noses.

I will say, it is revolutionary having you and Annie be big enough to trust. As responsible as she was, I didn't trust Annie alone with you for ten seconds at two. But I pretty much started leaving you guys alone with her day one. I mean, I wouldn't go take a nap or anything and I don't leave her in the middle of the floor but I secure her in something and go about my business and trust you and Annie not to do any damage. That's a HUGE thing, especially with you and something I wasn't expecting to be a reality for years We talk a lot about guidelines and safety and you've really impressed me. You do love to "hug" her head, which looks terrifyingly like a choke hold but is actually pretty gentle and she's SUCH a sport and never cries and rarely even wakes up.

Back during the Summer, I had a really hard time with her being the last baby we're having this way. You ask me often if we can have "just one more". And it broke my heart to tell you that Sallie was our one more. But it's gotten easier and I think you've adjusted to the idea, too. And I'm hopeful we'll either foster or adopt someday down the road. 

Of course you still have so much fun with Annie. One thing y'all love to do is making a "train" out of the kitchen chairs when I move them into the den to mop. Y'all usually make your first stop in the Amazon Rainforest because it's so "close" and then head on to (usually imaginary) planets. Y'all recently let Sallie be the conductor!

You are such a sweet, precious, funny boy and we love you so much!

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. You are wearing two different men's shirts- one is a large and one is a medium, I think =)

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