Thursday, November 24, 2016

Letter to (Seven Year and Five Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

There's been a lot going on lately. First of all, your cousin Simeon turned seven and had a Star Wars birthday and that was super fun. In less happy news, Granny finally went to heaven. We had been spending a lot of time with her and it was time. It hurts, but I'm very at peace about it. I hope you guys remember what a wonderful, special person she was.

We also started going back to church after taking a little break when Baby Sallie came. The first day back there was some serious teeth gnashing before we left home when I wouldn't allow you to wear your shark pajama top under yourbishop dress.

A friend at church asked you if liked having a baby sister and you basically shrugged and said "ummm". Which is pretty much how you feel. You are a big help, though, and I know you'll enjoy her a lot once she can walk and and talk and play.

You've been helping me prepare a meal about once a week and that's been really fun. I let you pick a recipe and we work on it together. You are also such a nature girl! You were cracking me up the other day- using a Talinti ice cream pint for toad catching.

You finally lost your first tooth.  You were brushing with baking soda and you told me that you said to yourself "Oh my gosh! Is that a clump of baking soda in the sink or is that my loose tooth?!?"

You Aunt Cookie was so upset with me because we aren't fairy people. Papa asked you if you'd like to leave your tooth and see if a tooth fairy came for it and you said "Eh, I don't think that's real". We then asked you if she wanted us to just get you a little happy and you said "Nope, I don't really need anything". Somebody has caught onto Voluntary Simplicity (and hates having more junk to clean up).
What you did get was a special solo date with Minnie. There aren't toys or dollar bills that will make you as happy as that.

Another recent favorite quote from you was when you said "Momma, after my bath can I have a few minutes for tobogganing?" Tub time with Annie, in which, after the water is drained you slide around on your tummy emulating a penguin.

One of Minnie's good friends just acquired a pet bird and Minnie picked up just you and took you for a special visit. You wore your bird dress and asked me all morning when Minnie would get here. You LOVED meeting "Jill" (the bird) and told us all about how you drank lemonade. You also told me that you didn't want to stay TOO long because you might miss Graves (who was already missing you before you left and who told me he missed Sallie while she was in the nursery for three hours- y'all are all a little co-dependent, haha). I told you just to talk to Minnie about it before they got there and I was sure she'd understand. You said "oh, I'm sure she will- Minnie knows how much I like Graves!".

For school, you did a family tree project and you made these super involved (though not necessarily "pretty" or even neat) pictures of Papa dispensing and me serving grilled cheese sandwiches. This is one area of homeschooling I've really started to ponder. You guys are slowwwww. In one sense, it's concerning because the world is not going to slow down for y'all and the end goal (or one of them) is for you to be able to function in it. But in another sense, I really have no desire for you to adopt the pace most of our society functions at, that many in our culture claim is necessary. Like everything, I'm sure there's a balance to be found somewhere.

That said, when you get on a roll, you get ON A ROLL. One morning awhile back you woke up, dressed, brushed your hair, and finished cleaning your room that you and Graves had started working on before going to bed last night before. Papa took Graves to run errands and they were gone for a good while. I had you and Sallie and we did school literally that whole time. YOu did math with no complaining and even started a worksheet on a lesson I hadn't taught yet (and was pretty successful with it). I told you that you could have a break between math and English and you begged to keep going. We even made time to do a sewing project I've been putting off and write a thankyou note. Then you asked if I could read aloud to her and then you could do her narration work while you had a snack. I think a LOT of your good attitude is that we're being much more consistent with you. Which, duh, structure and routine and met expectations make your momma much happier, too. And really, most people. Graves and Papa could care less and they can fly by the seat of their pants if they want, but I think we all benefit.

 Annie, you are so much fun right now. I love Age Seven. And I love you so much.

Momma (and Papa) 

P.S. Your jeans are (I think) a 6 and your elephant top is a 7. You are obsessed with it! 


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