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November Goals and Happenings

Not my favorite background or header, to be honest. I just don't love Fall colors as much. I had tried doing the tittle in the blue green color from the background and I really liked it, but once again it didn't show up well. I do love the pictures of my sweet babies and our fun hiking trip, but even the quote feels off. It's a new favorite song of mine and I adore it, but not so much as a quote, I guess.

I guess I'm doing better since I'm not quite half way into the month posting this. Actually, if it wasn't for some unforseen stuff, I'd have had it up much closer to the start of the month. October was a fun month- though really different from our usual. We stayed with my grandmother the very first week of the month so that my parents could go help Cookie and Conrad move into their new house. And then we took our big camping trip. I need to do a full post on it (probably in six months at this rate, though). Anyway, I thought it was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. But between the two of those things, we didn't do a ton else and that was really good.

  November is off to a fun start. On the agenda:
- I've already worked my Mistletoe shifts (clearly, since it's over).
- I also made an appointment and took some clothes to consign.
- We have our normal weekly things going on- science projects with the homeschool group on Monday,
   P.E. on Wednesday for Annie, and Little Gym for Graves on Thursday. We've also added piano into the       mix on Friday since a SUPER SWEET friend offered to teach her at no cost.
- And we get together for a cousin play date either Tuesday or Thursday night after their swim practice.
- I have my Mclean Fletcher Center work every other Monday.
- I'd love to sub a couple of times if I can.
- We actually took another trip this week for a precious friend's momma's funeral :-/(Part of the reason I'm as late as I am on this).
- And, this is probably way TMI, but that's how I roll...there's a little thing called a vasectomy that went down this past Monday. I'm more okay than I anticipated.

Here were my October goals, which I'm also keeping really low key since we have a big trip and not much month left:

1. Continue a practice of daily prayer while we're on the trip. I did about as well as I've been doing in general, I'd say. (Faith)

2. Enjoy our time together camping and hiking and traveling and try not to allow stress to take hold. I was really surprised with how well I did this. I honestly think it's all about preparing myself mentally and emotionally for a situation. (Family)

3. Have a (super low key) Halloween party. Well, we didn't do this. But I think it was totally okay. Instead, we put together a bumble bee themed party for the big kids' friend Maddie, since we were on the trip on the day of her actual party. And we also went to a Halloween party and helped contribute treats. And trick-or-treated. I think we did just fine. (Relationships)

4. HIKE! We didn't do as much hiking as we planned to (or as P planned to, I had little to no expectations for the trip) but we had so much fun doing the hiking we did do. (Health)

5. Resume blogging routine as soon as we get home and try to write some more word heavy posts while traveling. I feel like I've done okay with the first part. Terrible with the latter. We did take the computer so I could type up some drafts in a word document or use the WiFi when we stayed in motels, but it just didn't happen. Like at all. I wasn't telling myself I had to do it, so I didn't give myself any grief when it didn't happen. (Creativity/Passion)

6. Read Simply Good News and discuss at book club. I did read it, but I didn't finish it. Not because I didn't enjoy it. I just ran out of time. Luckily, nobody in the group had read the whole thing. Ha! (Education/Edification)

7. Pack for trip (and not at the very last minute). I didn't put it off too bad and I didn't get stressed over it. (Organization)

8. Take our camping/hiking trip. Hm, well that was an easy one (Travel)

9. Buy Annie a solid shirt to wear under her church dresses and then press pause on spending for a bit. Yeah, I forgot about that. But actually she's been wearing a white turtleneck of Graves and I may just let them share and alternate it between them the entire Winter. LOL. (Finances)

10. Make the most of the time in the car- fill it with music, books (if they don't make me sick), and good discussions with Peyton. This was one of my favorite things about the trip, actually! We listened to less music than I'd have liked because we listened to a lot of Magic Treehouse books on tape. Which was surprisingly not as boring as I might have imagined. But we all had lots of good conversation! (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)

11. Address and mail birth announcements. I have a few more I need to get addresses for, but mostly yes, it's done. Praise God. It was getting so awkward. (Additional Goal) 

12. Buy kids' Halloween costumes.  I did this, too! I wasn't counting on a theme but it wound up being one of the cutest years yet, I think- two pirates, two parrots, and a prisoner! Having a baby is always SO fun at Halloween. (Additional Goal)

13. Campaign for Gary Johnson. Yes! Mal and I took our combined four kids and made the small loop around the neighborhood. It wasn't than many houses, but it counts for something, right? Actually, it counts for a lot. I get an 'A' for effort and for educating the children a little. (Additional Goal)

14. Burn my new Fall candle some. Nope, and I make no apologies. It's been way too hot for that to be anything other than gross. (Fun Goal)

15. Change over all three kids wardrobes for Fall. So glad to have this done! (Bonus Goal)

16. Consign Fall/Winter stuff that I know we won't use. I did this and it felt so great! I took a bunch, but I still have a bunch left I need to donate or trash and some Summer stuff to send to my parents' storage unit for Cookie (or if we adopt) down the road. (Bonus Goal)

And here are my November goals. Since I've been making these a little more themed, this month's focus is gratefulness!

1. Fill my prayer life with gratitude. We talked about this in Sunday school today- how the most important prayer is "thank you". I think that's absolutly true, but I don't say it enough. I've kept up with my "thankfuls" each November for years now, but I'm not sure I'm really consistantly telling the Lord thank you as often as I want to. (Faith)

2. Plan and give a housewarming party for my brother and sister in law who just bought their first house. I'm not one hundred percent sure it'll happen this month, but I'm thinking it's probable. Such an exciting time for them! (Family)

3. Make dinner for a friend who just had a baby. Clearly we were just on the receiving end of this kind of love and it means so much and is really not that hard. Hopefully it will be cool enough for soup or chili soon! (Relationships)

4. Significantly back off OTC medicine. I've gotten to where I take so much over the counter medicine for my headaches and sinus stuff, especially this time of year. I know it's going to be tough, but I at least want to be aware and try to cut back some. (Health)

5.  Resume blogging routine as soon as we get home and try to write some more word heavy posts while traveling. I'm leaving this on here because it's a good month to really work toward my goals with catching up and it's important to me. (Creativity/Passion)

6.  Finish Simply Good News and start The Righteous Mind by Jonathon Haidt. This is our new bookclub book and I'm really excited about it! (Education/Edification)

7. Organize and back up my pictures on two hard drives. This is a pretty big goal but I at least need to start working on it. (Organization)

8. Take a short trip to Alabama for a friend's momma's funeral. We may stop at a state park or something on the way back just for a bit. (Travel)

9. Get caught up on personal finances. Even if I don't do it on our online finance system (which I NEED to do) I at least want it done for my own records. (Finances)

10. Daily list my Thankfuls. I always enjoy this discipline so much! (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)

11. Take Christmas card picture. Needs to be done before December. I already have outfit ideas in mind! (Additional Goal)

12. Do my closet changeover. Hopefully, it'll be cool enough to matter soon. (Additional Goal)

13. Burn the candle. Assuming it gets cold, ever. (Fun Goal)

14. Watch The West Wing. With this awful election, I'm going to consider it self-care. (Fun Goal)

Here's to November, a month for gratitude and thanksgiving. May we be mindful of our many blessings and express our gratitude towards one another and heavenward. 

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