Wednesday, November 2, 2016

She Doesn't Remember Life Without Him

Shortly after Graves was born, I was having such a hard time. He was not the easiest baby but the harder part was what a difficult transition it was for Annie, who was exactly two years old at the time. I second guessed everything, even wondering if it would have been more wise to have waited until she was a bit older for another baby. 

One of my dearest friends told me something that I still consider one of the wisest things she's ever said to me. She said "SD, she will never remember her life without him and that's a very special thing". 

I've told that to countless friends struggling with having two "babies" and more than one has commented how meaningful it was to hear that.

 Of course, most people know that Annie and Graves grew up to be each other's best friend. 

One of my favorite things lately has been telling Annie about memories and just things that sit in the deep parts of my heart. When we got to this page in Mr. Putter and Tabby Pour Tea (which is such a darling book, btw) I had her stop and I said "That's interesting. Do you know what Miss Carrie told me about you and Graves when you were two years old...." 

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