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Weekly Happenings Post #380 (July 11-17)-- One Month of Sallie Girl and the Recovery Road for Papa

Well, Sallie turned a month old and had some fussy days and nights. And this was the first week of the process of getting back to normal after P's accident. Thankfully, he's tough and it didn't slow him down much!

I got up a bit earlier on Monday (it was still around ten, ha!). Sallie had eaten before I went to bed at two and she woke up at seven and then I snuggled with her and Peyton got on up. We went back to sleep until ten and then I fed her, made up the kids' beds and straightened a bit, and hopped in the shower and dried my hair. Our friend Paul came by and dropped off a meal and we visited with him a bit and then Peyton left for work. I started some laundry (or thought I did), made up our bed, and tried to have lunch. Sarah Lamar got fussy and I changed and fed her and held her awhile and she finally settled down for a good nap. I ate my lunch, went through my email and Feedly, and looked at eBay for some shoes for Peyton and also at how much it would cost to make a large print of a picture. Annie and Graves wanted to take the sheets off their beds and make a fort and I told them sure but they had to clean up some other stuff first. They did that and after a bit I helped them finish picking up and then they worked on their fort and froze some of their action figures in water in the freezer.

Annie and Graves froze these plastic peas and turkey (?!?) They are such weirdos. But they are weirdos who are becoming increasingly adept at getting their own food from the fridge and freezer. You win some, you loose some.

Follow up: the big kids (Peyton heard me refer to them as such and thought it was so cute and funny- it's interesting what will provoke a reaction from him) were pretending to freeze their action figures in "carbonite"(sp?). Sometimes I worry I don't interact with them enough, but I love that they still don't know the word "bored" (PerksofHomeschooling) and are so creative when I give them space to be.

I went over to the neighbor's house to asked about one of our cats that had been missing a few days and fixed the big kids lunch. I checked on the laundry and realized I had never started it which frustrated me because it was a cloth diaper load and they take forever anyway. I went ahead and sorted some more laundry to be ready and started that cycle. I charged the camera, wrote a few thank you notes, and read my devotion.

The kids had rest time and I started Sallie's one month letter (sob!!!) and read some blogs. She slept most of it and woke up at the very end. I read a couple of magazine and nursed her and then I let Graves play with her on her playmat. I did a bunch of dishes and then did math with both kids. Annie read to Sallie and Graves and then our neighbor came over and dropped off dinner.

A little evening read aloud. It seems like just yesterday Annie was Sarah Lamar's age and I was reading to her. I don't think I missed a day her entire infancy. It was probably the one thing I did consistently and with zeal that first year.
I read to them and did their Bible story and we played and then they had supper. I got their teeth brushed and got them settled and fed the baby. Peyton got home and she was fussing so he took her and I ate and then he ate his supper. We watched a movie together and I folded laundry.

You know what is the worst? When you legit latch on to your papa's elbow and realize you can't nurse.

I got on the computer briefly and then went to bed. Sallie woke up around seven on Tuesday and had a hard time going back to sleep. Peyton was working that afternoon, so I didn't want to wake him up. Around nine, though, he took her and I slept a while longer. I finally got up and got on the computer and did a few things. I took a head shot of Peyton for work and the kids opened a package that came in the mail. I fed Sallie and sent an email and a couple of Facebook messages and went through Feedly. I finally ate lunch and got my shower and it was after two. I made up the bed and fixed the big kids something to eat (they had eaten a really late breakfast).

I just couldn't seem to get anything done and the day was pretty frustrating. Graves had a nosebleed and he mostly cleaned himself up but I needed to clean up the floor and wash the couch cushions. I took some pictures of Sallie, planned the rest of the week (including school), and worked on thank you notes a bit.

Fell asleep during the photo shoot. Probably because it's as hot in this room as it is outside so she loved it. Maybe she'll be so flexible we'll just move her in there when we have to renovate our house to get it up to code for babies I don't birth.

Annie and Graves kept fighting during rest time and the baby was up off and on. And I had a weather headache. I read a few blogs and then we all cleaned up.

You might live at the Schoolhouse in the Suburbs if math manipulatives come in the mail and you rip open the box and start making things right by the front door

Dinosaur/dragon feast with the base ten blocks.

The kids had been playing in their room, the hall, and the den but we actually got it done pretty quickly. They took baths and I fixed their supper and then they ate. While they were in the tub, I started some laundry, straightened around the house, and swept in their room. I was going to vacuum it the next day but it was driving me nuts and I wanted to sweep under Annie's bed anyway. I fixed them supper and started uploading pictures. Peyton got home and they were still eating.

When I uploaded the pictures, it started uploading everything from the camera. Peyton had uploaded some to his laptop and it messed everything up. I worked on it for awhile and then realized that I just needed to upload them all and delete them. Well, I didn't create a specific folder and they got all mixed in with my other pictures. Grrr. I made sure they were all backed up, deleted them, and then retransfered them from the hard drive. I realized a few hadn't been on the hard drive and rescued them from the recycle bin. The whole process took hours and then I uploaded and edited the new pictures. I ate something and read a few blogs and went to bed.
Think I'll keep my baby in our room a bit longer. It's gonna be a while before we let Sallie Girl join these night parties.

Peyton had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday and I got up and fed the baby right as he got home around nine thirty (she had slept from three until then!). I got on the computer and sent a few Facebook messages and an email. Sallie was kind of cranky and it took me so long to get anything done. I went through my email and reader and then finally took a shower and had lunch. It was super late again by the time I got all that done.
 Oh, guys. Graves let Babes borrow Green Blanket.
Anyway, I finally made up our bed and straightened a little. Sarah Lamar had a diaper rash so I put down a mattress cover in the Pack N Play and put her down without anything on. She of course teeteed everywhere after a bit so I started some laundry and bathed her, which I had wanted to do anyway. I nursed her and then looked over Annie's math some and fixed the big kids lunch and did half a sinkful of dishes. I helped the kids pick up their room and put fresh sheets on their beds. I dusted in the bedrooms and the study and then we got ready to go to the pool. I fed Sallie and we headed to Briarwood.

We had a nice time and when we got home, I had a snack, fixed the kids supper, started a load of cloth diapers, and then vacuumed in the bedrooms and the study while Peyton went to do the recycling. Sallie woke up and I fed her and we got the big kids ready for bed and then I ate something myself. Graves pulled just about everything out of his closet and Sallie had some fussiness. Peyton and I talked some and then I vacuumed in the den and did dishes and he cleaned the microwave and cut up a watermelon. I got on the computer for awhile and then finally finished the dishes, changed over laundry, and folded some bath towels. I had a snack and went to bed.

Thursday was an interesting day. For some reason, Sallie ended up having a ROUGH day. I think something I ate may have bothered her because I had a bit of heartburn. Ugh. Anyway, she slept great from about two until eight something that morning, woke up and ate, and then went back to sleep until eleven. Peyton was really sweet and let me sleep pretty late and tended to the big kids. I finally got up and ate something and got a shower while they ran to the farmer's market. They got home and I had gotten myself and Sallie ready and we all headed to the Children's Museum.

Children's Museum with this tiny person who is becoming so much more aware of the world around her. I have so many mirror pictures of the two of us when she was on the inside and we knew her only as Sister Baby. Figured it was time more recent one.
Nursed the majority of the time and we ended up in a pink striped onsie because of a blowout diaper all over her clothes, my clothes, and the sling. I'd say it was a successful first visit to the Children's Museum! I'm glad I was prepared. The stuff I carry around has changed each time. In addition to diapers and wipes, with Annie I had tons of toys, diaper cream, a largish medicine kit, and a paci sanitizing contraption; with Graves I brought the Velcro swaddler, about five pacis, and sometimes even the rice sock. Now I bring a bonnet and a tiny fan (we're outside a good bit), a light blanket, a very simple extra outfit, a wet bag (even when we're using disposables it works great for dirty/wet clothes), and the sling. Some of it is me learning things over time; some of it is three unique babies with different sets of needs.
We got home and that's when Sarah Lamar got really cranky. It was a long afternoon and I didn't get much done at all. Peyton and I kind of just passed her off between us. I did straighten a bit and put up some dishes and visited with P. Shannon, a friend from church, came over around six thirty to drop off supper and she stayed and visited a good while. We had the best time visiting and after she left we ate and then Peyton let the kids finish a movie from earlier. Sallie had been cranky the whole time and it just got worse. She fussed from probably nine until midnight. We passed her back and forth some more and I got a few things done. I vacuumed in the kitchen and for some reason decided to scrub down about half of our bottom kitchen cabinets. I straightened up and hung all of Graves's clothes he had pulled out of his closet back up. I read a few blogs and finally finished Sallie's letter that I had been working on for days. I had a snack and went to bed.

Such a rough day- so out of character for happy little Sallie. It broke my heart seeing those tears still glistening on her little eyelashes after she finally fell asleep.
Sarah Lamar had another great night on Friday, strangely. No complaining, though! Peyton woke me up getting ready at six something and I helped him button his shirt and then she woke up around eight and ate and went right back to bed in the PnP. She (and the big kids!) slept until nearly eleven. I got up and got going and made our bed, straightened, and fixed the big kids breakfast after I fed her. I started a load of laundry and got another out and folded some of it and then I got on the computer and ate a sandwich and she fussed on and off. I went through  my email and reader and talked to Minnie on the phone and then I hopped in the shower. I dried my hair and straightened up the study some and then changed over laundry again and did a bunch of dishes. Peyton got home and I folded some dish towels and swept in the bathrooms and emptied the bathroom and study trash. I scrubbed the bathroom counters, tubs, potties, and floors and then fed Sallie. She had an awful diaper and I wanted to bathe her anyway so we all did that and then I read a few blogs and edited some pictures and uploaded them to the blog. I scrubbed the floor in the kitchen and hung up some of the last load of laundry that I didn't want to wrinkle and then we got ready and headed to my parents'.

One of my favorite things to do that I hate to do is scrub the pavers with sudsy water on my hands and knees. I've tried quite a few cool looking gadgets and fancy easy-to-use mops but Minnie told me along time ago this was the best way to clean your floors. She was right. I'd only done it one other time since we moved home- it was the hottest week of the past Summer and I swore I wouldn't do it again until it cooled off. And then I got pregnant and I was so sick and throwing up all day and by the time that was over I was to the point where I got out of breath just mopping normally. I've been mostly just mopping them with an old fashioned mop every other week and sweeping them whenever Graves looks in that direction (good grief, five year old boys are messy!). But I did it again and it reminded me that it makes such a huge difference.
It was eight by the time we got there but that worked out great because we wanted to stay really late and visit with Cookie and Conrad when they got in at ten.

Another Friday, another piece of vintage apparel. I'm glad the first pair of shoes she's ever wore had eyelet on them and were mine.

Sallie's wearing a bubble Minnie embroidered (or cross stitched- who knows? I have no idea about hand sewing?? I wish I had her skills!) for Annie and then pulled out and did for her. SLH, I hope your bottom lip never changes.

We had a great time and visited with them for about an hour and then came home and got the kids to bed. I got on the computer and read some blogs for awhile and then went to bed.

We all got up super late on Saturday (except for Peyton who had to work). Sallie had been up at seven ish when Peyton left and then I fed her again at eleven. I quickly started a load of cloth diapers and made our bed and then got on the computer and had breakfast while the kids had media time. I finished a post and then I fixed their breakfast and folded and put up a ton of laundry. I took my shower and got ready and of course the big kids started fighting and Sallie started screaming and we got to my parents' an hour later than we meant to. But we got there. And I realized it was the first time we had been farther than the park or the library with all three kids without Peyton.

Babes (plural) on a pier
We had a wonderful relaxing afternoon and had some great snacks and then sushi for supper. Peyton got there after work at eight thirty and we stayed until eleven. We came home and got the kids to sleep and talked a bit and I got on the computer and then went to bed.

Sunday was tough. I woke up tired and with a headache and just felt sad. Sallie had woken up to eat around five and fell back asleep until nine and was wide awake then. Graves got up a little later and we laid in the bed and snuggled and talked and then woke up Annie and started our day. They had media time and I got on the computer and had breakfast. Then they had breakfast and I did a few things around the house. I was about to hop in the shower and my sister in law, Sylvie, called and said she was in the area and could she stop by. I said of course and we visited for awhile and then she needed to go meet someone so I finally got in the shower and dried my hair. The kids had rest time and I got back on the computer and took a nap. It felt like such a wasted day.

I got up and started some laundry we all had a snack of watermelon and I fed Sallie and changed her and then we picked up around the house and straightened in their room. I changed over the laundry and they played some and then they had supper and I read to them and did their Bible story.

sweet brother sister moment

 Peyton got home and we ate and watched a show and then I read some blogs and made a list for the next day and went to bed.

So many people have told me they see Graves in Sarah Lamar-I just don't see it. But I maybe got a glimpse in this (ridiculous) family picture.

Halfway through July. I'm determined to knock out the rest this week! 

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