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Weekly Happenins Post #379 (July 4-10)-- Papa Breaks a (Collar) Bone

This was the week Peyton broke his collarbone. Honestly, it was an exhausting week. I was physically and mentally so wiped out. But we made it!

Monday was a really strange day. It was the Fourth of July and we had a really fun, low key day planned. Peyton was going to go for a bike ride, then we were going to head to Briarwood for a couple of hours, and then spend the rest of the afternoon/evening at my parents' house. The kids woke up around nine and Peyton left to ride his bike at nine thirty. The big kids had media time and Sallie and I slept until about ten thirty (she had nursed around two and then at eight). I got up and made our bed and got on the computer while the kids had breakfast. I was about to hop in the tub and feed Sarah Lamar and Peyton called and said he had fallen off his bike and needed me to hop in the car with all three kids and come get him. Luckily, he was really close to our house. I started getting things together and was about to wake up Sallie and feed her and Peyton called back and said some people had stopped to help him and he was going to call an ambulance. I sort of freaked out then. I told him I'd call my parents to come keep the big kids and meet him at the hospital. I hadn't realized how seriously he was hurt. I hung up and called my dad while I changed Sallie's diaper and clothes. At that point I started crying a little. He told me that Minnie was running and errand and had left her phone and his car had broken down and he was going to have to have it towed to the shop the next day.

Somehow, I calmed myself down a bit and called Peyton. No answer, but I wasn't too worried. I texted him and nursed Sallie, ate a bowl of cereal, and took a super quick shower. He called back as I was drying my hair. He told me he was okay and that he needed the insurance information. I gave it to him and he had to get off the phone so they could do some x-rays. I finished drying my hair and Minnie called. We decided I'd drop the kids off there and I got a bag packed and got myself ready and helped the kids get dressed (and even ironed Graves's shorts). I had wanted to get some pictures of all of us but I realized that wasn't going to happen. But at least I could get one or two of the kids. I told them they could have extra treats at Minnie's and we took a few good shots and then they got some toys together and I did a few dishes.

Annie, Bud, Sallie, and Freeze...right before we went to pick up Peyton from the ER after he broke his collarbone during a lovely morning bike ride. We like to keep our holidays exciting around here.

 Right about then Peyton called me and told me he was about to be discharged (the ER he went to was super quick) that if I could grab him a few things, we could still go on to my parents' house. I got some stuff together and we loaded up and picked him up. It was my first time driving again after having Sallie (and after the new clutch) and it was a little rough.

We got gas (and a Coke icee for P) and headed to my parents'. My dad grilled and we had a great time. The big kids were SO sweet and chill and Sallie didn't fuss a bit. Poor Peyton was in a good bit of pain, but I think he still enjoyed it. We finally got home around eight and fed the kids supper and they watched our neighbors do fireworks.

It had been a long day but a good one. Annie said it was the best Fourth of July because she talked to the geese at Minnie's (a la Julie of the Wolves, which Peyton had been reading to her). [And then she weirdly came undone about fireworks- which never scared her even as a baby- and about swallowing adult toothpaste.] I rested a good bit at my parents'. I didn't sleep but I just laid on the couch with Sallie in my chest. It's good to just be still sometimes. I drove the car again for the first time- with the new clutch. It took a minute and a bit of swearing, but it came back to me. I got Sarah Lamar's car seat out from between the big kids' seats by myself. I also did things for Peyton- like drying him off after a shower and helping him get dressed. I was surprised how special that felt. I only had one dark moment- and that in itself is a bit of an unexpected blessing. I unloaded some stuff and walked into the sunroom after Peyton, not even thinking about the baby because he always gets her out. I hadn't even walked all the way in the house and put down my bags and the big kids were still in the car but I was already haunted by the image in my head.
I knew it was going to be a long month- he couldn't change a diaper or even hold Sallie because he couldn't really support her neck- but we have a wonderful village and this was so minor in the scheme of things (P was listening to a podcast the other day about a man who found out he had three months to live and his wife was eight and a half months pregnant). And praise God the accident wasn't much much worse.

As I mentioned, Annie got super scared and then got upset about swallowing toothpaste. She was so tired. She and Graves finally went to their rooms and I got on the computer and ate my supper. I read some blogs, responded to a couple of Facebook messages, and ate my supper. I helped Annie find some fabric for a pillow she and Minnie were going to make and finished a post. Sallie ate around one thirty and took awhile to settle. She ate again at seven.

We woke up early (for us) on Tuesday so we could go to the second to last swim practice. Well, I took my shower and we all got ready and were about to wake Sallie up and we got a message that practice was cancelled because of lightening at the pool. So we just took it easy. I ate a bowl of cereal and then fell back asleep on the couch. Peyton's parents came over to drop off his bike just as I was getting up to nurse Sallie. I fed her and then we visited with them. They left and Peyton rode home with them so he could borrow his mom's car. He clearly couldn't drive standard and she couldn't drive her car because of her knee surgery so it worked out really well. He stopped and picked up some extra carseats for it from my parents' and ran by Walgreens to see if he could type on the computer and to pick up a prescription. While he was gone, the kids and I picked up their room and then I made their beds, and collected laundry. Sallie was fussing and I fed her. I swept in their room, the den, and the halls, and put up dishes. The big kids played outside and Peyton got home. He fixed them lunch and I washed a bunch of dishes and took out the trash, recycling, and compost.

I had my lunch and got on the computer. I read a few blogs, started a post, and worked on my blog design. The kids wanted to eat some Nutella straight and since the jar was almost empty, I let them. I told them not to make a mess and really they did pretty good but they definitely needed baths afterward. They needed them anyway and I got more frustrated than I should have. They took a quick bath and then had a bit of rest time. I ate a snack and fed Sallie and then did Graves's first ever math lesson and then bathed Sallie.

We didn't have enough going on with our newborn and our broken collar bone, so we decided this would be a great day for his first ever math lesson. I hope nobody expected a First Day of Kindergarten pic cause this was it.

I felt gross so I took a bath myself and then we all got ready and headed over to our friends Bo and Amy's house for supper. We had a fun visit and Graves and AP loved playing with Maddie. We left around eight and Graves fell asleep in the car. We got him settled and Peyton and I both took turns with the girls. Annie took a quiz on a book she was reading with me and then Peyton read to her some. Sarah Lamar fussed a bit off and on and we traded her back and forth. I read a few blogs, worked on my header a bit, and then folded some dish towels and vacuumed in the den. I took out the trash and had a snack. Sallie was still fussing and it took me a while to get her settled. She had some really bad gas. I think it was between two and three when I went to sleep.

We got up around seven on Wednesday and got ready and headed to the pool for the very last practice of the season....and they had shut it down because someone threw up. UGH. We ended up just going on to Chick Fil A (we had planned to anyway) and eating breakfast and letting the big kids play. We came dropped off some library books and took some cookies to the farmer's market to thank to them for taking care of Peyton's bike and then Peyton dropped me and Sallie off. I picked up a little, started some laundry, fed her, and then we both snuggled and took a nap. Peyton, Annie, and Graves went back to the library for a bit. They came home and the kids had media time and we finished our nap. I got on the computer and browsed my Reader and worked on my header. I fed Sallie and changed over the laundry. I ate lunch, gave the kids instructions for cleaning their room, swept in their room, and cleaned up in their closet they had made into a "bat cave". Peyton fixed the kids lunch and they rested (Annie fell asleep!!!) and put some bleach in the washing machine and figured out how to do the "tub clean" cycle. Peyton had found it in the manual; I just had to press the button. We took our family picture and got ready to head back to the pool.

We met Carrie and her family there and ordered pizza and had the best time. The kids played for a couple of hours and we got to visit.

For seven years (and for sixteen months over a distance of twelve hundred miles) these two have maintained such a sweet friendship and loved each other so well. So grateful Annie's known a true "best friend" so early. I hope they are always close! July six years ago today (when they were the only ones!) and this July (now with five additional small people that make life even better!).
We left when the pool closed at seven and came home and sent to the big kids right to bed.

 Two peas in a pod. A few days before I was changing her diaper and he was stroking her cheeks and rubbing his hair across her face and telling her "shhh, it won't be much longer" (as he does every time I change it) and I had to go grab something. He apparently had to leave for a minute too but got back before me and when I got back I heard him saying "it's okay, Sweetie, I'm right here". He also had already come up with a few nicknames for her to add to the ever growing list (I feel like that's such a third child thing to have a billion nicknames)-- "Scooter" and "Babes". She is loved beyond what my mind can comprehend.
I fed Sallie and texted my sister in law and then got on the computer. I made some lists and worked on finances and then I ate a snack and made pasta salad to take to Elizabeth's the next day. I fed the baby and went to bed around two.

She got up around seven to eat on Thursday when Peyton went to get a physical. I had a hard time getting her back settled. I think she finally fell back asleep around eight and I slept until nine forty five and then the kids got up and had media time. I called Peyton and got on the computer and then took a shower. Peyton got home and he got up a watermelon and I made chicken salad and got some toppings together for the pasta (olives, grape tomatotes, and cheese). I fed and changed the baby and we headed over to Elizabeth's house to see their new baby.

"Daisy" in her rosebuds. It was (and is) one of my favorites. I knew she didn't have much longer in it. We'd started wearing a good many 3 mo. things. I was mostly surprisingly okay with it.

We had a great visit and the kids had so much fun. We ate lunch and stayed for a couple of hours.

One of the best things about my pregnancy with Sister Baby was finding out we'd be getting a Cousin Baby, too. I literally cried when I found out, I was so excited. Sallie and Evan and three weeks apart to the day and it's my hope that they share the same love for one another that their big cousins do. Peyton and I neither one had cousins close to our age and in town and I've loved seeing what a special bond it is. So grateful for these two sweeties!

It's amazing to me what can change in three weeks. Holding this sweet guy made me realize- she was already so different. He was much floppier than her and she had already gotten so alert. Her neck muscles were getting stronger and I had just told someone that she had pulled Peyton's chest hair. She already had so many expressions and her little feet were all over the place (although, she was a mover and a shaker on the inside, too). She grabbed our fingers and had started giving us little smiles. She seemed to be doing things so much faster than my other two. Fortunately, my emotions have leveled out a bit and I didn't hate it. Graves said he was going to teach her to talk soon and I told him to please hold out on that!

 On the way home, we dropped something off at the doctor's office for Peyton. The kids had a snack and sort of had rest time. Then Peyton played with them and they had supper. I sort of bummed around and wasted time on Facebook. I had supper with the kids and we got them settled and then I did a bunch of dishes, swept the kitchen, and took out trash and recycling. I folded some wash and started a load. I got on the computer and had a snack and changed over the laundry. I ended up waking Sallie up to fed her.

I fed Sallie again around five and she had a hard time going back to sleep. I finally moved Graves over (he was in the bed, too) and put her in the crook of my arm a good safe distance from Peyton- who couldn't roll over anyway because of his collar bone) and she fell right to sleep. She woke up at nine thirty on Friday and I fed and changed her and we snuggled some more. I had a headache and fell back asleep. Peyton and Graves went to run a few errands- the pharmacy and bank and library and Annie had media time. I finally got up and had breakfast and got on the computer. I made the bed and started some laundry and then took a shower.

I was drying my hair and Ellis called and said he was in town and could he stop by. Of course I said sure. Peyton was doing an art project with the kids when he got here. He went and saw Sallie and she was waking up so he held her and visited for awhile. Peyton fixed lunch for me and the kids and I cleaned up their art stuff and changed over laundry and started washing a cushion that had paint on it. Ellis stayed for awhile and after he left the kids had rest time. I got on the computer and mostly just wasted time. Peyton and I talked some about homeschooling and then I worked on my header. I finally finished it and we headed over to Mickey and Minnie's. We had a good time and got home around nine thirty. The kids took FOREVER to go to sleep. I fed Sallie, folded some laundry, wrote a few thank you notes, and read some blogs. I went to sleep after I fed Sallie again.

Sallie was up more than usual it seemed like. Well, she wasn't up that many times, but she didn't fall back asleep as easily as usual. I ended up snuggling with her and she finally did.

On Saturday Peyton was finally going back to work after breaking his collarbone, but not for his whole shift. I slept in ALL morning. I finally got up and took a shower and dried my hair. Peyton bathed the kids and left around one thirty. I checked on them and they still had soap in their hair. I helped them and they got out and Sallie was fussing. I fed and changed her and dressed her for the day. The first outfit was too little so I changed her again. I tried some baby shoes on her and worked on editing some pictures on the computer. I got frustrated and the kids wanted lunch so I fixed it for them. A friend from church, Mary Etta, dropped off some food and we visited a bit and she left. The kids finished lunch and I ate mine and got on the computer. Graves kind of drove me crazy during rest time and the baby fussed off and on.

After rest time, I finally did a few things. I straightened the house and made up our bed while the kids played and had a snack. Sallie got fussy again and I fed her and helped the kids clean up their room. It took awhile and poor Sarah Lamar was still having a hard time. I finally got her settled and we finished and then I fixed the big kids supper. I changed over laundry and started a new load. I hung up a bunch of the kids' clothes and washed some dishes.The kids finished supper and Peyton got home and we talked and I ate my supper and folded some more dish towels and then got on the computer. I read a bunch of blogs and finally finished a post. I had a snack and went to bed after feeding the baby.

Sallie woke up around seven to eat on Sunday and I fed her and changed her and then Peyton took her. I got up a little earlier than the day before but still really late. I talked to Peyton and then got my shower. I fed the baby and had lunch and Peyton got ready for work. Sallie was up for a bit and I fed her again and got her settled. I made the bed and put up a few dishes and then fixed the kids lunch after he left. I got on the computer and they had rest time while Sallie slept. The big kids played action figures and filled up ice trays. I worked on some collages for the big kids' monthly letters and read a few blogs and then I straightened some and fed the baby. We all played with her a bit and Graves and Annie picked some blueberries outside. I fed Sarah Lamar again and then played Guess Who with the big kids.

When you don't have much self control and your sister is a tiny legalist and has anxiety about RULES, you play games with a bathroom door between you. And with a giant catnip rat in your arms (one of our sweet kitties is missing and even though we're so not pet people, I'm pretty broken up about it ).

The kids cleaned up where they had been playing in their room and the sunroom and I put up clothes Graves had pulled out of his dresser in their room. I straightened some in the den and study and a bit in our room and then folded and put up some bath towels. I fixed the kids supper and did some dishes and then played with them and read to them. Sallie woke up while we were reading so we all snuggled with her some. I got the kids settled and Peyton got home. We talked and I folded laundry and then got on the computer and finished a post and read some blogs. I ate my supper and went to bed.

I didn't want to jinx it, but I don't believe in that anyway. And we'd made it four weeks!!! So I decided to say it- the difficulty of having a newborn are- for me!- nothing compared to the hard work of gestating and this time that was exponentially true. Now that she's here, the only real hardship I battled was the sadness over so many lasts and the complicated feelings of being very excited to watch her grow up and the simultaneous fear of just that. I've tried not to be too dramatic (and I'm sure failed- like the one or twelve times when I was pregnant and sobbing and I told P I'd perform the vasectomy myself if I needed to) but now that I wasn't pregnant, I realized it's toil on my body even more. I felt like a new person and I was so thankful. Even the rain wasn't debilitating like it was. I'd LOVE more little ones one day (and P even alluded to how he'd probably start wanting another once Sallie gets bigger) but they ain't gonna come to us thata way! And I was slowly but surely beginning to make peace with that.

Whew, what an exhausting week- mentally, physically, emotionally. Everything! Glad we are on the other side of that!

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