Saturday, November 5, 2016

What I'm Into: October

Last month I said I hated to see Summer go. And well, it really hasn't. Ha! It was eighty something degrees today. October was a good month, though. It was full and I felt like it flew by!

On the Nightstand:

Simply Good News: Why the Gospel is News and What Makes it Good  by N.T. Wright

I read (a good bit of) this for book club. Fortunately, nobody cared and actually none of us finished the whole thing. I'm planning to finish it up this month, but I've really really liked it so far. 

On Their Nightstand: 

Mr. Putter and Tabby Pour Tea by Cynthia Rylant
I absolutely loved reading Mr. Putter and Tabby with Annie and it brought up some special memories. Just a delightful little book.

This is what happens when Graves picks the library book. It really was a pretty cute, informative book. 

And Sarah Lamar found something that interested her in Graves's Click magazine!

On the Shelf:

The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion- Jonathon Haidt

This is the next book our group is reading. I'm really excited and super interested. My friends at MBird and our former pastor Owen both love Haidt. That's endorsement enough for me!

At the Theater (or from the couch):
I didn't watch any again this month.

On the Small Screen:

Law and Order: SVU
Still doing Netflix binges once or twice a week.

Black Mirror
Okay, this is a pretty weird show but it's absolutely fascinating. It's about technology and the future and that stuff is usually not my thing but it's really thoughtful and well done. I've heard several Twilight Zone comparisons but it seems a lot darker or something. It does have a lot of sexual elements and it's sort of...haunting. But it's super interesting.

In My Ears:
Umm, lots of books on tape for the big camping trip we took.

Around the House: 

When I have laundry covering our bed and Peyton has to work the next day. It's actually the perfect time of year to sleep in here (it's not climate controlled like the rest of the house). Peyton wasn't super excited about my swing idea at first, bit over the last year I think he's enjoyed it *at least* as much as I have.

And I got all three kids' closet change-overs done. Now I need to do mine!

In the Kitchen:

Peyton's actually been cooking a lot- he's grilled burgers a few times lately and he's made three different batches of vetabale soup. I'm planning to start up my Winter Soup Challenge again when it gets cooler!

Oh, and I had a terrible headache the other day and while Sal and I were resting and P was lunching with a friend Annie made Graves a sandwich. It had turkey, lettuce, cheese, and peanut butter and jelly on it. And he ate basically all of it

In My Closet: 

Cookie tried to find me a present for helping out with my grandmother so my parents could come to Nashville and help her and Conrad move (a present was SO unnecessary) and ran out of time but she did send me some of her old gym shorts she doesn't wear anymore. I'm *very* excited. Don't mind me I'm just driving my new used minivan in my new used Nike shorts. I'd get a pumpkin spice something but I don't actually like those and it's still eighty eight degrees under the shade tree. Anyway, momming it up over here. And also

In Their Closets:

 Everybody looks so cute in their Fall apparel but until the weather drops a bit more Sallie's capsule consists of these three identical striped bubbles I got for Annie at the TJ seven years ago plus one romper and a bubble that's entirely minky dot and seemed too hot in the middle of a Summer in the Sip. They're all nine mo. but they do run pretty small and actually are all slightly different sizes, which may be how they ended up at TJ. The mint is my favorite but the aqua is a close second because of Sister Baby's eyes! I sort of love her five outfit Fall transitional wardrobe.

I love Annie in boy pajamas (I kind of don't love it when Peyton's pit photobombs my cute picture). I love her little bob and I love her missing teeth. 
 ducks and geese and Little Sallie Sunshine!

 I love it when he wears his raglan shirt but I love it when he wears his baby even more. He told me "I need to adjust this; you strapped it wrong. It's around my baby's neck and that could hurt Blueberry." 

Sweet Sallie  in this soft, sweet dress, a butternut Flip, and some of my favorite little ribbon shoes I almost forgot about. {And I'm not putting up the seersucker blanket because a) it's lined and somewhat warm b) it's one of my favorite baby presents she was given and c) things that are just hers and not hand me downs are special to me} Eeek, maybe I like Annie's first Fall/Winter collection more than I realized!

How grown up does Annie look in her skinny jeans and this cute elephant top Minnie got her? And it's the softest thing ever!  

We're on the third and final size of these jams and it's gonna break my heart a little when she outgrows them. She reminds me less of Baby Huggums these days and more of Cookie's old Bitty Baby. 

 Graves in my old Broadmeadow t-shirt!

Bud's old chickadee outfit from five years ago and my old sunglasses from TWENTY FIVE years ago that someone made it through Annie and Graves. They don't make stuff like they used to!

When your sheets are still in the dryer at midnight and your 4T/5T Gymboree parrot costume from eBay comes in and there's no way you can wait til Halloween to wear it.

And when it's forty degrees and she's camping with her fam. Love her in this cozy pink teddy bear suit with a onsie underneath. She slept in her carseat with the straps loosened in the van
It's basically Halloween every day around here. (Darth Vader in soccer socks and a storm trooper in tights, Vader's church shirt, and (clean) panties on her face, obviously.)
In My Mailbox:

I've ordered a few more on sale things for the kids for next Summer, so that's been fun.

In My Cart:

Not a whole lot!

Around the Town (and At Home):  

Our month got off to a busy start. We moved in to my parents' house so we could care for my grandmother who lives with them while they helped Cookie and Conrad move into their new house in Nashville. 

We were going to be out of town for their friend Maddie's birthday party and we were meeting for an evening park date anyway, so Annie and Graves just threw her one there. Annie loved planning little celebrations and she decided to go with a bee theme since Maddie's daddy is a bee keeper (as well as a pharmacist). She crafted and made placemats and we made cupcakes with lemon icing and used our little bee bowl. Bonus: we got to use up some of the yellow Laffy Taffy that's not my fave and have fun with and then trash some party poppers and hats. It's fun to purge and bake and craft and even more fun to celebrate our friends' special days!
We finally caught the attendance officer in her office (the first two times we went up there she wasn't in and the main office workers refuse to walk twenty feet and check when we try to call first) and got the two big kids registered for homeschooling! 
The kids and I had fun campaigning for Gary Johnson with a friend one Saturday morning. Annie and Graves distributed all the literature; I just pushed the stroller with Sallie in it. And they both picked up the slack for each other when the other one got tired. Bonus: they both insisted on wearing their backpacks so good hiking prep! 

Our camping trip was the biggest thing this month, though. We saw lots of beautiful Fall foliage and we logged about two thousand miles and hit up five national parks over five days!

After our camping trip, I put on makeup for the first time in a week and we left the big kids with Mickey and Minnie and had a fabulous dinner (and drinks) at Babalu last night. Sallie was the perfect third wheel, it just happened to be Taco Tuesday, we got to sit on a couch (ha!), and we enjoyed some wonderful uninterupted conversation.   

 I'm beginning to think that every month may have at least one Bud and Sallie snuggle picture! 

 We closed out the month with a Halloween party with the homeschool group we're in and trick-or-treating that night.
At the Schoolhouse:

Sometimes I wonder how I'd school Annie and Graves and take care of Sarah Lamar if P was working as much as he did earlier in our marriage. Graves's school (which Peyton typically takes care of) took over two hours and it was just what should have been a short review. More on this soon....

On the Blog:
Heart Attacks and Heart Explosions- I'm wanting to write more about motherhood again lately and this was a fun, quick post with a few special thoughts

On My Heart and Mind:
- We're really taking decisive action this month as far as our decision to not have any more biological children. I'm a lot more at peace with it than I thought I might be, but I still have hard moments.
-This week was a busy one and that plus our trip a couple of weeks back have me drained and just ready for a normal couple of weeks.
- I'm thinking the children and I will probably join Northside before Christmas. I realized recently that it's time and I really want to do it sooner rather than later.
In My Prayers:
- I'm praying for my friends who are pregnant as they get ready for life with new little people.
- I'm praying about homeschooling, just that God will help me do it joyfully and with patience.
- I'm thanking God for the friendships he's surrounded us with. We've kind of got routines in place as far as seeing people and I'm grateful for the relationships God has put in our lives.
On the Calendar: 

I'm grateful that November is super low key and we really don't have a lot planned.

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