Friday, December 30, 2016

One Word 2017: Well

For 2015 and 2016, I chose one word- focus and slow, respectively- to guide my goaling and be a focal point for the year. It's always interesting the process that brings me to the word and then it's interesting to look back over the year and see how it influenced me and what became of it.

I know some people pray for the Lord to give them a word or guide them to a word and there's nothing wrong with that but after years of trying to pray like that I've discovered that, for me, it's more stressful than anything else. I'm not saying it's not possible that God draws me to a word and I certainly ask Him to help me in these endeavors once they're established, but I just struggle to hear God in this way and I've finally made my peace with that.

Last year, a song drew me to my word and this year it was a quote that helped me land on it. Over the last six months, I've thought about this quote by Julian of Norwich quite a bit:

Her words, reminding me that all shall be well, have brought comfort to me, particularly when I felt anything but.

Over these past few months, I feel like I've begun the hard work of becoming more well-- mentally and physically. But I know there is plenty more works to be done. Plenty of room for growth. I also know that these things are often not linear and that there is plenty of Grace when I feel paralyzed and stagnant, even when I stumble backwards. 

I haven't figured out all of my specific goals for 2017 yet but I'm excited to focus this year on taking steps toward a more healthy life.

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