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Weekly Happenings Post #382 (July 25-31)-- First Trip As a Family of Five and Leaving Sallie for a Whole Day

This was a fun and different week. P was working a shift in Oxford and Walgreens pays for his hotel and his driving time (and apparently the hotel will throw in the crib without charging the standard ten dollars if you ask nicely) so we decided to all go along for the ride. First trip as a family of five! It was a fun, whirlwind trip and I'm proud of myself because this kind of think is not always my favorite. There were a few pull my hair out moments and I do HATE driving in unfamiliar places, but overall it was pretty easy. My people are, gratefully, pretty flexible. (I, typically, am not.) Both big kids fell asleep on the way home on Wednesday evening and Annie said "oh no, we'll probably be on that bad schedule again". By which she meant them going sleep at two in the morning. Win some, lose some. 

It was also the first time I really left Sallie for more than an hour or so. I pumped a bunch and it really gave me a lot to think about. 

Peyton woke up and got going on Monday even though he didn't have to be at work until ten. He apparently cut up a watermelon and then he started baking. He woke me up to tell me I'd have to pull the muffins out in twenty minutes and fill up the tin and start the next batch. I did that and fed Sallie and took some medicine for my head. I got on the computer and Graves got up. We had breakfast and Annie got up. I fed Sallie again and made our bed and collected laundry and started a load. I folded some towels and texted with several friends. Our neighbor was out of town and I had to wait for her yard guy to come by so I could pay him for her. It was taking so long and I addressed some thank you notes and finally got in the shower really quickly. I dried my hair and did a few things and the guy came by. I did a TON of dishes, changed over the laundry, and took out the trash and recycling. The big kids had their media time and Sarah Lamar fussed off and on so it took awhile. I fixed the kids' lunch and my lunch and ate mine while they had theirs. They had rest time and I read some blogs. Sallie did pretty good most of the time and I worked on a post as well.

I put her swing in the kitchen most of the time (why didn't I think of that before??) and sometimes move it to the study. Her bouncy seat was/is in the den and if I'm on our bed (not sleeping!) I really like to put her on the Boppy pillow (or my chest of I'm not doing something I need my hands for). With Annie and Graves it seems like I put them in their crib/the Pack N Play a lot more (and she does do about one daytime stretch and a good bit of her nighttime sleeping on the PnP). Partly because people recommended it and I was anxious about sleep issues but also just because I don't think I enjoyed being near a tiny person quite as much. This time, I just like to have her in the same room with me. 

Peyton got home just as they were finishing up rest time and we talked and then I vacuumed and mopped the kitchen floor.
Whenever I move the chairs out of the kitchen to mop, the big kids like to make a train. They usually stop at the Amazon Rainforest first because it's so close and the head on to other (usually imaginary) planets. Today, they let Lil Sal be the conductor.
We all got ready and headed out for a family walk. We had a nice stroll, although Sallie fussed a good bit of it, and even met some new neighbors. We got home and I fixed the kids supper and then fed Sarah Lamar and then Peyton bathed the big kids and brushed their teeth. I bathed Sallie and we talked and then I got on the computer and finished my post and read some more blogs. 

Graves's old turtle jams! 

I went through some pictures and then folded some laundry and went to bed.

We were headed to Oxford on Tuesday. Peyton got up and did some stuff and then ran some errands and I got up mid morning and fed Sallie her first bottle to see how she'd do over the weekend when I was gone. She did great and after that I pumped some. It took a lot longer than usual and Sarah Lamar got fussy. Peyton took her and then she had a potty accident in her Pack N Play. It was pretty rough and we ended up needing to do a load of laundry. I started that and took my shower. I packed mine and the kids' stuff, folded some clothes, and ate lunch.

The panther made herself some claws using ponytail holders and toothpicks. Very resourceful little creature.

We finally got on the road and had a great trip. Sarah Lamar slept pretty much the whole time.

We got checked into the hotel around six and rested a bit and then headed to campus.

We walked around and played in the Grove and then picked up Abner's and ate at the hotel. 

Campus tour for these little Rebels. Sleepy Little Sallie wa such a trooper and was the most laid back traveler!

We officially started the 2016-2017 school year the next week, but Peyton did a little mini-lesson on civil rights with the big kids.
Peyton read to the big kids some and we had a nice evening. It did take everyone a LONG time to get to sleep, though.

Wednesday was a fun day. I was a little nervous about driving and about having to occupy the kids myself while Peyton worked his shift. He got up early early and had breakfast and got ready and then we all got up right before seven and dropped him off at work. We came back to the hotel (after just one wrong turn!) and Sallie was still asleep so we had breakfast in the lobby.

 This peanut fell asleep in the car on the way to drop off Papa, so the big kids and I got to enjoy a leisurely hotel breakfast.

Since Sis was asleep, we ate down on the little lobby. They were excited and it was easier than carrying everything up to the room. They take approximately seven hours to eat a meal, though, so we did get our Fruit Loops to go.

 I fed and changed Sallie and got her settled and then I was able to hop in the tub and take a little nap before we had to get ready to check out. And Graves only climbed in the crib with Sarah Lamar one time ;)

Check out wasn't until noon and it took us until twelve thirty to get the car situated and all. We headed down the road to Newks for lunch. Graves did give me a huge scare. We were ordering and I looked up and couldn't find him anywhere. He was just wandering around the restaurant on the whole other side of the place. This was one situation where it worked out well that my kids take a sweet forever to do anything because we had a good amount of time to kill during P's shift. Annie literally took like ten minutes to use the bathroom and Graves wanted to "organize" his stuff in the car after we finished. After that, we headed to Petsmart and browsed for about half an hour. And then we grabbed some ice cream and cookies at CFA and hit up the play place. It was finally time to pick up Peyton! I got turned around twice but we made it. Sallie had slept the WHOLE time (even when I changed her dirty diaper) and Graves was asleep, too.

I put Sallie in her Colonel Rebel dress since we don't make it to many (any) games these days. 

We headed to the square anyway and walked around a bit. We spent about an hour in Square Books, Jr. while it poured and then shared an early supper at Ajax. We got on the road and both big kids fell asleep. It was a nice trip and not such a long night for us since they could have their regular night party at home =)

When we got home, they ate something and I fed Sarah Lamar and we got the car unloaded. I unloaded all our bags and did a load of laundry. I picked up some and got on the computer and ate something and went to bed late.

I slept pretty late on Thursday. Really, we all did except for Peyton. Once I got up, I fed and changed Sallie and gave her a bath and got her dressed. Peyton went to run some errands and I straightened our room, made the bed, and emptied the bathroom trash. I took out the kitchen trash and collected laundry and started redrying clothe diapers that hadn't completely dried the night before. I got on the computer and ended up calling the bookstore in Oxford to find out the title of a book I had kind of wanted to get. The day really got away from me. Peyton got home and I had lunch and took a bath, pumped a bottle, and fed Sarah Lamar. We had a big breakdown when Annie got mad about cleaning her room and we ended up bagging up toys. Peyton took Graves to the library and she read and then they watched a movie and he left for a Libertarian thing.

You might be a proponent of Voluntary Simplicity if you're wearing your brother in law's hand me downs. You might be a lame, old dude if the first time you've been to a bar in a year is for something called "Libertarians and Libations".

Sallie was fussy and I had a hard time getting anything done. I did make the big kids grilled cheese sandwiches and straightened some. Peyton got home and we talked and I fixed myself a grilled cheese and did some dishes. He went to bed and I got on the computer and read some blogs and wrote a post. I folded some laundry and finished the dishes and went to bed late.

I fed Sallie around seven on Friday and went back to sleep. I got up again around ten and feed and changed her and then jumped in the shower.

 I'd be lying if I said she tolerates these head hugs from her brother well...

 ...because she clearly thrives off his attention
Peyton's sister and her kids were coming over and I dried my hair and got my make up on and woke up the big kids. They got dressed and we picked up their room a bit and then Elizabeth and the cousins got here. We had such a fun play date. They ate lunch and played in the yard and Elizabeth and I got to visit a bunch. After that they left, I picked up some cups the kids left outside, straightened a bit, cleaned up some cat food that Peyton had spilled before he left for work, and collected laundry. I started a load and made our bed while the kids ate a snack. They had rest time and I read some blogs and worked on a post. Peyton went into work late so he worked late and we decided not to go to my parents' house like usual. We all ate supper and visited and then Peyton read to the kids and I did some laundry and washed a bunch of dishes. I got stuff together for the next day and then did some dishes and laundry and went to bed.

I got up before everyone else on Saturday and got ready and headed to my training for my Junior League placement. It was a LONG day but such a good one. I got there at 8:30 and got home around five. Peyton and the kids had a great time while I was gone!

When I got home, I visited with Peyton  and pumped and then played action figures with the kids.

I was gone from eight to five for a training day for my Junior League placement and this hickey on Peyton's forearm is where Sarah Lamar tried to nurse. He said she got a really good latch.
I fed Sallie and the big kids had supper. I vacuumed in the den, halls, and bedrooms. The kids had tracked a bunch of dirt in and it was gross. I used the suction tools under the couch and in the bathrooms but I didn't do as thorough of a job as I usually do. I also scooted the couch around because it had gotten off center. I started some laundry and put up dishes and Peyton got the kids settled and then went to get Newks. We watched an SVU and ate and then I worked on a post a tiny bit and read a few blogs. I went to bed just after midnight.

Sunday was kind of weird because I had another training session that afternoon so we had to drop P off at work that morning. He got up and got ready and then we all got up at the last minute and popped in the car. We dropped him off and when we got home, I let the kids watch a movie and I made up our bed. I got on the computer for a bit and worked on a post, went through my reader, and uploaded and backed up pictures from my phone. Sallie had fallen asleep in the car and I brought her inside in her carseat and she woke up at this point and I fed and changed her. I consolidated some laundry piles from around the house, had my breakfast, and took my bath. I put up a bunch of dishes, folded a load of towels, and then got the kids to clean up their room. I did dishes and swept in their room and then we all loaded up and I dropped them off at my parents' for the second day of training. This one was much shorter- about three hours. When I got back, I visited with Minnie and we all ate supper and then left to pick Peyton up. We came home and got everyone settled and P and I watched some TV while I folded a TON of laundry. I got on the computer and read some blogs and uploaded and edited pictures.

The whole weekend really got me thinking.
Back in the Spring, I was approached about a job. A job that looked strikingly close to my dream job. For reasons outside my control, it didn't work out.I still think I would have loved it. But after nine months of a difficult pregnancy and then spending the remainder of what's been nearly a year coming back to an emotionally healthy place, I think it's good to give myself a pass on this year. And I sort of think I owe my children, especially Annie and Graves who have been patient with me beyond what I deserve, as much as I can give them of my full self this year. Also: this was a lot of work. 

Next up, August! 

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