Thursday, December 22, 2016

Weekly Happenings Post #383 (August 1-7)-- Lots of Swimming and Starting to Be Honest with Myself

The past couple of weeks had been HARD. But Peyton was done for awhile with picking up extra shifts which has had me sort of isolated without a car, I had just come off a weekend where I did something important to me and completely unrelated to my small people, P mentioned how much he'd come to love Sallie and how he's sort of sad about her being the last this way baby and while it doesn't really change anything it sure helped to hear it, we jumped back into our school routine, and one day all of us but Sarah Lamar walked four miles.It helped me feel much, much better.

I went to bed late on Sunday but got a pretty good night's sleep. Peyton got up on Monday and got ready to leave at nine and we talked some and then I snuggled with Sallie. I got up a little after ten and stripped the bed and started washing our sheets. I changed Sallie and dressed her and then fed her and got Graves some cereal. I got on the computer and woke up Annie and they played a bit while I straightened some. They ate breakfast and I had lunch and then they cleaned their room and I made their beds and hung up some clothes. I changed over the laundry and started a new load and then got in the shower. The kids did half their media time and then we did morning school for the first time in ages. We did Graves's critical thinking, finger plays, power cards, some Encyclopedia of History read aloud, and Bible with an activity sheet.

We started the school year and had a wonderful first day!Sarah Lamar fell asleep during Morning School in Graves's lap with him pawing all over her face. 

Peyton got home and we took a break. I fed Sallie and had a snack. The kids had lunch and then finished their media time and we did some planning for the month. Then I did math with Annie and Peyton did it with Graves. I fed Sallie and she was awake the whole time and fussing part of it. I did also go through some magazines and organized in the study. Peyton mowed the yard and cut Graves's hair since they finished his lesson a lot more quickly.

When Annie finished math, we all got ready and went for a walk. We walked four miles and got a Sonic treat somewhere in there! Whew. Both the big kids walked the whole time and we were super impressed.

This is what it looks like when she gets dressed without momma's help! (Yes, she was wearing pajama shorts for a walk around the neighborhood.)

Neither one hardly complained at all. We got home and they took baths and ate supper. I put the sheets and the quilt I had washed on our bed, put up dry dishes, straightened and unpacked everything, cleaned up the bathroom where P had cut Graves's hair, started another load of laundry, and washed bunch of dishes.I got on the computer and read some blogs and went to bed really late.

He said, "Rise and follow me. I'll make you worthy. Rise and follow me. I'll make you fishers of men."
I heard this song once at Calvary and loved it so much. Every time Sarah Lamar wore her fish jammies , I sang it to her.I hope she follows Him. And I hope I can help her understand that her worth (in His eyes and in mine) has nothing to do with her own merit. And I hope she fishes for men.

Tuesday was a weird day. Peyton had a doctor's appointment for his collar bone and I slept late. The big kids got up and I got them breakfast and snuggled with Sallie some more. I fed her and changed her and Peyton got home. We talked and I got some things from the attic and took some things up. I got on the computer and made the bed and then ate lunch and took a bath. I got ready and headed to my dentist appointment. After that I stopped at Target and Kroger and then came home. We all got ready and I grabbed a snack and we headed out to swim.

We ended up running into some friends and staying a lot longer than we had planned to.

Super excited we could both fit in our bathing suits!

My favorite people!

 Bathing Beauty

 Not happy to leave the pool but her cover up game is on point. Graves was so excited and kept yelling "Come see Babykins!!!"

We finally got home and had a snack and Peyton ran to the library. I called Minnie and calmed Sallie down and Peyton got home and the kids had supper and I pumped a bottle and then worked on some math prep and Peyton got the kids settled and went to sleep himself. I took out the trash and recycling, collected laundry, swept the kitchen, and just straightened some in our room and the den. I read some blogs and worked on a post.
 Midnight math prep. So very thankful I have a one inch circle punch.

I had a sort of restless night. I can't even remember when the baby was up but I just didn't sleep well. Peyton got up early and went to discuss something with his boss and I got up around nine thirty on Wednesday and fed the baby and texted with some friends and got on IG. The big kids had breakfast and cleaned their room and I made the bed, put up dishes, started laundry, straightened in the kitchen, and had my breakfast. I got on the computer and went through my email and reader and then took a quick bath.

The big kids had media time and then I did morning school with them while Peyton did a Continuing Education thing. Then he did Graves's critical thinking and I helped Annie start hers. I fed the baby and folded dish towels and then bath towels. Annie needed to do a math worksheet and she was being SO stubborn. I fixed mine and Graves's lunch, started cooking some chicken, and changed over laundry. We told Annie she couldn't get up until she did it and she sat at the table for an hour. Minnie dropped by unexpectedly and it turned out to be just the thing we needed to press reset. Annie did her math in about ten minutes so she could visit with my mom. We had a nice time and I texted Peyton's sister about something. I folded the rest of the laundry and changed over another load. Annie ate lunch and the big kids had rest time, Peyton worked in the yard, and I straightened and then got on the computer.

We all got ready and headed to the Y and met the Howies there. We had a great time swimming and visiting.

 Soaking up these last days of Summer!
We came home and Peyton cooked some veggies and I straightened. We ate and got the kids settled. Sallie was sort of fussy and we finally got her settled. I finished a post and did a bunch of dishes and went to bed.

 Thursday was a busy day. Sallie had her two month doctor's appointment and I was going to take her but I woke up with a headache so Peyton ended up doing it. When I did get up, I got on the computer really quick and did a few things and then took my shower. The big kids woke up and we all got ready to go to Granny's. Peyton picked up some donuts and ran by the library and then picked us up and we got on the road to go see Granny.

 I can't express what a joy this is. Annie and Graves both had weight issues as babies (both were truly scary for different reasons at some points). I worked so hard to not supplement- with Annie waking her up at night and feeding her every two hours during the day long past the stage where that's typical- but I ended up having to anyway. With Graves, at around a year, he dropped off the charts (lower than Annie, who always stayed at least around the first percentile and a little more concerning because unlike her, who had been little bitty her whole life he was a very typical newborn and the percentile just kept dropping that year). Turns out our Tiny Girl, as Graves calls her, isn't so tiny. I figured as much since she had moved into a lot of 3-6 mo. things and still nurses ALL the time during the day but the numbers still BLEW MY MIND.
At this point she was in the 46th percentile for weight and 87th for height on the WHO charts. I was so thrilled. Sidenote: praise God our pediatrician's clinic finally went to the WHO charts, which paint a much more accurate picture of growth curves for breast feed babies.
We had a great trip down and a nice little visit and a great trip back. It was a short visit since she was feeling so weak, but so worth it.

 Another sweet, sweet gift. So dark and grainy and I  was hoping to get a better one, but regardless I will treasure this picture always. We were finally able to introduce Sarah Lamar to Granny and it was such a beautiful interaction. I'll never forget Granny not even really being able to sit up comfortably but tickling her tiny feet and visiting with her. We realized that Granny seemed to be nearing the end of this part of the journey and it was a great joy that I got to introduce Sallie to one of my favorite people in this world. Sallie is named for her late husband (Lamar) and she told me today that her mother's name was Sally (we had no idea!) and when she was acting like her PopPop would tease her and call her Sally. Such a sweet connection we had no idea of. She sure was smitten with her tiniest grand girl and today was just so beautiful seeing these two together.

When we got home we relaxed and regrouped for about an hour and then met our friend Erika at Newks. We came home and all three kids had baths and Peyton cooked a hamburger corn pie.

 Freshly bathed and in some of my favorite jams that she was quickly outgrowing.

 I know it's SO weird and I can't stand baby acne that's like true whiteheads with pus and stuff but I sort of love when their skin is still sort of red and almost rashy because they're just so fresh and new.

I straightened and started laundry and we got the kids settled. I got on the computer and wrote a post and went to bed.

All three kids and I slept super late on Friday. Peyton went in early to work and had a long day. When I got up, I fixed the big kids breakfast and did a few things on my phone. I fed, changed, and dressed Salllie and called Minnie and texted our hair dresser. I made up our bed got on the computer. The big kids cleaned up their room and I helped them and then they had media time and I had lunch, started laundry, and took a bath. I fed Sallie and got sort of distracted looking at birth announcements. I finally fixed lunch for the big kids after burning their grilled cheeses and getting distracted by a pictures that looked weird in the frame and I decided I needed to trim at the bottom (and made worse). They ate and I sent a Facebook message and an email, changed over laundry, folded and put up some bath towels, made a list, and called Peyton. The kids finished eating and they had a short rest time. I did math with Annie and then they had supper. I got them settled and watched some TV, ate something, and snuggled with Sallie. Peyton got home and we talked and then I got on the computer and had a snack and watched a little more TV.

We got up early and dropped Peyton off at work on Satuday. When we got home, the big kids had media time, ate breakfast, and played. Sallie slept the whole morning which was so nice. I made our bed, worked on a post, and ate breakfast. I took my bath, got stuff together, wrapped Simeon's present and ironed Annie's romper. I got ready and fed the baby and dressed her and we left.

We had such a fun time at the party- lunch, presents, fun games and a pinata, and cupcakes!
 It was a hundred degrees outside and Graves and Annie were wearing a black hoodie and a velour hoop skirt, respectively. Sal was again donning the 18 mo. tee Graves finally relinquished with fancy panties because obviously. And I'm was sporting XL shirt my mother in law gifted someone in our family at some point.We had THE best time celebrating our big cousin who turned seven. Totally worth the 7:30 wake up and Papa drop off in Clinton. I'm just so stinkin sad he couldn't be there.Without fail, whenever I'm really missing New York, the Lord gives me little encouragements that here is where we belong for now.

After a couple of hours, it winded down and we headed to my parents' house. My dad was home but Minnie had forgotten we were coming over and had left her cell phone. We got there around two thirty and she got back around six. But we had a blast with Mick. I texted a bit with several friends, we had snacks, and the kids played. I rained outside and Sallie slept a ton. Minnie got home and we all ate and then I bathed both big kids. We headed back to Clinton to get Peyton. Graves fell asleep on the way but Annie talked Peyton's ear off all the way home. When we got home, I got on the computer and worked on Sallie's birth announcements and then  got our breakfast and activity bag packed for church. I got all the kids' and my clothes out and ironed Annie's dress and then ate a snack and went to bed.

Sunday was our first day back at church and it went really well. I got up an hour before we needed to leave and managed to get myself ready and get Sallie changed, dressed, and fed. Peyton handled the big kids and we made it out the door on time. We dropped him off and the big kids ate breakfast in the car. I talked to Minnie and ate some breakfast, too, and then we headed to church.

 "I was glad when they said 'Let us go to the house of the Lord'" First day back and it was such a good one. I had every intention to haul her to Sunday school and the service with me (and was a little anxious about the pew experience with all three by myself) but the nursery folks seemed so genuinely excited to see her they didn't have to offer twice. She did great- slept, "visited", and slept some more! And two months is plenty of time to forget your church manners but really Graves's only struggle was that he seemed incapable of a true whisper. Not bad compared to what I was anticipating.Annie, of course, was one hundred percentile chill...after the teeth gnashing before we left home when I wouldn't allow her to wear her shark pajama top under her bishop dress.  

Sweet girl in her vintage Feltman that Cookie and I wore three decades ago and that matches her beautiful eyes.

We came home and I changed clothes, pumped a bottle, ate my lunch, and fed Sallie the bottle that I had taken to church and she hadn't taken. I fixed the big kids a snack and then they had media time and I got on the computer and started a load of cloth diapers.

 A friend at church asked Annie if she liked having a baby sister and she basically shrugged and said "ummm". This guy, though.

I unloaded the dryer and collected laundry from around the house. They had lunch and rest time and Sarah Lamar fussed a good bit. I got her to sleep and took a nap myself but she woke up. I settled her again and worked on a blog post. I cooked some noodles and fixed the big kids some spaghetti with some sauce I had frozen. Sallie kept fussing and we did get the den cleaned up after they ate and their teeth brushed, but I meant to do a lot more.

 I can't put into words how, like a million other things, I'm so very grateful to get to do this one more time, so very grateful to have become more comfortable in my choices, and most of all so very grateful for this little girl whose life it is one of my great privileges to sustain.

We left and picked  up Peyton. When we got home, we talk some and Peyton went right to sleep. I ate something, made a list, sent an email, and did a few other things and then went to bed early myself.

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