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Weekly Happenings Post #385 (August 15-21)-- Papa Works in Louisiana and Momma Gets the Help She Needs

 We had another "first" this week. It was the first time Peyton left and worked out of town for more than one night since Sallie had been born. We managed well, but it made me even more thankful it's not the norm!

I wasn't shy about my stipulations and demanded the company rent him a car so I'd have a vehicle. He was supporting people down there by filling in for pharmacists who can't come in to work because of  flooding that was going on. And this is how he supported me here- he made a midnight grocery run right before he left the next morning. Cosmic Brownies, double Pringles, and Zebra Cakes. This is also why Graves asks me all the time why I still have a squishy tummy. [The avocados, though!]

Also, I realized I needed to take some action as far as taking care of myself. I mentioned to several friends that this has felt a lot like when I finally decided to supplement with formula with Annie. I tried so hard to make it work but in the end I had to let go of what I thought was best overall to do what was best in the situation.

Monday was sort of a tough day. I was just real emotional.

- If you are trying to take a "long view" on a two month overdue birth announcement it may be a sign you are absurdly analytical and like to overthink everything.
- If you are fretting over an announcement you saw months ago that you can't remember, it may be a sign you are super compulsive.
- If you are worried your own momma (who admittedly is a very classy lady and calls it like she sees it) will think you are trashy over a newborn hair bow, you may need a nap....and a milkshake. WHEW.

I got up and got ready and fed the baby and did a few things and then headed to the OB for my follow up appointment. It was a good, quick visit. When I got home, I visited with Peyton and we all had lunch and I put up some dishes and straightened some and then we both did a bunch of school with the kids. Peyton did English with Graves and I did math and English with Annie. I also planned the next day. The kids played for awhile and Peyton mowed the front yard. We all had supper and got the big kids settled and then Peyton and I went to bed pretty early.

On Tuesday, Peyton cooked breakfast and we all got up and ate and then I did a bunch of stuff on the computer- sent some emails and FB messages and started a couple of posts.

Silly Little Sallie in Bud's old chickadee outfit from five years ago and my old sunglasses from TWENTY FIVE years ago that someone made it through Annie and Graves. They don't make stuff like they used to!

Peyton mowed in the back and then came in and took the baby and I finished up what I was doing and got a shower. The kids cleaned up their room and I did a few things and then we had lunch. After that, we all did school. I did math, English, and writing with Annie. We fed the kids an early supper and headed to the pool for a bit. Peyton swam laps and the big kids played. Sallie and I got in for a bit. We picked up Newks for us on the way home and got the big kids to bed. We watched TV and ate and then I folded a ton of laundry and finally got the sheets I had washed on the bed. I stayed up way too late wasting time on the computer.

Peyton was going to South Louisiana to work for a few days so we all got up and I took a bath and made the bed and fed Sallie and we dropped him off at the car rental place on Wednesday. The kids and I came back home and I changed and fed Sallie, started a load of cloth diapers, and made myself something for breakfast and fixed the big kids theirs. They cleaned up their room and I glanced at my reader and made a plan for the day. We did math and it ended up taking about an hour and a half to do Annie's. I worked a bit with Graves during that time, too, but she needed a good bit of help. After that, they had lunch and I changed over the laundry, folded a bit, and did a ton of dishes. I fed and changed Sarah Lamar and then we headed to the library. I couldn't locate the book I needed for Annie but we got a Star Wars movie for Graves, the kids each picked out several books, we got two Peyton had put on hold, and we returned a couple of things that were getting close to being due. So overall it was a success. I let the kids have a good bit of screen time so they could watch the entire movie and I worked on a post and read some blogs. After that, we all got ready and headed to Mickey and Minnie's to visit and have supper. We stayed for a few hours and had a great time.
I was telling Minnie how we are going camping in Arkansas in a month or so (yes, with the Tiny Girl!) and I told her we were getting a Tula. She got it confused with a doula and thought I was taking a helper. LOL, she thinks we're so weird. She also told me "my friends and I just had babies; we didn't think about it like y'all do" back when I was telling her about birth plans and doulas and such. But y'all, I'm STILL laughing about bringing a doula camping. You wanting to come be the post partum doula in the woods, Min? I know it sounds beyond lovely.

 Minnie found this baby picture of me because she thought it looked so much like Baby Sallie.

When we got back the big kids stayed up way too late. I read a few blogs and worked on a post and went to bed.

We all slept late on Thursday. I got up and fed and changed Sallie, texted a few people, made our bed and straightened a little and did a couple of things on the computer. The big kids and I had breakfast and then I took a shower.

 There's just something about a sweet, soft colored pair of pjs. Graves told me that she looked "so pretty" (he usually says cute) and that she looked just like a baby doll. I agree on both counts.

They cleaned their room, which took a lot longer than it should have. I did get a TON of their clothes hung up that had been in a pile in our room. They had an hour of media time and I fed and snuggled with Sallie and read a few blogs and sent some Facebook messages. We all had a snack, I folded a bit of laundry, and then we did math. We got a much later start than I meant to. I taught the lesson and Annie did a few problems and then asked to start her mental math before doing her worksheet. I told her I was fine with that and she did a section and had a grilled cheese. Graves ate too and I fed Sarah Lamar who had laid on the floor and been really chill the whole time. She fell asleep and I put up dishes, opened some packages that came in the mail and tried a few things on the big kids, and started some laundry. Annie did more mental math and finished her textbook page and I washed dishes and then let her have a thirty minute break to play. She did some more math and then the kids had supper and baths. I straightened some and vacuumed in the den and then got them settled for bed. I read some blogs, wrote a post, worked on editing some pictures, and did a few other things. I ate my supper and vacuumed and mopped the kitchen and went to bed.

The kids and I slept really late on Friday and I woke up and did a few things on my phone and was about to respond to a friend's text when she called and asked if she could pop by and drop off some snacks and visit. I said of course and was about to pop in the shower and Sallie started crying. Of course. I got her in her swing and just hustled. I took a super fast shower and dried my hair. The big kids woke up and Karissa got here. I needed to change Sallie so I did that and dressed her and then visited with Karissa for a good bit. She left and I prepped for school, made our bed, ate something, and got on the computer. Sallie had an awful diaper and I changed and bathed her. I let her lay around without a diaper for a bit (her favorite!) while I put fresh sheets on the Pack N Play and folded some laundry.  I fed Sallie, fixed the kids grilled cheese sandwiches and started a load of laundry and took out the recycling, and fed Sallie again because she was fussy. I fed the cat and made a list for the day and looked at my reader. I did some English with Annie and she got pretty frustrated but we talked through it and regrouped and finished up. The kids had media time and I read some blogs and worked on a few things on the computer. I ate lunch and read some blogs and finished editing some pictures. We all got ready and picked up Peyton at the car rental place and then headed to my parents' for beans and rice.

 Beans with Babes and Brother. Full lap, full heart.
When we got home, I finished Sallie's letter and did a few things and went to bed.

Saturday started out great. Since Peyton had worked those extra shifts, he got Saturday and Sunday off! We got up and all got ready and headed to a book festival downtown. We had a great time but it started to rain and I had a headache that kept getting worse.

 Enjoying delicious Deep South Pops at the book festival downtown. Graves said "hey, this red thing is the color of my father'a light saber". Sometimes I think he almost truly believes he's Luke Skywalker. I remember when Annie was five and the way she lived so much of life in little imaginary world. It's such a fun age!

 We all wore lit tees to the book festival and Sister Baby ended up in the 3T Charlotte's Web shirt (a little big but the 6 mo. bubble she has on under it for perfect). I distinctly remember ordering this. It was before we figured out our strategy of racking up at the twice a year sales and it was also back when I didn't value quality over quantity and bought Annie way too many things I didn't truly love. Anyway, at twenty dollars for a kid T-SHIRT it felt like a big indulgence. But I had just finished reading the book aloud to her- it was our first chapter book. I had gotten a big read aloud edition from the library and it was such a sweet part of our day every afternoon while her one year old brother napped. It was truly one of my favorite experiences as a mother and it continues to be such a special memory. And the shirt has been one of our most well used and well loved items of clothing to date! I hope our Sallie Girl is a reader, too!

We picked up Newks and came home and ate and then I rested some. We straightened a bunch around the house and then I laid back down. Peyton took the big kids for a walk and I ate something and when they got back he fed them and put them to bed. I watched several SVU episodes and went to bed myself.

I set my alarm for early on Sunday since I hadn't done any church prep. Peyton was going with us and he bathed the kids before we left and then I got them breakfast and fed and dressed Sallie after I got myself ready and packed our activity bag. We stopped by Walgreens and got some disposable diapers on the way. Sunday school and church were good and it was so fun having Peyton there with us.

I ran into a little guy at the Baptist church who thinks he's an Episcopalian. He dropped his crayon under the seat and told me "I'll get it at the Peace...or when we go get the bread".

We came home and all ate lunch and straightened some and then we did a little school that I had planned for the day before. I rested a little and our friend Rob stopped by to visit for a bit. After that, we all ate supper. I did some stuff on the computer and went to bed.

Of course, it took a couple of weeks for the medicine to start working, but it was definitely the start of something good. Last full week in August up next! 

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