Thursday, January 5, 2017

Janurary Goals and Happenings

I love this header/background more than I have in quite a while. I thought the mustaches seemed a little immature but I think they're pretty cute and I loved the color scheme and they felt like me. I'm really trying to embrace just doing what I feel like in my 30s. Anyway, I adore how the header turned out. The colors actually match really well and I think the font is so fun (another thing I often resist because it seems too out there and silly). I often try to pick an MLK quote in January and I really liked this one. And those two girls and that boy. Gosh, I couldn't ask for sweeter people!  

So I'm not nearly as behind as I've been on these the last couple of months- yay! The fifth isn't the best, but it isn't the worst, either! December was just like I expected- relatively low key and super enjoyable. Our Christmas was really lovely- we spent Christmas day with my family and the day after Christmas with Peyton's. It was nice not to try to break it up and rush between houses, especially since Christmas fell on a Sunday and Peyton, Sallie, and I went to church. The kids and I went to a New Year's Eve Party and Peyton and I (and again, Sallie) went to the Pharmacy Association party earlier in the month. December was a great way to end the year! 

January is going to be mostly low key, too. There are a few things on the agenda:
- We're starting back with some activities- piano and some things with the homeschool group we're in. 
- Peyton's working a bunch next week. He picked up a shift and then one of his co-workers is taking vacation and needed him to cover some shifts. I'm going to try to do a couple of projects and do some low-key stuff with homeschooling.
- Speaking of school, Graves finished the first semester of his English curriculum and Annie finished the fourth, and final, level of hers. We've been working on it for two and a half years (with some breaks to move across the country and have a baby and such!), so it was really exciting. She's about to finish up her math semester too and we'll start the new material in both subjects this month! 

Here were my goals for December. My theme was "finishing well"

1. Practice a simple Advent with the children. We did this but not as consistently as I wanted to and not as consistantly as in years' past. It's a lot of factors but a big one is that, with the baby, nights are harder for me and that's when we've always done it. I'm going to try to really commit to Bible story/read aloud time with them each night. (Faith)

2. Immerse myself in family time over Christmas. I absolutely did this and enjoyed it so much! (Family)

3. Bring dinner to a friend who had a baby. I did this and had so much fun catching up and meeting my precious friend's sweet new girl. (Relationships)

4. Start exercising and gradually build up. Welp. We've done it a couple of times. I guess that's gradual. (Health)

5.  Continue to blog more regularly and more substantively. Yes! For fun, I looked back to see what my average amount of posts was in Decembers past and it was very comparable to this year, which hasn't been the case the previous few months, I'm sure. (Creativity/Passion)

6.  Finish Simply Good News and start The Righteous Mind by Jonathon Haidt. Did the latter, not the former. (Education/Edification)

7. Organize and back up my pictures on two hard drives. Nope. SO determined to do this this month. (Organization)

8. Read The Righteous Mind by Jonathon Haidt. Um, this was on here twice, as was the category. (Education/Edification)

9. Get caught up on personal finances. I worked on it with Peyton some. And we developed a plan for next year. That counts for something, yes? (Finances)

10. Enjoy good Christmas music. Some. Not as much as I'd have liked. (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)

11. Finish my closet changeover and do a major purge. Did it! I mean, I still need to donate the stuff to the Jumble at the end of the month, but I've done the actual change-over and purge. (Additional Goal)

12. Get a peppermint milkshake from CFA. Yes! I went one night and got fries and a milkshake and read for an hour while Peyton watched the kids. I may make this a monthly treat for myself =) It was glorious. (Fun Goal)

15. Take all three kids for their check-ups and get the two big kids haircuts. Obviously, Sallie still has pretty regular well baby visits, but it was nice to check it off the list for the big kids for another year and to get their hair taken care of for a couple of months! (Bonus Goal)

16.  Brainstorm goals for 2017 with Mallory. This was SO much fun. I didn't nail down all my goals by any stretch but it was fun to bounce ideas off each other and discuss. (Bonus Goal)

And here are my January Goals. My theme for this month is "a fresh start".  I'm one of those people that LOVE a new year and making lists and picking a word and that sort of thing.

1. Read at least one of my devotions a day. I got in a good habit and then let it go and it's been awhile. I have two I LOVE and I want to make time for that. (Faith)

2. Make a chore/daily to-do chart for the big kids. I want to help them get off to a great start this year, too! (Family)

3. Reschedule a date for hosting book club. I had to postpone because Sallie had pink eye this week. I was super excited, but the timing really ended up being better for most people, I think. (Relationships)

4. Continue exercising. We're going to really try to be more consistent. (Health)

5. Finally finish a post about Sallie's birth that I've been adding to here and there for months. I told myself I'd do it by the time she was six months old and she's about to be seven months and I just really want to finish it. A lot of processing has gone into it and it's time to just finalize it and hit publish. (Creativity/Passion)

6. Read The Righteous Mind by Jonathon Haidt. It's dense, but I'm loving it! (Education/Edification)

7. Organize and back up my pictures on two hard drives. I'm actually having lots of trouble with my computer and I need to get a new one, so I'm finally to the point where this really has to happen. (Organization)

8. Start to really plan our NYC trip in April. Clearly, I have some time, but I'd like to get a head start. (Travel)

9. Blog about financial goals we met in 2016 and about Voluntary Simplicity. I've realized I enjoy writing about this and I should do it more! (Finances)

10. Focus on the big picture as I look ahead at 2017. (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)

11. Determine 2017 goals for the year. (Additonal Goal)

12. Treat myself to some fries and another milkshake ;) (Fun Goal)

Here's to January, a month of newness and fresh starts. Let us great it gratefully, and look forward towards the future with great intention and hope. 

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