Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Letter to (Seven Month Old) Sarah Lamar

Dear Sarah Lamar,

What a fun month the last one has been with you. Your first Christmas was just delightful and low key and perfect. Your only present from us was this set of periodic table blocks that Papa bought ages ago because he thought they were so neat. We ended up not giving them to either of the big kids and we found them in the present box we keep in the attic the week before Christmas. I'd say they've been a hit so far!

We had the best time seeing Cookie and Conrad and Cookie has started calling you Sissy, which I think is just the sweetest nickname.

I had SO much fun putting you in all of Annie's old Christmas outfits. FYI, your momma might have a slight Etsy obsession and your grandmother may spend a lot of time at antique malls if you're wearing chenille Christmas trees with chenille booties while sitting on a chenille blanket. I still love that one, but I'm not as enamored with it as I was with Annie. Mine and Papa's favorite play outfit was a little gingerbread romper.

The day after Christmas I was trying to get you to bed for the night. You were screaming at the top of your lungs, having epic bridge club levels of over stimulation (that reference comes from the fact that Minnie used to go to bridge one night a month and come home so wound up she'd have to play three hours of solitaire and watch two hours of crime dramas before she could go to sleep). One of my kids very clearly gets people hangovers like I do and has now gotten to the point where she (mostly graciously) just removes herself from the situation. That happened today. One of my kids acts like he's got a literal hangover. That happened today, too. Second holiday that he's gotten a headache. Could be the junk food but I think it's also the energy output he's sustaining. My third little cub- I think you gets withdrawals when you have to detox from being around people who love you. Okay, I'm done with the alcohol/drug analogies.

You are very tactile. You love to scratch (not rub!) different surfaces, like the upholstery on the couch. I think you like how it feels and I think you like the sound it produces. It makes your HSP momma want to shake back and forth in a corner.

You have also started to rub your own hair when you're sleepy and especially when you nurse as a soothing strategy. Annie did this too! It makes your momma want to melt.

You pull hair and earrings (and swats at nose studs ) and pinches our faces SUPER hard. You've got a grip! One time I was taking a nap with you and you grabbed my hand in your sleep and pulled it to you and I woke up thinking it was Papa, you used such force. Your momma mostly loves this too, even if some of it's a bit painful.

I've mentioned it before, but you love screens. You have a hard time nursing when I'm looking at my phone. Your momma is thankful for the gentle nudge to put it away at certain moments for a season.

You've gotten to where you are a lot happier to let other people hold you. Your momma is deeply grateful.

Everything about you (and your family) is weird. You put the "nut" in peanut. You play in your crib and sleep in her play pen. You stay up until past ten a lot of nights. It's not unusual for you to take ONE nap but it often lasts four hours or even a bit more. Other days you sneak in a cat nap around five or six but it's only about half an hour. This strange schedule works pretty well for us and you're surprisingly pleasant. You also really like engagement and interaction and we are thankful it's in no short supply. I cannot imagine Papa and I being tasked with providing enough stimulation to keep you happy on our own. Grateful you're the third!

I keep thinking you and Graves are going to be so much alike- but you may well be tougher and rowdier. Papa always says that Annie set the tone for Graves and if the roles were reversed (i.e he was the oldest) they would be very different children. So here's to Graves being a tone-setter. I have a feeling it's gonna be a wild ride and it's only just begun.

If somebody gets you in position, you can sit up by myself. I had been predicting you would enjoy this, but you LOVVVVE this new trick. So much so you are taking your crazy lady smile to the next level.

Oh, and you try to sit up in the bouncy seat. Soooo that's out.

In addition to sitting up, you are obsessed with making motorboat sounds with your mouth!

You also sat in the high chair at a restaurant for the first time and CRAWLED recently. It was really more of a scoot, but it blew my mind. Annie walked at seventeen months, so this type thing is one hundred percent nuts to me. Speaking of restaurants, you LOVE them. You are the sweetest little party girl. I recently took you to Chick Fil A in your jammies and Annie said "Are you really going to let her wear her PAJAMAS? To a RESTAURANT?" Yes, yes I am.

Your sleep schedule is still pretty crazy the other night I noticed that it was eleven o'clock and you had gotten
your second wind, per usual. You are definitely a night owl like the other girls in our family. The boys are more high energy and they go hard and conk out earlier (and typically get up earlier). Now that I'm thinking about it, though, your up with them, are pretty high energy, go hard, *and* are a night owl. Which is kinda weird, since you are, you know, seven months old.

We finally got the Exersaucer out, which it was past time for but my house- and more importantly, my mental space- can only accommodate so much baby gear.

You are an amazing little person and I love my days with you so incredibly much.

We love you, Little Sallie Sunshine!

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. You pjs are a 6 mo.


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