Monday, January 30, 2017

Nostalgia and Strawberry Candy

Awhile back I found this strawberry candy at Walgreens and was so excited. My grandmother Bump used to always have them in her car when she came to visit us. I almost ordered a big package off the Internet a few years ago. They're my favorite and bring to mind so many sweet thoughts. And they remind me of my childhood, which was incredibly happy.
Later that week Annie asked me for a treat and I said sure and expected her to climb up on the counter and get an Oreo per usual. She ran back to where I was squealing and the smile on her face was priceless. It's a look I see daily from Graves and Sarah Lamar but it's more infrequent with her (and I'm confident she's a happy little girl; she's just a serious child). She told me she had found the best treat in the world and showed me. My heart nearly burst and I told her about how I used to eat them with Bump and explained to her how sometimes your favorite tastes or smells or sounds are made meaningful by the memories attached to them. She told me that plantain chips made her think of New York (we used to always get them at Trader Joe's). It was a special moment between us.

A little while later Graves came up to me and told me that the "most special-ist treat" wasn't candy at all; it was our baby. That was a special moment, too. It reminded me of a song Annie made up for him when she was about five that included the line "you're my present- you're the best present to me".

They treasure each other so and I know their memories of their childhoods will be beautiful because they will be filled with each other.

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