Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Postpartum Check In: Seven Months Out


SD at Seven Months Postpartum:

- Sal's becoming a bit more of a papa's girl. Peyton finally changed his Facebook profile to a picture of her for the first time ever and it's very indicative of their new bond. Do NOT mistake this for griping. I adored having her to myself her first year of life. Sharing her is bittersweet, but incredibly good for my mental health.

- I was surprised with Annie and Graves that motherhood didn't come as naturally to me as I had expected.
And I've been surprised this time that it has come more naturally. Some of that is experience and perspective but some of it is nothing but a gift. I've mentioned before how with Annie I did things like set up arbitrary rules that I'd never look at my phone while nursing her. This time I made no such rules and I very possibly felt more connected. Lately, I have been trying to multi-task too much and haven't just sat and relished the moments (partly because she doesn't sleep as much and life almost feels busier than when she was tiny). Anyway, wouldn't you know it? She can't nurse if I'm looking at my phone. It's just too distracting. The issue solved itself very organically. And that's just one example of how, though this has certainly had its own set of struggles, it has felt very natural.

- I'm FINALLY feeling like in getting back to my old self physically. I can't complain because I've done absolutely no work to accomplish this, but it's taken MUCH longer this time and it's the first time in my life I've had a hard time with body image. And I still have a little ways to go. It's given me a lot of empathy for people for whom this is an ongoing struggle. Peyton and I are both going to try to do better about exercising and making good food choices this year. It's more in an effort to work toward being, and staying, WELL this year but if I can get rid of my squishy tummy by the time the pool opens, that's a nice bonus.

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