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Weekly Happenings Post #388 (September 5-11)-- Granny's Funeral and the Worst Headache Ever

This was the week of Granny's funeral. She died on Sunday morning and the funeral was the next day. We were all prepared for it and while it was sad, it felt right? I know she's in Heaven and we had been making regular trips to see her. I think she was ready and we were all very at peace.

That said, this was kinda how I was feeling by Sunday. The week had just been ALOT.  The previous weekend, Cookie and Conrad were here. It feels sort of like old times and not much makes me happier than being back under one roof and now with P and Conrad and my babies. But we practically move in when they're here. It's exhausting (the other day I explained to Annie what an introvert is and she pretty much told me I nailed it describing her.) Then Granny's funeral- good and beautiful but emotionally depleting. Then Tuesday night I had that headache like I've never had before- even during this last pregnancy. Then during the early morning Wednesday my vision got blurry and I threw up a ton. P said he thought it was a true migraine (at first we thought it might be a virus). AWFUL. I was just thankful not to be pregnant anymore and trying to decide if I needed to go to urgent care or just sleep for twenty hours. I was glad not to have to worry about a vulnerable tiny person depending on me in that way. But then P needed to take Annie and Graves to a class the next morning. SL was sleeping and she'd need to eat before they left if he was going to take her and they wouldn't be gone long so she stayed with me and I slept. I was feeling better but I did worry I'd have another episode while they were gone and not be able to take care of her. I got nervous I'd get dizzy again and drop her. It was fine and I didn't come undone thinking about it which is a testament to the Zoloft. Again, I was just really glad she's on the outside. I feel like I'm much better able to care for her (and myself). We eased back into a routine toward the end of the week and Saturday was nice. We got a good bit of school in and I did a lot of stuff around the house and all three kids had baths at some point and I had them settled earlier than usual. Then I realized that it probably was a virus I had because Graves had an upset tummy. So no church, just Graves's favorite Sunday tradition of watching a VHS of The Lion King in my bed and we had a low key day (except that I was trying to keep Graves's hands and mouth off Sallie, which was a bit of a feat).

Monday was sort of unusual. It was Labor Day but it was also the funeral service for Granny. We all got up and got ready and we got a later start heading down to Hebron later than we meant to. I needed to get Graves some dress shoes from the attic and we needed to actually tell him about Granny (we had told Annie the night before at my parents' but he had already fallen asleep). Anyway, we got on the road and headed down. We stopped at a Walgreens to change into our dressy clothes and buy a couple of non-messy snacks. We made it down and I nursed the baby and then we all visited with people at the viewing. After that there was a graveside service that was really sweet and beautiful and then we all ate and visited some more. It was actually a very nice day.

We got on the road and headed home and stopped again at Walgreens because I was afraid I might have left some of Sarah Lamar's socks in the bathroom. We got home and let the kids have their media time. Someone had texted me about subbing and we were trying to figure out how it could work because Peyton had two doctor's appointments. It ended up just being too complicated and I was a little relieved because I was so tired. I did some stuff on the computer and Peyton fed the kids and got them settled for the night. I ate supper, too, and then I unpacked our bags and straightened around the house. I changed Sallie and got her settled and Peyton did dishes. I read some blogs and started to work on a post but I just felt awful. I made a list and went to bed with a headache.

Peyton had early appointments but the kids and I slept until around nine thirty on Tuesday. I got up and bathed Sallie. She had leaked through her diaper in the Pnp, so I stripped it. I fed her and then went through my email and reader and added a couple of things to my list for the day. The big kids played and had breakfast. I started laundry and took a bath and the kids cleaned up their room. Peyton got home and we talked and then did a few things and got ready to meet Elizabeth and her kids at the park. Peyton dropped me, Graves, and Annie off and then he and Sallie ran a couple of errands- the post office and School Aids to get some handwriting paper for Graves. We had a good visit and stopped at the farmer's market on the way home. When we got home, the big kids had lunch and I fed Sallie and then changed over laundry and got on on the computer a bit. Peyton took the big kids outside and I talked to Ellis on the phone and cleaned up the study. I ate a snack and went outside and talked to Peyton and our neighbor came over and we visited with him and after he left we all went for a walk. We practiced with the Tula for the first time!

When we got home, Peyton fixed the big kids supper and I fed Sallie and then straightened some. I took out the bathroom and study trash, swept and scrubbed the bathroom floors and cleaned the sinks, toilets, and master bathroom tub. I collected and sorted laundry and started a load of cloth diapers and then hung up the shower curtain since Peyton had fixed the rod after Graves pulled it down. I took a shower and ate something and Peyton got home.

We talked and both fell asleep mid way through an SVU. I still had an awful headache and it just got worse and worse throughout the night. Usually sleeping helps, but I was really restless and I ended up waking up in the early morning and feeling so dizzy and throwing up.

I went back to sleep (it was around five, I think) and Peyton took Annie and Graves to Annie's first P.E. class with the homeschool group on Wednesday. I had planned to do some school with Graves but I still felt pretty rough. In fact, I was a little worried about him leaving the baby but she was sleeping really well and I would have needed to have fed her before they left. I was mostly worried about her- I didn't want to carry her when I was so dizzy and my vision was blurry like it had been before I got sick. Anyway, it was fine. I kept feeling better and got a good bit more rest and then she finally did wake up to eat and I felt about ready to get up anyway. Peyton and the big kids got home and we all talked and I had lunch. I fed Sallie again and changed her and Graves helped me give her her vitamins. I took  my bath and Peyton fixed the big kids lunch and then did some English with Graves. He and Graves left and went to visit his parents. Annie had done her mental math while I was in the tub and then we did her math lesson and she did a worksheet. We did critical thinking, some narration, drawing and grammar.The boys got home and we took a tiny break and then they went to the grocery store and we started back with more grammar, spelling, phonics, and vocabulary. Annie also wanted to alphabetize her basic phonogram cards while I cleaned up our school stuff. I helped put up groceries and we all straightened some and then I cleaned up the kitchen a bit and scrubbed the counters. We fed the kids supper and got them settled and then we watched some TV and folded laundry. I went to bed earlier than I had planned.
I don't think there's any better laundry folding partner than Sleepy Little Sallie..

Sleepy Little Annie and Sleepy Little Buddie are pretty sweet, too =)

I slept really well and Sallie did, too. She woke up and ate once and went right back to sleep and I think she even slept a longer stretch than usual. Peyton and I got up and chatted on Thursday and then I fed the baby and went back to sleep. He got the big kids up and they had breakfast and cleaned their room and played a bit. They had media time and I made the bed and changed and fed Sallie.
 Sal don't care who it is holding her, even if they are not impressed. Thanks for taking one for the team, Annie 

Peyton made me a smoothie and mowed the yard and we planned the day and I got on the computer and glanced at my reader and texted with some friends. Peyton got ready to meet a friend for lunch and run to the library and I was changing the baby and getting ready to wash the kids' sheets and then do school with them and Minnie dropped by unexpectedly. I got the sheets in the wash and folded some other laundry and put up some dry dishes but school was clearly a no-go. She left and we did a bit of both kids' critical thinking. Peyton got home and did English with Graves and I did reading, some writing, spelling, and grammar with Annie. I changed over the wash and had some lunch. The big kids and Peyton baked a cake and I read a few blogs and took a nap. I did math with Annie, looked over some school stuff for the next day, hung up clothes in their room, and put the fresh sheets on their bed.

Peyton took the big kids swimming and I did some work around the house. Sallie slept the whole time and I dusted in the den, vacuumed the den and kitchen, mopped the kitchen, pup up dry dishes and started cooking fish for the kids. They got home and Sallie woke up. I fed her and Peyton started listening to a CE and finished cooking the kids' supper. They ate and we got them to bed and then I cooked us fish and brussell sprouts. Peyton got his lunch together for work and I did a bunch of dishes. We watched TV and ate and went to bed.

I had another difficult night. It wasn't near as terrible as the headache one, but I was just up a lot. Sallie woke up way more than usual and at one point Peyton and I both jumped out of bed to check on a crying child, which turned out to be the cat. Ha!

Anyway, Peyton was working but the kids and I all slept late on Friday. We got up around ten and I heated up leftover pancakes for the big kids, feed the cat, and changed and fed Sallie.  
 Happy Little Sallie loved her Fall transitional outfit!

I made up our bed and helped Annie and Graves with theirs. They cleaned up their room and I sent an email and ate lunch. They had media time and I read some blogs, worked on a post, and took a shower. I fed the baby again and then collected laundry, dusted in the bedrooms and study, and vacuumed the bedrooms and study. We got ready to do morning school but Annie got upset over something so I did math and critical thinking with Graves. Peyton got home a bit after we finished and we all had a snack and visited and then I did a bunch of dishes. I did critical thinking and math with Annie and worked on a post and read blogs while she worked independently. We got ready and headed to my parents'. It was a really great visit. We got home pretty late and Graves fell asleep in the car. We put him to bed and visited with Annie some. I got on the computer and made a list and went to bed.

Peyton and I chatted early Saturday morning and then he got up for work and I went back to sleep. The kids slept pretty late and their room was clean from the night before. I made Graves something to eat and they had media time and I rested some more. I got up and looked at my email and reader and took a bath and drafted an email. Sallie woke up and I fed her, gave her her vitamins, and bathed her. I started a load of cloth diapers, made up our bed, straightened a bit, and then ate something myself. Sarah Lamar had an awful diaper so I changed her and cleaned up the bouncy seat mess. I had to find a clean diaper and the only ones we had were adjustable ones that I needed to fix so they'd fit her. I did that and then got some dry laundry out of the dryer. We finally got started on school. I got Annie working in her BrainQuest book and doing some review stuff and then we did reading and writing. After that, she worked on math and I did some handwriting with Graves. We all took a break for awhile and they had something to eat and played. I got on the computer and laid down. I just felt so tired. I talked to Peyton on the phone and sent some stuff from my regular phone to my iPhone (that doesn't work as a real phone anymore but I used for IG and such) and then I went through some stuff in our room- baby presents, a big bag of blankets, some stuff to donate, and a pool bag from the Summer. I started another load of laundry and Sallie woke up and I fed her.

I fixed myself and the big kids a snack and then we worked on more school- I did history, Bible, and critical thinking with both the big kids. Then I did math with Graves while Annie took a bath. He helped me boil some noodles and I heated up some leftover spaghetti sauce and they had supper. After that, I brushed their teeth and Grave had his bath. He had some tummy issues and I got him washed and dried off and then fed Sallie and ate some supper myself. Peyton got home and we talked and I folded and put up a bunch of laundry and went through some stuff Cookie had given me. I changed and fed Sallie and ate a snack and went to bed.

 We didn't go to church on Sunday since Graves had stomach bug symptoms the night before. He seemed totally fine, but of course I didn't want to risk it. We all slept pretty late after Peyton left. I had fed Sallie really early and then again around eight and then at ten or so. She leaked through her diaper so I changed her and took the sheets off the PnP. Graves had breakfast and he and Annie had media time. I made the bed, rinsed some dishes, and did some stuff on the computer. I checked my reader and email, emailed myself about something, and rechecked library books.

I took my bath, dried my hair, fed Sallie again and helped Graves make a sandwich. I put up some dishes and Sallie had an awful diaper so we took care of that and the big kids played some and then Annie fixed most of her lunch and I made her a grilled cheese.
 Annie started fixing her own lunch! I did cut up the apple for her and the space between the turkey and the carrots was two slices of bread and a single she had me use to make a grilled cheese, but we're on our way to big things! Oh, and she got a piece if provolone to eat for a snack while she was making her lunch and the saved the paper for a napkin. Also, my girls are definitely my eaters.

I made a to-do list for the week and for the month and started laundry. I folded some bath towels and washed dishes and Annie did a couple of grammar sheets she could do on her own. Graves practiced writing and I did another English activity and reading with Annie and then she did her math.

HOW is this comfortable? This is legit her favorite. Following in her brother and sisters footsteps and sleeping in the weirdest way possible.
I fixed them supper and they ate and then I got them settled. Sallie was fussing and I tended to her and then Peyton got home.
She was happy to see her papa!

We talked and I cleaned up the kitchen. I did dishes, swept, and took out the trash and recycling. We ate and watched a show and I folded and put up a bunch of laundry and then finished a post and went to bed. 

Whew, like I said, that one wore  me out! 

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