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Weekly Happenings Post #389 (September 12-18)-- League Stuff and Our First Trip to Granny's Without Her There

This was a fun week! I had a Junior League obligation on Monday and Tuesday night and we ended up going down to Granny's on Wednesday. Even though it was a little sad now that she's not there, it's still a really fun, special place to take the kids to camp and relax.

Peyton got the big kids up on Monday and fed them breakfast and got them cleaning their room and then I got up. They finished up and had media time and I fed and changed Sallie and gave her her vitamins and then made the bed and looked at my email and reader. I got on Facebook a bit and then took my bath, texted some friends, and planned the day. Peyton and I talked and then I fixed lunch for myself and a snack for the big kids. Annie and did school and Graves played a game with Peyton. We did a bunch of spelling, some phonics, writing, copywork, and math. When we finished up, Peyton got them started on a project and mowed the yard and I made a list and FB messaged some friends and read blogs. Then I fed Sallie, took her monthly picture, and got ready to go to the McClean Center. When I got there, I did a couple of things on my phone. It was a wonderful night, per usual and I went by Target on the way home. I stayed too long and when I got home the house was kind of a mess and the baby was crying. I fed her and got her settled but she had a rough night and I didn't get much done at all. I wasted some time on the computer and went to bed late with not much to show for it. Peyton and I did chat for awhile and then I got a wonderful night's sleep.

Peyton had a doctor's appointment and was going to try to take the big kids to book club if he got home in time. I woke up and he was standing by the bed saying he had been calling me. I felt so disoriented but also REALLY well rested so I helped him HURRY and get the big kids ready and then they left. Sallie was still asleep and I got a ton done- I texted my sister in law and sent a couple of FB messages, pumped two three ounce bottles, uploaded some new pictures from the DSLR. Peyton had been uploading pictures to his computer so it makes it where I can't automatically upload them to the desktop or it uploads everything from the camera. I worked on fixing that since I figured he wasn't going to be doing it much more (basically uploading and deleting everything). I changed the batteries in the mouse when it went dead, ate something for lunch, and straightened a bit in the kitchen. Our pots and pans cabinet was a mess, so I straightened it really quick and promised myself I'd do a really good purge of it soon.

I looked at my email and reader, fixed the big kids plates for lunch for when they got home, and then jumped in the tub.

I don't think I realized how tired I was. Our baby slept longer than she ever has- like TEN hours. I think the night just wore her out. I know it did me and P.

They got home and I got ready and fed Sallie and dressed her and we headed to the playground to meet Elizabeth and her kids. We had a fun visit and ran by Walmart on the way home. I read a few blogs and texted with a friend and Annie took a bath while Graves played. I jumped in the shower after she finished and got ready for my Junior League meeting. It was at The South and I HATE driving in downtown Jackson. The traffic was horrendous and there were awful potholes and there were even cement bricks in the middle of the road?!? But the meeting was really amazing and I had the best time.

 Graves found these caterpillars in the garden while I was gone!!!

I got home and Sallie had slept the whole time. I visited with Peyton and did some stuff on the computer. Sallie did get fussy and it ended up being a long night and I was up a lot with her.

Peyton got up and got the big kids ready to take to Annie's P.E. class on Wednesday. He fixed them breakfast and they got ready and then I got up and fed Sallie and ate breakfast. I looked at my reader and email, pinned the ironing board cover on because it kept falling off (ha!) and organized some of the cloth diapers in bigger sizes. I took my bath, made our bed, and started laundry. The kids got home and I had Annie do her a math page, her mental math (which she chose to do two days of) and some English- we just did some phonics. After that, they ate lunch and had some media time and Peyton did dishes.

Graves burping Sallie! She's by far the most grown up infant I've had and while it saddens me I'm grateful because it's for her own safety.

I packed up stuff for our trip to Granny's house and then worked on a post and my blog design for the month. We left home right around rush hour and got to Granny's at seven thirty. All three kids fell asleep on the way down. Peyton fixed us grilled cheese sandwiches and we talked and played and he set up the tent around nine. Sallie and I stayed inside and I read about forty pages in The Well-Trained Mind and wrote thirteen thank you notes! I was proud of myself. The kids and Peyton came in to use the bathroom one last time and have a snack around eleven. I had a snack myself, fed Sallie, and changed her and got her ready for bed and went to sleep around midnight.

She woke up a couple of times (she was sleeping in her swing) but overall I got a lot of rest. Peyton and the big kids came in around eight and fixed breakfast and I got up close to nine on Thursday. I got my bath, fed Sallie, and did a little more math and English with Annie. I got Sarah Lamar changed and dressed and Peyton's parents got there. We visited and then Andrew, his brother, got there to. Peyton and Andrew took the kids on a trailer ride behind the tractor and Denise rocked Sallie while I made spaghetti sauce for our lunch. Everyone came in and we ate and talked and then got on the road back home. Graves and Sallie both fell asleep in the car again and both transferred, surprisingly! I went through my reader and finished a post and started a new one and the big kids both had baths and then we got ready and headed to Symphony at Sunset. It's this neat thing where the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra plays outside on the grounds of this really pretty house and people bring picnic suppers and stuff. We were meeting the Harkins but we got there late and it was so crowded and Annie had to use the bathroom and Peyton and I both got kind of stressed. We ended up finding the Harkins during intermission and having a great night. Sallie got fussy (I think it was too loud) and I tried to feed her (right there in front of the orchestra where we were sitting- I was proud of myself) but she was still upset. Peyton ended up taking her after they played two of his favorite selections and he actually ran into a friend and got to visit some.

I was so tired. I straightened some around the house and unpacked a bit while Peyton fed the big kids something. I cleaned up the kitchen and then took a shower. Graves and Annie had a hard time settling down and so did Sallie so that really took most of the rest of our energy and we went to bed around midnight.

The kids and I slept pretty late on Friday and we needed it. We all got up and the kids had something to eat and I fed Sallie. I got on the computer a bit and sent a couple of FB messages and texted Peyton and Minnie. My phone messed up and I tried to fix it but got so frustrated. They cleaned up their room and I helped them and made their beds, made our bed, straightened some, and unpacked my bags from Granny's house. I took my bath, ate something, fed Sallie and changed her and gave her her vitamins, and then collected laundry and started a load.

I dusted and cleaned the window sills in the bedrooms and study and then vacuumed in the bedrooms, study, and bathrooms.  I fixed the big kids lunch and fed Sallie again and then emailed my mom. I had planned to do school next but the kids wanted to have rest time so I agreed. I read some blogs and Peyton got home and we visited. He cooked some eggs to have in the fridge for his egg sandwiches and mixed up some natural peanut butter in the food processor so the oil would be mixed in. He relaxed some after that and I did some English with Annie- we worked on suffixes and did spelling words and then did handwriting and math practice while she did a review page of math. We got ready and headed to my parents' house.

Honestly, it was a chaotic visit. Graves was so rambunctious and we just had a bit of a hard time. But we had fun mostly. We came home pretty early and got everyone settled and I worked on a post and edited some pictures. Sallie had a bit of a fussy night and Peyton and I handed her off back and forth. We finally all got to bed a little after midnight.

Peyton had to work on Saturday but Sallie slept great and then we all slept late. I got up with the big kids and fixed them something to eat and scrubbed the kitchen counters and then I did some stuff on the computer- I checked my reader and email and uploaded pictures from my phone and backed them up. I took a quick bath and Sallie woke up. I fed her, changed her, gave her a bath, and gave her her vitamins. I rewet my hair and dried it and made up our bed and collected laundry and started a load. The kids cleaned up their room and I helped them a bit and straightened in the study some and then I finally ate my lunch.

I straightened some piles in the den and in the sunroom and found a place for our big double stroller in the laundry room (Peyton had previously had it in his work room and we were going to put it in Granny's van when we got it but it was driving me nuts in the sunroom).I helped the kids organize some toys in their room, put up dishes, and folded some towels and cloth diapers. I fed Sallie and the big kids had lunch and she played in her swing. I washed more dishes and rinsed out a bunch of stuff to recycle, took out the trash and recycling, and put up some picnic bags we had taken to Granny's.

The big kids played and I vacuumed the den, kitchen, and sunroom and mopped in the kitchen and sunroom (I had to take a break to change and feed Sarah Lamar). I took a break and worked on a post and read a few blogs and then fixed the big kids supper. We did a few basic school things I had been meaning to do and the big kids took baths and then I did writing with Graves and we played Chutes and Ladders. I had accidentally thrown away the gameboard from Annie's English workbook, not realizing we'd need it for the next lesson so she thought we could mortify the game and use Chutes and Ladders. It worked perfectly! Graves had a nosebleed and Sallie started fussing. We finally finished the game and I got them settled and did some stuff on the computer and Peyton got home. We visited and I folded a bunch of clothes and then got breakfast, the activity bag, and everyone's clothes ready for church and went to bed.

Sunday ended up being a TOUGH day. We all got up and got ready and dropped Peyton off. Sallie did great about half the time in the parking lot and then got upset. I fed her and she fell asleep. Sunday school and church were great but when we got home, I started getting a bad headache. I ate something and uploaded some pictures to the blog and worked on a couple of posts and it just got worse. Sallie had taken a bottle towards the end of church and then I fed her but she was wide awake while I was eating and on the computer. She finally fell asleep and I decided I needed to rest, too. She slept all afternoon and I stayed in bed a good portion of it, too. Annie and Graves ate something and had media time and played. I got up several times to get something from the top of their closet or fix them something to eat (or put one of them in time out, ha!) but overall I got a good bit of rest. I finally got up and fixed them supper, did the dishes, and woke Sallie up to feed and change her and we left to get Peyton. I was feeling some better but the drive back to Clinton was HARD. I'm not sure how I did it. We got him and both big kids were asleep. I ran in and used the bathroom at his store and we picked up Newks. I didn't even want to watch TV. He played with Sallie and then I nursed her and changed her and got her settled. She woke up off and on a good bit but I thankfully felt much better the next morning.

Next up: getting a van! 

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