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Weekly Happenings Post #390 (September 19-25)-- Project Making, Cake Baking

{no family picture this week, ugh!}

Monday was a good day. Peyton had MPhA meetings all morning but he woke up the big kids and fed them. I got up when he left- a little before nine. The big kids played and I got on the computer for a bit and made a list for the day and then took my bath and dried my hair. Sallie got up and I fed and bathed and changed her and got the big kids cleaning up their room. It was a huge mess and I ended up helping them and then collecting some toys. They had media time and Sallie fell asleep and I made our bed. I collected laundry, started a load of cloth diapers, put up dishes, and took out the trash and recycling. I cleaned up breakfast, ate something, and did some dishes and sent an email. The kids ate a snack and played a bit while I did all that. It all took me a lot longer than I expected.

We did our morning school stuff after that. We did Annie's critical thinking, history, a finger play, and Bible. Peyton got home while the kids were doing their Bible craft and we talked and then Peyton took the big kids swimming and fixed them lunch while I ate lunch and wrote a blog post. I did some school with Annie- spelling and phonics and writing and Peyton did handwriting with Graves. Peyton and the big kids worked on an art/science project--making a replica of the Earth....

Peyton fixed the big kids some supper and I fed Sallie. We ate and visited and I hung up some laundry and did some computer stuff and went to bed.

Tuesday was BUSY. I got up and got a bath and got dressed and then fed Sallie and left to sub at Mother's Day Out. It was just the morning and I had fun but it wore me out. When I got home I fed Sallie again (she hadn't taken a bottle the whole four hours) and then cleaned up some random stuff Peyton had pulled out of the bathroom cabinet, made our bed, changed clothes, and ate a big serving of yogurt.

When I was growing up, we had a cat I loved so much. He was so laid back and Cookie and I taught him "tricks" and would literally flip him in the air and catch him. He never scratched or bit us. I'm convinced that Happy Little Sallie is the human equivalent of that cat. Pictured, her big brother is making a web (which he still pronounces "wib") out of her arms and legs. Just cooing away like it's NBD.

Brother and Babes on a blanket from Minnie. Around this time, I just walked in a room carrying her and brought her to me. It was alarming but he was doing a great job and really the way he had her, it would have been hard for him to drop her unless he tripped. I think he waited to do it until he felt confident. I made or clear he needed to ask first and we've been practicing a lot. And I think she's becoming more and more smitten with him. For the longest time she's stared at a picture of big kids I took in New York every time I put her on our bed and over a month ago she was crying and Peyton brought her in the room with them and she stopped. He carried her in another room and she started back. And now she just coos and smiles and eats up all the attention he gives her. I worried because Annie and Graves are such good friends that she might be a little left out and that the novelty would quickly wear off but I don't think that's happening any time soon!

We got ready and headed to the park to meet Elizabeth and the cousins. Peyton went grocery shopping while we were there and it ended up being fun because it was the park day for the homeschool group we're in, too. Graves once again decided to "obey" Simeon instead of me and that was tough. We came home and the big kids had media time I fed Sallie and put up groceries and then I read some blogs, texted with a friend, and messaged another friend on Facebook. I ate something and then we got ready to go to another park with the Howies. The big kids had something to eat and we popped Sallie in the stroller and left. Well, the tire blew on the way. We came home and got a different stroller (the single; we had been using the double but with just Sallie in the baby part) and headed back out. The Howies were stuck in traffic so it worked out fine. We played and visited for a few hours and then headed back home and the big kids had supper and quick baths and we got them settled. I fed and changed Sallie and got her ready for bed and Peyton and I talked some. He and the big kids made a cake and I went to bed pretty early.

Annie at eleven o'clock. Making a chocolate cake and listening to Bob Marley in this number Minnie wore when she was young. Peyton's idea. I feel asleep shortly after this with my face literally on a magazine(?!?). This is why we can't be anywhere where we need to have our hair brushed before ten AM.

Spread eagle in the polyester panties from that spicy thing Minnie wore when she was like eight years old (which I also LOVED when I was about Annie's age). Glad they're learning about sharing from Minnie's nightie.

I got up on Wednesday around nine and Peyton and the kids got up then, too. I fed Sallie and changed her and Peyton and Annie left for her P.E. class. I straightened a bit, wiped down the kitchen counters, and fixed Graves some cereal. He watched a movie and I got Sarah Lamar settled, took my bath and dried my hair.

Happy Little Sallie was stoked about reading some N.T. Wright.

I went through my reader really quickly and put on my make up and fed Sallie again. Peyton and Annie got home and Sallie and I left to meet Morgan and Carrie for lunch. We had a really great time visiting and catching up. After that, Sallie and I went to try to catch the attendance officer and get the big kids registered for homeschooling. She wasn't there so we came home. Peyton had taken the big kids swimming at the Y. I rested a bit and got on the computer and did a few things. Sallie was pretty fussy and I didn't get much done. I called the consignment store to find out a few things about consigning stuff and talked to Peyton and he got ready and went walking with a friend.

Annie was in super meltdown mode (she was so people-ed out) but I finally got Sarah Lamar settled and got the house cool and I felt better. I made Graves give Annie some space and while they played separately, I straightened and went through some piles, took out the recycling, changed over laundry, and folded some towels. Annie got better and they did some crafting and then I did English with Graves. Peyton got home and I cooked some ground beef, corn, and beans. P ran back to the store to get sour cream and we ate tacos for supper. We got the big kids settle and he cleaned up the kitchen and I fed Sallie and changed her and got her to sleep. I went to sleep really early.

We got up around nine on Thursday. I fed Sallie and helped get Graves ready for gymnastics and Peyton did a CE and took a bath. I pumped a bottle and went through my reader. I started laundry, wiped down the kitchen counters, and swept. The kids had media time and I straightened a bit in the den and made the bed. Peyton and Graves left and Annie and I did a quick straighten of their room.

Off to Little Gym with Papa!

I got on the computer again and made a list for the day. I ate some yogurt and took a bath and dried my hair. Annie and I did some writing and mental math and then Sallie woke up just and P and Graves got home. I changed over laundry and bathed, changed, and gave Sallie her vitamins and stripped her sheets all in about ten minutes. Peyton cooked fish for lunch and we ate and the kids played. I folded some laundry and then started more school with Annie. She did some spelling, phonics practice, and grammar and then some math. I worked on a post a bit and the kids played with kinetic sand and Peyton mowed the yard. I straightened some and got some bottles fixed up because we decided to try not to use disposable baby wipes and then we all got ready. We were going to the Bethany Banquet that night since the Howies had invited us. Anyway, we dropped the kids off at my parents' house and headed to the banquet. We had a really nice time and picked up the kids and headed home. Graves fell asleep in the car. I ordered (for the second time) the birth announcements and went to bed.

We all slept pretty late on Friday after Peyton went to work and then the big kids got up and played. I got up and looked at my reader, straightened a little, helped the kids start cleaning their room, and took my bath.  The big kids ate and had media time. Sarah Lamar woke up and her diaper had leaked (which was my fault for not changing it when I fed her earlier that morning). She was in our bed so I stripped it, bathed her, and changed her. I finally dried my hair and then fed her- I couldn't believe she held out. I heard the garbage truck and tried to get the trash to the street but it was too late. I collected laundry and started a load of cloth diapers and then ate my lunch. The big kids played a bit and had their lunch and I put up some dishes, changed over laundry, washed more dishes, swept, fed Sallie, and hung up some clothes and folded kitchen towels. After that, Annie did her math and Graves and I worked on handwriting on and off for a bit. He'd get tired and lose his focus and I'd fold a bit more laundry. We finally finished, Annie finished, and I got the laundry put up. I let them do some crafting and I worked on a post and read some blogs. They kept needing stuff and I my patience was getting low. Peyton got home and I finished up my post and then did some dishes. I ate a snack and addressed a pile of thank you notes and then made up our bed and the Pack N Play with fresh sheets and changed and fed Sarah Lamar.We got ready and headed over to my parents'. We had a great visit and stayed a couple of hours and then came home.

We got the big kids settled and I straightened some and got some Cokes and the stroller put up in the laundry room and fed Sallie. I did a few dishes, hung up some clothes, and looked over Annie's math from earlier. Then I got busy ;) I dusted in the den and wiped down the blinds and the kitchen table and side table in the kitchen and vacuumed in the den, sunroom, laundry room and kitchen. The vacuum was making a funny noise and I realized I needed to change the bag. I did that and it still sounded weird. I finished up and mopped the kitchen. I fed and changed Sallie again and then finished another blog post while Annie did her Brainquest book. I checked it, ate a snack, and went to bed.

Sallie was up a ton during the night. I'd just give her back her paci and she'd resettle but she kept waking up every hour or more. I was glad she was still in our room! Anyway, Peyton went to work on Saturday and Graves woke up earlier than I had hoped (eight o'clock so not awful but tough since I had gone to sleep at one and been up so often). He snuggled and visited with me in our bed for half an hour and I was trying to keep an eye on Sallie so he didn't wake her up or you know suffocate her and then Annie got up. I let them go ahead and do their media time because I had an awful headache. I was so tired but I felt pretty awake and wondered if I could even fall back asleep. I knew since the big kids were occupied and Sallie was asleep it was probably the best chance I'd have so I took some medicine and tried to rest. I slept for over an hour and felt MUCH better.

Sallie woke up and I got the big kids to finish up what they were doing. I fed Sarah Lamar and then she had a dirty diaper (I think gas and tummy pain were what was keeping her up). I changed it and made our bed, started a load of laundry, and helped the big kids pick up their room a bit. Annie and Graves got in a huge fight over something silly and it took a bit of time to defuse the situation. Sallie fell asleep and I fixed the big kids something to eat and fixed my lunch and checked my reader and email.  The big kids were putting their action figures in a plastic tub full of water and I finally got my own bath. I dried my hair and helped the big kids finish cleaning up their room and then they got out some Legos. Sarah Lamar woke up and I fed and changed her, helped resolve another fight, and got the laundry changed over. I stripped the daybed in the sunroom and washed the sheets and duvet and threw Graves's duvet in, too. I scrubbed a spot on a couch cushion, put up a few things from a big pile of random stuff on top of the washing machine, and fed and changed Sallie again. I played with Annie and Graves for a bit and then I called P, fixed lunch for the big kids, dusted in the bedrooms and study, and took out the bathroom and study trash. I collected laundry and swept in the bedrooms and bathrooms since the vacuum was broken. Right in the middle of this Annie decided she wanted to make more instant potatoes. Not hard, clearly, but she needed a little guidance. Then Sallie spit up all over her playmat and Graves had to go to timeout for running away from me and hiding something behind his back. Ha- life with three kids!

One of the hardest things for me used to be prioritizing needs. I wiped Sallie off, stuck the paci right back in her mouth, left her in the pool of spit up, and finished helping Annie with the measurements (which she had already misread but found a logical way to compensate) and got the potatoes boiling. Then I gave Sallie a real bath (or as real as it gets for her- our days with infant tubs and that kind of apparatus are gone and we "bath" her as Graves says in the sink), something I typically do every Saturday before church but had hoped to avoid as she had a blow out diaper requiring one the day before. Graves went to time out and stayed there the duration of both tasks, which was actually hardly any time at all and we had a discussion while I redressed Sarah Lamar and scrubbed the play mat. She was happier having thrown up and nursed herself to sleep and Annie and Graves had full tummies too and played nicely for a bit while I sat down and tried not to accomplish anything for just a few minutes.

I served Annie the potatoes, put up the extras, and washed out the pot we had cooked in and another dish and polished the hardwoods the bedrooms and the study. As I was taking out some recycling she said "I thought cooking those potatoes together was fun, didn't you?". I'm not sure I can say so truthfully, but I thought it was manageable which is a long way from where I was just a couple of years ago.

The big kids started fussing again and I helped them get it resolved again and then worked on a blog post. Sallie of course woke up and I tried feeding her several times but she wouldn't settle. I was super hungry myself and I fixed a sandwich and ate it with her in my lap. I worked some more on the post with her in my lap and she finally pottied and was all better. I changed her diaper and then the big kids took baths and I started another post. I fixed them supper and they ate. I packed up the activity bag for church and Peyton got home while I was feeding Sallie. I talked to him soon and then finally got the two duvet covers back on and made up the sunroom swing and Graves's bed. I did a bunch of dishes, swept in the kitchen, and got the rest of our church stuff together and our clothes out. I ate a snack and went to bed.

As you do.

Church prep. Purse, activity bag, diaper bag, and breakfast for that hour in the Walgreens parking lot. For the most part, I've come a long way as far as my over packing tendencies but Sundays are REAL SERIOUS. Usually I consolidate the diaper bag and my purse but Sallie needs to be stocked for a couple of hours without me and I need my glasses, wallet, and all my make-up because I literally don't even start to apply it until I have that hour to kill (this was all pre-van). Graves needs every bit of that crap in the bag on the far right in order to be quiet and sit still for an hour. And a groovy flower power cooler thing just makes sense to pack a bunch of fruit, graham crackers, water bottle, pumpkin seeds, craisins, and Ritz crackers in. Sometimes Voluntary Simplicity means strategizing.

Sallie was up a ton again and I felt terrible with sinus stuff and really contemplated missing church on Sunday.  I got up, took some medicine, and got my bath. Peyton got the big kids ready and I changed, dressed and fed Sallie. We left home right on time. Sunday school was nice and Annie and Graves did SO well during church. Graves was clearly exhausted because he snuggled with me some and then fell asleep for about the last ten minutes of the service. We picked up Sallie after Annie invited our friend, Jackie, to come see her. We came home and the big kids played and I unloaded the car and unpacked most our stuff and changed clothes. I fixed myself a turkey melt and ate it and Sallie got fussy. I nursed her and got her settled and she fell asleep but woke right back up. I fixed Graves a sandwich and got on Facebook and did a few things and she fell asleep again in my arms. I put her down and the big kids had media time and I took a quick nap. Graves popped a balloon full of glitter in the living room and I vacuumed it up even though the vacuum was making weird sounds. I was hoping I didn't completely break the thing permanently but no way was I leaving that mess until P got home. I texted with a friend and fixed Annie a grilled cheese and unpacked the last bag from church. I pumped a bottle and read some blogs and the big kids went outside.

When you love babies so much you want to be one. One minute they're riding bikes, the next he's in the stroller, with a blanket, making baby noises, and having Annie push him up and down the driveway.

I finished up a post and then fixed Annie and Graves leftover tacos for supper. I ate with them and then folded some bath towels, fed Sallie, and did a bunch of dishes.
Annie thought this headband would go great with the thirty year old Feltman dress and the fancy panties. Incidentally, all three items are c/o Minnie. I was just excited she took an interest in Sarah Lamar. Maybe Graves convinced her of how great babies really are.

We were trying to hustle to leave because Peyton wanted me to get there a little early to get a flu shot but Annie and Graves needed their teeth brushed and then Annie wanted a flashlight. I brushed Graves's teeth and Annie brushed hers and then looked for one but couldn't find one with batteries. She was so sweet and had a great attitude even though I know she was disappointment because she wanted to keep reading in the car. I tried to find one myself and even put batteries in one I found but it didn't work. We got on the road and got there right as Peyton got off. He gave me my shot and took Annie in to use the bathroom and then we headed home. We picked up Newks for Peyton and watched several episodes of SVU. I got Sallie to sleep and dozed off a bit. I woke up and we chatted and I had a snack and went to bed.

About to close out September here in a minute, y'all! 

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