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February Goals and Happenings

So, this is not my favorite background/header, but I think for what it is, I love it as much as I possibly good. Which is almost the bigger win because it makes me feel like I've gotten better at this. Also, I can bust them out SO much more quickly than used to could. Not the most marketable skill set with many blogs going by the wayside, but I love doing it and I'm glad it doesn't take a million years anymore. I love the font, love the colors, and love the pictures. And I really love the quote. It's a favorite! 

January turned out to feel busier, especially towards the end, than I anticipated. Peyton worked a bunch extra one week and then he and the big kids were sick for nearly a week. Two weeks off my routine feels like a lot! We didn't finish up Annie's math like I had planned (we're SO close) but we did really dig into English. Graves is trucking along in English and we made a decision to try something new with math. I did host my bookclub and that was really fun. I also sorted through and donated a bunch of stuff to the Jumble (the big rummage sale the Junior League does). That was a nice project to check off the list! We also all had dentist appointments (more on that in a minute).

I think the first part of February is going to be kind of intense, but then the second half should be really low key.
- Peyton's working an overnight shift next week for a co-worker, which understandably kinda throws him (and us?) off for a few days. The good news is he got a Sunday off, so that will be fun. 
- Cookie and Conrad will be in town this weekend and we're going to go eat sushi with them and the kids since my parents are having friends over on Saturday night.
- We have several meetings this week and Peyton and I have some fun friend lunch dates. 
- I have my Jumble shift for four hours one day.
- Graves had one dentist appointment in addition to the check up but because he had several cavities (grrr- we are not terrible parents!) and because he's so little they can't use a lot of drugs to numb him up in different places, he's having to go two more times. Fortuantly, we'll be done with that after next week.
- We're meeting with our friend who does curriculum counseling for us so that will be really fun. 
- I addition to my regular two shifts at the McClean Center, there's a gala we're going to for the center.
- One of us (I think, we're having trouble with childcare) is going to go to an informational foster care meeting.
Here were my January Goals. My theme was "a fresh start".  As I've mentioned quite frequently, recently, I love that kind of thing. Maybe because of the new year, I feel like I was much more successful with these than I usually am!

1. Read at least one of my devotions a day. I did this some but not daily. I'm planning to keep trying to make a habit out of it. (Faith)

2. Make a chore/daily to-do chart for the big kids. I did this. We're still working on remembering to implement it! (Family)

3. Reschedule a date for hosting book club. I did this and hosted it and it was really fun! (Relationships)

4. Continue exercising. We did pretty good with this and then Peyton worked a bunch extra and then we got sick and so we haven't really done great. (Health)

5. Finally finish a post about Sallie's birth that I've been adding to here and there for months. I finally did it and as I've said, it felt so good to let it go and release it into the world. (Creativity/Passion)

6. Read The Righteous Mind by Jonathon Haidt. I finished two of the three parts. Whoops. It is THICK. Only one person in our book club made it through. I'm going to finish it, though. I think it's so interesting. (Education/Edification)

7. Organize and back up my pictures on two hard drives. I've said before that this felt SO daunting. Anyway, I finally got started and got a bunch of it done. I still have more to go (and clearly it's also an ongoing thing) but I think I will have this phase of the project completed this month. (Organization)

8. Start to really plan our NYC trip in April. I brainstormed and P and I talked a lot about big picture stuff as well as details like which stroller to bring. (Travel)

9. Blog about financial goals we met in 2016 and about Voluntary Simplicity. I didn't do this but I came up with some posts in my drafts. I felt like overall it was a great blogging month, so I don't feel too bad that this slipped through the cracks. (Finances)

10. Focus on the big picture as I look ahead at 2017. I think I did pretty good with this. Winter is such a struggle for me mentally and I'm really looking forward to April in New York and Summer at Briarwood. This time last year, I was looking forward to a baby and I was worried I wouldn't be as excited about this Summer but honestly, Toddler Sallie is going to be just as fun as (if not more fun than!) newborn Sallie. (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)

11. Determine 2017 goals for the year. I did this and I loved every minute of it. (Additional Goal)

12. Treat myself to some fries and another milkshake ;) I took the kids one night so it didn't have the same solo self-care vibe as the last time, but it was still delicious and fun! (Fun Goal) 

13. Join Northside. As I keep saying I need to write a whole post on this one. It was on my yearly goal list and I actually did it on January 1st. I know it is one of the most important ones on that list and I'm so glad I finally did it. (Bonus Goal)
14. Get everyone up to date on dentist appointments. We scheduled mine and Peyton's and both of the big kids back to back and all went. It was sort of a long time to keep Sallie (and Graves when he wasn't getting his teeth cleaned) entertained in the waiting room. It's how we've always done it, but I think we'll break it up next time. (Bonus Goal)
 15. Get the last of the big baby gear down from the attic. We got down the Exersaucer, doorway jumper, umbrella stroller, and high chair. There are still a couple of push toys up there and the baby gates, but this was the last big haul. (Bonus Goal)
16. Get dressed more often. Another one of my yearly list, I'm trying to make it a priority to get out of my gym shorts more, partly just for the fun of it. I did this some and really enjoyed it. (Bonus Goal)

And here are my February Goals. My focus this time is on encouraging, appreciating, and affirming others. Some of the items are repeats from January and a few are just random things that I need to work on this month (four through nine, for example), but I did try to use this focal point in making my list and I also just want to keep it in the forefront of my mind this month.

 1. Encourage others, specifically in their unique vocations and callings. I want to take time to appreciate the holy work those around me are doing. (Faith)

2. Work on actually using the chore/daily to-do chart I made for the big kids and praise them liberally when they succeed. Clearly, this is an important part of the plan, too. (Family)

3. Send snail mail.  I actually have a couple of notes in mind that I want to write. (Relationships)

4. Continue exercising. Yeah, this is going back on the list. (Health)

5. Continue trying to get dressed for the day more frequently. Like I said, I gave this a shot this month and I found it really rewarding. (Creativity/Passion)

6. Finish The Righteous Mind and start my new book club book. And get a date on the calendar for us to meet. (Education/Edification)

7. Organize and back up my pictures on two hard drives. Yep, leaving this one, too. (Organization)

8. Continue to plan our NYC trip in April. Obviously, March will be the biggest month for prepping/packing for the trip, but I want to start making a lot of lists and getting organized mentally now that I've brainstormed and discussed ideas with Peyton. (Travel)

9. Work on making wise spending decisions without spending too much time shopping or analyzing. Sometimes I struggle to find the balance. I feel like I'm just making decisions without being thoughtful or more frequently recently, spending really wisely but I'm spending way too much mental energy on it. (Finances)

10. Be vulnerable in telling others how much I love them and how thankful I am for them. I thought February was the perfect month for this =) (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)

11. Get baby stuff that we're finished with together for Peyton's pharmacy partner and Ellis, who are both having babies this Spring. (Additional Goal)

12. Put affirming notes on the kids' door at night. (Additional Goal) 

13. Get my hair cut and get a chipped filling the dentist discovered fixed. (Additional Goal)

13. Plan a friend date to the Mexican restaurant. (Fun Goal)

Here's to February, the month where we celebrate romance and affection. Let me be a vessel of abundant grace and overwhelming, lavish love, in my home and elsewhere. 

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