Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Letter to (Five Year and Eight Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

A few fun, exciting things to recap but mainly I just want to remember the hysterical and sweet things you said and did!

Quite possibly the biggest thing that happened was that YOU READ YOUR FIRST BOOK. I've always said teaching Annie to read has been one of the great joys and honors of my motherhood thus far and it's a bit bittersweet that I will be able to claim only a tiny bit of that success with you, but you have such an excellent teacher in your papa!

As an aside, one of my children has a conviction (or rather compulsion) about doing work on Sunday. One does not. You are the one who is flexible, clearly. We still don't know about Sallie.

You are still your baby sister's biggest fan. I told you awhile back that pretty soon Sarah Lamar could try baby food. You said that you did NOT like that idea and you did not want her to be grown up enough for baby food and you really felt like she only needed milk still. And when we were talking to you about your "hundred thousand babies" we explained that you could have them biologically or adopt them or foster them and you told me later you just weren't sure you could handle giving back the foster babies. I used to only see myself in Annie and Papa in you but more and more I see myself in you (and Papa in Annie). I often chuckle and think the Lord did this magical thing where he made you the sweetest child he's ever created and also made you love the things I love so I'd be able to deal with some of the other ridiculousness that makes you you. I mean I laugh and think He did something similar (not the sweetest, but the most fascinating) with Annie, too. And probably every child He creates. I'm sure one day I'll even think that about Sallie. Right now she seems pretty magical herself.

Once she did try baby food, I passed the task off to you.  One evening I was doing dishes and I heard you say "Too cold for you, Babes?" And then you blew in it to warm it up (which I guess does have a warming effect as well as a cooling one).

You realized these paci clips (that I had forgotten we owned) attach the same way as your suspenders and you put them on Sallie and said "Look! Sallie has on her church overalls!"

Since you love babies so much, I asked Cookie if I could get her Bitty Baby out for you to play with and told her that you would just play with her at Mickey and Minnie's. But she was so sweet and said you could bring her home and tote her around to places. I guess she thinks if I trust you with Sallie she could trust you with Bitty.

You also really enjoy mopping the floor, I learned. Your future wife is so lucky. Between this and your caretaker abilities and your charm, they're gonna be lining up!

I love the way you and Annie play. Awhile back, I came in y'alls room and you and Annie had about fifteen cups and a loaf of bread in there. The iPad was playing Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring and y'all were serving communion. You had put a black tutu around your neck to imitate the robe "Past Staner" wears and y'all had even put your baby dolls in the "nursery" in your closet. I'm glad most of our days allow for such fun pretend play!

Y'all also set up a play barber shop. It's a business that you go to on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and it's called "Graves's Cuts". You do know there's to be no real cutting involved but you asked if Miss Mandy could "train" you to cut hair.

We played Bean Boozle, this game with crazy flavors of jelly beans, recently. You picked out all the ones that could potentially be "canon" (canned) dog food because you thought that sounded good.

So about those hysterical things you've been saying:

Awhile back, I heard you discussing theft prevention with your sweet Sunday school teacher who carried your crafts across the parking lot because momma's only got two hands and you brought a billion action figures, a stuffed penguin, and Blueberry the harness animal from your wild Brooklyn days to church. You told her that "Granny did die. But she left her panties in the van. We hide our money under them. Then if someone breaks through the back window (BAM!) all they see is the panties".

Also, this conversation that went down between you and Papa was hysterical. One of my favorites yet.
You: "I drink your toothbrushes every morning."
Papa: "What do you mean?" (he was genuinely confused as to where this was going)?
You: "I go in the bathroom and suck you and mama's toothbrushes."

And this was a favorite between us, when I realized there was a very easy solution to all your bathtime woes.
Momma: "I can wash your hair with this but you'll smell like a baby."
You: "Um, that sounds amazing."
Momma: "Yeah, I totally agree with you on that."
So I have two kids that smell like Baby Magic. I'm glad you have absolutely no idea what is and isn't cool for five and a half year old boys. 

One day you were talking to us and you stopped mid sentence, pointed, and shouted "Look! Squirrel!" like those cartoon dogs. It was just the epitome of YOU.

We just adore you. You keep us laughing and keep our hearts soft!

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your little tractor pjs are a 4T. They were a present from DeeDee and you've been wearing them for years!


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