Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ten Things That Are Saving My Life


 I've written a post with this prompt- what is saving your life right now?- a couple of times before. It's always such a good exercise for me to really think on the living giving things that are helping me through the days. For reasons I can't even pinpoint, I've had a hard couple of days and it was so helpful to think of the small things that are sustaining me, ordinary graces helping pull me from one day to the next.

1. glimpses of Spring
This Winter has been especially mild and I couldn't be more grateful. Well....I will be more grateful when the days get longer and the pool opens, but as far as Winter goes, it has been a decidely good one. When we had a bad ice storm recently, I realized just how much that kind of thing does a number on me. And some recent trips around the block and time spent in the backyard reminds me just how much I adore the sunshine and fresh air.

2. The West Wing
 It is sustaining me in this current political climate. When I'm facing a political conundrum, I ask myself firstly "What would Jesus do?" and secondly "What would Bartlet do?"

3. pops of color
In the house, on my person, on the children. Gosh, it just helps brighten my spirit. I've worried for awhile that my style feels juvenile, but it is what it is. I will never be a neutrals girl. I just need bright colors to make me feel happy!

4. scheming
 I mentioned this recently, but I'm having a lot of fun coming up with ideas about homeschooling and our New York trip and even a (very hypothetical) little business venture.

5. road trips and life in general with a van 
I cannot overstate how much I love owning a minivan and how much I love our family trips. I am so thankful we have three kids who are good travelers. I think some of that has been conditioned, but a lot was probably luck. 

6. steals and deals
I'm at the point in my life where I'd rather fork over more money and have less things but I also still really love a good deal. Recently, I got the big kids some pajamas for next to nothing and I've found I just love the candles from the dollar spot at Target. 

7. realistic expectations and low key entertaining
I've mentioned this twice in the last few days, but I recently hosted my book club. This kind of thing used to cause me lots of needless anxiety. But I figured out how to do it in an easy way- cook something simple, clean the house as I normally would, and enjoy using napkins and serveware and such that I don't always get the chance to pull out!

8. writing consistently
 I never stopped, but I pulled back a lot after Sallie was born. I didn't do that with either of the big kids, but it just wasn't sustainable to post almost daily. I couldn't do that and homeschool and keep the house clean and be present as a wife and keep my sanity. Somehow (I'm not sure, exactly?) I seemed to have found a way to fit it in and it's been amazingly beneficial for my mental health.

9. baby snuggles 
Talk about beneficial for my mental health =) There isn't much hurt in my heart that snuggling with Sallie girl can't help heal. And snuggling with Bud, to be honest. [Sadly, Annie isn't the biggest snuggler. Happily, she has other great gifts she brings to the table.]

10. people who don't just tolerate, but celebrate, my children  
Speaking of Annie, Graves, and Sallie- I'm so thankful for the large group of friends and family who love these little ragamuffins, with all their imperfections, unconditionally and with wild grace. They don't just put up with them- they lavish them with love and kindness and encouragement. And they do the same for me and Peyton, even when our failures abound.

The Lord is so kind to give me these little blessings and I'm grateful for the common grace that surrounds me. 

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