Monday, February 13, 2017

The Excitement Over This Vehicle Is (Still) Unreal

I realized when I was writing a recent Weekly Happenings post that I never did a full post on acquiring THE VAN and my thoughts and feelings on it. I've shared most of this on IG/Facebook, but I wanted it here, too. After the multiple posts I devoted to my struggle and eventual victory with learning to drive standard, I felt this too deserved its own post. 

I've shared mutliple times that I was so, so sad about my Buick. The van- which we acquired after Granny died and his aunt sold it to us- is the second car of a beloved grandmother that I've come into possession of and it's kinda my redemption song. Okay, maybe that's a stretch but it's incredibly special. It's a redemption song for sure.

It was sort of hysterical how Peyton told me we were getting it. We had talked a few weeks before and I was saying if he ever finally got me a minivan he should put a big bow on it and surprise me like people do with fancy cars. He couldn't hold out though- he kept mentioning things we'd do "when we got our van" (like be able to navigate Jackson potholes better and store our big stroller in it) and I was like "you're talking about this like it's a definite thing- are we for sure getting one eventually?!?" And then he told me and I keep saying things like "Really?!? Are you serious? Is this really happening??" Which is exactly what I do every time a baby has come out of me and when he proposed. Over a van y'all. Not to brag, but I'm kinda low maintenance.

And it's helpful. It's one less barrier to a bigger family one day if we decide that's what we want and it makes trips exponetially easier and more comfortable and we want to make traveling a part of our family culture. This is less significant overall but in the day to day it's felt more strongly- our Sundays have changed. After much discussion, we decided to keep Peyton's car- we have no idea what out lives will look like in two years and there's no way, especially with all the work we just put into it, we could buy a used car for what we'd get for his Mazda now and certainly not one we could have the same amount of confidence in. I'd actually come to peace with our Sundays- I liked my drive on the Trace and I liked having Peyton's help in the morning even if it meant an earlier wake up. But I realized before we even got the van how hard that hour in the Walgreens parking lot would be once Sarah Lamar got a little bigger and I had like a one year old to entertain.

[Graves, discussing theft prevention with his Sunday school teacher who carried his crafts across the parking lot because momma's only got two hands and he brought a billion action figures, a stuffed penguin, and Blueberry the harness animal from his wild Brooklyn days to church.] 

I doubt any other grown woman would be so enamored by the amount of compartments in this van. But I love little hiding places and extra storage pockets. One of my favorite things in Brooklyn was finding just the right object to put on a shelf on in a drawer or cubby hole that would maximize our space and I loved it again when I tried to reorganize our house to make room for Sarah Lamar. I sort of see Graves enjoying these types of projects, too. As an aside: Granny left a pair of panties in a little compartment up front. It just seems like the epitome of her. Always so practical. Someone left a pair of undies in the van we rented on the way home from New York. Basically, I take these events to mean that if you have the kind of space a van provides you have no excuse for not having back up panties at all times and I can certainly get on board with that. Also, I seriously think that the area under the passenger seat in the front is about as much room as the entire floorboard of the Mazda. I literally put Sallie's travel swing up there awhile back. [We Herringtons are clearly fans of the audio book.]

  So...wreck nine (Peyton said it was my ninth, I lost count) happened just a few weeks later. I was in a hurry and the sun was in my eyes and I hit a parked car. There was a guy who saw me looking at the truck I "bumped" as Graves would say. He was a worker guy and the truck was his buddy's and we couldn't find a dent and he said it was his work truck and he honestly wouldn't care anyway. He told me most people wouldn't even check and I told him I wouldn't think of not leaving a note. I woke up sick that morning (just a sore throat from drainage), I was running late and had all three kids with me, and he just made me feel so much better. And I truly don't care that the van looks a little trashy. But I hated telling Peyton (he just laughed). And really I was just mad at myself. Minnie asked me if I could drive that big thing and I was real humble and reminded her I used to drive their Expedition and good grief, I could drive STANDARD now and was basically a badass. Guess not.

We've had the thing for four months and I'm still completely giddy over it. I'm a hundred percent dork, but this was just the best present. I realized, though, that it definitely really needs a name. 
We called my old red 4Runner Clifford and Big Red interchangeably and we never named the Buick but I think Bessie would have been cute. Thoughts for the van??

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