Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekly Happenings #396 (October 31-November 6)-- Pirates and Parrots and a Prisoner

This was Halloween week. I had one of the worst headaches I've had since Sallie was born and it was TOUGH. It was also my Mistletoe shifts and I was SO thankful I was dealing with any pain during those.
Monday was such a weird day. Sallie woke up at seven something and I fed her and passed her off to Peyton. She had been up a lot in the night and I had an awful headache. I slept until nine and then got up and took my bath and did a few things. I felt even worse so I laid back down. Peyton was meeting a friend for lunch and I got Sallie to sleep with me while the big kids had media time. 

I always say you cannot spoil a little baby. You can, of course, develop bad habits. I just don't consider them bad anymore. Anyway, if I did believe in spoiling babies, Sarah Lamar reached a whole new level of rotten that day. I really need her to sleep on my terms (again, with the "bad habits" but typically she just sort of crashes when she crashes; honestly with our lifestyle and being the third I can't imagine trying to get her on a schedule). So....every nap she took that day she took holding my hand the entire time. As bad as I felt, it was still so easy and natural just to let her be an extension of me. Sallie, I know it won't last forever, but I love taking naps with you and holding hands the entire time. Different families and different mommas have different needs, but for me personally I feel like I finally got my priorities mostly right.

While Sal and I were resting and P was lunching with a friend Annie made Graves a sandwich. It had turkey, lettuce, cheese, and peanut butter and jelly on it. And he ate basically all of it

I set an alarm so I could help them get ready for the Halloween party with the homeschool group. I helped them get ready and then decided I felt good enough to go. I got dressed and got Sallie ready and Peyton got home. We got everything together and headed out. I ended up feeling really bad the whole time and when we got home, Sallie and I took another nap.

Two pirates, two parrots, and our prisoner! We love a theme and we love alliteration!

Momma pirate, baby parrot 

What, you've never nursed a parrot?

I finally felt better around five when I got up. We got dressed up again and P took the big kids trick or treating and Sallie and I passed out candy at our house. They got home and had supper and I picked up Newks for myself. P helped get Annie and Graves settled and I got Sallie to sleep. I ate and watched an SVU episode and then Peyton and I watched TV. I dozed off a bit. I got up and worked on a quick post and read some blogs and then went to bed. 

I had my first Mistletoe shift at nine on Tuesday so I got up around seven thirty and got ready. I grabbed some cereal and fed Sallie and left. The shift was pretty fun and it went by relatively quickly. I got home a little after one and ate lunch and visited with the kids. P and I chatted while they played and then I folded and put up a ton of laundry. Peyton had gotten most of the kids' school done and he got them ready to go to Target. Minnie came over and picked me up and we headed to New Stage to see Our Town. We got home pretty late and I talked to Peyton and then wrote a post and did a few other things on the computer. I ate something and stamped some announcements and took them to the mailbox and then went to bed.  

We all got up sort of late on Wednesday and Annie had P.E. Peyton got the big kids ready and took them and Sallie and I got moving. I pumped a bottle, went through my reader and did some computer stuff, took a bath, ate breakfast, and started a load of diapers. I made up the bed and P and the big kids got home and I did some English with Annie and then ate my lunch.  

I got ready and headed to my second Mistletoe shift. It was actually one of the slowest ones I'd ever worked. It was sort of nice! I think because it was so close to the preview party, everything was mostly done! Anyway, after that I came home and visited with P and the kids and did a few things on the computer. I fed Sallie and the big kids ate lunch and then I worked on getting a bunch of stuff ready to consign. Around ten, I did school with Annie and then I got on the computer for a bit.

Peyton had a haircut on Thursday so he and Annie did that and then some errands (returns, recycling, getting a car tag, ect.) and I took Graves and Sallie to Little Gym. Peyton did school with Graves first and it was pretty unsuccessful and then both kids got mad about cleaning up. I got my bath and had breakfast and looked at my reader. I was drying my hair and realized we were running late. I finished up and did my make-up in the car. I had fun visiting with some other moms and we came home and caught up with P and Annie. Peyton did some stuff around the house and I tried and tried to get Sallie to sleep. He ended up taking her for a walk and I got on the computer and got the stuff together to take to the consignment store. I headed to my appointment there and got everything dropped off and then I came home and we all got ready to go to the park to meet Peyton's sister and her kids. P walked over with us and then went to the library to return books and read. We stayed about an hour and headed home and Peyton fixed the big kids supper. I fed Sallie and got her to bed and then straightened some. 

 sweet snuggle bug!

I did English with Annie and edited pictures and then she went to bed. I straightened some more, put up dishes, and wiped down the counters. I collected laundry and sorted it and started a load and then took out the recycling. I did a few dishes and vacuumed and mopped the kitchen and went to bed. 

Friday was a nice day. I got up later than I meant to and started rushing to get to piano at ten. I texted Morgan and realized it was at ten thirty. I fixed the big kids lunch to take and then got them out clothes and got their breakfast ready. Annie did the iPad and Graves ate and played. Then I got in the tub, ate my breakfast, and dried my hair. I made the bed, did my makeup, and woke up Sallie and changed, dressed, and fed her. 

We had a wonderful time at piano and the kids loved seeing all their friends. After we got home, they played and finished their lunch and I straightened the house and organized the study some. P got home and he vacuumed under the couch cushions and the rug in the den and then I did the rest of the den and dusted in there. I edited some pictures and we got ready and headed to my parents' for beans and rice. We had a really good visit and left before it got too late.

I did some school with Annie and P did some with Graves and then we got them settled. I finished up editing pictures and wrote a big post and then went to bed. 

Peyton's cousin Mary Beth was coming over on Saturday to give the big kids IQ tests. I got up and had my breakfast and got Sallie settled for a nap. The big kids had their breakfast and had media time and I texted with a few friends. I made a list for the day and week and got my shower and dried my hair. I stripped the bed and started some laundry and Mary Beth got here and got to work with Annie. Graves watched a movie and Annie took her test, which took about two hours. I got a lot of laundry folded, picked up in their room some, and helped Graves stay out of their hair. Then it was his turn- Annie did her coloring book Mary Beth gave her and I went through my reader and started more laundry. His test was shorter and he did great. Sallie got up towards the end and I changed and fed her right before Mary Beth left. 

Annie scored above her grade level but I was more surprised (and truthfully more excited) to learn Graves could sit still and focus for the most part for nearly an hour. He told Mary Beth "I know about lots of things. Baby Sallie doesn't know about anything but eating and bottles and bras". To be fair, that was a lot of her day back then. But Annie said "Now, that's not true. She's learning about how her toys work!" And that was so true- she had just started to take an interest in them. Annie also told Mary Beth thank you for bringing her a present and then said "And thank you for the test. I really enjoyed that". Haha.

The big kids had a snack and played and I straightened some and changed over laundry again and picked up some more in their room. Sallie took a short nap and I got them to come finish cleaning it up and they ate supper. Sallie woke up and I hung up some clothes, got some activity stuff together for church, straightened more and then Annie had her bath and I did school with Graves. We just practiced reading some words and then he took his bath and she finished her media time from earlier. I tried to get Sallie to sleep and vacuumed and mopped in the kids' room and study. I emptied the study and bathroom trash and took it and the kitchen trash and recycling out. I swept in the kitchen and Peyton got home. I made up the bed with fresh sheets and we got Sallie settled. I ate supper and watched TV and I folded some laundry. I finished getting stuff ready for church and adjusted the straps on the convertible car seat for Sallie. I sent a friend a FB message and Peyton and I chatted and went to bed. 

Sallie was up a TON that night and I got up later than I meant to on Sunday. I started thawing a bottle and got out cereal for the big kids and got my bath. 

Annie ended up being super upset on Sunday morning because it was her turn to use the iPad first and I let Graves do it. I had told her the day before she couldn't use it until some school work was done but she thought I wouldn't let him, either. Which, she had been agreeable about school the night before. Anyway, we discussed it and I told her to get ready, stop fussing, and eat her breakfast and she could use it in the car until it died since the battery was low. I helped Graves get ready, got Sallie ready, and finished getting myself ready. We headed to church. Sunday school was really full and Annie sang in church. Graves did really, really well and we sat on a more crowded row than usual (his teacher had sent him with a friend of mine when she sent Annie with the choir).

Don't let the Feltman fool you. Pensive Little Sallie was throwing punches before church.

How grown does this one look in her big girl seat? I don't usually boss Peyton but when I do, I really put my foot down. He explained to me all the reasons he thought it was safe to use the big kids' old infant seat for Sallie and I agreed, deciding we'd also switch her to the convertible earlier than them. Recently the bar started getting stuck and it just made me a nervous wreck about what else was wearing down and not functioning optimally. Even though I was sort of stressed about it being less convenient, I just had a terrible feeling so decided we needed to do it ASAP. I expected some pushback (mostly just because we both love to argue) but I told Peyton he WOULD do it right away and he agreed even though he had told me he still thought it was safe. She had gotten so heavy in it and now she's at the age where I can carry her easily in my hip and I was surprised but it was actually MUCH easier getting into church that day. It's really only a hassle when we're like at the doctor's office or P.E. or something since she couldn't sit up by herself then. I just had to snuggle her the whole time. Twist my arm  

We came home and everything was a bit chaotic. Sallie was really cranky and wouldn't settle and Annie and Graves were playing so I had started pumping a bottle but then they wanted lunch. I put the bottle on pause, got Sallie out of her bed, and heated up some refried beans per Annie's request. I finished pumping and Graves played with Sallie.

"Okay, now take it. I got a good grip". Serious business carrying around a piggie that's a third of your body weight. She had been fussing since we got home from church, but once her best friend had her she was as happy as a clam.
My little extroverted Babykins who lets her brother dress her up like a babydoll if it means getting out of napping by herself- here she is in a 3T Star Wars shirt and Batman undies 

I know it's overkill but Babydoll Dress Up, Pt. Two: 3T boys madras Gymboree turtle shorts

I played and visited with them awhile and then I finally got Sallie to sleep and did a few things on the computer. Annie did her math (she had done her English in the car, which was also part of our agreement) and I did English with Graves. He cleaned up his room while she did the iPad and then he had his media time. They ate supper and I got them settled and did dishes. P got home with Newks a bit later and we watched The West Wing and talked. He went to bed and I worked on some posts and went to bed late. 

I'm planning to finish out November this week! 

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