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Weekly Happenings Post #391 (September 26- October 2)-- A Weekend at Mickey and Minnie's (without Mickey and Minnie)

(missing Graves and with everyone but Momma zoned in on a screen! Also, how ridiculous is it that I was a MONTH off on the family pictures?? I guess less ridiculous that the fact that I'm four months off on the actual posts. Ha!)

I've mentioned it several times, but this was the week moved in to my parents' house for several days so we could care for my grandmother who lives with them while they helped Cookie and Conrad move into their new house in Nashville. It was much easier than I expected- the caring for an elderly person and the caring for my small people in an environment that's not our home and honestly, the tending of my own mental space. [To be fair, they have a nurse who is PRECIOUS and who comes twice a day to prepare her for bed and for the day so all I was really doing was fixing a few meals and refilling her ice water.] Bud cleaned the bathroom sink at least fifteen times with a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol, Sallie slept about as well as she does anywhere and she and I both probably did a bit of stress eating a couple or twelve times, and Annie set up her bed and nightstand on Minnie's leopard lounge. Both the big kids were so obedient and were really polite to Grandee (she's usually in bed by the time we get here when we come over in the evening). Annie asked me what time of day it was and then told her good afternoon and Graves asked her "how are you doing?" and repeated it about six times, more clearly each time until she could understand him, without getting frustrated. I resisted the urge to jump in and help him. I killed a roach, bathed a baby, and started a load of pooped on laundry within half an hour of getting there on Friday. I surprised myself by predicting just the right of gear to keep Sarah Lamar happy and I figured out manageable boundaries in a non baby proofed house with a lake in the backyard, which was really my biggest goal second only to keeping everyone alive which was actually sort of contingent on those boundaries. It felt good. Especially since back when I lived in this house I could hardly fix my own baked potato.

I finally just put Sarah Lamar in our bed all night and it was a MUCH better night than the previous two. I woke up feeling pretty well rested on Monday. I talked to Peyton some, went through my email and reader, pumped a bottle, and finished a post. I helped the kids clean up their room and Peyton went with his dad to get the car title signed over on the van that we had bought from his aunt that had previously been his grandmother's. Sallie got upset but we finally finished. I started some laundry and they got home. I had lunch and put up dishes and then did some school with Annie and got ready to go to the McClean Center.

It was a really sweet night there and a lot of the kids opened up. I got home and was so tired, though. I pumped a bottle and a half and ate something and went to bed, basically.

Sarah Lamar had an okay night and I got up and felt a lot better on Tuesday. Peyton and I both cleaned up a bunch while the big kids played and had media time. I fed and changed Sallie and texted a few friends. Peyton worked on the kitchen and I organized some stuff in the study and took a bunch of stuff to the attic. I got down some stuff for Sarah Lamar and then went through a couple of piles with Peyton and we talked about how school was going with Graves. I made our bed, packed up my pump, had a smoothie Peyton fixed me, and went through my reader. I packed up some snacks and we all got ready and headed to the park to meet his sister and her kids. Peyton took all the big kids to explore a creek and Elizabeth and I got to visit some with just the babies. Sallie was fussy but we had a good time.

We got home and I put up dishes, fed Sallie, did some English with Graves and ate a sandwich P fixed me. The big kids had lunch and baths and I got some thank you notes in the mail and got some sheets into a binder of Annie's. I finished up in the study and collected laundry and started a load. Peyton took the big kids to the library and I talked to Minnie and changed and fed Sarah Lamar again. I took a bath and dried my hair and the kids and Peyton picked me up and we headed over to Patrick and Haley's for supper. We had such a fun visit and left before it was too late.

 What goes best with a Sallie? A Skip! Skip's brother said "Look! He found somebody to marry!" I wouldn't hate it!

I can't even take it the way they're looking at each other.
We got Graves settled and I did some English (phonics, grammar, spelling, reading, and copy work with Annie) and then she did some math. I got on the computer for awhile and went to bed.

We all got up early (for us) on Wednesday and I fed Sallie and dressed her and made the bed and had breakfast. I made the bed and got my bath and Peyton cleaned up the kitchen and then took his bath. I fed Sallie again and checked my email and reader. We all got ready and headed to Annie's P.E. class. Peyton dropped me and all three kids off and I watched Graves and Sallie during the class. He ran to do an errand and then joined us. After her class, we got on the road and headed to Granny's to pick up the van. We stopped and had lunch halfway down at a Mexican restaurant. I took a nap in the car and when we got there we did school for about an hour. I did some writing with Graves and P got gas in the van. He finished up while I played with Sallie a bit and helped Annie with math. We headed back- I drove the van and he drove his car with all three kids in it. I had a headache, but we made it. When we got home, I laid down for a bit. Peyton put the carseats in the van and took the big kids swimming and Sallie and I hung out.


I watched an SVU and dozed off. They got home and Peyton fed Annie and Graves supper and got them settled and then went to meet his youngest brother to hang out. I was feeling even worse and I took some medicine. I slept the whole time he was gone and my headache was finally better around eleven something when he got home. I changed over laundry, got my stuff ready for the next day, made my lunch, had a snack and folded a bunch of clothes. Since I had slept so much during the afternoon and evening, we were up SUPER late. We had a good time having an SVU marathon and folding clothes, though.

I was subbing on Thursday and I got up and got ready and got all my stuff together and nursed Sarah Lamar. I got there and one thing was missing that I needed- a worksheet. The teacher was able to send it to me, though, and it was fine. I taught my first and second class and had a break. I had a delicious breakfast at a nearby restaurant, ran into Anthro, and meet Peyton and the kids at Graves's Little Gym class. It was fun to watch him and I got to feed Sarah Lamar.

Subbing at one of my favorite places worked out great because I had a really nice lunch break and Graves's Little Gym class is five minutes from the school so I met them there to nurse Sarah Lamar (the class is full of moms who are also doulas and are like "don't worry about a cover!"). So, I didn't have to haul my pump! And, because the timing was perfect and girlfriend knows how to compensate later, she actually didn't even need a bottle the rest of the time. But y'all. Look what Peyton put Sister Baby in!  He was like "it was in her drawer". Her PAJAMA drawer, Bro. As a back up pair, at that. Whatever. He took them all to the class and then swimming and later did a pointillism project with the big ones. Can't complain. 

After my nice long break, I headed back and taught another Latin and grammar class and a writing/reading one.

 art lesson aftermath!

I came home and visited with Peyton and the kids and took a short nap. I played with Sallie some and ate something and then worked on laundry and straightening up the house while Peyton went to swim.

some of the outtakes from the monthly picture with Graves showing one of his favorite Bible stories- Daniel in the lion's den

 Papa returns! 

 He feed the big kids supper when he got home and I bathed Sarah Lamar and got her to sleep. I folded a bunch more laundry and fell asleep in the middle of it. Ha!

I woke up around eight on Friday and started a load of cloth diapers, put up the folded laundry, made our bed, packed one of my bags and Sallie's bag, and fed and changed her. I did a quick clean up of the kids' room and got more stuff together for the weekend, made up the bed in the sunroom where Peyton had slept, and took my bath. The big kids got up and I had them pack toys and helped them pack their clothes.

Bud in a Bumbo

I dried my hair and went through my reader and had breakfast. I took down the pack n play and got Sarah Lamar in her carseat and loaded the swing while the big kids loaded their stuff and themselves. We were running a little behind and left just after ten but I got a LOT done in those two hours.

We got to my parents' and I talked to Minnie, unloaded the van and showed it off, called Peyton (my phone was dead and it had me a little stressed) and got instructions from Mick. Sallie was crying really hard and Graves wasn't behaving that well, but I fixed them a snack and saw Mickey and Minnie off. They left and I got us settled.

 I turned on a movie for Annie and Graves and brought our stuff downstairs and set up the Pack N Play. Sallie had a blow out diaper and I bathed her, got her swing cover in the laundry, and fed her and got her to sleep. I killed a roach and organized our stuff a bit and the big kids told me their movie was in another language. It was Aladdin and since it's in another country, they had been just going with it. Haha! Somehow, it was set to French. I fixed that and then made myself some lunch. They finished the movie and I finished doing my morning email and reader routine. Annie wanted to watch Zoo Clues on the computer so she did that and then watched a couple of They Might Be Giants videos.

Annie found the cutest little baby doll. They both LOVE watching They Might Be Giants music videos.

I fixed them a late lunch and Sallie woke up. I changed and fed her and she played on her playmat a bit. I made Grandee's supper and she ate and I texted Minnie some more. Barbara came and got Grandee ready for bed and I took all the kids outside.

Um, somehow Graves locked us out of the house. And I realized that my key to my parents' house was on a keychain in my purse inside their house, not at our's. I called them and thankfully Minnie told me where to find a spare and I got it unlocked. The big kids climbed a tree and played and Sallie fell back asleep. Peyton arrived with pizza and we all ate. Graves made a huge mess and we cleaned it up and then Peyton headed to meet some friends at a football game. I washed the seat cushion that Graves had made a mess on and did dishes and the big kids read and then I got on the computer and read some blogs and worked on a post. Peyton got back and we talked and he read to the big kids some and then we all went to sleep EARLY (like before eleven).

Ann Peyton and Sarah Lamar's sleep set ups. Annie loved setting up her space. I didn't get a picture of Graves's but I did take one of how he hung our bags when we got there. He's like me and LOVES to organize and find a place for things (although you'd never know it from looking at either of our stuff). Anyway, he used a bunch of pillows and made his bed on this large square window seat my parents put their Christmas tree on. He slept there about half of each night and the other half he joined us in the king bed in the bedroom downstairs. It used to be my dad's room when he was in college when my grandparents built the house but he never really got to live in it, then when we moved out there when I was in high school it was my room, and now it's sort of his man cave. It was fun to be back in that room, especially considering all the hours Peyton and I spent talking in it when we were dating.

I set my alarm to get up around eight thirty on Saturday so I could have a shower before Barbara got there but Sallie ended up getting up before ten (around eight). Peyton had already left for work, of course. Graves got up right after that. I fed Sallie and then hopped in the shower and Graves woke up Annie. They had breakfast and I dried my hair and made up the bed. Annie straightened her bed and then she and Graves played outside a little and I straightened, washed some dishes, and started some laundry. Barbara got here and I changed Sallie's diaper and got her dressed and had my breakfast.

I love you, Baby Blue Eyes 

Barbara fixed breakfast and got Grandee set up and Sallie fell asleep. I texted Minnie and Cookie and the big kids had media time. I checked my reader and email. Sallie woke up pretty quickly and we all went out to the pier. We stayed down there for about twenty minutes and then I fixed the big kids lunch. They ate and I talked to Minnie and Cookie on the phone and then fixed Grandee something to eat. The kids played and drew and Bud pulled some leaves off a house plant.

Graves wanted to see if Sarah Lamar could "balance". Guess what, guys? She can!

He goes "Oh Babes! You CAN balance" in the sweetest voice I've ever heard.
Barbara got there and got Grandee settled and then I straightened and worked on a blog post a little and Sallie woke up. I changed her diaper and fed her and held her for a bit and then we straightened some and I took everyone upstairs for baths.

Annie went first and I stepped on Graves's centipede he had caught earlier. He was HYSTERICAL for a good half hour. I finally calmed him down and got Annie out of the tub and him in it. She got dressed and worked on puzzles and he played and bathed. Sarah Lamar was fussing and I nursed her and then took her downstairs and put her in bed. I fixed the big kids super and she kept fussing. I finally got her settled and they ate. Peyton got home while they were eating and we all visited and he read to them and got them to bed. They actually went to sleep pretty quickly and I worked on a blog post and he watched TV.

Sallie slept pretty well that night but I still woke up feeling wiped out and with a headache on Sunday. Peyton was getting ready for work and Sallie and Graves both woke up as he was leaving around seven thirty. I fed her and she stayed awake for a long time but let me put her down. I gave Graves some very clear instructions about where he could go and what he could do. He was super calm and mostly stayed in the bed with me or read a book. He did eat some granola and talked to Annie when she woke up. She started her media time and he watched her do the iPad. I got up to take my shower and told her to give him a turn and to help him do it. I was going to feed Sallie but she fell back asleep right before I got in the shower. I dried my hair and Barbara arrived. I straightened a little and then got on the computer. I started several drafts and went through my email and reader. I also put some dishes in the dishwasher and organized the widget things on my phone. Sallie woke up and I texted a bit with Minnie and talked to Peyton on the phone. I talked to Barbara some and the big kids had a late breakfast. Graves had a little more time on the iPad and Annie watched some videos. Barbara left and we went outside.

The big kids played and Sallie relaxed in her swing and I did a few other things on my phone like emailing myself pictures from my Motorolla to the iPhone so they'd all be in one place and I could upload them to the computer later. I also talked to P a good bit on the phone.

I did have a few anxiety filled moments because, in a supremely dumb move, Peyton mentioned to me I might not want to leave Sallie outside on the deck in her swing where I could see her out a window because a hawk might get her. A hawk, y'all. He's been hanging out too much with Mick who thinks our TWENTY ONE YEAR OLD cat, Oreo, was captured by one and drug to her death because he never found her and she's the only pet he hasn't been able to give a proper backyard burial. Rob. She was like a hundred and five in human years; I really think it was natural causes that got her. Anyway, I mentioned to P that Sallie was strapped in and he casually mentioned the hawk plunging it's talons in her face and flying away while she bled to death. Because he's been spending too much time with Annie and because he's a FAH-REAK. Dude, I am already on medication for this kinda mess. [ETA: Peyton and the big kids saw an actual BALD EAGLE while kayaking the next day. But we all made it through the weekend and nobody was killed or maimed by a bird of prey.]

We came in and I put some of Grandee's laundry in the dryer, wheeled her outside, and nursed Sallie. She fell asleep and I fixed the big kids lunch. I started the dishwasher, fixed Grandee's food, and wheeled her back in. Annie was being sassy and I got so frustrated. The big kids wanted to go outside and play in the rock pile and Sallie was up so we did that for about forty five minutes. We came in and Barbara got here a little after that. Sallie was fussing so bad and really having a hard time- she had been struggling a good bit of the afternoon but it just got worse. I fed her and tried to get her settled so I could sweep some. I finally did for a little bit before she cranked back up. And Graves started throwing things off the bar. Barbara asked me if Sallie "gave me a hard time". Haha. I told her not usually. She left and I put the seat cushion thing I had washed on Friday back on and Sallie fell asleep again. Graves and Annie spun in Mickey's office chair and I laid down on the sofa and looked at Instagram. Graves woke Sarah Lamar up AND locked me out of a room. I was beyond frustrated. I kept my cool, though, and talked to him and then they played some. I fixed Annie a grilled cheese and him peanut butter and jelly and Sallie screamed the whole time I was doing it. I put her in the sling and straightened a little while they ate and then got on the computer a bit. They brushed teeth and settled down and read/looked at books. I texted Minnie and just held Sarah Lamar since she was still upset.

Peyton had to run by our house for a few things but he finally got there. Graves and Sallie had fallen asleep and he visited with Annie and ate something. He moved Sallie so I could get up and she woke up. She fussed on and off until we went to sleep about an hour and a half later. I talked to Peyton a little, ate my super, unloaded dishes and reloaded them, and took out the trash. We went to bed pretty early again.

Honestly, the hardest part of the weekend was Sallie's fussiness and that would have been the same at home! I'm glad we were able to help out! 

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