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Weekly Happenings Post #392 (October 3-9)--

{still majorly off track on these}

We were still at my parents taking care of Grandee the first day of this week. We had intended to stay through Monday but they ended up coming back Monday afternoon for a funeral. Either way, I was glad the weekend was over and Peyton would be there to help me! It was a busier week that I realized. Also, for anyone interested the reason I mentioned Sallie's dirty diapers so much was that we finally figured out that she was having some constipation and that was the cause of her fussiness. It's pretty much totally resolved itself and I had forgotten how much of (her) life seemed to revolve around her poop schedule. Ha!

I woke up when Barbara rang the doorbell at eight something on Monday. I had forgotten to set an alarm and was worried she had been out there a bit. I let her in and apologized and she was so sweet and told me to go back to sleep. Peyton was up but he was in the bathroom. I got back in bed and Graves woke up and then Sallie did, too. We all talked and snuggled some and Annie woke up. I fixed them sandwiches for breakfast since that's what they wanted and visited with Barbara a little. Peyton took them outside and we had a big conversation because he felt like I got more stressed by Sarah Lamar than I realized and I made him feel guilty when he complained about her. I explained that she does sometimes stress me out and sometimes I need a break but I'm happy to take care of most of what she needs while he takes care of the big kids and other stuff and when I do need a break I wish he could just try to enjoy her and know it'll only be about an hour before I'm happy to take her back. It was good to hear each other's perspectives.

I took my shower and dried my hair and helped him and the big kids get packed up and they left to go home and do a few things and then go to science day with the homeschool group. Sallie fell asleep and I made the bed and straightened and got on the computer. I ate breakfast and she woke back up. I fed her and went through my email and reader. She had a dirty diaper that was pretty intense. I bathed and changed her and started a load of laundry. I ate my lunch after she fell back asleep and then I did some cleaning because I thought it would be a fun surprise for Minnie. I dusted in the den and big open area and then swept and mopped the floors, did dishes, and cleaned the bathroom. Sarah Lamar woke up and Peyton and the kids got back and I vacuumed the carpeted areas. Peyton took Annie and Graves out on the kayak and I fed Sallie and did a few things on my phone. They saw what they thought was very likely a bald eagle while they were out!

Barbara came and got Grandee settled and my parents got back shortly after that. We hung out a bit and I folded laundry and then we packed up the car and came home.

Peyton fed the big kids supper and I fed Sallie and got her settled and then we ordered Newks and watched a couple of SVU episodes and P took the big kids to camp in the backyard. I unpacked a good bit and fell asleep.

Sallie was up once for a good bit but overall it was a good night.

I got up around nine something on Tuesday and straightened some more, got my bath, dried my hair, and ate something. I went through my reader and email and made the bed. I made a list and Peyton left to meet Daniel, our brother in law, for lunch and to brainstorm some about computer programming with the kids. I fixed a grilled cheese for Annie and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for Graves, fed Sarah Lamar, put up some dishes, made a grocery list and texted it to Peyton, texted Minnie, and messaged Mallory. We all loaded up and headed to the park to meet Elizabeth and her kids. We had a great time and it was a nice visit. Graves left his light sabers and remembered as we were about to pull out of the park. We turned around and I lifted him over the fence to go get them. Haha. We headed over to Minnie's to pick up a few things we had left and then came home.

Peyton and I talked a good bit and then he did school with Graves and I did school with Annie. I fed Sallie and got her settled and Peyton took the big kids swimming. She was sort of cranky but I texted a friend and did a few things. Peyton and the big kids got home and fixed the big kids a quick supper and got them settled. I worked on a blog post and folded some laundry and got a thank you note in the mail.

Peyton got up and woke me up around eight on Wednesday and made me a smoothie. He took the van in to get a new tire and the big kids ate breakfast. I fed Sallie and changed and dressed her and gave her her vitamins. Annie didn't like her smoothie because it was banana and she also got upset about cleaning up her room. It was not her best morning. She finally calmed down and I fixed her a new smoothie and we talked. The van ended up needing all new tires and it took Peyton awhile but when he got home we talked some. I put up dishes and started laundry and took my bath. I got a load out from the dryer, dried my hair, and looked at my email and reader.

 She had gotten to where she's much more interested in the bumbo and her playmat than her swing and bouncy seat. And the accidental bubble/bumbo coordinating: on point. Mint/seafoam green is my absolute favorite color.

Peyton got ready and left to go do a flu clinic and the big kids had media time. I fed Sallie and worked on a post and then they wanted an early lunch and rest time. I collected laundry, changed over a load, and started a new load. I uploaded some pictures from my phone and backed them up and did a few other things and then I got Annie started on a couple of English pages and helped Graves do a few pages in his Brainquest book.
Make America Sane Again {picture c/o Bud}

Peyton got home and we all talked and then he and Graves headed to the library and I did some writing, spelling, copywork, and math with Annie. The boys got home and we finished up and then I made me kitchen quote for the month and Peyton went to swim. The big kids watched Star Wars. I did a few things around the house but mostly held Sallie. He got home and fixed the big kids supper and then took care of Sallie for a bit while I read to them. I got her to sleep and made a history quiz/narration sheet for Annie for the next day and then got on the computer. I did a few more things around the house and had a snack and went to bed.

Sallie was up a good bit in the early morning and I slept until nine on Thursday. Peyton cooked the kids breakfast and then I helped them clean up their room. I also scrubbed Annie's windowsills. I took a break to to change Sallie. She had woken up with a dirty diaper and I figured that was the cause for the late night and early morning fussiness. I gave her her vitamins and bathed her and fed her and then worked on the kids' room a little more. Peyton fixed the vacuum cleaner which had gotten something stuff in it and he and Graves left for Little Gym and I got Annie started doing a history assignment I had made. I fed Sallie and got her settled again and she fell asleep. I checked my email d reader. Annie did her mental math and a few pages in her BrainQuest book and I took my bath and dried my hair and made a list for the day. Peyton and Graves were going to take his mom to physical therapy for her knee (she had a knee replacement) since his dad had a conflict and then needed to do a couple of other errands.

Annie did a math sheet and then I did some grammar with her and she did a writing activity and then we took a break for lunch. Sarah Lamar woke up and I fed her, changed her diaper, and held her a bit. I made up Graves's bed, straightened the study, and helped Annie fix her lunch. I collected laundry, changed it over, and started a new load and sort of straightened in the den and kitchen. I ate my lunch and then we got back to work. We did some more English- suffixing and plurals and phonics. Peyton and Graves got home just as we finished and Annie and Graves both wanted to decorate their playhouse for Halloween more. They went outside and Sallie was kind of cranky. I nursed her and talked to Peyton for a good while and then he left to run to Lowe's and I folded laundry. Sallie got fussy again and the big kids wanted to make this "soup" with blueberries and stuff. I was a little frazzled. Peyton got home and watered the yard and helped me out.

Well, Annie had wanted him to get an orange from the store and he didn't so she decided to take off walking to the grocery store. She sometimes does better if you just let her do her thing so we let her go but she walked a good ways down the street (in neighbors yards). P hopped the ditch behind our house to meet her and Graves took off behind her. I rwalked with him (with Sallie in my arms). Peyton had gotten to Annie and was talking to her but at that point Gravces took off RUNNING down the street to the store himself (mainly I think because he wanted to procure an orange for Annie). Thankfully Peyton was there. We had NO idea how fast he could run. We came home and had discussions with everyone and figured out a punishment for Graves (Annie didn't get in trouble because we never specifically said she couldn't go and she told us the reason she stopped- before she even saw P- was because she knew she shouldn't cross the street without us). Anyway, Peyton fixed them dinner and got Graves settled and he and Annie made soup. I fell asleep with a fussy Sarah Lamar and Graves requested to do some school work, which he did better with than ever before.

Regarding homeschooling with Bud. Obviously, we had intentionally allowed Annie to "go to the store to get an orange", knowing she'd likely come up with her own boundaries and make wise decisions. But Bud taking off to join her was going to be a disaster, so...) Lots of non-academic lessons going on.

P cleaned up the kitchen, got Annie to take a bath, and got everyone settled down and I ate something and watched TV and went back to bed.

Sallie had a pretty difficult night and Graves was up at eight with a nosebleed on Friday. He fixed it and actually helped me out a bunch with Sallie. I changed her and fed her and changed her wet sheets and then I got her settled for a bit but she didn't go back to sleep.  I put her in her play mat and Graves played with her and I got the bed made and cleaned up a bit in the den where P had fallen asleep. The big kids had breakfast and media time and got dressed and I finally got my bath and dried my hair and got ready. I dressed Sallie and fed her and we headed up to the local high school to register Annie and Graves with the attendance officer.

 Third time's the charm! We finally caught the attendance officer in her office (the first two times we went up there she wasn't in and the main office workers refuse to walk twenty feet and check when we try to call first!

When we got home, the big kids had lunch. Sallie had fallen asleep in her carseat and she woke up but I nursed her and got her back settled after awhile. The big kids played inside a bit and then went outside I put up dishes, read a few blogs, and tried to get some pictures to upload. My camera was giving me fits and Sarah Lamar woke up and I needed to get Annie started on some school stuff. I did that and Sallie pooped and felt much better for about half an hour.

 ducks and geese and Little Sallie Sunshine!

Graves was all up in our space and got in trouble several times and finally we took a break so I could eat something.
 Graves showing Sarah Lamar one of his Click magazines. He drives me nuts but he sure is sweet!

 She found something interesting! 
Peyton got home and we talked, discussed a new schedule, and went through a bag my mom had sent over. I finally got my pictures uploaded and we headed over to Mickey and Minnie's. We had a great time and when we got back I got back to work straightening and organizing some more and I labeled all my pictures and deleted the ones that weren't any good. I went on to bed a little after midnight.

Sallie was up some and then woke up around eight after Peyton left on Saturday. He woke up the big kids on his way out and fixed them a quick breakfast because we were trying to keep them on a good schedule. It took me a while to get Sallie settled but I finally did and I laid back down until nine or so while the big kids had media time. I got up and went through my email and reader and straightened some. I took a quick bath and dried my hair, straightened some in the laundry room, took out the trash and recycling, swept in the kitchen, and heated up some soup for lunch. I made my list for the day and got some pictures edited and then we started school. I couldn't believe Sarah Lamar had slept so long!

I did some school with the big kids- writing with Graves and Annie did her BrainQuest book and then worked on plurals some. Sallie woke up and I feed her and then I folded a TON of laundry. The big kids had lunch and then played on the couch and played with Sallie and I got a lot put up. I nursed Sallie and she went back to sleep and the big kids had free time and I got on the computer. They wanted to get some dress up clothes down from the top of their closet and I had them pick some to put up. I vacuumed in the den and Graves put up some toys and then they had a snack. I got on the computer for a bit and Sallie woke up. I nursed her and changed her diaper and then changed over laundry and started a new load. My neighbor texted to ask if they could stop by and I said sure. I really wanted to get the bedrooms and study vacuumed and I got the kids' room and the study done and got Sallie dressed since she was just in a diaper. Our neighbor and her daughter came over and we visited and the kids played. They stayed about two hours and I fixed the big kids leftovers for supper as soon as they left. I vacuumed our room and changed over the laundry, got out the big kids' church clothes, and made Annie a grilled cheese.

Graves took a bath and Annie did some more English and we discussed a project she needed to do and a party she was planning for the coming week. Then Annie took her bath and Graves played. I talked to Minnie on the phone and Sallie started fussing. I was super hungry so I made myself something to eat and Sarah Lamar fell back asleep. Peyton got home right after Annie got out of the bath and we talked and I folded a bunch of laundry. I did dishes and vacuumed and mopped in the kitchen, finished getting everything ready for church, and went to bed.

I got up with an awful headache on Sunday. I had just about decided not to attempt church but I was starting to feel a bit better and Graves and Sallie both woke up around seven thirty. I should have gotten an earlier start and Annie was so grumpy, but we made it. Our first week for Peyton to go to work separately and us to go in the van! I got my bath and dried my hair, got the big kids ready, fed and dressed Sarah Lamar, finished my make up, made the bed, and ate a few spoonfuls of yogurt and we got on our way. Graves had a HARD time at drop off for Sunday school but he ended up having a great time. He and Annie did fairly well in church and on the way home he dropped his tiny craft out the window and SOBBED.

We got home and the big kids had a snack and I gave Sallie the bottle she didn't take in the nursery. She only drank half of it but was fussy and nothing but nursing would settle her. I was hoping to pump but whatever. The big kids had media time and I finally ate my lunch.

(Annie made Graves this Joker mask. How awesome is it??)
I got on the computer and Sallie woke up and I nursed her and she fell back asleep again. I took a short nap myself and the big kids ate something and played. I straightened their room, started laundry, unpacked our church bags, and talked to Peyton on the phone.

It's basically Halloween every day around here. (Darth Vader in soccer socks and a storm trooper in tights, Vader's church shirt, and (clean) panties on her face, obviously.)

Sarah Lamar woke up and I fed her and she had a dirty diaper. I changed it and she played on her play mat and Graves and Annie dressed up. Annie worked on some cards for a presentation and then she and Graves made tomato soup with me. They ate and then I got them settled. Peyton got home and we talked and watched TV. I ate some soup and we stayed up late. 
 I love Annie in boy pajamas (I kind of don't love it when Peyton's pit photobombs my cute picture). I love her little bob and I love her missing teeth. I love having an infant again, but I love Seven and a Half (and Five and a Half) so very much, too.

I folded and put up laundry and cleaned up the kitchen.

Looking back over this week made me TIRED. I had forgotten about Sallie's tummy issues and it seems like Peyton was gone a bunch, even thought I didn't mention it when I was typing it up back then (which I usually do). It was just a full week, I guess, and full of not so fun stuff (not terrible stuff, either, just annoying necessary things like getting new tires and registering our kids with the attendance officer).  Recapping our camping trip and Halloween will be much more fun =)

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