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Weekly Happenings Post #393 (October 10-16)-- Bee Birthdays and Campaigning for Gary

[I decided to start just putting the family pics on the week where they belong, leaving the weeks we didn't get one without one, and trying to be more consistent with them again going forward. And I'm sure, because I'm extremely compulsive with this kind of stuff, I'll end up going back and moving around the ones from the Weekly Happenings post since Sarah Lamar was born to make sure things are uniform.]

This was a fun week- we celebrated a little friend's birthday and Mal and I took the children campaigning for Gary Johnson in the neighborhood! 

I got up later than I meant to- around nine- on Monday. But I felt SO well-rested and I had gone to bed pretty late. Sallie had nursed around seven something and I guess I didn't hear my alarms after that and Peyton was working. Anyway, we were supposed to be at the Howies for a playdate around ten thirty so I got busy. I ran my bath and got out the big kids some clothes and heated up leftover pancakes for them. They got dressed and ate and I picked up in their room a bit and cleaned up some blood where Graves had had a nosebleed. I got out most everything I wanted to pack up for lunch and the stuff to make sandwiches and then I took my bath, dried my hair, and glanced at my reader. I put on my make up and dried my hair and then I finished making sandwiches, fixed the big kids hair, and made up the bed. I woke up Sarah Lamar and changed, dressed, and fed her. We left about ten minutes later than I had wanted to but I was so impressed I did all that in just a little over an hour!

We had a fun visit! Carrie and I actually got to talk a good bit and the big kids had fun seeing their friends. And Sarah Lamar was pretty happy the whole time (though she did eat three different times!).

We got home and the big kids finished their lunch and had some media time and Sallie took a nap. I sent a Facebook message, unpacked our bags and regrouped, started a load of laundry, and worked on a blog post. Annie did her mental math and Graves played with stickers and then I packed up and we headed over to Mickey and Minnie's. I dropped the kids off and left for the McClean Center. I was sort of tired but it was a great night. I got back to my parents' and Peyton was there and had fed and bathed the big kids. I fed Sallie her bottle she hadn't taken and we headed home. P and I talked and went to sleep pretty early.

Tuesday was a fun, busy day. Peyton and the big kids got up and Sallie and I slept until about nine. I got up and pumped a bottle and went through my email and reader. I started a load of cloth diapers and called Minnie. Peyton made me a smoothie and I enjoyed it! We were meeting some friends at the park and it was Maddie's birthday and since the kids love party planning we decided to have a little party for her (we weren't going to be in town for her real party). I got out some decorations and after Annie had breakfast and media time and did her mental math and BrainQuest, she started crafting. Peyton and Graves left to run some errands and I changed and fed Sallie and did a few more computer things. I took my bath and made a list for the day.

I bathed Sallie and gave her her vitamins and nursed her again and she fell back asleep. I texted a friend and did a couple of other computer things and then changed over the laundry and straightened in our room, the study, and the kids' room. I made our bed and picked up a bit in the den, straightened and scrubbed off the kitchen table, swept in the kitchen, and put up dishes. Peyton and Graves got home and I put up groceries and had my lunch. Peyton mixed up a box of cupcake mix and started cooking them and then took the big kids to the children's museum. I finished organizing and editing some pictures and messaged with a friend. I worked a good bit on changing over the kids' closet and iced the cupcakes. Peyton and the kids got home and Sallie woke up and we all got stuff together and headed to the park for the little party!

Annie decided to go with a bee theme since Maddie's daddy is a bee keeper (as well as a pharmacist). She crafted and made placemats and we made cupcakes with lemon icing and used our little bee bowl. Bonus: we got to use up some of the yellow Laffy Taffy that's not my fave and have fun with and then trash some party poppers and hats. It's fun to purge and bake and craft and even more fun to celebrate our friends' special days!

the sweet birthday girl! 

Graves left his shoes at home for the second time (the first was the children's museum and Annie sobbed when they had to turn around but Peyton took them back for a short trip). Peyton said he could just go barefoot at the park (?!?) but Annie let him wear her shoes and she wore her back up pair she keeps in the van. NBD, especially since he wore a bright pink and white checkered romper to the park the week before because he wanted to be some pink Star Wars guy and he has no concept of colors being gendered. He stretches me and is constantly making me evaluate my priorities and rules and what is really worth my energy.

When we got home, we got everyone settled. I texted some with Cookie and got on the computer.

I told Happy Little Sallie what a weird babykins she is because she literally took one nap that day and I think that's bizarre for a three month old (to be fair it was long- about 3.5 hours, it really worked better for everyone else in the family, and was such a happy little girl the whole time she was awake). P said I was nap-shaming her.

I read some blogs and then watched TV and folded clothes. I finished a post and went to bed LATE.

We had an early doctor's appointment for Sarah Lamar at 8:20 on Wednesday and I was super tired and running behind when I got up. I had gone to bed so late and she had been up some. Luckily, I had fed and changed her diaper an hour earlier and even put her in fresh pjs. We had decided to all go and see if the big kids could get their flu shots. Peyton helped hustle them and we all got ready and headed to the appointment. The great thing about having it so early is that there wasn't a wait at all. We got in and out without much problem, although Graves did have a bit of a hard time leading up to the shot but then he did great. We swung by CFA for a treat on the way home and then Peyton took Annie to P.E. Graves watched Star Wars and Sallie took a nap. I did a few things on the computer- sent an email and a couple of messages and went through my reader and caught up on some organizational stuff. I made a list for the day and Peyton and AP got home.

We all had lunch and I put up a few dishes and got some stuff together to take back to Minnie's. Peyton washed the van and his car and did some school stuff with Graves and then the big kids played outside. I made our bed and straightened in our room, the study, the sunroom, and den. Just picking up little things and making it neat. I started some cloth diapers in the wash and Sallie woke up and I changed and fed her and took her monthly picture. I played with her a bit and she went back to sleep. I made a grocery list for the boys and took out the study and bathroom trash and Graves and Peyton did a few more things outside. Sallie woke up and Peyton took her for a bit so I could get going doing school with Annie (she was having a rough time getting started). She did her mental math, BrainQuest, and a math workbook page. I put Sallie in her swing and she fell asleep after awhile. While Annie did independent stuff, I sorted some stuff to consign and changed over the laundry. Then Annie and I worked on English- we worked on a book of months she was making, practiced writing dates and addresses, and did spelling words. Peyton and Graves got home and I put up the groceries and Sarah Lamar woke up. I fed and changed her and she snuggled some and fell asleep again.

Peyton took the big kids swimming and I worked on my blog design. They got home and I folded more laundry and put up dishes while they ate a frozen pizza I had warmed up. Peyton got them settled and we talked and I straightened some in the study and then we got boxes down from the attic. I watched TV and finished all three kids' closet change-over. I did a few things on my phone, had a snack, and went to bed.

We got up around eight something on Thursday and I was pretty tired. Peyton fixed me a smoothie and I fed the baby, changed, and bathed her. I helped the big kids clean up their room and made our bed and straightened in our room a bit. I took my bath and was trying to help Annie find something and delete pictures off the big camera and that kind of thing and I got behind. We hustled, though, and Graves and Sallie and I headed to his Little Gym class and P and Annie got ready for the library and her presentation.

I had fun visiting with some other mommas at Graves's class and Sallie was awake the whole time. I was planning to try to read a bit, but it wasn't in the cards. We came home and picked up Peyton and Annie and went to Broadstreet for lunch so we could vote for the McClean Center for Jackson Restaurant Week. Lunch was yummy and then we came home and got busy. Annie did some school, Graves practiced cutting, Sallie slept, P made chili and did dishes and I dusted everywhere, swept and polished the wood floors, and vacuumed in the den. I scrubbed the toilets and bathroom sinks and floors and the tub that we actually use. I glanced at my reader and straightened a few more piles and then Elizabeth and her kids got her. We had such a fun evening and it was super laid back. Peyton did most of the dishes before they left and then he headed to swim and Graves had media time and Annie read. Sarah Lamar FINALLY woke up right at the Roots were leaving and I changed and fed her and just sort of hung out with her until P got back. We all went to bed SUPER early- like before ten.

Peyton and I woke up around five and chatted and I went back to sleep on Friday.

 I feel like our bedside table looks like it belongs in a hotel room with a couple of crackheads who had a late night binge session (minus the baby bottle, mouth guard, and Primos mug).
That was a weird night- P and I both fell asleep before ten. He woke up at five the next morning and apparently had some treats (there was a cereal bowl on a different piece if furniture) and then fell back asleep. We are so weird.
I got up for the day around nine and straightened some. I changed and fed Sallie and looked at my reader and email and did a few computer things. P took the big kids to the library and Sarah Lamar didn't want me to put her down. I finally got her settled and had lunch and a bath. I uploaded pictures from my phone and backed them up and then started some laundry.

The kids and Peyton got home and Sallie woke up for a bit and Peyton and I talked. She fell back asleep for a long stretch and I did school with Annie. She did her Brainquest and math and I uploaded pictures and started a couple of posts and then we did writing, reading, and spelling. I took a short nap and the big kids played outside and then we got ready and headed to my parents'. P dropped us off and he went over to see his brother. We had a good time but Graves was a little wild and Sallie only wanted me to hold her. Peyton picked us up and we headed home and got the kids all settled. We watched TV and I folded laundry and then wrote a post. I ate a snack and went to bed.

 Saturday was different than usual.

I got up around nine and straightened a few things and hopped in the tub. Sallie had eaten right before Peyton left around seven thirty and I was hoping she'd stay asleep. She did and I woke the big kids up and helped them get dressed and got them breakfast. 

 Rise and shine and give a God the glory (and campaign for Gary Johnson while solo parenting three small people)! It was a good day to learn about democracy at the Schoolhouse in the Suburbs. 

I did my make-up, dried my hair, ate my breakfast, and made the bed. I got out Sallie something to wear and she woke up right as I was about to wake her. I changed and dressed and fed her and Mallory and Brennan got here just as she finished nursing. We still took about twenty minutes to finish getting water and stuff together and then we headed out to campaign for Gary Johnson.
 Sallie was a trooper campaigning! We didn't make it TOO far but I'd call it a success, especially given how much the big kids participated.

 Annie and Graves distributed all the literature; I just pushed the stroller with Sallie in it. And they both picked up the slack for each other when the other one got tired. Bonus: they both insisted on wearing their backpacks so good hiking prep!

 He told me "I need to adjust this; you strapped it wrong. It's around my baby's neck and that could hurt Blueberry."

I love this picture with everything in me. He's kissing Blueberry on the head just like I do when Sallie's in her carrier and I don't think he meant to at all but his little hands relaxed on his baby's body just the way mine do, too. He got on every nerve I have today but I love him to pieces.

We came home and Brennan and Mal stayed a bit and played in the backyard. Sallie played on a towel and I fixed the big kids a snack. Annie got kind of upset with Brennan for messing up some things in her play house she had been decorating for a Halloween party. She did really good controlling her emotions and I explained that I understood it was hard when we had company and it wasn't something she could put up like a small toy. She said "I know it would get messed up at my party" but I don't want guests to come mess it up before the party. I told her one day when P was off he could take care of Bud and Sallie and I'd help her get it perfect. Anyway, they played inside a bit more and Mal and I made a video and then they left.

The big kids had media time and Sallie took a very short nap. I made an appointment to consign some things and then straightened the fridge and put up dishes. I went through my reader and ate some chili and Annie and Graves kept needing help with the iPad and dvd player and Sallie kept fussing. I got kind of frazzled. I finally put her in her playmat and finished up what I was doing and then I changed her and gave her some juice.

I fixed the big kids some lunch and straightened stuff around the house (mainly picking up from the little play date so it wasn't bad) and collected laundry. I changed it over and started a new load and folded some towels. The big kids TOOK forever and kept needing things and I was getting antsy about school. But Sallie sat in her bouncy seat and just happily hung out with them while I did chores. They FINALLY finished up and Annie did her mental math and I did an English review with Graves. It took FOREVER. We went outside and did a lot of it and then came in and finished. Annie took a bath and then Graves took his and they both had a small supper since they'd been eating all afternoon. I got them settled and got church stuff together. Sallie finally fell asleep and Peyton got home and we had pita pizzas for supper and watched SVU. I finished ironing things and getting stuff ready and made a list for the next day.

I got up around seven fifteen on Sunday and took my bath, dried my hair, and did my make-up. I made up the bed and straightened a bit and then woke the big kids up. Annie didn't want to wear what I had picked out and I let her choose another dress but she had to wear a turtleneck of Graves's. Luckily it fit and white turtlenecks are gender neutral. Anyway, they ate something and I woke up Sallie and bathed her (yes, I did, on a Sunday morning!) and dressed and fed her. We got on the road and made it to Sunday school in time. Both big kids did really well during church and Sallie took a good nap in the nursery.

When we got home, the big kids had media time and I did a few things on the computer. I marked a lot of stuff in my reader as read and then I took a short nap since Sallie was back asleep. I fixed the big kids some lunch and Annie wanted mashed potatoes so I made those. I started some laundry and did dishes and then we did a little bit of Graves's school after Sallie woke up. We all played with her a bit and Graves wanted to put her in the crib and get in. They did that and Annie got upset because she wanted to climb on something and I wasn't letting her do it on her play kitchen. She wanted to go to the park and I told her no and she got upset. I told her she could climb a tree in our yard and she liked that idea but then didn't want to change clothes. Whew. I think she was tired. She and Graves played outside and then they cleaned up toys in the den and I made them supper. They ate on the front porch in the dark. They came in and got settled and I did a few things and then Peyton got home. We watched TV and ate supper and talked a bunch and then since Annie was still up, she and Peyton camped in the backyard.

Coming up soon: our camping trip and Halloween! 

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