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Weekly Happenings Post #395 (October 24-30)-- Back Home from a Long Trip and a Low Key Week

It looks like we only have one child- a tiny baby! Ha! Don't know where the big kids were for this one. I'm trying to be relaxed and not force them to be in the shot. Sometimes they're so into it and sometimes they're so not. And that's okay. I'm glad we're still doing it, though =)

We had planned for the camping trip to last a few more days but we were all kind of ready to be home by Monday and I was very glad to have almost the whole week ahead of us back at home! 
We headed home from our trip on Monday. Peyton got up at six and took down the campsite and got the big kids in the car and we drove a good bit. We stopped for gas and then stopped and ate lunch. We ended up stopping two more times.

We finally got to Alabama and got through Birmingham and the big kids had been so great in the car so we found a state park that was right along the way and played on the playground there. We met some really friendly people. We got back on the road and drove awhile and then Peyton and I got Subway. Graves and Sallie fell asleep. We got home and brought a few things in and P and I both took baths. I went to bed pretty late.


 Tuesday was a good, fun day. We didn't get much done at all, but it was so nice to be home and relax. We all got up and got a slow start and I fed Sallie and took my bath and ate some lunch. P bathed the big kids and we straightened a bit. Annie really wanted some catfish so we went to Penn's and the big kids ate and then we visited Peyton's parents for a couple of hours. We went over to my parents' and dropped the big kids off and Peyton, Sallie, and I went to Babalu for supper.

 Blurry but, I put on makeup for the first time in a week and dinner (and drinks) without the kids who can talk was SO NICE. Happy Little Sallie was the perfect third wheel, it just happened to be Taco Tuesday, we got to sit on a couch (ha!), and we enjoyed some wonderful uninterrupted conversation!

We had a great time and got in some wonderful discussion. We picked up the big kids and Peyton helped Annie make mashed potatoes and I got Sallie to sleep and went to sleep almost immediately myself.

Peyton got up with Graves on Wednesday and did some school with him and then the kids had breakfast and cleaned up their rooms. Sallie and I got up and I talked to Peyton and then we all went to P.E. I stayed with Annie and P and Graves and Sallie did the recycling and drove through the bank. We came home and I took a bath, went through my reader, changed my Mistletoe shift, and had lunch. I did school with Annie and straightened a bunch. I unpacked more, started a load of laundry, put up the clean clothes that didn't need to be washed, and swept the kids' room and the kitchen. Sallie played on the floor and Annie did school and Peyton and Graves did a bunch of yard work.

 [Peyton also set up a "Jedi Training Obstacle Course" and Graves had to do a phonogram flash card before each obstacle!]

Peyton played with the big kids some and then they ate supper and we got them settled. Sallie fussed for awhile and I finally got her to bed and then I edited some pictures and did a few other computer things and went to bed.

We all slept pretty late on Thursday and I got up a little after nine feeling really well rested and without a headache. I started some laundry, straightened a bit in the kids' room, and talked to Peyton. Sallie had a dirty diaper and I changed, bathed, dressed, and fed her. I ate breakfast and got on the computer and P and the big kids left for Graves's Little Gym class. I did a quick clean in the guest bathroom, tidied up the den, and took my bath. I talked to P on the phone, finished in the den, dried my hair, and got dressed and put on make up. I straightened the sunroom and put up some dishes Peyton had washed and straightened the kitchen table a bit. I fed Sallie, texted Minnie, and messaged a friend on FB.

One of my mom's good friends (well, and my friend, too) was dropping by to meet Sallie and bring a gift. I finished getting the house straight and fed Sallie quickly an she got here.  We had a nice visit for about half an hour and then I snuggled with Sallie and tried to get her to nap. P and the big kids got home and I fed her again and she fell asleep. Annie did math and Peyton and Graves did school and then headed to the grocery store. Annie and I did some writing work and I did a couple of things on the computer and then Sallie woke up. Annie took a break and watched a show and I worked on a few posts, looked over the rest of school, and checked her math.

Peyton and Graves got home and I ate something and then changed over the laundry, made Graves's bed, and straightened a bit in our bedroom.

I ended up using pictures of him in his Halloween costume for the monthly picture, but these outtakes in two different outfits were too good not to share. As I've said, he has no idea that pink is a "girl color" (or more accurately, Annie has told him some people think that but they've agreed they do not). He is just so joyful and full of energy.

Peyton fixed something for the big kids to eat and watered the yard and I put up groceries, worked some more on a post, and took both the big kids' monthly pictures. I got everything ready and we left to meet the Roots at the park. We played there for an hour and then went to the Y for family swim. We got home around eight and were pretty tired. I hung up our wet clothes and unpacked, the big kids ate something, Graves had iPad time, and I did some school with Annie. She wanted to make soup and P decided to indulge her since he had planned to make vegetable soup later in the week anyway. We got them settled and I did a few things on the computer and fell asleep. I woke up an hour later and sorted a bit of laundry and then went to bed for the night.

I got up around eight thirty on Friday and got my bath and made the bed and then Sallie got up. I changed and dressed and fed her and got the big kids' clothes out. Annie did the iPad and then they had a quick breakfast. I dried my hair, glanced at my reader, and did my makeup. Then I packed up a lunch and some other stuff and we got going.

Morgan is teaching Annie and Aubrey to play piano along with Mary Milton but Alaina had broken her arm the night before and so Aubrey missed the first day. The girls did great and had so much fun and then we ate lunch and visited awhile. We came home and Graves finished up his iPad time and I got Sallie to sleep. I unpacked our stuff and worked on a blog post and read a few blogs.

Peyton got home and we talked some and then he did school with Graves and I did Annie's English- we did writing, copywork, a lot of spelling, reading, and some vocabulary.
 When Graves picks the library book...
We got ready and headed to my parents' house.

Babydoll Sarah Lamar with Babydoll Sarah Lamar. I wouldn't be surprised if her little face is always as round as her baby's.

 One more. I just love how she'd fracture her face if she grinned any bigger. 

We had a really nice visit and Graves was very calm. We came home and got the big kids settled and Sallie to bed and I worked on a post and talked to P some and then I hung up a bunch of the kids' laundry.

Peyton and I woke up and chatted really early on Saturday and then I went back to sleep. The kids slept pretty late and then Graves and Sallie and I played and snuggled some while Annie did the iPad.

She tickles him back now. When she grabs his face it's literally one of my favorite things in the world. And behind those hands is the sweetest, calmest, most serene little smile I've maybe ever seen on my beautiful boy. It's good to wake up to the face of someone who loves you so deeply.

I went through my reader and ate breakfast and mixed up the rest of the ingredients with some soap Peyton had grated to make laundry detergent. I collected and sorted laundry and started a load. Peyton got home since we were going to a wedding that afternoon and I  took a bath while Graves had media time. We talked and I fed Sallie and got her down for a nap and then Peyton made lunch with the big kids. I dried my hair and washed some dishes and then got ready and we left to drop the big kids' off with my parents. The wedding was about an hour away so we got on the road. Sallie did great the whole way and I just waited in the car with her during the ceremony since the bride was a friend of Peyton's from pharmacy school. Sallie slept the whole time and after that we headed to the reception. We stayed for a bit and then picked up the big kids' from my parents' house.

We came home and unpacked stuff and I straightened some and started more laundry. I worked on a post a little and Peyton played with the  big kids and then bathed them and I fed Sallie. Peyton went to the store and Sallie had a really hard time. Annie was still in the tub and Sarah Lamar just screamed for like an hour. P got home and watered the yard and talked to his brother and then fixed supper for the big kids while I handled Sallie. I finally got her to bed and I worked on a blog post some and hung up a bunch of clothes. I went to bed pretty early after I got our clothes and stuff ready for church.

Sallie was up a lot during the night and I woke up on Sunday with a headache. I fed her and got her settled and took some medicine and decided I'd see if I felt like we could make the service. We ended up missing Sunday school but going to big church. I got up around eight thirty and got my bath, made a list for the day, and got the big kids up. I fixed them something to eat and got our stuff together, dried my hair, and did my make-up. I woke up Sallie and dressed and fed her and we headed to church.

We came home and Annie and Graves each had a turn on the iPad and I got Sallie to sleep. I started some laundry and then I made a to-do list for the next week, emailed myself pictures from my Motorolla to my iPhone so I could upload them, and did a few things on the computer. I worked on a post and then wrote out my monthly quote and the big kids had a snack. I ate my lunch and put up some dishes and then did some school with Graves. I washed more dishes and unpacked our church stuff and then I woke up the baby and changed and fed her and we headed out to Stan and Jennifer's house for a gathering. It was a ton of fun and the kids had a blast. We got home a little before Peyton and Graves was asleep. I transferred him and unloaded the van and put up some stuff and then Peyton got home. We visited and Annie worked on making some treats for the next day and then I finished a post.
This guy wore my twenty five year old t-shirt to the  home of "Past Staner" as Graves calls him (that's actually Pastor Stan) and and had drawn all over himself with market and nobody cared at all. Annie basically wore tennis shoes to church and nobody cared about that either. It's nice to be at a place where people occasionally notice when they're nice and sparkly but don't judge when they're not.

Next up: Halloween and NOVEMBER. Woo-hoo! 

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