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Weekly Happenings Post #397 (November 7-13)-- Peyton Gets Snipped, Trump Takes the White House, and We Somewhat Spontaneously Go to Alabama

{no family picture this week sadly}

This was a pretty eventful week, to be honest: Peyton had his vasectomy, Donald Trump won the presidency, and we unexpectedly took another road trip- this time to Florence, Alabama for a friend's momma's funeral. It was, well, a lot to process. 

Monday was a bit of an unusual day. Peyton got up early and did a few things and then he got the kids and I up just in time to head to the car to take him for his vasectomy. It was EARLY and I had gone to bed late. I think I got like four hours of sleep.

He was taking some heavy medicine so he needed someone to drive him home. We waited in the parking lot and it took about an hour. When we got home, we mostly had a lazy morning. I took a shower and got on the computer and did a few things. I messaged a friend and just puttered around. Peyton and I talked some and he watched a good bit of Netflix. The big kids played and I took care of Sallie and did some laundry.

I set up a little recovery station for Peyton with my left over post delivery supplies. He was super brave and suprinsingly, Graves and I were too ;)

The recovery process continues. Pro-tip: if you ever need to remove a Band Aid from...a sensitive oil is your BFF 

I got ready and headed to the McClean Center. Everyone in my group had a lot extra energy but we had a really fun night.

Thankful wheels at the grief center. No shame in my game.

He got snipped that morning and that night I left him with two children and an infant. Love him so. 

I got home and talked to Peyton some and was trying to gather up some energy to do some stuff and P and I got in a fight and the big kids got mad about something and Sallie was fussy. Anyway, we all five fell asleep really early.

That made Tuesday morning CRAZY. We were trying to vote and get on the road to get to a friend's momma's funeral in Alabama. I had set my alarm for five thirty but I ended up getting up at six thirty. Peyton had booked the hotel and he bathed both the big kids while I got all our stuff packed. We both got our own baths and got dressed for the funeral and headed to vote. Voting took awhile and then started the drive to Alabama. We got a text from Katie saying they had to move the funeral up and we realized we might not make it. We were going partly just to spend time with her and her family anyway, though.

Graves voted. Just kidding. Lliterally, all five of us had gone to bed mad and early last night. We got up, rushed around like chickens with our heads cut off while Sallie screamed and all got packed and bathed in an hour and voted before eight so we could get on the road to Alabama for a dear friend's momma's funeral. This poor guy had a weather headache so had he was screaming and vomiting. We got him some medicine, cold water, and I got the little fan from Sallie's diaper bag on him. He took a nap, rallied for the service and was able to visit some that evening. He went to bed super early, though. Through it all, he was so sweet and considerate (like telling Annie "you might not want to get too close to me...I'd never want to give you my disease"). So proud of my precious boy. I know how hard these things are!

We stopped twice, I think, to use the restroom and get gas and to feed Sallie. I got a good bit of school in with Annie. We did writing, grammar, spelling, reading, and math.

We made it to the funeral a little late and P and the big kids went in and I fed Sallie and changed her into her dress. We came in for about half the service. Graves was feeling bad again and we came back to the hotel. Peyton went went and got food and we all relaxed. Sallie and I took a nap and then we met Katie and her family for a bit. We had a great time visiting and came back to the hotel. Peyton and Annie went and got more stuff to eat and Graves and Sallie fell asleep. When they got back, we all watched the election results come in. I slept in a lot of pockets- I woke up a ton and couldn't really get comfortable. We had the TV buzzing all night and it was just a surreal feeling. I know some people were so much more alarmed/disheartened/afraid than we were, but I did feel incredibly strange and a little sad. I don't think I'll ever forget that strange night.

We woke up super early on Wednesday but I went back to sleep. Peyton took the big kids to get breakfast at the hotel around eight thirty and I got up and got on the computer. They brought me breakfast and I ate and then read some blogs and worked on a post. Annie had a major fit over her shoes. I packed everything up and got my shower and got dressed and then we headed back over to see Katie and Andrew and their little girl, Grace. We visited with them for a couple of hours and then drove to this cute area and walked around and had lunch at a Mexican place. We had a bit of time and we just hung out some and both the big kids were kind of cranky. We met Aunt Beth and went to this cute little ice cream shop/soda fountain place. We ate our ice cream and then walked around the UNA campus and saw the lions! It was so much fun and the kids loved it. We walked back to the car and got some snacks at Walgreens and used the bathroom and got on the road home. It was about five thirty. Everyone slept off and on and it was a pretty easy drive. We got home around ten and P and I were SO tired. He actually went straight to bed. I unloaded the van and straightened some and went to bed before midnight.

Sallie was up some and I didn't sleep that great but Peyton got up with the big kids around seven and I slept another hour or so on Thursday. They straightened their room and hung up their clothes and had really great attitudes. They had their media time and then Peyton and Graves left for Little Gym. Sallie had a dirty diaper so I changed it and bathed and dressed her. I started some laundry,  got my bath, dried my hair and went through my reader. I got Annie started on her BrainQuest and then I called Mickey and Minnie about coming over that evening and made a list and talked to a friend on Facebook some. I texted another friend and then straightened some in the den and the study. Sallie woke up and I fed her and Annie and I did writing and dictation and then she went outside and climbed a tree to get some energy out and ate an orange. P and Graves got home and we visited and she finished up some school work. I put up some laundry and we got ready to go meet some friends at the park.

We had a really fun visit and then headed to my parents' house since we were in the area. We ate supper with them and caught up and then came home.
As Tequila, the sweet nursery worker at church says, she's very "connected". I don't hate it.

As an aside, I got dressed in real clothes and when we went over to my parents house the nurse that takes care of my grandmother asked "you celebrating your momma's birthday tonight?" It was the next day, I had forgotten, and she caught me totally off guard. "Um, kinda...a little bit" (as in, if I check the calendar and see it's today, I will definitely say something to her). "Kinda?!? Well, Denley, you got on MAKE-UP". I wear a real shirt, lipstick, and my wedding ring and Barbara thinks we're taking Min out on the town. Hahaha.

We got the big kids settled and Sallie took awhile to go to sleep. I finally got her down and finished a post while Peyton helped his brother move some chairs with the van. He got home and we talked some and went to bed. I slept really well for the first time in awhile.

Peyton worked on Friday and piano was cancelled due to sickness. The big kids got up and were in pretty good moods again. They had media time and breakfast and then cleaned up their room. Sallie went back to sleep and slept most of the morning. I ate something, took my bath and dried my hair, and responded to several emails and messages. I went through my reader, helped the kids finish up in their room, and and added a few things to my to-do list for the day.

The big kids went outside and I scrubbed down half the kitchen counters that didn't have stuff on them and straightened a bit in there. 

It'd been a long time since I'd let them free play outside for like four hours. We hadn't done any school yet but I decided we'd call this P.E. I knew it'd be easier to do school this afternoon when Peyton got home. So I got a lot of cleaning done and had some really great conversations with several close friends. I love ouradventures, but I love making space for cleaning and hours of outdoor time with no agenda and prioritizing relationships. I think the big kids loved it, too. Sallie, on the other hand- she slept a lot of the morning but then got super bored with all her entertainment outside in the yard. She's such a funny girl- I honestly think she prefers a roadtrip to a day at home. 

I vacuumed and mopped in the kitchen and while I was trying to mop, I broke the handle of the the little sprayer thing on the sink. I couldn't get water to come out the faucet and I sprayed myself trying to fix it. I changed clothes and sprayed myself and the kitchen even worse the second time. I finished mopping and got Sallie, who had started crying. She was SOAKING wet. I don't know how she slept through such a leaky diaper because she seriously had drops of water on her skin and her pjs were drenched. Anyway, I bathed and changed and dressed her and then nursed her. I straightened some more in the den and study, made up our bed, and straightened in our room. I made up Graves's bed and fixed lunch for the big kids while Sallie played. They ate outside and Sallie got sort of fussy. I put up dishes and played with her and Peyton got home right after the big kids came inside. We talked and played with Sallie and he visited with Annie and Graves and then he did some math with Graves and fixed the big kids supper while I took care of Sallie and changed over laundry. He and Graves went to the grocery store and I did school with Annie and tried to get Sallie settled. Both proved a bit of a challenge =) P and Graves got home and he got Graves to bed and Annie and I finished up. I did a few things on the computer and folded and put up some laundry and went to bed.

I got up pretty late on Saturday. The big kids woke up around nine and had breakfast and media time but I had a bad headache. I ended up getting up around ten. I made up our bed and hung up a few things in the kids' closet and got out their church clothes for the next day. I made a list for the day, sent a friend a FB message, and got a package into the mail. I got my breakfast and took my bath. Sallie woke up and played on her playmat and I dried my hair and went through my reader. I fed, changed, and dressed Sallie and then took her monthly pictures. I did some math with Graves and Annie worked on some math and English that she could do independently. Sallie took a nap and the big kids did a craft and I sent a FB message and a couple of emails. Graves made a mess with potato chips on the floor and I got frustrated since I had just mopped and he wasn't really supposed to be eating a bunch of them anyway. I vacuumed that up and Sallie woke up. My head was hurting again and I fixed myself lunch and finally got her settled and the big kids played. I collected laundry, changed over a load, and started a new load. Then I vacuumed in the den.

I was about to start working on a bunch of dishes since Mal was coming over and Sallie had a bad blow out diaper in her bouncy seat. I ended up cleaning that up instead, of course and then bathing Sallie. My friend Miranda also texted me and asked if it was a good time to come over.

When Mallory and Brennan got here we ended up all going outside since the kids had SO much energy. They played and Miranda arrived. We all visited and after about an hour Mal and Brennan left. Miranda stayed while the big kids ate leftovers for supper and then she left around six thirty.

Our house, and lives, will never be perfect and I used that as an excuse to distance myself from others for too long. I'm so thankful for friends willing to meet us where we are- in our literal (and figurative) messes.

I had put Sarah Lamar down but she woke up after less than an hour. I got the kids settled and Sallie was fussing really hard. I had a headache so I just relaxed a bit. Peyton got home and we talked and I rested some more and then did all the dishes and got our stuff ready for church and went to bed pretty late.

Things we got done on Saturday (with a twelve hour dull headache):
- Graves's math
- all Annie's school work on the agenda
- the craft Annie picked our as a reward for doing her work even though she told me yesterday she "didn't care about privileges"
- baths for all three kids
- blow-out dipe clean up
- vacuuming the den
- sending a friend an encouraging note with Scripture, a quote, and a trinket for her upcoming birth
- sweet authentic fellowship with friends
- tending to Fussy Little Sallie, who spent the morning constipated the the evening strung out on caffeine
- discussions about injuring ourselves on pineapple cans, eating two day cheese from outside, and not getting near the street especially with our three year old friends
Things we didn't get done:
- laundry
- dishes
- piano practice
- brushing the teeth of two kids that have them  
Sweet Papa decided to tackle piano after a twelve hour shift. I did the dishes, but not the laundry and I legit spent time in prayer over cavities.

Sunday was a good, relaxing day. We got up and got ready but were late to Sunday school. It was good
and so was the service.

 When it's sweater weather, Sallie gets dressed inthirty year old Feltman over thirty year old Feltman.

We came home and the big kids had media time and I ate lunch and then Sallie and I took a nice nap.
Bean Boozle with the bigs. Annie said she enjoyed tooth paste, lawn clippings, and baby wipes and that boogers probably wouldn't he so bad because she assumed they'd be salty.

Graves picked all the ones that could potentially be "canon" (canned) dog food. Man, he's cute.
We got up and I straightened some and the big kids played outside. I fixed them supper and they ate on the front porch. I fed and played with Sallie and Peyton got home after I got the big kids settled. He picked up Newks and we talked and watched TV and fell asleep. It was a weird, restless night for some reason.
TV, take-out, laundry, and planning the week ahead (because one never seems to resemble the week before it):

Next up, some pretty normal stuff and then Thanksgiving!

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