Wednesday, February 1, 2017

What I'm Into: January

Time to share what all I was into in January!

On the Nightstand:

The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion- Jonathon Haidt

I'm still not done but I made it through the first two (of three) parts. It's incredibly fascinating. I shared some of my big take aways recently.

On Their Nightstand: 
We have a HUGE haul of library books and now that Annie reads to herself, I'm less familiar with them. I did set a read aloud goal for myself this year, so I'm going to try to do better wit that. The writing curriculum we use has passages from quality children's literature and last week it used Trumpet of the Swan. I adore E.B. White (Charlotte's Web is one of my most favorite books) and Annie loved the readings, too, so I decided we'd read the book soon. Peyton is reading Harry Potter to the kids. I tried to read some nights and it's just so not my thing . I know, I know (SD ducks and runs)

On the Shelf:
Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and a Culture in Crisis- J.D. Vance
Okay, so I love memoirs, I love family, I love discussions about culture, I don't love crisis but I love analyzing it. I think it's a very fascinating topic- and especially after this election cycle- I've been really interested in learning more about the white working class and what that life looks like.

At the Theater (or from the couch):

Gosh, I loved this one. It felt very reminiscent of Inside Out to me- a broad appeal (either gender, any age); a focus on some important themes; and a really relevant feel. There's something to be said for a timeless classic (and I don't think that's what this was), but there's also something to be said for a movie that really captures the spirit of a time. The movie addresses concepts of othering, biases, and authority structures but does it in a really compelling, clever way. And bonus: there are no non-animal characters (Annie loved that; humans are basically a distraction to her).

On the Small Screen:

The West Wing
I'm making my way through season four! 

In My Ears:

Better Than Love - Griffin House

Another favorite from Mick's mix CD on repeat.
Sometimes dreams they dont come true
I was scared of that, the when I met you
Well, I stayed patient and I was kind
Telling you to take your time
Turn my life around
You made it okay to let you down
Theres no one else in the world
You will always be my girl
You will always be, you will always be
You will always be my girl
I know it's intended to be romantic, but I sing parts of it to Sallie =)

And also we're on another They Might Be Giants kick

"Two hips for shakin', two lips for kissin' 
Too long I've been blue, because it's you that I'm missin' 
Two knees for kneelin', two shoulders for shruggin' 
Two cheeks to make a little grin while we're huggin'"
Seriously, are those lyrics not the best? Teaching Graves to read is going swell. Math? Not so much. But this is a fun way to talk about numbers! 

Around the House: 

I cleaned up some piles in the Sunroom, got my 2017 Little Things Studio calendar hung, put up the stocking sheets and put on my flannel heart sets (probably my favorite flannel sheets of the four sets we own), and washed and flipped the duvet cover. 

I'm so in love with my new humongous calendar from One Canoe Two! Calendars are one of my obsessions and this one is so pretty. I love the start of a new year and that cute white house with the red door. In the interest of full disclosure, P did get super frustrated hanging it because the poster size pages fall off the screws on the back of the hanger really easily. It's not a huge deal- he's going to add some washers so it won't be a pain each month and I'd buy it again in a heartbeat, but it's worth mentioning. 

I was also super excited to make these and get them on the fridge.! Now to execute consistently! Ha!

Party girl's got a new party trick. So I figured it was time to retire the bouncy seat and get the Exersaucer down from the attic (which it's past time for but my house- and more importantly, my mental space- can only accommodate so much baby gear).

And there it is in all it's bright, humongous glory. But she's pretty happy in it for a little while some days and it keeps her out of dangerous situations while I get a bath so it's totally worth it! 

Girlfriend loves being half inside/half outside! 

However, what she loves more is being ALL THE WAY OUTSIDE. Peyton hung up her swing and she was so ecstatic. 

In the Kitchen:

 I don't even know. Chili? Burgers? Tomato soup? Good, but nothing especially new and different!

In My Closet: 

One of my goals for the year was to get dressed in real clothes more. I'm doing my best! 

We took the kids swimming at the Y and to my brother in law's office for some computer education and later we had dinner at my parents'. At least two of those are things I would typically wear my fake out clothes to do. Full disclosure: I'm wearing the same thing I wore at bookclub last night. I only wore it for a few hours and saw different people. On top: this Anthro top I've had for a few years and love because it has a pattern but is super subtle, works with everything, and is easy to dress up or down and new pink earrings courtesy of Minnie. On bottom: my favorite pair of skinny jeans I got at Old Navy for 7.99 before we moved to NYC. I used to wear leggings under them. While I'm not sure that's realistic again in this lifetime, I'm thrilled they finally fit at all; drivers are a TJ Maxx find also c/o Minnie- snakeskin skeeves me but they are SO cute and she convinced me it too was super subtle.

Yay for wearing real clothes and here's to more of it this year! 

I love this polka dot top, but I don't wear it very frequently.  I mean, it's the kind of thing you really can't wear a TON because it's pretty bold and obvious if you've got it on heavy rotation. So I guess what I mean is that I don't wear it much at all. It's sort of a dressy material but it feels too funky for a lot of occasions. Anyway, I wore it to dinner with Carrie a few weeks ago and it felt fun and just right. I used to wear it with flats and red skinnies and I felt like the booties and cuffed jeans made it feel a bit more sophisticated or grown up or something.

In Their Closets:

My two little girl cubs in their bear apparel ready for the park this afternoon. Annie's is a TJ Maxx find c/o Minnie who was so excited to stumble upon another animal that hasn't been domesticated (see below). She ain't worried about the Santa hat in almost February and I ain't either. And Sallie's wearing a jacket Graves (and I think Annie?) wore at eighteen months.

It was a seventy five degree day in January, so Annie wore her infamous fox tee and cuffed blue jean shorts with patches. She's obsessed with this shirt because as she said it's "not a domesticated animal". As if cute animal motifs in general aren't hard enough to find for seven year old girls, she likes them to be WILD ANIMALS. She did tell me she also loves her whale dress from this Summer and when I couldn't recall it she said "you know, my smocking one" or something. So...we're still good on seersucker bishop dresses as long as they have marine wildlife that hasn't been domesticated. Anyway, this isn't really "me" in this picture but it's SO her. I love her easy, relaxed style and you won't find me complaining about the temperature! Annie explaining to me why she loves her fox shirt. I joked that it's hard enough to find mostly animal clothes for a seven year old girl period so to harsh on the domesticated ones seemed a bit much. She then reminded me of her whale dress. I was like "huh?" and she goes "my smocking whale dress". 

I just adore Bud in the vintage St. Andrews sweatshirt on cold mornings.

I love the sweet details on her (my old) dress. And even though her nearly face splitting smile is my favorite thing ever, I do love her little relaxed expression here. 

I know it's completely inappropriate for January, and silly as it is, I felt completely rebellious and even a little scandalous putting her in it. I'm usually a stickler for this kind of thing and it gives me an HSP skin crawl when I see like a linen dress in February. BUT, it was seventy five degrees and sticky and more importantly, I knew it was my last chance to see her in. One I didn't think I'd have. So when I saw it in the closet and realized I was being given a bonus day, I had to put her in it. This is one of the few things I bought for Annie at a boutique and I don't think I paid full price, but I may have. I loved the little vintage apron style and how soft it is and the buttery yellow and the sweet ducks. My style has changed in some ways and I really dislike some of the stuff I picked for her but I love this one every bit as much as I did then. Annie actually never wore it- not once. It was too big her first Summer and too small her second (she did wear a good handful of 6 mo. things when she was between twelve and fifteen months). And every time I reached for it this Summer with Sallie, the minky dots just seemed like they'd be uncomfortable in the Mississippi heat. But we finally got our money's worth and she wore it so much in September and October. If I had it to do over I'd do it this way- a lot fewer things that I just adore. As y'all know, that is my goal going forward with Voluntary Simplicity. Also, when she wore it Graves would say "she's her own lovie".

This is a bit on the funky side for my current taste, but it's one that still makes me squeal and it's another one I remember my initial thoughts on very clearly. I remember I wasn't sold on how it looked like a short sleeves romper with a shirt underneath but I loved it because it reminded me of an outfit I had called "Buttons and Bows" (yes Minnie and Bitty SD named my clothes). It really doesn't even look that much like it, but I guess the button looking circles did it for me? Basically anytime something reminded me of my own childhood I bought it. I rarely regretted those purchases and I'm charmed by them even more now.

When 3/5 of your family unit is sick your Outfit of the Day and Outfit of the Night become kinda interchangeable. Snuggling is even more fun (if you can imagine that!) when Sallie wears these old pjs of Graves's. They are the softest ones any of my kids have ever had and they make her eyes look so pretty. They're so thin and they have some wear (it's weird, on stuff like this it feel like pilling almost adds character?? definitely one of my quirks) but I love them so much. I Googled the brand because I just got them at a consignment store for Graves and they're not cheap but they come in big sizes too (like up to a kids' 10!!!) I may have to splurge on some for the big kids at some point.

Y'all, another day in the seventies so I put Sallie in these adorable bumble bees her Uncle Michel and Aunt Sylvie gave her for Christmas.

Squeal. Love a baby in a knitted hat! 

In My Mailbox:

I ordered the pjs below as well as the girl's Easter dresses and some critical thinking books. I get excited about all of that =)
In My Cart:

I recently found a great sale on cute big kid pjs (harder to find the older they get). Back in the day I was such a pj snob and I loved Annie and Graves's little jams. In my defense, I'm also a homebody and it was/is what I see them in a LOT of the time. And I didn't necessarily spend much money- I just didn't buy things unless I wanted to see them in it. Here's where we are currently: Annie only wants animal themed/animal print jammies and Graves loves footies still (he also requests baby shampoo; I adore him). And Sallie wears- yay!!!!- whatever pleases her momma. (I am still trying to work toward Wardrobe Autonomy and the big kids do have some things that are definitely not my favorites, but are theirs and I'll share those occasionally, too.) Because of the animal obsession and because of Voluntary Simplicity, only one of Annie's isn't gender neutral (although, Bud doesn't mind wearing pink, but he might in two years ;) ) 

Around the Town (and At Home):  

I very (VERY) spontaneously already accomplished one of my biggest, most important goals for 2017. I have been meaning to join Northside for months. I need to write a full post on it, but I finally did it and it felt so good.

The big kids love sushi but they've never actually seen the whole hibachi thing so we took them recently and had so much fun. And our Party Girl was a delight! 

One of our little friends had the cutest Rocky themed birthday party!

I hosted bookclub this month and it was such a blast! 

CFA for my mental health....

This poor little guy- we thought he had a weather headache but it turned out to be some kind of bug. He finally put himself to bed and I could hear him tossing and turning and sort of moaning until he feel asleep. Graves had 101 fever and threw up a bunch. It seemed like he had symptoms for ever.

Another one bites the dust. [And Peyton followed after her. Thankfully, the baby and I never got it.] We had a big week planned and this girl was heartbroken to have to cancel everything. On the cusp of Peyton's two twelve hour shift days, she got sick. To her credit, she's an EXCELLENT patient. Every time she woke up in the night, Sallie woke up, and I was taking care of both of them. I just told her what to do and get for herself and she did it (telling me things like how she was taking special care not to throw up on library books). She said "I think I'm probably contagious" and I said "yeah, I think so, too. What's your point? Are you worried we gave it to Mickey and Minnie?" And she said, so softly "I'm just not sure church is a good idea this weekend". Bless her bones. 

Midnight trip to the library to return some books. Nightowl family, night owl baby.

At the Schoolhouse:
We trucking a long. We got to the point I wanted to in English with Annie back in December and I had hoped we'd be finished with our first semester of math for her by the start of February or before. We didn't make it but we're so close! Graves is making great progress in English, as I said, but math just isn't clicking. I don't think it's a focus issue and I thought it was developmental but I really think now that it's the curriculum (RightStart). It wasn't the best fit for Annie but we pressed through with it for two years. I thought it would be different with Graves because it is very kinesthetic, but it's simply not working. Part of the benefit of homeschooling is the freedom to move on from what doesn't work and I think that's what we're about to do.

On the Blog:
Whew. I kind of got back in my groove a couple of months back, but it's been a LONG time since I've dedicated this much effort and time to the old blog. It felt great!
In the Gentle Evening Breeze: 2016 Year In Review- I always LOVE writing these Year in Review posts and looking back
The Best of In the Warm Hold (and Elsewhere): 2016- The "best ofs" are fun to compile as well.
Healthy Ambirtions: 2017 Goals- And I had a great time coming up with and sharing my goals for the new year
When Something Important Feels Imperfect: Thoughts on a Last Birth- This may be the most important post I write this year. I worked on it for so long and I was so glad to finally release it into the world.
This Is the Story of How We Begin to Remember: Meeting Sallie- And I needed to tell this part of the story, too.

On My Heart and Mind:
- I mentioned this recently, but I feel like I'm engaging my mind more than I have in a long time- in discussions, here, just during my own time when I can find the mental space. And I can literally feel that my mind is more tired. But in a good way.
- We went down to Peyton's grandmother's old farm yesterday and today for twenty four hours and it was so relaxing and cathartic but it requires (for me, P doesn't feel this way) a lot of energy. Mostly mental energy. Just figuring out my schedule, packing what I need for school for the big kids and what will make it easier on the baby (and thus on me), and that kind of thing. I'm realizing, along these lines, though that possibly with the singular exception of God's grace, nothing in my life that's worth anything is not going to be a lot of work. And actually, how much it is worth is often directly correlated with how much energy that particular thing costs me. It's very interesting to think of so much through that lens.

In My Prayers:
- I'm praying that I will rest in God's grace and trust in His plan more readily. Lately, it's just felt harder and I (truly) have no idea why. Some seasons are like that and I'm not frightened by it, exactly, but I'd love to enter that restful stage again soon.
- I'm praying for Peyton's faith. It's always, always on my mind, but it's been at the forefront even more lately for some reason. I know that if this situation never changes, God is still good but I have so much hope that it will.
On the Calendar: 

This week and the next couple seemed to get sort of full for one reason or another, but there's not any one big thing on the agenda.

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Sallie looks just like her momma in that pic where she's sitting up in the bouncy seat. :)

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Your kiddos are so cute! I hope February is a healthy month for you all.

We love that They Might Be Giants cd in our house too. It gets some pretty heavy rotation along with all the Laurie Berkner music we can find!