Friday, March 17, 2017

Letter to (Five Year and Nine Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

I have a good bit to catch you up on. First of all, Christmas!

The theme for this Christmas was The Force. The Perrys and the Reynauds nailed it- they got y'all these fun stuffed Star Wars characters, Darth Vader and Chewbacca masks that talk, and some other cute little things.

Papa also got you and Annie each some candy at Walgreens for your stockings and made tickets for a movie, a restaurant visit, and a trip to the grocery store (for the grocery trip y'all each got $50 to spend in whatever you wanted wanted!).

Annie got this huge plastic Darth Vader  with her Christmas money and some extra she had saved. You hadn't done as well saving but you were very excited about your little bitty Director Krennic.

I have a picture of you from Christmas and you're wearing atoo big top passed down from a cousin, 5T jeans that have the waistband elastic cinched to the very last holes and a stuffed caterpillar in the pocket, and Star Wars light up shoes sans socks. It's the essence of your style right now.  

Speaking of your style, I love it when it's FREEZING outside and you get dressed in Annie's old polka dot rainboots with bows on them and 3T pajama that you mostly wear in lieu of underwear and call your "boxers".

You hit a big milestone and rode your bike without training wheels and finished up your first semester of English with Papa. We took you and your sisters out to eat and you purposefully didn't discuss not liking an item of food because you thought it might "embarrass" the hibachi guy. I'm not sure we've ever explained that to you exactly but you related it to one time when I talked to you about not telling someone their house looked messy. You also made this neat observation that maybe Papa suggested getting a book from the library because he didn't know the answer to a question Annie asked.You are getting so big and are so smart.

Another morning, Annie told me "I was trying to pour this really full container of milk in my little cup of cereal and I was so afraid I'd spill it. And then Graves had a GREAT idea. He said 'how 'bout a bowl?'". You certainly best her in the common sense department every time. Haha. I love seeing how you two are intelligent in different ways.

You are such a great brother to sisters. I keep thinking that you and Sallie are going to be so much alike- but she may well be tougher and rowdier. Papa always says that Annie set the tone for you and if the roles were reversed (i.e you were the oldest) y'all would be very different children. So, here's to you being the tone-setter! I have a feeling it's gonna be a wild ride and it's only just begun.

And the other day when I told Annie that she was about to lose her media time, you became very protective and told me to "stop threatening your sister" or you'd "call 911 and get the fire department over here".

We have this book from the hospital from when Sallie was born about "safe sleep". You told Annie to stop reading this book to Sallie because it was making her scared. Probably because she does all the things it says not to (sleeping in our bed on her tummy). You are alsoconvinced she's terrified by the warnings on the blinds. I think you may be projecting a bit.

What else? We had a huge ice storm and were stuck inside all weekend and you and Annie were trying to play a game called "Jump on Momma" where they literally jump off the back of the couch onto my person. SO much unchecked energy. It nearly drove me crazy.

My favorite Graves quote from this month was when you said to Papa "How will you feed the children?? You don't have a breast." after he offered to feed the you and Annie dinner the other night if I wanted to drop them off and run an errand alone. He explained that "the children" he was referring to were you and Annie and neither of y'all needed breast milk.

You make me laugh and you make my heart swell. You are so good for my soul and we are incredibly grateful for you.

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. I think the t-shirt you're wearing is a youth small and I'm not even sure what shorts those are that you're wearing in the picture this month! 


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