Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Letter to (Nine Month Old) Sarah Lamar

Dear Sarah Lamar,

What a fun month it's been!

What are you up to?
You are so extremely social and seem a lot like Papa and Graves (and not like me and Annie).
You've always been, in my opinion, a very pleasant baby. But just recently you've decided to put yourself to sleep occasionally, let other people hold you for extended periods even in your momma's presence, and play independently for short amounts of time. It's AMAZING and you're such a delight. I know I gush over you but I just can't help it. 

You usually play in your crib in the big kids' room at least once a day (typically with Graves, but sometimes alone). I'm glad we're getting some use out of it, even if it's not for sleeping right now. 

You love pets and have so much fun with Louie when Cookie and Conrad are here. He's a big guy but we have to be careful who we giveyou access to (and we clearly watch you really carefully with all animals) because you're a bit of a rough girl (you enjoy Bud hauling her around so much so I think that must be why- he's conditioned you to the point where you're super tough yourself and can really hold your own).

One other thing you've started doing that I think is so cute- I always hold your paci while
I'm nursing you to sleep so I can pop it in right before I put you down. You do the cutest thing now where when you're almost finished, you'll grab it from me (with youreyes closed) and then finish up and pop it in your mouth yourself (after you're basically asleep). I love special little Sallie things that are so unique to you.

You've been swimming at the Y quite a few times and you've started being interested in toys a lot more (Duplos and mixing bowls are your favorite!). We've discovered that you adore Ritz crackers and you've tried peaches and avocados. You also love to eat applesauce and oatmeal. But I think nursing is still your favorite =) That said, you really like baby food and I should prioritize it more. Since I know you're still getting most of your calories from nursing and really doesn't NEED it, it's kinda something I do when you're bored or fussy. Whoops.

You had the worst fussy day last week and I took you to the doctor because it was so unlike you. He couldn't find anything wrong, though. We were back there today for your well baby visit and had a weepy little eye and were drooling like fool, but overall doing great. You were around the fifteenth percentile for weight and height which is huge for our family. You seem like a giant to me and Mickey said you looked like an eighteen month old when you were pulling up the other day!

I made the big kids hearts for their door for Valentine's Day and wrote some affirming things on them and Annie said "Let's make Sallie a heart- because sometimes she does sweet things.  Like sleeping when we're trying to do school".  I thought it was sweet and hysterical at the same time.  As an aside, Annie has really warmed up to you. The other day, you were fussing inside while she and Graves played in the yard and she suggested I bring you out in your pack n play or exersaucer to watch them ride bikes because you'd "probably enjoy that more". I told her I needed to stay in and work on laundry and she said "we'll take care of her, Momma." It made me so happy. 

I busted out your bunny bubble now that it's March and we've had some warm days. I am so not truly girly in a lot of ways and I'm definitely not what I call "prissy", but I also love feminine things and I told Papa I wouldn't hate it if you were a little more girly than Annie. I love the person my big girl is and I wouldn't change her for the WORLD, and you may well be the toughest of all three of y'all, but I sure do love how sweet you are right now, Sissy.

Speaking of...I've been thinking about your wardrobe. (Shocker, I know). This time around I've found that I really prefer florals and stripes and rosebuds and things rather than footies with bigger, busier pictures and animals (which Graves had TONS of and I think if I did boy clothes again I'd do mostly pastels and lots of stripes and tiny polka dots). If it does have animals I like them small, very patterned instead of scattered, and traditional (like ducks). But you do have some moo cow jammies that were some of my absolute favorites with Annie and I still love them so- the color, the hearts in lieu of spots on the cows and bows on their ears, and the momma cow holding her baby. It's a lot going on. But I adore them.  Also, SOB. All three sizes of Baby Huggums striped strawberry and cream jams had to be put up in a box of absolute favorites for Hypothetical Foster Babies and/or Down the Road Baby Reynaud. [Sidenote: I recently told my BFF from when I was Graves's age that if you had a style icon it would be Baby Huggums.] 

 I remember when you were tiny and someone complimented me on how I dress youand said you looked "so well taken care of". It made my day that someone else noticed that. It was such a compliment and it made me stop and think about how unimportant it is that you're wearing something fancy or expensive. There is something so special about putting a tiny baby in something that's just soft and sweet and clean. It's hard to explain. This time, though, I have loved putting you in a soft cotton onsie and honestly less frilly things on regular days. Babies only stay clean, and soft, and fresh smelling for so long. It's such a balance with the big kids- to keep them looking well cared for but also to give them autonomy and let them enjoy childhood. I had forgotten the ease of it with a baby-- oh, it's your third outfit today and I'm bathing you again because you pooped all over the place? You don't mind much and neither do I and it's a joy every time I get to bathe you with that wonderful baby shampoo that smells like heaven.

You're such a great little tag along baby. The other day, we had a meeting with a friend we use for curriculum consults for the big kids and we just brought you with us. You did great and were so easy and flexible! 

You sleep like your brother and papa. Annie and I take a while to wind down. You have two settings: !ON! and asleep. You're a snuggle bug (also like your brother) but it's hard to get youher to relax in my arms now unless I'm nursing you. The carrier is amazing for that- it helps you settle and stop flailing about. I'm SO hoping that once you stop nursing (which I'm sure is a long ways off) you'll automatically transition to loving to be rocked like Graves did (he had nothing for it until he was a toddler/not nursing) and then cuddling when you're too big for that (but Papa rocked Graves just the other night, so I'm not sure there's really a "too big"). 

I've made a few tweaks around the house and one of those things is that I set up the top of the dresser in the big kids' room as your area. Besides some toys that stay in the den with your play mat and some books; you have your personal baby doll, a striped bin with her elements blocks in it, and a white basket of "Baby Things" that has favorite toys and even has your baby brush in it. I have ONE tub in the attic of toys for you as you grow (I probably need to go make a trip to investigate it again soon) but you're a very minimalist baby.

The other day was Women's Day and it made me think about you and Annie- my two feisty, STRONG little ladies. In my best and brightest dreams, I couldn't have imagined daughters this incredible. You two already exceed my expectations. You are so loved and so valuable.

We love you, Little Sallie Sunshine!

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your dress is a 3-6 mo. I'll be honest, I don't know why I put you in this dress so often, but I do. I think partly just because it's so soft and comfy and it feels very easy to wear. I loved rompers when Annie was a baby and I still think they're adorable, but I find myself putting you in your little dresses a lot more. Some of that has been what a mild winter it's been and some of it is that they just feel simpler.


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