Monday, March 6, 2017

March Goals and Happenings

I loooove the background/header this month. I'm sure it goes without saying that I love the pictures of my litle people, but I really love the rainbow math books and rainboots, too. I love the colors, the font, and the quote! A new favorite!


February seemed long. I feel like I make this comment about how it's the shortest month but feels the longest literally every year. I know it just has to do with being totally over Winter. This year it had to do with round after round of sickness. Not even anything serious, but just enough to make one or all of us feel crummy and enough to make us have to continue cancelling plans. I felt off my routine and overwhelmed a lot of the month. That combined with a kind of busy first half of the month really drained me. There were a few things I just couldn't even get myself to (like the gala for the grief center and the foster care meeting we had planned to go to, which were both such a bummer) and a lot of things I just knew I couldn't take the kids to (like church and pretty much everything else). I still did a lot myself (like my Jumble shifts and most of the meetings I had) while feeling AWFUL, knowing I am a grown up and could mostly contain my germs. I mean, I didn't go places with the stomach flu but when I had an awful headcold, I just had to suck it up.

Honestly, March seems especially chill and I couldn't be more grateful. In April we'll be in New York for the entire month and then pretty soon after we get back we'll be heading into our Summer routine and birthday parties for all three kids and such.

- Probably the biggest thing this month is other people's Spring Break. I don't have but one group at the McClean Center this month because of it and I think we're going to try to get together with a couple of friends who are in traditional school that week.
- The other big thing is just preparing for the trip to NYC. There's a lot that needs to be done (mentally and physically) before we're ready.

Here were my February Goals. My theme for the month was to be encouraging, appreciating, and affirming others. I'm not sure I was real successful being in the funk I was in (which is no excuse). Anyway, here is the actual goal breakdown:

 1. Encourage others, specifically in their unique vocations and callings. Yeah, I did a piss poor job here, to be honest. (Faith)

2. Work on actually using the chore/daily to-do chart I made for the big kids and praise them liberally when they succeed. Hmm....we're doing better but could still use lots of work. (Family)

3. Send snail mail.  I did this! Always a good feeling. (Relationships)

4. Continue exercising. We feel off the wagon big time on this. I would say it's one thing that's understandable with all the sickness. (Health)

5. Continue trying to get dressed for the day more frequently. Surprisingly, I think I did pretty good, again, given the circumstances.  (Creativity/Passion)

6. Finish The Righteous Mind and start my new book club book. Yeah, no. Did not happen. (Education/Edification)

7. Organize and back up my pictures on two hard drives. It's basically done and that feels SO GOOD. I still need to double check a few things and tie up some loose ends before I OMG wipe the desk top out. (Organization)

8. Continue to plan our NYC trip in April. We've discussed a good bit, but there's still a lot to do befor April. (Travel)

9. Work on making wise spending decisions without spending too much time shopping or analyzing. I think I did okay. I wasn't as intentional as I meant to be, but I did alright. (Finances)

10. Be vulnerable in telling others how much I love them and how thankful I am for them. Again, not really and along with number one this is my biggest regret. It's something I could have still easily done. (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)

11. Get baby stuff that we're finished with together for Peyton's pharmacy partner and Ellis, who are both having babies this Spring. I did this. I still have some stuff to sort to donate/sell, but I've gotten a lot together to pass along, too. (Additional Goal)

12. Put affirming notes on the kids' door at night. It happened a few times. I mentioned it on IG, but I know (unless I'm having a really dark day) that they know love lives here. It still would have been fun, but I'm not beating myself up over it. (Additional Goal) 

13. Get my hair cut and get a chipped filling the dentist discovered fixed. No. I at least made the hair appointment, though. And I'm making the dental one tomorrow. (Additional Goal)

13. Plan a friend date to the Mexican restaurant. It actually wasn't the friend group I was planning on going with, but I did have Mexican with a friend and since this is a "fun goal". (Fun Goal)

14. Plan for and order (most of) the curriculum we need for next year for first and third Graves. We did this and it was a lot of planning but so much fun for me! (Bonus Goal)

And now my March Goals. The theme this month is going to be prepping for our month in NYC and tying up loose ends. I'm making my goals pretty simple and low key.

1. Practice stillness and silence as a Lenten discipline. Lent honestly snuck up on me this year. I wanted to be more deliberate about it and maybe get a book of devotions or something, but really I think this will be just as good (better?). I'm just going to try to spend focused time with God. (Faith)

2. Call Minnie more often. It's not like we don't see her at least once a week, but the other day I talked to her on the phone for over an hour. It was SO good for both of us, I think. (Family)

3. Be intentional about spending time with our friends in traditional school during their Spring Break. There are several families we want to get together with. I'm excited. (Relationships)

4. Spend time outside daily and go for a walk as much as possible. Being as we're going to be gone in April, there is really NO better time for this in Mississippi. It will be HOT by the time we get back =) (Health)

5. Continue to write regularly. Sometimes (like the last few days?) it's a struggle and always it's a discipline, but it's so good for me-- even when I'm mostly doing catchup posts. (Creativity/Passion)

6. Read The Trumpet of the Swan aloud to Graves and Annie and try to read to them at night more often. (Education/Edification)

7. Work on organizing in the attic. See number four; it's going to be way too hot by the time we get back and it's barely functional now. (Organization)

8. Finish preparing for our New York trip. Obviously. (Travel)

9. Document all my spending to date. I've been keeping up pretty well but I need to add in a couple of things and check it against my bank statement. (Finances)

10. Be vulnerable in telling others how much I love them and how thankful I am for them. Putting this one back on the list because it's important to me. (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)

11. Go through baby stuff to donate/sell. (Additional Goal)

12. Deep clean the kitchen. I want to scrub the baseboards and windowsills, clean the microwave and oven, clean out the fridge, and that kind of thing. (Additional Goal)

13. Get toddler stuff ready. SOB. I have a whole list of stuff I need to go through from toys to books to clothes. I'll probably do most of it in May, but some of it NEEDS to happen (e.g. pulling the next size of cloth diapers and getting down the baby gates from the attic). (Additional Goal)

14. Help give a baby shower for a friend. This weekend- I'm excited! (Additional Goal)

15. Go on a date with Peyton. I really want to do this especially since we'll be in Brooklyn for a month with little to no childcare. (Fun Goal)

Here's to March, the month in which I can finally feel Spring in my bones. Let me notice the brightness and goodness around me and be intentionally thankful for this good season. 

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